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Foster, Robert

Robert Foster

Robert M. Foster lives and works in Southern California. He graduated from Long Beach State University's Theater Program.

The Dust Trail~2017 (short) - Davy Stoddard
The Architect~ -

Matlock~1993 - Simon Hertzog in The Conspiracy (8.8) 11/25/93

Video Games
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds ~2001  -  Gian Speeder Driver/Speeder Bike Driver/Wedge Antilles
Star Wars: Force Commander ~2000  -  Speeder Bike Trooper/Wedge Antilles
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: WW2 Pacific Theater~2000 -
Dark Reign 2~2000 -
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance ~1999  -  Wedge Antilles/Imperial Officer/Zero-G Stormtrooper
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron ~1998 -  Wedge Antilles

Derby Day~2014 - Frank (left) (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)

A Parallelogram~2013 - Jay (Mark Taper Forum, Hollywood, CA)
The Trial of Jane Fonda~2012 - (Edgemar Theater, Los Angeles, CA)
Parasite Drag~2010 - Gene (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
The Idea Man~2009 - Frank Thompson (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Asleep on a Bicycle~2008 - Jeff (Lillian Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Never Tell~2005 - Will Royal (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Search and Destroy~ - (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Dearboy's War~2001 - Guard Dog (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Indian Summer of Our Despondency~2001 - Norm (Lillian Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Underwear for Christmas~2000 - Flint (Lillian Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Halfway There~ - (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Anything~ - (Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Jeffrey~ - (Innovative Theater, Charlotte, NC)
Curse of the Starving Class~ - Wesley (Innovative Theater, Charlotte, NC)
The Changeling~ - (Innovative Theater, Charlotte, NC)
Inherit the Wind~ - (Charlotte Repertory, Charlotte, NC)
Tracers~ - (LP Repertory Theater, )

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Founding member of The Elephant Theater Company in Los Angeles, CA. (now permanently closed)

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