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Firth, Peter

Peter Firth

Peter Macintosh Firth was born on October 27, 1953, in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK, to Eric Macintosh and Mavis (née Hudson) Firth who owned a pub in Pudsey. It was early on in Firth's life that he got involved with acting. Firth enrolled in acting classes at the Bradford Playhouse and starred in many plays. By the time he was sixteen though he left school and became a well-known child star in TV's Double Decker.

In 1968 Firth would star in Equus in the UK and reprised the role of Arthur in the New York version and the film version to critical acclaim.

Firth is divorced (Lindsey Readman - 1990-1997; Maya Firth - ?-?) and has four children: Rory Firth (Readman), Amy, Alex, and James (Maya Firth). He is in a relationship with actress Alexandra Pigg.

Happily Ever After~2016 - Walt
Risen~2016 - Pontius Pilate
MI-5~2015 - Harry Pearce
Carlsen's Curse with Steve Railsback~2013 (V short: archive footage) - Caine
Dangerous Beauty with Mathilda May~2013 (V short: archive footage) - Caine
Space Vampires in London with Tobe Hooper~2013 (V short: archive footage) - Caine
Double Decker Memories~2010 (doc short: archive footage) - Scooper
Greatest Game Ever Played~2005 - Lord Northcliffe
Pearl Harbor~2001 - Captain Mervyn Bennion (USS West Virginia)
Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Masks of Evil, The~1999 (V: archive footage) - Stefan
Chill Factor~1999 - Col. Andrew Brynner
Mighty Joe Young~1998 - Garth
Woundings (Brand New World)~1998 - Louise's Attacker
Amistad~1997 - Captain Fitzgerald
Gaston's War~1997 - Major Smith
Marco Polo: Haperek Ha'aharon~1996 - Rusticello
Seasick (Merisairas)~1996 - 1st Officer Roald Jensen
Awfully Big Adventure, An~1995 - Bunny
Heartbeat~1994 - 
White Angel~1993 - Leslie Steckler (see Actor Connections - Film)
Shadowlands~1993 - Dr. Craig
That Perfect Husband (Marido perfecto, El)~1992 - Franz
Pleasure Principle, The~1991 - Dick
Laughter of God, The~1990 - Steve Clemant
Rescuers Down Under, The~1990 - voice of Red
Hunt for Red October, The~1990 - Ivan Putin (political officer, Red October)
Burndown~1989 - Jake Stern
Trouble in Paradise~1989 - Adriaan
Innocent Victim (Tree of Hands)~1989 - Terence
Prisoner of Rio~1988 - Clive Ingram
Born of Fire~1987 - Paul Bergson
State of Emergency, A~1986 - Dr. Kenneth Parrish
Invaders From Mars~1986 - uncredited Caine
The Making of... 'Lifeforce'~1985 (V short) - Himself
Letter to Brezhnev~1985 - Peter
Lifeforce~1985 - Colonel Colin Caine
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight~1984 - voice of Sir Gawain
White Elephant~1983 - Peter Davidson
Tristan and Isolde (Feuer und Schwert - Die Legende von Tristan und Isolde)~1982 - Dinas
Tess~1979 - Angel Clare
When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?~1979 - Stephen Ryder
Equus~1977 - Alan Strang
Joseph Andrews~1977 - Joseph Andrews
Aces High~1976 - Lt. Stephen Croft
King Arthur, the Young Warlord~1975 - Corin
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Fratello sole, sorella luna)~1973 - Friar Elia (see Actor Connections - Film)
Diamonds on Wheels~1973 - Robert Stewart
Daniele e Maria~1972 - 

Victoria~2016 - Duke of Cumberland in:
     Young England
     Rocket Hall
     Ladies in Waiting
     Doll 123
Dickensian~2015-2016 - Jacob Marley in 1.1, 1.2, 1.18, 1.20
Lives of the Infamous Comedy Blaps~2014 - Narrator
Undeniable~2014 - Andrew Rawlins in 1.1, 1.2
Mayday~2013 - Malcolm Spicer in 1.1, 1.2, 1.5
World Without End~2012 - Earl Roland (6 episodes)
MI-5~2011 - Harry Pearce (86 episodes)
South Riding~2011 - Anthony Snaith/Alderman Snaith in 1.1-1.3
Horizon~2010 - Narrator in Asteroids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Yellowstone~2009 - Narrator: Winter; Summer; Autumn
Top Gear~2008 - Himself in 11.2
This Morning~2007  Himself in 5 November 2007
Hollywood History~2002 - Narrator:
     World War Two
     The Western
     Science Fiction
Ancient Rome – the Rise and Fall of an Empire (The Battle for Rome)~2006 - General Vespasian in Rebellion
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit~2005 - Dr. Preston Blair in Identity
Hawking~2004 - Sir Fred Hoyle
Spooks~2002 - Harry Pearce (10 episodes)
Me & Mrs. Jones~2002 - Benedict
The Vice~2002 - Keith Beaumont in No Man's Land
That's Life~2000-2001 - Professor Victor Leski (20 episodes)
Magicians, The~2000 - Simon Magus
Total Recall 2070~1999 - Vincent Nagle in:
     Restitution (1.16) 
     Infiltration (1.6) 
     Nothing Like the Real Thing (1.3)
Cracker: Mind Over Murder~1999 - Mitchell Grady in Best Boys
Magnificent Seven, The~1999 - Federal Marshal Walter Bryce in The New Law (2.1) 
Dead Man's Gun~1998 - Det. Insp Archibald McCann in The Ripper (2.12)
Holding On~1997 - Mick in 1.8
Broker's Man, The~1997 - Alex 'Godzilla' Turnbull in:
     Dangerous Bends: Parts 1 and 2
     Double Dutch: Parts 1 and 2 
Kavanagh QC~1997 - Charlie Beck in Ancient History (3.3)
Garden of Redemption, The~1997 - Nazi Commandant
And the Beat Goes On~1996 - Francis in 1.6-1.8
Witch's Daughter, The~1996 - Mr. Jones
Band of Gold~1996 - Brian Roberts in:
Resort to Murder~1995 - Peter Dennigan in 1.1-1.5
Soldier Soldier~1995 - Major Ben Collins in Leaving (5.10)
Heartbeat~1994 - Dr. James Radcliffe in:
     A Bird in the Hand (4.15) 
     Treading Carefully
     Arms and the Man (4.10) 
     Red Herring (4.9)
     Fair Game (4.8) 
     Mid Day Sun (4.3) 
     Wild Thing (4.1) 
Highlander~1994 - Arthur Drake (aka Drakov) in Warmonger (2.17) 
Anna Lee~1994 - Peter Wainwright in Stalker (1.3)
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The~1993 - Stefan in Istanbul, September 1918 (2.17) 
Prisoner of Honor~1991 - Maj. Henry
Murder in Eden~1991 - Kenneth Potter in 1.1-1.3
Screen Two~1987-1991 - 
     Steve Clemant in The Laughter of God
     Joe in Children Crossing
     Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey (performer: Nel cor piu non mi sento (from La Molinara)
Incident, The~1990 - Geiger
Blood Royal: William the Conqueror~1990 - William Rufus
Tickets for the Titanic~1987 - Michael in The Way, the Truth, the Video
Aerodrome, The~1983 - Roy
Play for today~1973-1982 - 
     Dominick Hide in Another Flip for Dominick
     Dominick Hide in The Flipside of Dominick Hide
     Arsenic in Her Majesty's Pleasure
Tales of the Unexpected~1980 - Hardy in The Man at the Top
The 50th Annual Academy Awards~1978 - Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
The Paul Ryan Show~1977 - Himself in 1.47
Lady of the Camellias, The~1976 - Armand Duval in 1.1, 1.2
BBC Play of the Month~1972-1976 - 
     Dorian Gray in The Picture of Dorian Gray
     Cis Farringdon in The Magistrate
Film '75 - Himself in 1.3
The 29th Annual Tony Awards~1975 - Himself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1974 - Robert 'Bobby'Stewart in Diamonds on Wheels: Parts 1-3
Protectors, The~1973 - Stephen Douglas in Implicado (2.10) 
Scene~1973 - Ben Bagot in The Ballad of Ben Bagot
Owen, M.D.~1973 - David Redman in The Love Game
Country Matters~1972-1973 - 
     Roger Blackburn in The Simple Life
     Tommy Adams in The Sullens Sisters
Chill Factor (A Cold Night's Death)~1973 - Captain Andrew Brynner
Arthur of the Britons~1973 - Corin in The Pupil (1.7)
The Adventures of Black Beauty~1972 - David Abbott in Runaway
Home and Away~1972 - Fred (7 episodes) Note: not the Australian soap
The Doctors~1971 - Charlie Higson in 1.113
Here Come the Double Deckers~1970 - Scooper (17 episodes) (performer: With a Little Bit of Love in A Hit for a Miss)
Flaxton Boys, The~1969 - Archie Weekes #1 (13 episodes)
Double Deckers~1969 - 
How We Used to Live~1969 - Urchin in At the Seaside
Castlehaven~1969 - 

Equus~1976-1977 - Alan Strang (New York, NY)
Equus~1974-1975 - Alan Strang (New York, NY)
Romeo and Juliet~1974 - Romeo (National Theatre, UK)
Spring Awakening~1974 - Melchior Gabor (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Next of Kin~1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Eden End~1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Marriage of Figaro~1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Freeway~1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Grand Manoeuvres~1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Saturday Sunday Monday~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Bacchae~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Cherry Orchard~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Front Page~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Misanthrope~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Macbeth~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Measure for Measure~1973-1974 - Lucio and First Gentleman (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Tempest~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Romeo and Juliet~1973-1974 - Romeo (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Jumpers~1973-1974 - (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
The Party~1973-1974 -  (Old Vic, London, England, UK)
Equus~1973 - Alan Strang (Old Vic Theatre, London, UK)
Amadeus~1981-1983 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (replacement for Tim Curry) (Broadhurst Theatre, New York, NY)
Camelot~1968 - (Bradford Alhambra, Bradford, UK)
Valpone~1960 - ? (Bradford Civic Theatre Drama Club, Bradford, UK) Note: Firth was in 3rd grade

Book at Bedtime~2013 - Reader of The Professor of Truth (10 episodes)
Saturday Drama~2013 - Richard Dearlove in The Iraq Dossier 
Book of the Week~2008-2009 - Reader of:
     The Defence of the Realm
     The Prince
Afternoon Play~2007 - Peter in Witness: Five Plays from the Gospel of Luke (5 episodes)

Amok: An Audible Original Drama~2015 - Narrator
Birdsong~2011 - Narrator
Witness~2009 - Narrator
The Eye in the Door~2006 - Narrator
Brave New World~2001
Regeneration~1996 - Narrator
After Hannibal~1996 - Reader
The Ghost Road~1996 - Narrator
Maurice~1996 - Narrator
Tess of the d'Urbervilles~1996 - Narrator
Suspicion~1997 - Reader

Video Games (voice)
Star Wars: Force Commander~2000 - Capt. Beri Tulon

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Academy Award:
Nom 1978 Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Equus
Antoinette Perry Award:
Nom 1975 Best Actor in a Play for Equus
BAFTA Awards:
Rec'd 1978 for his role in Equus
Drama Desk Awards:
Nom 1975 Outstanding Actor in a Play for Equus
Equity Library Theatre Awards:
Rec'd 1974-1975 Special Award for Equus
Evening Standard British Film Awards:
Rec'd 1977 Most Promising Newcomer - Actor for Aces High
Golden Globe Awards:
Rec'd 1978 Best Motion Picture Actor in a Supporting Role for Equus
John Willis' Screen World:
Rec'd 1977 (one of the) Most Promising New Actors of 1977
Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award:
Rec'd 1979 Best Supporting Actor for Equus
Monte Carlo TV Festival:
Nom 2009 Golden Nymph for Outstanding Actor for Spooks
Outer Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 1975 Outstanding Performance (Distinguished Performance and Notable Performance by a Young Performer) for Equus
Rec'd 1975 Special Award for Equus
Plays and Players London Theatre Critics Award:
Rec'd Most Promising Actor for Equus
Theatre World Awards:
Rec'd 1975 Theatre World Award for Equus
Tony Awards:
Nom 1975 Actor in a Play for Equus
Valenciennes Action and Adventure Festival:
Rec'd 1993 Best Actor for White Angel

2009 - Awarded honorary Doctor of Letters degree for his services to acting from the University of Bradford. The nomination came from UofB's School of Computing, Informatics, and Media.

1983 - Participated in a Shakespeare theatre workshop with William Hoyland

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