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Flanagan, Fionnula

Fionnula Flanagan

Photo of Ms. Flanagan by Wade Byers of the Desert Sun at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2006.

Fionnula Flanagan was born to Terence Niall (a newspaper man) and Rosanna (née McGuirk - a legal secretary) Flanagan on December 10, 1941, in Dublin Ireland.  Flanagan studied at Scoil Mhuire Marlborough Street, at Sandymount High School and at Scoil Caitriona, Dominican College.  She also studied languages at the Universite de Fribourg (1962) in Switzerland, worked as a translator in Italy, and was drama trained at Dublin's Abbey Theatre (1964-1966).

It was 1968 when Flanagan decided to move to the US to pursue another path of theatre work in New York City.

Flanagan splits her time living in Ireland and Los Angeles with her husband, Los Angeles area psychiatrist (CEO of the Betty Ford Institute), Garrett O'Connor (November 26, 1972 - present).  She has a sister named Grania Flanagan who is Director of the San Francisco Film Festival.

Birthmarked~2017 - Mrs. Tridek
Flycatcher~ - Mae
Little Secret~2016 - Barbara
Havenhurst~2016 - Eleanor
Trash Fire~2016 - Violet
Come Simi~2015 - Aunt Maxine
Song of the Sea~2014 - voice of Granny/Macha
Fearless~2014 (short) - Margret
Life's a Breeze~2013 - Nan (seated)

Tasting Menu~2013 - Comptessa
Angels Sing~2013 - Ma
Men at Lunch~2012 (doc) - Narrator
Muide Éire (We Are Ireland)~2011 (doc) - Herself
Live Free or Die Hard (Project 12, 8/12)~2011 (short) - archive footage from The Invention of Lying (Martha Bellison)
Coming and Going~2011 - Irma
Kill the Irishman~2011 - Grace O'Keefe
Pass the Salt, Please~2011 (short) - Woman
The Making of the Guard~2011 (V short) - Herself
The Guard~2011 - Eileen Boyle
A Christmas Carol~2009 - Mrs. Dilber
The Invention of Lying~2009 - Martha Bellison
The Payback~2009 - Galina
Dreaming Slipstream Dream~2008 (V doc short) - Herself
Yes Man~2008 - Tillie
Slipstream~2007 - Bette Lustig
Four Brothers~2005 - Evelyn Mercer
Transamerica~2005 - Elizabeth
Joyce to the World~2005 (V doc) - Herself
Sexual Life~2005 - Grandmother
Man About Dog~2004 - Olivia
Blessed~2004 - J. Lloyd Samuel
One of the Oldest Con Games~2004 (short) - Mary Kuhlmann
Tears of the Sun~2003 - Sister Grace
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood~2002 - Teensy Melissa Whitman

The Others~2001 - Mrs. Bertha Mills
Fionnula Flanagan as Mrs. Mills (center of photo)
With or Without You (Old New Borrowed Blue)~1999 - Irene
Deceit (Gioco, Il)~1999 -
Paperlily~1998 -
Waking Ned Devine~1998 - Annie O'Shea
Some Mother's Son~1996 - Annie Higgins
Money for Nothing~1993 - Mrs. Coyle
Mad at the Moon~1992 - Mrs. Hill
P.K. and the Kid~1987 - Flo
State of Emergency, A~1986 - Diane Carmody
Youngblood~1986 - Miss McGill
James Joyce's Women~1985 - Harriet Shaw Weaver, Nora Joyce, Gertie MacDowell, Main Washerwoman, & Molly Bloom
Voyager From the Unknown~1982 - Molly Brown
Mr. Patman~1980 - Abadaba
In the Region of Ice~1976 (short) - The Sister
Sinful Davey~1969 - Penelope
Ulysses~1967 - Gerty MacDowell

Film Director
Hidden Fire~1994 - (firefighter training film)

Film Producer
Fearless~2014 (short)
Hidden Fire~1994 - (firefighter training film)
James Joyce's Women~1985

Film Thanks
Tasting Menu~2013 ("director wishes to thank)

Kat and Alfie: Redwater~2017 - Agnes Byrne (6 episodes)
American Gods~2017 - Old Essie Macgowan in A Prayer for Mad Sweeney
Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street~2014-2016 - Miss/Mrs. Hudspith in:
     Gortimer vs. the End
     Gortimer vs. the Relentless Rainbow of Joy
     Gortimer vs. the Frog of Ultimate Doom
HitRECord on TV~2014 - Aunt Abigail in RE: Money (segment: So-Called Security)
10th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards~2013 - Herself - Guest Presenter
Defiance~2013 - Nicky (8 episodes)
Three Wise Women~2010 - Beth
Lost~2007-2010 - Ms. Hawking (7 episodes)
España, plató de cine~2009 (doc) - archive footage from The Others (Mrs. Bertha Mills)
Lost: A Journey in Time~2009 - archive footage from Lost (Eloise Hawking)
Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6~2009 - archive footage from Lost (Eloise Hawking)
Who Do You Think You Are?~2009 - Herself in Fionnula Flanagan
The 6th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards~2009 - Herself - Award Presenter
Brotherhood~2006-2008 - Rose Caffee (25 episodes)
La noche desesperada~2007 - Elizabeth
Tubridy Tonight~2007 - Herself in 3.16
4th Irish Film and Television Awards~2007 - Herself - Presenter
Paddywhackery~2007 - Peig Sayers (6 episodes)
Revelations~2005 - Mother Francine in Hour Two - Five
2nd Irish Film and Television Awards~2004 - Herself - Presenter
Nip/Tuck~2004 - Sister Rita-Claire in Agatha Ripp
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit~2003 - Sheila Baxter in Escape (5.11)
Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle~2003 - Margaret Byrne
HBO First Look~2002 (doc short) - Herself in Unlocking 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood'
A Look Inside: The Others~2002 (short doc) - Herself
Star Trek: Enterprise~2002 - Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar in Fallen Hero (1.23)
Fionnula Flanagan as V'Lar in Enterprise - photo from
A Look Inside: The Others~2001 - Herself
For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story~2000 - Sally
A Secret Affair~1999 - Drucilla Fitzgerald
Poltergeist: The Legacy~1998-1999 -
     The Older Woman in Double Cross
     The Older Woman in The Traitor
     Narrator in The Darkside
Poltergeist: The Legacy~1996 - The Older Woman in The Traitor (4.6)
Chicago Hope~1999 - Judge Robin O'Hara in Big Hand for the Little Lady (5.15)
Poltergeist: The Legacy~1998 - Narrator in The Darkside (3.22)
To Have & to Hold~1998 - Fiona McGrail (13 episodes)
Nothing Sacred~1998 - Mrs. Reyneaux in The Coldest Night of the Year (1.15)
Kings in Grass Castles~1997 (mini) - Bridget Durack
Murder, She Wrote~1987-1995 -
     Eileen O'Bannon in Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 and 2
     Fiona Delaney Griffith in A Killing in Cork
     Freida Schmidt in Steal Me a Story
Legend~1995 - Julia Grant in Legend on His President's Secret Service (1.3)
919 Fifth Avenue~1995 - Brydie
White Mile~1994 - Gena Karas
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman~1994 - Heart ('Queen of Hearts') in The Circus (2.14)
Star Trek: The Next Generation~1993 - Dr. Julianna O'Donnell Soong Tainer in Inheritance (7.10) 11/20/93
Fionnula Flanagan as Dr. Julianna Trainer in Star Trek: The Next Generation - Photo from
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine~1993 - Enina Tandro in Dax (1.8)
Fionnula Flanagan as Enina Tandro - Photo from
Final Verdict~1991 - Pearl Morton
Death Dreams~1991 - Psychic Physician
Reasonable Doubts~1991 - Mrs. Pearl Hooper
Father Dowling Mysteries~1990 - Mother Margaret in The Undercover Nun Mystery (3.6)
H.E.L.P.~1990 - Kathleen Meacham (6 episodes)
Columbo~1989 - Louise in Murder, A Self Portrait
Hard Copy~1987 - Lt. Guyla Cook in:
     Rumor with a View
     Long Day's Journey Into Flight
     The Trouble with Kids Today
     Some Day We'll Look Back on This and Laugh
Beauty and the Beast~1990 - Jessica Webb in:
     Legacies (3.12)
     The Reckoning (3.11)
James Joyce's Women~1985 -
Fionnula Flanagan in `The Women.'
Hunter~1989 - Maureen Delaney in Shillelagh (6.2)
Simon & Simon~1988 -
     Dr. Barbara Bryson/Lydia/Becky in A Firm Grasp of Reality (7.11)
     Dr. Rita Price in John Doe
Murder, She Wrote~1987 - Freida Schmidt in Steal Me a Story (4.8)
Winner Never Quits, A~1986 - Mrs. Wyshner
Cagney & Lacey~1985 - Arlene Crenshaw in The Clinic
Riptide~1984 - Melissa Belancourt in Peter Pan Is Alive and Well (2.9)
Fame~1984 - Dr. Pettibon in Sheer Will (3.16)
The Ewok Adventures: Caravan of Courage~1984 - Catarine Towani

Scorned and Swindled~1984 - Margaret
Reflections~1984 - Mrs. Charlotte Lawless
Through Naked Eyes~1983 - Dr. Frances Muller
Voyagers!~1983 - Molly Brown in Voyagers of the Titanic (1.15)
Benson~1982 - Rose Sullivan in Wild Irish Rose
Trapper John, M.D.~1981 - Warden Clayton in Is There a Doctor in the Big House? (3.7)
Here's Boomer~1980 - Bronnie in Vigil
The Hollywood Squares~1979 - Guest Appearance in 21 May 1979
Young Love, First Love~1979 - Audrey Gibson
The 30th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards~1978 - Herself - Nominee & Presenter
How the West Was Won~1978-1979 - Molly Culhane (21 episodes)
Mary White~1977 - Sallie White
Serpico~1976 - Rita Maloney in Every Man Must Pay His Dues (1.4)
Nightmare in Badham County~1976 - Dulcie
Rich Man, Poor Man~1976 - Clothilde in Part II: Chapters 2 and 4
Bionic Woman, The~1976 - Tammy Dalton in Road to Nashville (2.5)
Kojak~1976 - Molly Braddock in A Summer Madness (4.2)
Marcus Welby, M.D.~1972-1976 -
     Barbara Brendan in To Trump an Ace (7.20)
     Maggie in A Joyful Song
     Dinner of Herbs
Medical Center~1976 - Karen in Child of Conflict (7.19)
Streets of San Francisco, The~1976 - Ellen Simms in Requiem for Murder (4.17)
Movin' On~1975 - Laura Brown in Love, Death, and Laura Brown
Legend of Lizzie Borden, The~1975 - Bridget Sullivan
Police Story~1975 - Mrs. Arlene Hansen in The Company Man (3.12)
28th Annual Tony Awards~1974 - Herself
Godchild, The~1974 - Virginia
Hec Ramsey~1974 - Nellie O'Shea in Only Birds and Fools (2.5)
Shaft~1974 - Louise in The Murder Machine (1.7)
Rookies, The~1974 - Judy Karcher in Trial by Doubt (2.15)
Picture of Dorian Gray, The~1973 - Felicia
New Perry Mason, The~1973 in The Case of the Horoscope Homicide (1.1)
Gunsmoke~1972 - Sarah Morgan in The Drummer (18.5)
Mannix~1972 - Gloria Paget in The Crimson Halo (6.3)
Bonanza~1972 - Elizabeth 'Meg' Dundee in Heritage of Anger (14.2)
Cold Comfort Farm~1971 - Mary Smiling in Mary Smiling
Sinful Davey~1990 - Penelope
Callan~1967 - Rena Clarke in Goodbye, Nobby Clarke (1.2)
The Wednesday Play~1966 -
     Mona in A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer's Assistant (1.87)
     Eileen in Why Aren't You Famous (1.51)
Broome Stages~1966 - Maud in:
     High Summer and Harvest
     Dear Maud
     Lettice and Her Sons
Insurrection~1966 - Nora Connolly in Friday, 12 May 1916: Nothing in Heaven or Earth
Knock on Any Door~1965 - Jenny in The Machine Minder
Deirdre~1965 - Deirdre

TV Thanks
Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde~2004 (doc) (special thanks)

Ulysses~2012 - Molly Bloom monologue (Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, New York, NY)
Babbitt~1997 -  (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
When You Coming Back, Red Ryder~ - (Westwood Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
You Can't Take It With You~ - (Goodman Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Heartbreak House~ - (Goodman Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
The Tempest~ - (Goodman Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Unfinished Stories~1991-1992 - Gaby (Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA)
Ghosts~1988 - Mrs. Alving (Union Square Theatre, New York, NY)
James Joyce's Women~1979-80 - Nora Joyce, Gertie MacDowell, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Main Washerwoman, & Molly Bloom (O'Reilly Theatre, Spring Stage Festival, Pittsburgh, PA)
James Joyce's Women~1977 - Nora Joyce, Gertie MacDowell, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Main Washerwoman, & Molly Bloom (Los Angeles, CA)
Ulysses in Nighttown~1974 - (New York, NY)
Incomparable Max, The~1971 -
Twelfth Night~ - (Royal Court Theatre, )
Happy Days~ - (Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
A Streetcar Named Desire~ - Blanche Dubois (Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
Playboy of the Western World~ -
The Taming of the Shrew~ -
Lovers~1968 - (New York, NY)
The Winners~1968 - (New York, NY)
Lovers~ - (Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
An Triail (The Trial)~1965-1966 - Máire (Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin, Ireland)
Juno and the Paycock~1954
The Plough and the Stars~1954

Theatre Director
Freedom of the City~1988 (Theatre West, Los Angeles, CA)
Away Alone~1992 (The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)

Audio Books/CDs
Selected Shorts: POE!~2012 - Narrator
Selected Shorts: Whodunit?~2009- Narrator
Selected Shorts: Falling in Love~2006 - Narrator for Violets
Maggie's Door~2003 - Narrator
Tara Road~2000 - Narrator
The Return Journey~1999 - Narrator
The Copper Beech~1999 - Narrator
The Glass Lake~1999 - Narrator
This Year Will Be Different and Other Stories: A Christmas Treasury~1999 - Narrator
Circle of Friends~1999 - Narrator
Murphy~2002 - Celia

Audio Plays
Babbitt~1997 -  (see Actor Connections - Theatre)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Awards:
Rec'd 2002 Best Supporting Actress for The Others
Behind the Voice Actors Awards:
Nom 2015 Best Female Vocal Performance in a Feature Film in a Supporting Role for Song of the Sea as Granny
Nom 2015 Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film for Song of the Sea (shared)
DramaLogue Award:
Rec'd 1978 for James Joyce's Women
Emmy Awards:
Nom 1978 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for How the West Was Won
Rec'd 1976 Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in Comedy or Drama Series for Rich Man, Poor Man
Golden Schmoes Awards:
Nom 2001 Best Supporting Actress of the Year for The Others
(Golden) Satellite Awards:
Rec'd 2008 Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for Brotherhood
Nom 2006 Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for Brotherhood
Rec'd 2002 Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Drama for The Others
Irish Film & Television Academy Awards:
Nom 2014 Best Supporting Actress - Film for Life's a Breeze
Rec'd 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award
Rec'd 2011 Best Supporting Actress - Film for The Guard
Rec'd 2007 Best Supporting Actress for Transamerica
Jacob's TV Awards:
Rec'd 1965 Best Performance of the Year for An Triail (The Trial)
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 1978 Lead Performance for James Joyce's Women
Magner's Irish Film Festival (Boston, MA):
Rec'd 2005 Excellence Award
Online Film & Television Association:
Nom 2002 Best Supporting Actress for The Others
San Francisco Critics' Awards:
Rec'd 1978 for James Joyce's Women
Screen Actor's Guild Awards:
Nom 1999 Outstanding Performance by a Cast for Waking Ned Divine
Sonoma Valley Film Festival:
Rec'd 2004 Imagery Honors
Tony Awards:
Nom 1974 Best Actress for Ulysses in Nighttown

2007 - Received an honorary doctorate from the National University of Ireland, Galway

2006 - Presenter of the Breakthrough Performance Award to Felicity Huffman at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Created the theatre production company The Usual Suspects

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