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Fondacaro, Phil

Phil Fondacaro

Phil Fondacaro was born on November 8, 1958, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US.  Phil is the brother of actor (and SWAD alum) Sal Fondacaro.

Phil started his career off in 1980 when they put a call out to all little people to be in a film (Under the Rainbow), he and his brother Sal tried out and got parts in the film with SWAD alum Carrie Fisher.  One of Fondacaro's favorite roles was as a dwarf father with an average-sized son in Touched By An Angel.  He was originally thought of for the role of the Leprechaun, in the movie of the same name, but he turned it down.  The part went to SWAD alum Warwick Davis.

Fondacaro is known for his mustache and...sometimes beard.

Married (2001 - present) to Elena Bertagnolli (Verne Troyer's manager) who owns Fonolli Management (where Mr. Fondacaro is represented) and they live in Santa Clarita, CA.

Tainted Blood: The Making of Bordello of Blood~2015 (V doc) - uncredited Vincent Prather (archive footage) (special thanks)
DevilDolls~2012 (V) - Dangerous Toys
Immortally Yours~2006 - Michael Bates
Evil Bong~2006 - Club Patron
Blood, Sweat & Fears~2005 (V) - Ivan
Decadent Evil~2005  (V) - Ivan
Land of the Dead~2005 - (V) Chihuahua (part of his scenes were cut for the theatrical release but left in for the DVD release)
Polar Express, The~2004 - Elf 1
Gentleman B. (Gentleman Bandit)~2000 - Sleazy Hotel Manager
The Theory of the Leisure Class~2001 - Millionaire
Sideshow~2000 - Abbot Graves
Bit Players~2000 (short) - Gus
Hollyweird~1999 (doc) - Himself
Blood Dolls~1999 - Hylas
Addams Family Reunion~1998 (V) - Cousin Itt
Sweet Jane~1998 - Bob
Deformed Monsters (The Creeps)~1997 - Dracula
The Elevator~1996 -Jewish Rabbi
Bordello of Blood~1996 - Vincent Prather
Nature of the Beast~1995 - Harliss
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys~1993 (V) - Ray Vernon
The Doors~1991 - uncredited Man at Birthday Party
Nerds of a Feather~1990 - Little Army of Little Russian Soldiers
Meridian~1990 (V) - Dwarf
Night Angel~1990 - Sammael
Monster High~1989 - Stinksucker
Memories of Me~1988 - Horace Bosco
Phantasm II~1988 - uncredited Hooded dwarf
Willow~1988 - Vohnkar (right) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie~1987 - Greaser Greg (voiced by Phil and SWAD alum Jim Cumming) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Ghoulies II~1988 - Sir Nigel Penneyweight
Steele Justice~1987 - Dan the Bartender
Invaders from Mars~1986 - uncredited Drone (see Actor Connections - Film)
Troll~1986 - Malcolm Mallory/Torok the Troll
American Drive-In~1985 (as H.G. Golas) - Rocky Magellan
The Dungeonmaster~1985 - Cliffdweller - Stone Canyon People in Stone Canyon Giant
The Black Cauldron~1985 - voice of Creeper/Henchman
Hard Rock Zombies~1984 (as H.G. Golas) - Mickey
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Ewok

Something Wicked This Way Comes~1983 - uncredited Demon Clown
The Penny Elf~1981 - Mortimer (AFI Film)
Under the Rainbow~1981 - Hotel Rainbow Guest (see Actor Connections - Film)

Film Stunts
Austin Powers in Goldmember~2002 (uncredited)
Phantasm II~1988 (stunt player)

Mud Show~2005 - Arturo in pilot
The Girls Next Door~2005 - Himself in Fight Night (1.5)
Life's Too Short~ 2004 - Phil, his wife Elena, and Verne Troyer are followed around in Los Angeles while they work.
10-8: Officers on Duty~2003 - Brian's Father in Let it Bleed (1.9)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation~2002 - Kevin Marcus in A Little Murder (3.4)
Passions~2002 - Trenchcoat Munchkin (1.751)
Daddio~2000 - Christmas Elf in A Christmas Quarrel
Walker, Texas Ranger~2000 - Big Hack in Lazarus (9.6)
The War Next Door~2000 - Gerald Soloman in Blood Is Thicker Than Death (1.7)
Touched by an Angel~2000 - Leroy Tucker in A Clown's Prayer (6.24)
The Pretender~1999 - Doorman in Road Trip (4.5)
Sliders~1996-1999 -
     Mac in Data World (4.17)
     Bounty Hunter in Into the Mystic
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch~1997-1999 - Roland in
     Love in Bloom
     Salem, the Boy (3.17)
     Suspicious Minds
     The Equalizer
     Troll Bride
Hercules: The Animated Series (Disney's Hercules)~1998 -
     ? in Hercules and the Hero of Athens
     ? in Hercules and the Owl of Athens
     Athenian in Hercules and the Nemean Lion
Murder, She Wrote~1997 - in South by Southwest
Addams Family Reunion~1998 - Cousin Itt
Timon & Pumbaa~1996 - voice of ? in Rome Alone/Amusement Bark
Medicine Ball~1995 - Mr. Stratten in Wizard of Bras
Northern Exposure~1993-1994 - Green Man in:
     Grand Prix (5.22) (singer: New York, New York)
     Heal Thyself (5.8) (singer: Duke of Earl)
Tales from the Crypt~1993 - Emmet in Food for Thought (5.4)
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble~1993 - Oscar
Johnny Bago~1993 - Little Man in Big Top Bago (1.7)
Renegade~1992 - Little Tom Masion in Payback (1.8)
Mann & Machine~1992 - Dwarf Thug in Prototype (1.1)
Tequila and Bonetti~1992 - Big Eddie in Mama (1.10)
Brotherhood of the Gun~1991 - Antonio
Santa Barbara~1991 - Lo Dara 7/1/91
Married... with Children~1990 - Alien in Married... with Aliens (5.7)
Quantum Leap~1990 - Big Moe in Leaping in Without a Net - November 18, 1958 (2.19)
Superboy~1989-1990 - Alien in:
     Nightmare Island (2.5)
     Secrets of Superboy
thirtysomething~1987 - Anxiety in Nice Work If You Can Get It 1.7)
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint~1987 - uncredited Bell Ringer
Tales from the Darkside~1987 - The Yattering in The Yattering and Jack (4.7)
Condor~1985 - Quaid
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1986 - Fuzzbucket in Fuzzbucket
Faerie Tale Theatre~1982-1984 -
     Bernard (second from bottom) in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (3.5) (see Actor Connections - TV)
     Hooded Henchman in Rapunzel (2.1)

Mercedes Benz
Olympia Beer

Video Games
Star Wars: Battlefront~2004 - Ewok (archive footage)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Razzie Awards:
Nom 1987 Razzie Awards Worst New Star as Greaser Greg of The Garbage Pail Kids in The Garbage Pail Kids’ Movie (not actually named by name)

Special guest at America's Camp (summer camp) in Lenox, Massachusetts

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