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Ford, Harrison

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford was born on July 13th, 1942, in Chicago Illinois to advertising executive/writer Christopher (né John William Ford) and former radio actress Dorothy (née Nidelman) Ford.   He has a younger brother named Terence.  Harrison's great-grandfather was a comedian on the Vaudeville stage.  Harrison Ford had a fairly typical childhood, he was an average student (literally) at Melzer Junior High School and at Maine Township High School in Park Ridge Illinois and was the first voice on his high school radio station WMTH.  His college career, at Ripon College (in Wisconsin) where he was a philosophy major, fared not much better (though he did learn to fly during this time but didn't start back up until he was in his 50s) as far as grades were concerned but he did manage to make it through almost to the very end.  He dropped out of Ripon College just two weeks before graduation. His majors were English and Drama...he started acting here and did summer stock.  

After Harrison dropped out of college he signed contracts with Columbia Studios and later Universal Studios and in-between acting jobs managed to teach himself carpentry by checking out books on the subject from the library (he became a carpenter to the stars).  He played very minor or secondary roles with the two studios and frankly was not making the money he had hoped, becoming discouraged, he went back to carpentry almost full-time to pay the bills. Good thing he did. A carpentry job led him to land one of his biggest or most iconic roles in his career (or anyone else's for that matter): Star Wars' Han Solo.
Harrison Ford went on to become one of the biggest movie stars.

Ford lives in Wyoming, Los Angeles, New York. He has been married three times, Mary Marquardt (1964 - 1979), Melissa Matheson (1983 - 2004 div), and Calista Flockhart (2010 - present) has 5 children (1: Benjamin & Willard) (2: Malcolm & Georgia) (3: Liam), and is a plane and helicopter pilot.  

Untitled Indiana Jones Film~2020 - Indiana Jones
Gene Wilder: Loved, Remembered~2017 (doc short) - Himself
Blade Runner 2049~2017 - Rick Deckard
The Scavenger & the Stormtrooper: A Conversation with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega~2016 (V doc short) - Himself
Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey~2016 (doc) - Himself
The Force Awakens: Force for Change~2016 (V short) - Himself

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens: The Story Awakens - The Table Read~2016 (V doc short) - Himself
Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2015 - Han Solo
Living in the Age of Airplanes~2015 (doc) - Narrator
A Love Story for the Ages~2015 (V doc short) - Himself
The Age of Adaline~2015 - William Jones
Dalai Lama Awakening~2014 (doc) - Narrator
Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project~2014 (doc) - Himself/Interviewee
The Expendables 3: New Blood - Stacked and Jacked~2014 (V doc short) - Himself
The Expendables 3: The Total Action Package~2014 (V short) - Himself
The Making of The Expendables 3~2014 (V doc) - Himself
The Making of Ender's Game~2014 (V doc) - Himself
The Expendables 3~2014 - Drummer
The Fugitive: Thrill of the Chase~2013 (doc short) - Himself
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues~2013 - Mack Tannen
Ender's Game~2013 - Colonel Graff
Paranoia~2013 - Jock Goddard
42~2013 - Branch Rickey
Drew: The Man Behind the Poster~2013 (doc) - Himself
Milius~2013 (doc) - Himself
Close Up~2012 (doc) - Himself
On Set With Raiders of the Lost Ark~2012 (V doc) - Himself (special thanks)
The Making of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull~2012 (V short) - Himself
Episode VI: Crew and Cast Interviews~2011 (V doc short) - Himself
Conversations with Jon Favreau~2011 (V) - Himself
Igniting the Sky: The Making of Cowboys & Aliens~2011 (V doc short) - Himself
Cowboys & Aliens~2011 - Woodrow Dolarhyde
Morning Glory~2010 - Mike Pomeroy
Extraordinary Measures~2010 - Dr. Stonehill
Wings Over the Rockies~2009 (doc short) - Himself

Brüno~2009 - Himself (cameo)
Crossing Over~2009 - Max Brogan
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull~2008 - Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.
Indiana Jones 4: Pre-production~2008 (V short) - Himself (special thanks)
Indiana Jones 4: The Return of a Legend~2008 (V doc short) - Himself (special thanks)
Travel with Indiana Jones: Locations~2008 (V short) - Himself
Production Diary: Making of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull~2008 (V doc) - Himself
The Crystal Skulls~2008 (V doc short) - Himself
Indiana Jones: An Appreciation~2008 (V short) - Himself
Indiana Jones: Creepy Crawlies~2008 (V short) - Himself
The Last Crusade: An Introduction~2008 (V doc short) - Himself
Temple of Doom: An Introduction~2008 (V doc short) - Himself
Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Introduction~2008 (V doc short) - Himself
Dalai Lama Renaissance~2007 (doc) - Narrator
Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner~2007 (V doc) - Himself
Deck-A-Rep: The True Nature of Rick Deckard~2007 (V doc short) - Himself
Fashion Forward: Wardrobe and Styling~2007 (V doc short) - Himself
Firewall: Decoded~2006 (V doc short) - Himself/Jack Stanfield
Firewall (Formerly: The Wrong Element)~2006 - Jack Williams
Between Two Worlds: The Making of Witness~2005 - (V) Himself
The Characters of Star Wars~2004 (V doc short) - Himself (special thanks)
The Force Is With Them: The Legacy of Star Wars~2004 - (V doc) (special thanks)
Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy~2004 (V doc) (special thanks)
The Award Showdown~2004 (V short) ("this film is dedicated to")
Water to Wine~2004 (V) - Jethro the Bus Driver (credited also as Jethro the Bus Driver) Note: film by Ford's son Malcolm.

The Stunts of Indiana Jones~2003 (V doc short) - Himself
Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy~2003 (V) - Himself (and archive footage: as Indiana Jones)
Hollywood Homicide~2003 - Sgt. Joe Gavilan
Exploring the Craft: Make-Up Techniques~2002 (V short) - Himself
Clear and Present Danger: Behind the Danger~2002 (V doc short) - Himself/Jack Ryan
K-19: It's in the Details~2002 (V short) - Himself
The Making of K-19: The Widowmaker~2002 (V short) - Himself
Derailed: Anatomy of a Train Wreck~2001 (V doc short) (special thanks)
On the Run with The Fugitive~2001 (V short) - Himself
K-19: The Widowmaker~2001- Captain Alexi Vostrikov (see Actor Connections - Film)
LOST WORLDS: Life in the Balance~2001 (40 minute film) - Narrator
Flightline: Army Helicopter Pilots of Vietnam~2000 (doc) - Himself
Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story~2000 - Narrator
What Lies Beneath~2000 - Dr. Norman Spencer
Flight Line: The Army Helicopter Pilots of Vietnam~2000 - Narrator
ET Weekend Special: An American Graffiti Reunion~2000 - Himself/Interviewee
ET Weekend Special: Indiana Jones~2000 - Himself/interviewee
American Film Institute's Lifetime Award Salute to Harrison~2000 - Honoree
Jane Goodall - Reason for Hope~1999 - Narrator
Mardy Murie: Arctic Dance~1999 (doc) - Narrator
Stars of Star Wars: Interviews with the Cast~1999 (V) - Himself
Unauthorized Star Wars Story~1999 (V) - Himself/Interviewee
Random Hearts~1999 - Dutch Van Den Broeck
From Star Wars to Star Wars: Story of Industrial Light and Magic~1999 - Himself
Six Days, Seven Nights~1998 - Quinn Harris
The Making of Air Force One~1997 (V short) - Himself
Air Force One~1997 - President James 'Jim' Marshall
PBS Frontline - The Lost American~1997 - Narrator
Devil's Own~1997 - Tom O'Meara (see Actor Connections - Film)
Sabrina~1995 - Linus Larrabee
The World of Jacques Demy~1995 (doc) - Himself
Les Cent et une Nuits~1995 - Harrison - Actor for a Day (as Himself)
A Century of Cinema~1994 - Himself
Jimmy Hollywood~1994 - uncredited Himself

Clear and Present Danger~1994 - Dr. John 'Jack' P. Ryan
George Lucas: Heroes, Myths & Magic~1993 - Himself
The Fugitive~1993 - Dr. Richard David Kimble
Behind the Scenes: A Portrait of Pierre Guffroy (L'Envers du Decor: Portrait de Pierre Guffroy)~1992 - Himself
Earth and the American Dream~1992 (doc) - Reader
Patriot Games~1992 - Jack Ryan

Regarding Henry~1991 - Henry Turner
Presumed Innocent~1990 - Rozat 'Rusty' Sabich
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 - Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.
Frantic~1988 - Dr. Richard Walker

Working Girl~1988 - Jack Trainer
The Mosquito Coast~1986 - Allie Fox (Ford's personal favorite)
Witness~1985 - Detective Captain John Book (see Actor Connections - Film)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom~1984 - Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.
Star Wars Episode VI- Return of the Jedi~1983 - General Han Solo
Return of the Ewok~1982 (V short) - Himself - dressed as Han Solo (film by Warwick Davis)
Blade Runner: On the Set~1982 (V short) - Himself
Blade Runner~1982 - Rick Deckard (see Actor Connections - Film)

Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - himself
Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.
Star Wars Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Han Solo

More American Graffiti~1979 - uncredited Officer Bob Falfa
Hanover Street~1979 - David Halloran (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Frisco Kid~1979 - Tommy Lillard

Apocalypse Now~1979 - Colonel Lucas
Force 10 from Navarone~1978 - Lt. Col Mike Barnsby (see Actor Connections - Film)

Heroes~1977 - Ken Boyd
Star Wars~1977 - Han Solo

The Conversation~1974 - Martin Stett

American Graffiti~1973 - Bob Falfa

Getting Straight~1970 - Jake

Zabriskie Point~1970 - uncredited Arrested Student (scenes were cut)
Journey to Shiloh~1968 - Willie Bill Rearden

Luv~1967 - uncredited Irate Hippie-ish Motorist

The Long Ride Home (A Time For Killing)~1967 - Lt. Shaffer
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round~1966 - uncredited Bellhop (seen with James Coburn)

Film Cameraman
Feast of Friends~1969 (doc) (second unit cameraman at the Northern California Rock Festival in San Jose CA on May 16, 1968) (photo is a screengrab I made from a concertgoer's personal footage of the event - Ford is setting up during the Country Joe & the Fish performance.)

Film Producer
Extraordinary Measures~2010 (executive producer)
K-19: The Widowmaker~2002 (executive producer)

Spielberg~2017 (doc) - Himself
Film '72~1989-2017 - Himself
Entertainment Tonight~1993-2017 - Himself (27 episodes)
Extra~2003-2017 - Himself (5 episodes)
Celebrity Page~2017 - Himself in 2.177
Access Hollywood~2017 (4 episodes)
Star Wars Celebration 2017~2017 - Himself/Special Guest in Day 1
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Williams~2016 - Himself
The American Cinematheque Tribute to Ridley Scott~2016 - Himself
Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV Special~2016 - Himself
2016 Golden Globe Arrivals Special~2016 - Himself
73rd Golden Globe Awards~2016 - Himself/Presenter: Motion Picture-Drama
Good Morning America~1994-2016 - Himself:
     2016 (TFA digital download)
     2008 (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Jimmy Kimmel Live~2008-2016 - Himself (10 episodes)
     2016 (Indy V talk)
     2015 (Chewbacca bit)
     2015 (Halloween ep - Hot dog suit/plane crash)
Ellen~2006-2016 - Himself
     2015 (Star Wars VII, Conservation International)

     (The Force Awakens)
AFI's 44th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to John Williams~2016 - Himself
British Academy Awards~2015 - Himself receiving the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award
Zff Masters~2015 - Himself (interview by Brandon Harris)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert~2015 - Himself (bit with J.J. Abrams and Colbert as Han Solo)

Unfiltered with Renee Young~2015 - Himself in Star Wars: the Force Awakens
Five News~2015 - Himself in 16 December 2015
American Music Awards~2015 - Himself
Star Wars: Greatest Moments~2015 - Himself
Live with Kelly and Michael~2006-2015 - Himself:
Rotten Tomatoes~2015 - Himself in The Force Awakens Cast Plays "Star Wars or Florida?"
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon~2015 - Himself:
     2015 (talks about how he was injured during the filming of Star Wars VII/Millennium Fallon drinks)

     2013 (Ender's Game - Ford pierces Fallon's ear)

Made in Hollywood~2010-2015 - Himself (8 episodes)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien~2000-2015 - Himself
     2015 (infamous Lego Falcon bit)
     2010 (Morninglory)
     8/15/06 (Conan asks about the Star Wars Holiday Special)
     2/7/06 (Grumpy)
     2003 (Hollywood Homicide)
     2002 (K-19: The Widowmaker and talking about Indy 4)

     2000 (showed a photo of Ford streaking)

Nature is Speaking~2014 (short) - voice of The Ocean in The Ocean (English version)
Late Show with David Letterman~1982-2014 - Himself (17 + episodes)
     2014 (dinner with Dave)
     2013 (Ender's Game/Grouchy/Halloween costume)

     2013 (42/Cannibal joke)
     2011 (Broccoli joke/Cowboys and Aliens)
     2006 (Firewall)
     2002 (K-19: Widowmaker)

     1982 (Blade Runner)
Years of Living Dangerously (National Geographic)~2014 - Himself in:

The 86th Annual Academy Awards~2014 - Himself/Presenter: American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street
Cinema 3~2008-2014 - Himself
     22 May 2014
     22 January 2011
     13 March 2010
     24 May 2008
Le grand journal de Canal+~2008-2014 - Himself in:
     17 May 2014
     17 May 2008
David Blaine: Real or Magic~2013 - Himself
The Graham Norton Show~ - Himself in:
     2013 (with Benedict Cumberbatch/Jack Whitehall/James Blunt)

     2013 (Ender's Game)

11th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards~2013 - Himself/Presenter
Wetten, dass..?~2013 - Himself in aus Bremen 2013
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson~2013 - Himself 19 April 2013

Larry King Now~2013 - Himself
The Morning Show~2013 - 17 April 2013
Flicks~200 -2013 - Himself
     2013 (Interviewed by Patrick Stoner - Ender's Game)
     2010 (Interviewed by Patrick Stoner - Morning Glory)
Studio 42 with Bob Costas in 42: The Jackie Robinson Story
Weekend Ticket~2013 - Himself in 1.5
Tavis Smiley~2013 - Himself:
     7 August 2013
     18 April 2013 (42)

Charlie Rose~1996-2013 - Himself (9 episodes)
Tonight Show with Jay Leno~1992-2013 - Himself (14 episodes):
     1994 (Clear and Present Danger)
The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards~2012 - Himself
Close Up~2011 - Himself/Interviewee
The Love We Make~2011 - Himself
Daybreak~2011 - Himself
     12 August 2011
     13 January 2011
Super Bowl XLV - Pregame Celebrity Interviews~2011 - Himself
AFI~2011 - Himself (talking about To Kill A Mockingbird)
Guys Choice Awards 2011~2011 - Himself
Rencontres de Cinéma~2011 - Himself/Award Winner
Janela Indiscreta~2011 - Himself 1.56
Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Time~2011 - Himself
Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition~2011 - Himself in Acting Featuring Skyline
Kinotipp~2011 - Himself in Morning Glory
Frühstücksfernsehen~2011 - Himself in 11 January 2011
The Role That Changed My Life~2011 - Himself in I Went Looking For Adventure
Breakfast~2006-2011 - Himself/Guest:
     11 January 2011
     26 February 2010
     22 March 2006
HBO First Look~1999-2011 - Himself:
     Cowboys & Aliens
     What Lies Beneath: Constructing the Perfect Thriller
     The Making of Random Hearts
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Mike Nichols~2010 - Himself
La nuit des Césars~2010 - Himself César d'honneur in 35éme nuit des Césars
Xposé~2010 - Himself in 4.116
Live from STudio Five~2010 - Himself in 1.111
The Doctors~2010 - Himself 25 January 2010
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards~2010 - Himself/Clip Presenter
Mark at the Movies~2010 - Himself in 1.16
Brace for Impact: The Chesley B. Sullenberger Story~2010 - Narrator
Sunday Morning (CBS)~2010 - Himself (interviewed by Rita Braver) (speaking on his looks) (TIME Magazine)~2010 - Himself (interviewed by Brian Alexander) (talking about Extraordinary Measures)
The Hour (CBC Canada)~2010 - Himself (interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulous)
Up Close with Carrie Keagan~2008-2010 - Himself:
     21 January 2010
     21 May 2008
The Daily Show~2003-2010 - Himself
Bonnie Hunt Show~2009 - (archive photos: Chris Kattan's BFF)

Bollywood Hero~2009 - episodes 1.1-1.3 (special thanks)
Scream Awards 2009~2009 - Himself
Living Legends of Aviation~2009- Himself/Recipient
The Movie Loft~2008 - Himself in 20 November 2008
The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards~2008 - Himself
Eigo de shabera-night~2008 - Himself in 23 June 2008
Guys Choice Awards (Spike)~2008 - Himself
AFI's 10 Top 10: America's 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres~2008 - Himself
The View~2008 - Himself in 23 May 2008
Achter de schermen bij Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull~2008 - Himself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien~2000-2008 - Himself (5 episodes)
Gomorron~1997-2008 - Himself:
     /Om Indian Jones in 22 May 2008
     Himself in Om filmen Air Force One Harrison Ford i Stockholm
     Filmen Patrioter in 4 Januari Nyheter och Väder
Nova~2008 - Narrator of Lord of the Ants
The Immortal Beaver~2008 (doc) - Himself
20 heures le journal~2008 - Himself in 18 May 2008
Fantastic~2008 - Himself in 18 May 2008
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008~2008 - Himself
E! Live from the Red Carpet~2008 - Himself in The 2008 Academy Awards
The 80th Annual Academy Awards~2008 - Himself/Presenter: Best Original Screenplay
The Barbara Walters Summer Special~2008 - Himself in Stars with Barbara Walters on Oscar Night

Movies Rock~2007 - Himself/Presenter
NRJ 12: Scream Awards~2007 - Himself
Scream Awards 2007 - Himself: Winner Best Actor for Indy 4

AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: 10th Anniversary Edition~2007 - Himself
2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards~2007 - Himself
In the Cutz~2006 - Himself in Leachman Passes a Milestone/Golf/Stuff Style & Jules Verne Gets the Star Treatment
Hollywood Greats~2006 - Himself in Harrison Ford
Continuarà~2006 - Himself in 26 March 2006
Caiga quien caiga~2006 - Himself in 24 March 2006
Getaway~2006 - Himself in 15.3
Sunrise~2006 - Himself 22 February 2006
Martha~2006 - Himself 16 February 2006
The 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards~2006 - Himself
Live with Regis & Kelly~2006 - Himself 2/7/06
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno~2006 - Himself 2/7/06
Today Show~2006 - Himself 2/6/06
SuperBowl XL~2006 - Himself (opening the game) 2/5/06
63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards~2006 - Presenter 1/16/06
Corazón de...~2005-2006 - Himself:
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to George Lucas~2005 - Himself
Star Wars: Feel the Force~2005 - Himself
When Star Wars Ruled the World~2004 - Himself
Tinseltown~2004 - Himself in 7 February 2005
Brits Go to Hollywood~2003 - Himself in Sean Connery
Je suis venu(e) vous dire~2003 (short) - 30 September 2003
60th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The~2003 - Presenter: Best Director - Motion Picture
Macy's 4th of July Spectacular~2003 - Himself
This Is Your Life~2003 - Himself in Vic Armstrong
2003 ABC World Stunt Awards~2003 - Himself
2003 MTV Movie Awards~2003 - Himself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains~2003 - Himself
Young Hollywood Awards~2003 - Himself
75th Annual Academy Awards, The~2003 - Himself - Presenter: Best Director
60th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The~2003 - Himself - Presenter: Best Director
The Directors~1999-2003 - Himself in "Films of:
     George Lucas"
     Steven Spielberg"
     Sydney Pollack"
     Wolfgang Petersen"
     Phillip Noyce"
     Ridley Scott"
     Ivan Reitman"
Patriot Games: Up Close~2002 - (special thanks)
Leute heute~2002 - Himself in  "Filmfestspiele Venedig" 9/2/02
Patriot Games: Up Close~2002 - Himself/Jack Ryan
Revealed with Jules Asner~2002 - playing Himself in Harrison Ford Revealed
Harrison Ford: Just Another Pilot~2002 (doc) - Himself
Revealed with Jules Asner~2002 - Himself in:
     Harrison Ford
     Anne Heche
VH-1 Where Are They Now?~2002 - Himself in American Graffiti
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Passions: America's Greatest Love Stories~2002 - Himself (also: thanks)
Rank~2002 - Himself in 25 Toughest Stars (#19)
The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards~2002 - Himself: Winner of the Cecil B. DeMille Award
R2-D2: Beneath the Dome~2001 - Himself
The Concert for New York City~2001 - Himself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies~2001 - Himself/Host
Inside the Actors Studio~1994-2000 - Himself in
     6.13 8/20/00
2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards~2000 - Himself
The 26th Annual People's Choice Awards~2000 - Himself: Winner Favorite Motion Picture Actor
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Harrison Ford~2000 - Himself/Honoree

The 57th Annual Golden Globe Awards~2000 - Himself /Presenter: Best Motion Picture Drama
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: A Look Inside~1999 - Himself
People Profiles: Harrison Ford~1999 - Himself
E! Celebrity Profile Series~1999 - Himself
Tonight~1999 - Himself in 21 November 1999
Jane Goodall: Reason for Hope~1999 - Narrator
Larry King Live~1997-1999 - Himself:
     3 September 1999
     21 February 1997
From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light and Magic~1999 - Himself
The Annual Film Society of Lincoln Center Honors Mike Nichols~1999 - Himself
The Howard Stern Radio Show~1999 - Himself in 3 April 1999
The 71st Annual Academy Awards~1999 - Himself/Presenter: Best Picture
The Magic Hour~1998 - Himself (1.2)
A & E Biography: Harrison Ford~1998 - Himself
Harrison Ford, the Reluctant Hero (A & E)~1998 - Himself
The Best of Hollywood~1998 - Himself (also: thanks)
Tony Bennett Live by Request: An All-Star Tribute~1998 - Himself
Bravo Profiles: The Entertainment Business~1998 - Himself
The Making of American Graffiti~1998 - Himself
Reel Hollywood Live~1998 - Himself (Reba Merrill interview)
The Rosie O'Donnell Show~1997-1998 - Himself:
     1 June 1998
     26 March 1997
Mundo VIP~1997-1998 - Himself in:
     Show 119
     Show 79
Biography~1998 - Himself in Steven Spielberg: An Empire of Dreams
Glamoroso!~1998 - Himself in The High Society of Deauville
Osama no buranchi~1997 - Himself in 1.85
Frontline~1997 - Narrator of The Lost American
MTV Movie Special: Star Wars~1997 - Himself (see Actor Connections - TV)
Tonight Show with Jay Leno~1997 - Himself (Air Force One, Hasty Pudding clip)

Oprah~1997 - Himself
Time & Again~1997 - Himself
Tæt på troldmanden George Lucas~1997 - Himself
Barbara Walters~1997 - Himself
Star Wars: The Magic & the Mystery~1997 - Himself
Maury~1996 - Himself in 2 October 1996
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Steven Spielberg~1996 - Himself
Sex, Censorship and the Silver Screen (Sex and the Silver Screen)~1996 - voice of Clark Gable in Censored
The Walt Disney Company and McDonald's Present the American Teacher Awards~1995 - Himself/Presenter
Everyman~1995 - Narrator of Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom
Salute to Steven Spielberg~1995 - Himself
Tonight Show with Jay Leno~1995 - Himself (Sabrina)
Lista Top 40~1994 - Himself in 1.44
CBS This Morning~1994 - Himself in 3 August 1994
The 66th Annual Academy Awards~1994 - Himself/Presenter: Best Picture
Dini Petty Show (Canada)~1994 - Himself (pretend argument with Dini Petty)

Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom~1994 - (narrator)
American Masters~1993 - Himself in George Lucas: Heroes, Myths and Magic
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles~1993 (#2.5) - Indiana at 50 in Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues 3/13/93
Superstars of Action~1993 - Himself
Filmreview~1992 - Himself in 1.6
Secret World of Spying~1992 - Jack Ryan
Tonight Show with Jay Leno~1992 - Himself (Patriot Games)
E.T. - Entretenimento Total~1991 - Himself
Wogan (British chat show)~1990 - Himself
Arsenio Hall Show~1990 - Himself (Presumed Innocent)

Premiere: Inside the Summer Blockbusters~1989 (doc) - Himself
MTV's The Big Picture (with Chris Connoly)~1989 - Himself (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
Bains de minuit~1988 - Himself in 12 February 1988
Aspel & Company~1987 - Himself in 4.1

West 57th~1987 - Himself (interviewed by Meredith Viera)
Gran premio internazionale della TV~1985 - Himself in 2nd Edition
The Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom~1986 - Himself
Film '72 (Barry Norman)~1985 - Himself
Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom~1984 - Himself
From Star wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga~1983 - Himself
John C. Tibbetts Interview~1982 - Himself
Late Night with David Letterman~1982 - Himself 22 June 1982
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - Himself/Host
Clapper Board~1981 - Himself in Lion of the Desert/Harrison Ford
Great Movie Stunts: Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - Himself/Host
The Risk Business (BBC1)~1980 - Himself (on set of ESB) in The Movie "The worst risk would be spraining my ankle."
Betty Boyd (KOTV - Tulsa, OK)~1980 - Himself
Star Wars Holiday Special~1978 - Han Solo

The Mike Douglas Show~1977-1979 - Himself:
     16.208 20 July 1977 "Star Wars Good Guys"

Revista de cine~1977 - Himself in 17 October 1977
The Alan Hamel Show~1977 - Himself in 30 September 1977
The Making of Star Wars~1977 - Himself
Fox6 (NBC Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)~1977 - Himself (interview by Bobbie Wygant)
Christian Defaye (French chat show)~1977 - Himself
Midday~1977 - Himself interviewed by Bill Carlson (WCCO)
Brian Linehan's City Lights (Canada)~1977 - Himself (interviewed by Dan O'Reilly)
Dinah!~1977 - Himself in 7 September 1977
The Merv Griffin Show~1977 - Himself in 2 September 1977
Today~1977 - Himself:
     11 July 1977
     8 July 1977 (interview by Gene Shallit)

The Possessed~1977 - Paul Winjam
Dynasty (James A. Michener's)~1976 - Mark Blackwood
Judgment: The Court Martial of Lieutenant William Calley~1975 - Frank Crowder
Petrocelli~1974 - Tom Brannigan in Edge of Evil
Kung-Fu~1974 - Mr. Harrison in Cross Ties

Gunsmoke~1972-1973 -
     Hobey in Whelan's Men 02/05/73

     Print in Sodbusters 11/20/72

Dan August~1970 - Hewett in Manufactured Man 03/11/71 (see Actor Connections - TV)

The Intruders~1970 - Carl (in the Younger Gang/"Citizens Committee")

Getting Straight~1970 - Jake

F.B.I. The~1969 - Everett Giles (gets punched by Russell Johnson) in The Scapegoat "Good Evening, Jim"

     Glen Reverson in Caesar's Wife
Love, American Style~1969 - Roger Crane in Love and the Former Marriage 11/24/69

My Friend Tony~1969 - The Hazing 02/16/69
Mod Squad~1968 - uncredited Beach Patrol Cop in The Teeth of the Barracuda (pilot episode)

Ironside~1967 - Tom Stowe in Past is Prologue
Virginian, The~1966-1967 -
     Cullen Tindall in The Modoc Kid
     Young Rancher/Ranch Hand in A Bad Place To Die

TV Writer
Nature is Speaking~2014 (short series - 8 episodes - copywriter)
     Coral Reef
     The Redwood
     The Soil
     The Rainforest
     The Ocean
     Mother Nature

Rolex~2017 - Rolex 'Celebrating Cinema' (clip from Frantic)
Uncharted 3 (video game)~2011 - Himself
The Benefit Fund ( - Himself/Spokesperson

Apple iPhone - "Hello"~2007 - clip from The Fugitive (1993) saying, "hello"
Super Bowl XL~2006 - Himself (play on Dr. Seuss - Oh, the Places You'll Go"
Conservation International Public Service Announcement~2002 - spokesperson (serves on the board of directors)
Ebel Watches~2000 - (his hand and forearm)
Earthshare~1999 - Voice for several PSA segments:
     We Share
     This Is
Lancia Lybra & Bonsai (Fiat)~1999 -

Cell Phone~1995
Honda Legend~1995

Kirin Beer (Japan)~1994-5 - for which he was paid over a million dollars to do a series

Oldsmobile~1995 - narration
Sony TV~1995

Magazine Ad
Chevy Nova~1964 (Argosy Magazine) - Football player

Tribute to Tibet~1993 - Himself/Narrator (Warner Theater, Washington, D.C., US)
John Brown's Body - A Civil War Poem~1965 - Southern Soldier Clay Wingate (and two other characters) (Laguna Beach Playhouse, CA, US)
Little Mary Sunshine~1964 - Capt. "Big Jim" Warington (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Photo from The Beacon 2014
Night of the Iguana~1964 - (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Dark of the Moon~1964  (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Damn Yankees~1964 - Joe (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Sunday in New York~1964 - (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Take Her, She's Mine~1964 - (Williams Bay Repertory Theater - Belfry Theater, Lake Geneva WI, US)
Skin of Our Teeth, The~1964 - Mr. George Antrobus 4.(Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
The Fantastiks~1963 - El Gallo/narrator (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
Three Penny Opera~1963 - Mack the Knife (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
The Zoo Story~196? - Jerry (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
Mainspring~1960 - (Maine East Township High School, WI)

Theatre Backstage Crew
Antingone~1964 (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
The Skin of Our Teeth~1963 - Set Builder (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
Come Back Little Sheba~1963 (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)

Theatre Director
Zoo Story, The~196? - (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)
American Dream, The~196? - (Red Barn Theatre, Ripon College, WI)

Video Games (voice)
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2016 - Han Solo

General Aviation Caucus (forum on Capitol Hill)~2011 - Himself (Pilots Bill of Rights)

General Aviation~2009 - Himself (TV ad)
The Museum of Flight (Seattle, Washington)~2008 - Himself
The Search For Life - Are We Alone?~2005 - narrator (planetarium show, pre-recorded narration at the South Florida Museum)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye Ride~1995 (short - Disney theme parks) - voice as Indiana Jones

Celebrity Biographies - The Amazing Life of Harrison Ford~2016 - by Matt Green
Harrison Ford Unauthorized & Uncensored~2014 - by R. B. Grimm
Harrison Ford (Spanish Edition)~2014 - by Adolfo Pérez Agusti
In the Cockpit with Harrison Ford~2012 - by Di Freeze (Passion for Flight Book 11)
The Harrison Ford Story~2011 - by Alan McKenzie
Harrison Ford: The Films~2008 - by Brad Duke
Harrison Ford~2007 - by Laurence Caracalla
The Celebrity Pasta Lovers' Cookbook~2007 - contributor (online e-book)
Harrison Ford: The Films~2004 - by Brad Duke
Harrison Ford: L'uomo dei contrapposti: sciarade emozionali nel segno dell/introspezione~2001 - by Patrizia Feretti
In Conversation: Harrison Ford~2001 Harrison Ford
Timothy White: Portraits~2001 - by Timothy White & Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford (Spanish Edition)~1999 Manuel Maria Calvin Muslares
Harrison Ford (Spanish Edition)~1998 Agusti De Miguel
Films of Harrison Ford, The~1996 - by  Lee Pfeiffer, Michael Lewis
Harrison Ford: Imperfect Hero~1997 - by Garry Jenkins
Harrison Ford: A Biography~1993 - by Robert Sellers
The Films of Harrison Ford~1991 - by Edward Gross
Harrison Ford~1988 - by Ann Ethlie Vare
Harrison Ford: A Biography~1988 - by Minty Clinch
Harrison Ford (French Edition)~1987  Jean Jacques Jélot-Blanc
Harrison Ford: A Biography~1986 - by Paul Honeyford
Harrison Ford Story, The~1985 - by Alan McKenzie

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
AARP Movies for Grownups Awards:
Nom 2009 Best Grownup Love Story for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (shared with Karen Allen)
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA:
Rec'd 2016 Saturn Award Best Actor for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
Nom 2014 Saturn Award Best Supporting Actor for Ender's Game
Nom 2012 Saturn Award Best Supporting Actor for Cowboys & Aliens
Nom 2009 Saturn Award Best Actor for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Rec'd 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award
Nom 1991 Saturn Award Best Actor for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Nom 1985 Saturn Award Best Actor for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Rec'd 1982 Saturn Award Best Actor for Raiders of the Lost Ark
Nom 1978 Saturn Award Best Actor for Star Wars
Academy Awards:                            
Nom 1986 Best Actor in a Leading Role for Witness
Nom 1985 Best Actor for Mosquito Coast
AFI (American Film Institute):
Rec'd 2000 Lifetime Achievement Award
All Def Movie Awards:
Nom 2016 Most Helpful White Person for 42                  
Nom 1997 Actor in a Leading Role Action/Mystery/Thriller Air Force One
Rec'd 1994 Actor in a Leading Role Action/Mystery/Thriller Clear and Present Danger
Nom 1993  Actor in a Leading Role Action/Mystery/Thriller The Fugitive
Nom 1988  Actor in a Leading Role Action/Mystery/Thriller Frantic
Aspen Film Fest:
Rec'd 2006 Independent by Nature Award
Nom 1988  Actor in a Leading Role Action/Mystery/Thriller Frantic
American Society of Cinematographers, USA:
Rec'd 2012 Board of the Governors Award
Awards Circuit Community Awards:
Nom 2015 Best Cast Ensemble for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (shared)
Bambi Awards (Germany):
Rec'd 1997 BambiFilm - International for Air Force One                                
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards:
Rec'd 2001 Favorite Actor - Suspense for What Lies Beneath                          
Rec'd 1999 Favorite Actor - Comedy/Romance for Six Days, Seven Nights
Nom 1999 Favorite Actor - Video for Air Force One
Nom 1999 Favorite Actor - Action/Adventure for Air Force One
Rec'd 1995 Favorite Actor - Action - Video for Clear and Present Danger
Rec'd 1995 Favorite Actor - Action, Theatrical for Clear and Present Danger
Rec'd 1994 Favorite Actor - Action on Video for The Fugitive
Bravo Otto:
Rec'd 1984 - Best Actor
British Academy Awards (BAFTA)/LA Britannia Awards:
Rec'd Britannia Award - Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment
Nom 1986 Best Actor for Witness
César Awards, France:
Rec'd 2010 Honorary César
CinemaCon, USA:
Rec'd 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award
GQ Magazine:
1998 - Actor of the Year
Global Environmental Citizen Award (Harvard Medical School):
Rec'd 2002 for his efforts to protect Earth's most critical places
Golden Apple Awards:
Nom 1982 Sour Apple
Golden Globes:
Rec'd 2002 'Cecil B. DeMille Award' for Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Field
Nom 1996 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Sabrina        
Nom 1994 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for The Fugitive
Nom 1987 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for The Mosquito Coast
Nom 1986 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for Witness
Golden Schmoes Awards:
Nom 2015 Favorite Celebrity of the Year
Guinness World Record Award:
2016 Rec'd Highest Grossing Actor of All Time
Foster's Can Film Awards:
Rec'd 1997 - Best Actor
Hasty Pudding Theatricals:
Rec'd 1996 Man of the Year
Hollywood Film Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award
IGN Summer Movie Awards:
Nom 2009 Favorite Cameo for Brüno
Jupiter Award:
Nom 2012 Best International Actor for Cowboys & Aliens
Rec'd 1984 Best International Actor for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Rec'd 1981 Best International Actor for Raiders of the Lost Ark
Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 1985 Best Actor for Witness
Living Legends of Aviation Awards:
Rec'd 2011
Rec'd 2009
Locarno International Film Festival:
Rec'd 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award
MTV Movie Awards:
Nom 1998 Best Fight for Air Force One (shared with: Gary Oldman)
Rec'd 1994 Best On-Screen Duo for The Fugitive (shared with Tommy Lee Jones)
Nom 1994 Best Male Performance for The Fugitive
National Movie Awards, UK:
Nom 2008 Best Performance - Male for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
NAVGTR Awards:
Nom 2017 Performance in a Comedy, Supporting for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Big O Awards:
Rec'd Best On-Screen Kiss for What Lies Beneath (Michelle Pfeiffer)
Mann's Chinese Theater:
Honored 1992
People's Choice Awards:
Nom 2012 Favorite Movie Icon/Favorite Male Movie Star
Nom 2009 Favorite On-Screen Match -Up for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (shared with Shia LaBeouf)
Rec'd 2000 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Nom 2000 Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama
Rec'd 1999 Favorite All-Time Movie Star
Nom 1999 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Nom 1999 Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama
Rec'd 1998 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Rec'd 1997 Favorite Motion Picture Actor            
Nom 1983 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Nom 1982 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Nom 1981 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Nom 1980 Favorite Motion Picture Actor
Publicists Guild of America:
Rec'd 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award
Russian Nights Festival:
Rec'd 2006 Tower Award for his contribution to world culture
San Francisco Film Critics Circle:
Nom 2013 Best Supporting Actor for 42
San Francisco International Film Festival:
Rec'd 2013 Peter J. Owens Award
Santa Barbara International Film Festival:
Rec'd 2011 Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film
Satellite Awards:
Nom 2013 Best Actor in a Supporting Role for 42
Scream Awards:
Nom 2011 Best Science Fiction Actor for Cowboys & Aliens
Nom 2008 Best Science Fiction Actor for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
ShoWest Convention:
Rec'd 1994 Special Award Box Office Star of the Century
Spencer Tracy Life Achievement Award (UCLA):
Rec'd 1994
Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame:
Rec'd June 2003 (6801 Hollywood Blvd)
St. Louis Film Critics Association:
Nom 2013 Best Supporting Actor for 42
Teen Choice Awards:
Nom 2008 Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards:
Rec'd 2002 Worst Fake Accent: Male for K-19: The Widowmaker
Nom 1979 Worst On-Screen Couple for The Frisco Kid (shared with Gene Wilder)
World Stunt Awards:
Rec'd 2003 Taurus Honorary Award
Yoga Awards:
Rec'd 2012 Worst Foreign Actor for Cowboys & Aliens/Crossing Over/Extraordinary Measures/Morning Glory
Rec'd 2004 Worst Foreign Actor for Hollywood Homicide
Young Hollywood Awards:
Rec'd 2003 Role Model Award
Zurich Film Festival:
Rec'd 2013 Golden Eye for Lifetime Achievement

2016 - Flies the 2 millionth child with the Young Eagle Program. In 2004 it was 81 children!

2005 - This painting was made by Brandon Bird and it is called Nobody Wants to Play Sega With Harrison Ford:

2005 - Empire Magazine.  3rd biggest star in the world behind Tom Cruise and Robert DeNiro.

2005 - In the play Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake), Clara imagines that Harrison Ford comes to her and tells her she's not a bad mother.

2005 - Han Solo came in #4 on Sci-Fi Channel's best hero list. (Harry Potter was number one)

2005 - Named Honorary Chair of Indianapolis Prize (shared)

2005 - Harrison Ford had a test voice reel for the character of Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) in The Incredibles.

2005 - Ford was one of the persons who made a surprise delivery for's 10th Anniversary.  Literally, he delivered a customer order personally.

2005 - The house that Harrison Ford built an extra building for, a 1940 Sherman Oaks home, just sold for $1.9 m (by Richard Dreyfuss)

2005 - knocked off the box office king throne by Samuel L. Jackson!

2004 - The Sun (UK).  #1 Sexiest Grandparent.

2004 - Is fighting to save Meigs Field (Airfield) from turning into a park in Chicago, IL.

2004 - Co-hosted the premiere of Hotel Rwanda, with Angelina Jolie, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills, CA (12/2/04)

2004 #88 on Empire (online) poll of All-Time Sexiest Movie Stars

2004 - Arizona Republic (newspaper) vote - Who would you like to be president?  #1 Answer: Harrison Ford

2004 - Empire Magazine Poll 2004 - Greatest Living Actors #12

2004 - Became a chairman (formerly Chuck Yeager had the honor) for the Young Eagles Program in June 2004

2003 - Bill Murray based his commercial performance in Lost in Translation on Harrison Ford's 1995 Kirin Beer Commercial performance.

2001 - Jane Magazine's Annual Entertainment Poll - Who Gets Better With Age - #3 (Sean Connery was #1)

2001 - #1 in Empire Magazine's list of top 100 movie stars of all time.

1999 - Harris Poll's: America's Favorite Star

1999 - People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive

1999 he contributed $50,000 dollars to fight the building of a nuclear waste facility in Idaho.

1998 - Playgirl Magazine's 10 Sexiest Men

1997 - Replaced Kevin Costner in Air force One

1997 - One of People Mag's 50 Most Beautiful people in the world

1995 - One of 50 people barred from entering Tibet because of the film Kundun, his wife wrote the screenplay. Note: September 7th, 1995 he spoke before the Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs, Senate Foreign Relations regarding the plight of the Tibetans.

1995 Served food to the homeless in the "Celebrities Help Los Angeles Mission"

1995 - Harrison Ford made a couple million dollars for appearing sweaty and bare-chested in Kirin beer commercials and print ads in Japan.

1995 - #15 on Empire Mag's list of 100 sexiest stars in film history

1993 - Has a species of spider named after him: Calponia Harrisonfordi

2003 - #27 Film Threat Online's '50 Coldest People in Hollywood' (likely perceived this way due to shyness)

1985 - The whip cracks in the song Desperation Samba on Jimmy Buffets' Last Mango in Paris were provided by Mr. Ford.

1985 - Offered an honorary degree from Ripon College which he declined.

1971 - Ford turned down the role of Mike Stivic (Meathead) on All In The Family (1971) because he didn't like Archie's bigoted character...the role turned out to be Rob Reiner's big break.

1964-1965 -
     Worked at a paint store
     Rigger aboard America's Cup yacht "Columbia"
     Worked in pizza place making pizzas
     Bullock's (Santa Ana, CA store) - assistant buyer of knick-knacks and oil paintings

1964 - Scar on his chin due to an accident in his Volvo - he was already driving when he decided to put his seat belt on. He drove instead into a utility pole and his face slammed into the steering wheel.

Conservation International - serves on the company's board of directors as a Vice Chair

Salary on last 7 films (per each) $20-25 million (K-19 - a record 25 million for 20 days of work + 20% of the gross)... he's also the first actor ever to have been in movies that made over $100 million in 4 decades.

Master craftsman as a hobby (was known as carpenter to the stars and other people in the film industry)
     Sergio Mendez - Music recording studio
     Valerie Harper - Hired to fix a loft in her home. (He fell from the loft and broke his arm)
     Sally Kellerman - Sun Deck. Kellerman once said in an interview, "It was wonderful to have Harrison Ford be my carpenter. He was so handsome. He was kind of solid and just came to work and when I say in the book, "But Harrison, I wanted that to be big enough for two." He would just say, "But that's the way it has to be." He was just so darn handsome and dreamy that I would go. "OK, great. Perfect just for one."
     Also did work for: James Caan, James Coburn, Joan Didion, Richard Dreyfuss, John Gregory Dunne, Richard Fleisher, Glenn Ford, Ray Manzarek, Fred Roos, Talia Shire, David Sommerville
Has two false teeth.  Due to an accidental fall onto a gun on the TV series Gunsmoke (episode: Sodbusters), The crowns the studio paid for fell out so he had to use his own money to get better crowns made.

Real Life Hero: Private pilot of single engine fixed wing and helicopter (Bell 407).  [1] rescues two young women suffering from hypothermia near his home in Wyoming, [2] a young boy scout separated from his troupe. (he saves the county money by volunteering his helicopter services) [3] helped stranded motorists fix their car.  [4] helped a woman get into her car after she locked her keys IN the car ...along with her baby.

Projects turned down:
Proof of Life
Perfect Storm

Once used a middle initial J. to differentiate between him and a silent film star....Ford has NO middle name...the J was dropped when it was proven that the silent film actor was no longer living

Ford was also instrumental in securing a SAG interim agreement to cover a commercial for car-giant Fiat . Ford was slated to appear in a Fiat (Lancia) commercial to be filmed and broadcast in Europe. Filming did not commence though until Ford was reassured an interim agreement covered the carmaker's commercial.

Contributed $100,000 to the Strike Relief Fund (screen actors guild)

The bullwhip used in all 3 Indiana Jones movies was sold to help IONA and UNICEF Ireland to help stop the spread of AIDS from mother to child.

School Trivia:
Ripon College:
     English - Freshman to end of Sophomore year
     Philosophy - Junior Year
     Drama - Junior Year
     Brothers Gross: Towards the end of Ford's freshman year, he formed a folk band - The Brothers Gross (with Bill Haljum). He played the gutbucket (an upside down wash bucket rigged with a broomstick and a single bass string
     The Mug (humor magazine): to pay off debts owed in town, Harrison and a college friend started the humor magazine "The Mug". Harrison was the Art Director and created the cover illustration of a large beer mug. Note: The Mug had only one issue but they raised enough money through selling ads to pay off debts with extra money to spare.
     WRPN FM (Wisconson's first low-power educational FM station) - was one of four students (led by Bill Drake) who put WRPN-FM on air in 1961. Ford had his own show. Note: 2014 was the last year that WRPN was on air.
     Union Board
     Sigma Nu

Maine East High School (graduated 1960) - was the first voice heard on WMTH school radio station.

M.S. Meltzer Junior High (graduated 1955)
     Member of Model Railroad, Social Science and Audiovisual Clubs
     While in the Boy Scouts, Harrison was a junior counselor (in the nature department) and the camp meteorologist. He delivered the weather report at breakfast each morning.

Raised rats as pets. :) 

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