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Forrest, Anthony

Anthony Forrest

Anthony William Forrest was born on July 25, 1951, in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, UK. He was raised in Montreal, Canada and attended John Fisher School, Valois, St. Thomas High School, Pointe Claire, Dawson College, Montreal, and Vanier College, St. Laurent. PQ (Music Composition).

Forrest is a writer/director/actor and has been known as Harper Quantrill and Antony/Tony Forest.

Estree 1976~2015 - Himself
Luna~2015 (short) - William de Verloren Sr.
Infidelity~2000 (short) - (as Harper Quantrill)
The American Way (Riders of the Storm)~1986 - Vet 4
Reds~1981 - uncredited Harry Reed
Killer's Moon~1978 - Pete
Valentino~1977 - uncredited Fatty's Manager
Nasty Habits~1977 - Young Priest (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Spy Who Loved Me~1977 - USS Wayne crewman (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 - Sandtrooper/uncredited Fixer (cut from original release)

The Eagle Has Landed~1976 - uncredited Sgt. Hayley
Shadows in an Empty Room (Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta)~1976 - Robert Tracer (as Antony Forest)

Film Composer
Distrust~2008 (short)

Film Director
Distrust~2008 (short)
Gee Genie (Is Cory There?)~2006 (V short)
Bob's Garage~2001 (as Harper Quantrill)

Film Editor
Gee Genie (Is Cory There?)~2006 (V short)

Film Producer
Don't Leave Me~2003 (short) (executive producer)

Film Sound Editor
Gee Genie (Is Cory There?)~2006 (V short)

Film Writer
Legion~2010 (unproduced with Dolph Lundgren - director Damian Lee)
Gee Genie (Is Cory There?)~2006 (V short) (story)

CBS This Morning~2016 - Himself in 5.116
La Femme Nikita~1997 - Frederick Borsos (as Harper Quantrill) in Missing (1.17)
American Playhouse~1983 - U.S. Lieutenant in The Files on Jill Hatch
Bergerac~1981 - Beaumont in The Hood and the Harlequin (1.10)
Oppenheimer~1980 - Rossi Lomanitz in 1.1, 1.3
Space: 1999~1976 - Carson in The Mark of Archanon (2.7)
Anne of Avonlea~1975 - Roy Gardner in 1.5, 1.6

Bands (writer/arranger/production/performer)
Anthony Forrest (all)
The Mood:
     Don't Stop~1982 (production)
     Passion in Dark Rooms~1983 (performer/instruments)
     Is There A Reason~1981 (producer)
     Paris Is One Day Away~1982 (producer)
     The Singles Collections~2008 (producer)
     I Don't Need Your Love Now~1984 (producer)
The Boxers:
     Watch It! (Do Me A Favour)~1983 (writer/arranger)
The Ak Band:
     Manhole Kids~1981
     Over You = Sobre Ti~1981
Carl Green and the Scene:
Xena Zerox:
The Crack:
     Don't You Ever Let Me Down~1982
     Dancing on the Moon~1983

Pantheons of the Tribe~2008 (composer/performer/producer)
Battle of the Bands~1981 (producer - RCA UK)

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Star Wars

2005 - appointed board member of Shakespeare Society of America

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