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Fraley, Pat

Pat Fraley

Patrick Howard Fraley was born on February 18, 1949. He was raised in Seattle, WA and began his path to performing in High School.

Fraley attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, and has a BA in Dramatic Arts.  He also studied at Cornell University in Ithaca New York where he holds an MFA in Professional Acting.  He started acting professionally in Australia where he worked with the South Australian Theatre Company.

He currently lives in Studio City, California with his wife. They have four sons.
Fraley continues to act, produce and teach.

The Snow Queen 2~2014 - voice of Rahat (English version)
The Boxtrolls~2014 voice of Fragile/Sweets
The Little Painter~2014 (short) - Narrator
Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~2014 (doc) - Himself
I Know That Voice~2013 (doc) - Himself (see Actor Connections - Film)
Happy Feet Two~2011 - voice of
Tangled~2010 - voices of
Garfield Gets Real~2007 (V) - voices of Delivery Gnome/Sid
I Am Legend~2007 - voice of President
Garfield Gets Real: Bloopers, the Voices in Our Heads~2007 (V doc short) - Himself
Tales of Earthsea~2006 - voice of
The Ant Bully~2006 - voice of Ant Council #1
The Wild~2006 - voice of
Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie~2005 (V) - voices of Chipmunk/Dad Mouse/Hawk
Chicken Little~2005 - voice of
Nine Dog Christmas~2004 (V) - voices of Santa Claus/Number 2 Elf
Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure~2003 (V) - voices of Donkey/others
Hairy~2002 (short) - Wig
Monsters, Inc.~2001 - voice of
Toy Story 2~1999 - voice of Toy Store Buzz (see Actor Connections - Film)
Mononoke-hime~1997 - voices of Billy Crystal/others
The High Crusade~1994 - voice of Chief Alien
Gargoyles: The Heroes Awaken~1994 (V) - voice of Brendan
The Red Planet~1994 - voice of Willis
Hero~1992 -
Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta)~1992 - voice of (English version)
The Fisher King~1991 - voice of Third caller on Jack Lucas' Radio Show, Edwin (during the opening credits)
Shadow Strikers~1990 (V) - voice of
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~1989 - archive footage of Krang in Blast from the Past
BraveStarr: The Legend~1988 - voices of Marshal BraveStarr/Thunder Stick
The Adventures of the American Rabbit~1986 - voice of Tini Meeny
Rainbow Brite: San Diego Zoo Adventure~1986 - uncredited voice of Lurky
Castle in the Sky~1986 - uncredited animal vocal effects (English version)
Heathcliff~1986 - voices
Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines~1985 (V) - voice of
Robotix~1985 (V) - voice of
It's Your Birthday Party with Rainbow Brite and Friends~1985 (V) - voice of Lurky
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer~1985 - voices of  Lurky/On-X/Buddy Blue/Dog/Guard/Spectran/Slurthic/Glitterbot

Middle horse
Here Come the Littles~1985 - voice of Slick
Picnic at Hanging Rock~1975 -

Film ADR
The LEGO Movie~2014 - (loop group)
Lincoln~2012 -

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~2016-2017 - voice of 80s Krang in:
     The Big Blow Out
     The Foot Walk Again
     Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady
     Trans-Dimensional Turtles
Hanazuki: Full of Treasures~2017 - voice of Doughy Bunington in:
     Big Bad Sickness
     The Transplant
     Better Together
     The Volcano of Fears
     Forgive and Forget
If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie~2016 - voice of Santa/Guard
Hoot Gibson: Vegas Cowboy~2016 - Nikita in Hoot Gibson and the Atomic Menace
VO Buzz Weekly~2012-2016 - Himself in:
     The 200th VO Buzz Weekly Live Show
     Episode One Hundred with Jess Harnell
     VO Buzz Weekly Highlights of 2012
     Guest Pat Fraley Parts 1 and 2
The Legend of Korra~2015 - voice of Gombo in The Earth Queen
WWE Slam City~2014 - The Finisher in:
     Finale: Parts One and Two
     The Finisher
Actors Entertainment~2014 - Himself in ActorsE Chat at Voice Convention 2014
Level Up~2013 - voice of Insult Slug in War Hammer Time
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome~2011 - voices in:
     The 6th Disgustoid
     Secret Mountain Fort Love
     Monster Cops
The Super Hero Squad Show~2011 - voice of Bet Ray Bill in The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill~ (Six Against Infinity, Part 1)
'Til Death~2010 - voices of:
     Mr. Harris in:
          Let's Go
          Big Man, Little Man
          Smart Phone
          Ally's Pregnant
          The Concert
     Poseidon in:
          The Wedding
Training Mules and Donkeys~2006-2009 - Narrator in:
     Those Magnificent Mules: Equus Revisited - Parts 1, 2, 4
     Those Magnificent Mules: The Road to Bishop
     Those Magnificent Mules: Story of the Lucky Three Ranch - Parts 1-3
W.I.T.C.H.~2006 -
     Mario in U Is for Undivided
     ? in N Is for Narcissist
Casper's Scare School~2006 - voices of Film (The Balance) Narrator/Scare Center Host 1/Wolfie/Werewolf
Crab Cove~2005 - Colonel Crab/Salty Seagull
Crash Nebula~2004 - Lance Thruster
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Grim & Evil)~2004-2006 - voices of:
     Squirrel/Cop in The Wrongest Yard/Druid, Where's My Car?
     Schlub #1/Jeeves in Ecto-Cooler/The Schlubs
     Lil' Porkchop/Announcer/Wiggy Jiggy Jed in Dream Mutt/Scythe for Sale
     Dr. Fear/Clortho/Sock Boy in Nigel Planter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets/Circus of Fear
What's New, Scooby-Doo?~2006 - voice of Uncle Karl
Crab Cove~2005 - voices of Colonel Crab/Salty Seagull
My Life as a Teenage Robot~2004 - voices of Santa/Skeeves/Captain in A Robot for All Season
The Fairly OddParents~2005 - voice of Lance Thruster in Crash Nebula
King of the Hill~2004 - voice of Customer in DaleTech
ChalkZone~2003-2004 -
     Accordion Worm in The Wiggies
     Flatso/Jackie/Slurpy in Let's Twister Again/The Legend of the Golden Worms/Beanie Boys to Men/Good to Go
     Ken Spark in The Thing You Drew/That Sinking Feeling/Insect Aside
     Mamma Bunny in The Heist/Battle of the Hands/Chocolate Brunch/Oh My My
     Genie/Big Toe Man in Pop Goes the Baloon/Snap Builds His Dream House/Fireplug Ballet/There You Are
     Doctor von Doktor in The Smooch/Power Play
Ozzy and Drix~2002 - voices of:
     Nerve Cell General in Lights Out!
     Pnuemoniac in An Out of Body Experience: Parts 1 and 2
     Brain Advisor #1 in Reflex
     Brain Advisor #1 in Home with Hector
Men in Black: The Series~1997-2001 - voices of:
     Wormguy (46 episodes)
     Bob/Brainard (18 episodes)
     Stadium Janitor in The Sardines & Ice Cream Syndrome
Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus~2001 - voice of Hercules
New Woody Woodpecker Show~1999-2000 -
     ATM voice in Automatic Woody
     Big Al in Hide and Seek
     Nash in Automatic Woody/Zoom-a to Montezooma/Chicken Woody
     Kid in Wally's Royal Riot/Mexican Chilly/Sleepwalking Woody
The Brothers Flub~1999 - voices (16 episodes)
Timon & Pumbaa~1996-1999 -
     Jumbo Jumbo in Goodo Mousekeeping
     ? in War Hogs/The Big No Sleep
     Wolverine in I Think I Canada/Zazu's Off Day Off
The Secret Files of the Spydogs~1998-1999 -
     Wildcat in ?
     voices (16 episodes)
Invasion America~1998 - voices in:
     Dark Side
Cow and Chicken~1998 - voices of Announcer #2/Cop in The Bad News Plastic Surgeons/I.R. In Wrong Cartoon/The Exchange Student
Bobby's World~1990-1998 - voices (16 episodes)
Twinkle (kira kira hikaru)~1998 - Won Hotshot/Wishball/Urg/Dad
Extreme Ghostbusters~1997 - voices in:
     Back in the Saddle: Part 2
     The Unseen
Zorro~1997 - voice of Don Alejandro in To Catch a Fox
Wing Commander Academy~1996 - (11 episodes)
Edith Ann's Christmas (Just Say Noel)~1996 - voice of Dad
The Tick~1994-1996 - voices of Mayor Blank/Australopithecine (spelled that way in the credits)/Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy/Mitch/Carpeted Man/Visual Eye/Thrakkorzog's Tongue/Dog Sidekick/Zipperneck (17 episodes)
Quack Pack~1996 - voice of Gwumpki (6 episodes)
     Bosko in Phoniest Home Videos
     Tollkeeper in Recipe for Adventure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~1987-1996 - Krang (main)/Baxter Stockman/Vernon Fenwick/Casey Jones/Zak/Slash/Burne Thompson/Napoleon Bonafrog (151 episodes)
Richie Rich~1996 - Dollar the Dog (6 episodes)
Recipe For Adventure~1996 - voice of Tollkeeper
The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper~1996 - voices of Logical/Order in Legend of Duh Bigfoot/The Ghostly Day/Invasion of the UGFOs
The Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat~1995 - voice of Alarm Clock and other voices (7 episodes)
Toy Story Treats~1996 - voice of Buzz Lightyear (13 episodes)
Aladdin~1995 - voice of ? in While the City Snoozes
Gargoyles~1994 - voices of:
     Brendan in City of Stone: Part One
     Jogger in Awakening: Part 4
     Brendan in Awakening: Part 3
Short Pfuse~1995 - voice of Mad Bomber
What A Mess~1995 - Arnold
The Mask~1995 - voices
The Cartoon Cartoon Show~1995 - voice of Mad Bomber in Pfish & Chip: Short Pfuse
Batman: The Animated Series~1992-1994 - voices of:
     Bat Mite in:
          Deep Freeze
          His Silicon Soul
     Jest in The Last Laugh
Red Planet~1994 - voice of Willis in 1.1-1.3
Bonkers~1993-1994 -
     Big Boom in The Greatest Story Never Told
     Bucky Buzzsaw/Ma's Henchman/Toon Microphone Boom/Wild Man Wyatt in:
          Cartoon Cornered
          Calling All Cars
          Toon for a Day
     Knuckles/Chops in:
          Never Cry Pig
     ? in:
          Cereal Surreal
          Springtime for the Iguana
          The Toon That Ate Hollywood
          The Stork Exchange
Wild West C.O.W. - Boys of Moo Mesa~1992-1993 - voice of Marshal Moo Montana (26 episodes)
Bubsy~1993 - voices of Arnold Armadillo/Virgil Reality
Sonic the Hedgehog~1993 - voice of Saxophone Robot in Sub-Sonic
Problem Child~1993 - voices
The Addams Family~1992 - Cousin Itt (18 episodes)
Eek! The Cat~1992 - voices
Tom & Jerry Kids Show~1990-1993 - voice of:
     Kyle the Cat in:
          Scrapheap Symphony
          Penthouse Mouse/12 Angry Sheep/The Ant Attack
          Puss 'n' Pups
          Down in the Dumps
          Hoodwinked Cat
          Grab that Bird
          Swallow the Swallow
          Flippin' Fido/Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine/Dog Daze Afternoon
     Yolker in Super Droop & Dripple Boy Meet the Yolker
Twinkle, The Dream Being~1993 - voices of Urg/Wishball
Goof Troop~1992 - voices of:
     Wally in:
          The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy
          Master Detective
          Nightmare on Goof Street
          O, R-V, I N-V U
     Mr. Huge in Where There's Smoke, There's Goof
Mr. Bogus~1991-1992 - voices of Dad/Molie in ? Other voices in:
     bogus to the Rescue
     Shop Around the Clock
     Et Tu, Brattus?
     Class Clown Bogus
     Meet Mr. Bogus
Biker Mice From Mars~1993? -
The Little Mermaid~1993 - voice of Villain #2 in Stormy
Rocko's Modern Life~1993 - voices of:
     Pig Announcer in The Fatheads
     Other Bugs in Gut Instinct
     Bloaty and Squirmy Cartoon on Rocko's Modern Life/Rocco
     Ricky in Pilot
Shin Chan (Crayon Shin-chan)~1992 - voice of Principal Enzo/Masked Muchacho/Shin's Grandfather (English version)
Batman~1992 -
     Bat-Mite in His Silicon Soul (1.43)
     Jest in The Last Laugh (1.15)
Defenders of Dynatron City~1992 - voice of Jett Headstrong
Denver, The Last Dinosaur~1992 - voice of Denver the Last Dinosaur
Yo Yogi!~1991-1992 - voices (18 episodes)
The Moo Family Holiday Hoe-Down~1992 -
Raw Toonage~1992 -
Where's Waldo?~1991 - voices (13 episodes)
Widget, The World Watcher~1990-1991 - voices of:
     Mega-Slank in:
          Mother Slank's Intergalactic Vacation Paradise
          Intergalactic Garage Sale
          Mega-Slank From Titanium
     Mr. Bass/Hubert Ratman in Slime Sleuths
     Jojo Kangaroo/Jim in Widget's Walkabout
     Nick Elephant in Widget of the Jungle
     Other voices in:
          Rose Colored Glasses
          Culture Crooks
          Intergalactic Grudge Match
          Widget and the Sqizzlebonk
          Ratchet Hood
          The Great Brain Robbery
          Kona, The Captive Whale
          Widget's Great Whale Adventure
Darkwing Duck~1991 - voices of:
     Dinosaurs in Paraducks
     Gorillas in Apes of Wrath
     Ants in Getting Antsy
     Other voices in:
          Days of Blunder
          Hush, Hush, Sweet charlatan
          Easy Comes, Easy Grows
James Bond, Jr.~1991 -
ProStars~1991 - voices
Spacecats~1991 - voice of Sniff
The Legend of Prince Valiant~1991 - voice of Soldier in The Dream
TaleSpin~1990-1991 - Wildcat/Doctor/Policeman/Announcer/other voices (26 episodes)
Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone~1990 - voice of Jester Dog (13 episodes)
The New Kids on the Block~1990 - Hubbie (15 episodes)
Tiny Toon Adventures~1990 - voices of:
     Himself/Travel Agent/Chef in Europe in 30 Minutes
     Pen Pal/French Spoon in Her Wacky Highness
Barnyard Commandos~1990 - (5 episodes)
The Wizard of Oz~1990 - voice of Truckle the Winged Monkey (see Actor Connections - TV)
Blondie & Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout~1989 - Daisy (the dog) Bumstead
Pryde of the X-Men~1989 - voice of Pyro
Vytor: The Starfire Champion~1989 - voices of Windchase/Air Mutoid Warrior/Land Mutoid Warrior
Camp Candy~1989 - voices (10 episodes)
Rockin with Judy Jetson~1988 - voice of Zilchy
Blondie and Dagwood~1987 - voice of Daisy - the Bumsteads' dog
Fantastic Max~1988-1989 - voices in:
     Boo Who?
     Cooking Mother's Goose
     The Loon in the Moon
The Smurfs~1984-1989 - Tuffy Smurf and other voices in:
     Smurfs That Time Forgot: Parts 1 and 2
     The Whole Smurf and Nothing But the Smurf/Gargamel's Giant
     The Big Nose Dilemma/The Smurfbox Derby
     The Trojan SMurf/Smurf the Other Cheek
     Symbols of Wisdom/Blue Eyes Returns
The Further Adventures of Super Ted~1989 - voice of Spottyman (13 episodes)
The New Yogi Bear Show~1988 - voices in:
     Little Big Foot
     Little Lord Boo Boo
     Clucking Crazy
     Kahuna Yogi
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs~1987-1988 - voice of Fireball (52 episodes)
The Flintstone Kids~1986-1988 - Record Player Bird/other voices (34 episodes)
BraveStarr~1987-1988 - Marshal BraveStarr/Thunderstick/Cactus Head (65 episodes)
The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound~1988 - voices of Autograph Boy/Baby/Boy/Finky Dalton
The Little Clowns of Happy Town~1987 - voices of Awful BeBad/Geek/Whiner
DuckTales~1987 - voices of:
     Young Scrooge McDuck in Once Upon a Dime
     Sir Guy Standforth in Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
Yogi's Great Escape~1987 - voices of Cowboy Kid #1/Reporter/Swamp Fox Kid
Blondie & Dagwood (movie)~1987 - Daisy (dog) Bumstead
CBS Storybreak~1985-1987 - voices in:
     The Monster's Ring
     Chocolate Fever
     Hank the Cowdog
Solarman~1986 -
Centurions~1986 - voice of Max Ray/Dr. Wu (65 episodes)
Pound Puppies~1986 -
Galaxy High School~1986 - voice of Coach Frogface/Sludge the Janitor (13 episodes)
Ghostbusters (Filmation)~1986 - voice of Jake Kong, Jr./Ghostbuggy/Scared Stiff (65 episodes)
Lazer Tag Academy~1986 - Charlie Ferguson/Skugs (13 episodes)
G.I. Joe~1985-1986 - voices of Ace/Airtight/Wild Weasel (31 episodes)
The Glo Friends~1986 - voice of Glo Worm
Robotix~1985 - voices of  Exeter Galaxon/Nommo (13 episodes)
Rock 'n' Wrestling~1985-1986 - voices of Hillbilly Jim (animated segments: 23 episodes)
Rainbow Brite~1984-1986 - voices of Lurky/Buddy Blue/Evil Force/On-X/F (13 episodes)
The Glo Friends Save Christmas~1985 - voice of Glo Worm
Galtar and the Golden Lance~1985 - voices (21 episodes)
The Jetsons~1985 - voice of Skyhawk Mike in Elroy in Wonderland
The Littles (Here Come the Littles)~1984-1985 - voice of Slick the Turtle (16 episodes)
Punky Brewster~1985 - voices
Kissyfur~1985 - voices
Saturday Supercade~1984-1985 - Monkey Biz Gang (segment 'Kangaroo')
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show~1984 - voice of Romlar/Hall of Justice/ and others (8 episodes)
The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries~1984 - voices of Cecil/Mastermind/Mr. Droid in Mission Un-Doo-Able/The Bee Team
Lucky Luke~1984 - voices
Turbo Teen~1984 - voices of Eddie/Dr. Chase (13 episodes)
Snorks~1984 - voices
The Dukes~1983 - voices (7 episodes)
Bananaman~1983 - Bananaman
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero~1983 - voice of  Ace in Duel in the Devil's Cauldron
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends~1983 - voice of Gamesman in The Education of Superhero
Pac-Man~1983 - voices in Here's Super-Pac!/Hey, Hey, Hey... It's P.J.
The Incredible Hulk~1982-1983 - Major Talbot/Jeff Kessler/High School Film Clubmember (13 episodes)
Thanks to Steve for finding the pic of Talbot for me at! Visit Steve's Hulk site when you have a chance!
The Gary Coleman Show~1982 - voices in:
     You Oughtta' Be in Pictures/Derby Daze
     Fouled Up Fossils/Going, Going, Gone
The Smurfs~1981 - voice of Tuffy (4 episodes)
Gummi Bears~1980 - voices
Flintstone Comedy Show (Captain Caveman)~1980 -
Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood~1979 - Brother/Guard/Cagney Rat/Announcer's Voice
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo~1979 - voice of Blue Scarab/Villains/Tiger Morris/Policeman in Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea
The World's Greatest SuperFriends~1979 - voices in Rub Three Times for Disaster
Dangard Ace (Wakusei robo Dangard A)~1977 - Japanese ADR
Grandizer (Yûfô robo Gurendaizâ)~1975 - Japanese ADR
Yogi Bear~ - The Artist
Creatures of Delight~ - voices

Theme Parks
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man~1999 (short) - voice Hobgoblin (Universal Studios Japan and Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL)

Audio Books (voice/producer/writer)
The Patrick Scott Smokin' Mysteries~2011 - Narrator (writer)
Run, Rasputin, Run!~2008 - Narrator
A Map of Glass~2006 - (producer)
A Southern Woman~2006 - (producer)
Field of Darkness~2005 - (producer)
Light in the Piazza~2005 - (producer)
Time Pieces~2005 - (producer)
Legend of the Wandering King~2005 - Narrator
Bluish~2005 - (producer)
Going to Bend~2004 - (producer)
A Very Easy Death~2004 - (producer)
Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever Out of Hollywood~2004 - Narrator (producer, writer)
Cartoon Voice: The Essential Elements~2004 - Narrator
Fall of Che Guevara, The~2004 - (producer)
Going to Bend~2004 - Narrator
Pushkin and the Queen of Spades~2004 - (producer)
Cartoon Voice!~2003 - Narrator (writer and producer)
Spoon River Anthology~2002 - Narrator (producer) (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn~1999 - Narrator
More Random Acts of Kindness~1997 - Narrator
Second Sight~1996 - (producer)
Random Acts of Kindness~1996 - Narrator
Adventures of Tom Sawyer~1995 - Narrator (all 36 characters and also produced)
Tales of the Old Detective~1995 - (producer)
Minute Mysteries II~1994 - (producer and writer)
Read It Again: How to Read Aloud to Children~1994 - Narrator (also writer and producer)
Great American Stories~1994 - Narrator
Minute Mysteries I~1993 - (producer and writer)
Creating Character Voices~1993 - Narrator (also writer and producer)

An Opportunity to be Loud~1997/98 - (one man show) (Susquehanna University Artist Series, Selinsgrove, PA, US)
Macrune's Guevara~1970/1971 -
Mame~1970/1971 - Gregor, Jr. Babcock (also a LAB assistant and part of the chorus) (Whitman Theatre, Walla Walla, Washington, US)
Seagull, The~1970/1971 - Ilya Afanasyevitch Shamraev (publicity and LAB Asst) (Whitman Theatre, Walla Walla, Washington, US)
Trelawney of the Wells~1971 - Ferdinand Gadd (Whitman Theatre, Walla Walla, Washington, US)
Cabaret~1969/1970 - Ernst Ludwig (Whitman Theatre, Walla Walla, Washington, US)
Hobbit, The~1969-1970 - Grocery Boy/Gollum
Bulldog Drummond~1969-1970 - Algy Longworth
Hamlet~ - (South Australian Theatre Company, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
Cyrano De Bergerac
Othello~ - (South Australian Theatre Company, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
Coriolanus~ - (South Australian Theatre Company, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
The Country Wife
Of Mice and Men
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead~197? - (South Australian Theatre Company, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)

Theatre Publicity Other
Seagull, The~1970/1971 - (publicity and LAB Asst)
Hadrian VII~1970-1971 - (publicity, LAB Asst)

Pat Fraley's The 9 Critical Skills to Voice Over Excellence
Creating Character Voices for Fun & Profit: A Professional Guide/Cassettes

Video Games (voice)
Skylanders: SuperChargers~2015 -
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII~2013 -
Kinect Star Wars~2012 - Civilian
Dungeon Siege III~2011 - Meister Sigismund Wulf
Acania: Gothic 4~2010 - (English version)
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening~2010 - Master Wade/other voices
Final Fantasy XIII~2009 - Cocoon Inhabitants (English version)
Yoga Wii~2009 - Yoga Instructor
Dragon Age: Origins~2009 - Beraht/Master Wade/Loilinar Ivo
Aion~2008 -
Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors~2008 - Tai Lung
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3~2008 -
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft~1008 - Thomas/Orin
Spore~2008 -
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath~2008 -
Gothic 3~2006 - House Mom
Armed & Dangerous~2003 - Captain 1/Indian Peasant/Q/Russian Captain
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines~2003 -
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike~2003 - Jabba Guard/Officer 1/Uncle Owen/Rebel Trooper/Commando/Commander 1
The Haunted Mansion~2008 -
Extreme Skate Adventure~2003 - Buzz Lightyear
Gladius~2003 -
Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick~2003 - (see Actor Connections - Video Games)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic~2003 -
Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal~2001 -
Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial By Fire~2001 -
Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge~2001 -
Toy Story Racer~2001 - Rocky Gibraltar
Star Wars: Jar Jar's Journey Adventure Book~2000 - Jawa/Snout Alien/Spacesuit Alien
Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale~2000 -
Buzz Lightyear Second Grade~2000 - Buzz Lightyear
Mickey Mouse Kindergarten~2000 - DJ/Cool Jazz Cat/Squad Leader/New Yorker Guest #2
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue~2000
Escape from Monkey Island~2000 - George/Stan
Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge~1999 - Chase Devineaux
Carmen Sandiego Math Detective~1998 - Chase Devineaux
Toy Story Animated StoryBook~1998 - Buzz Lightyear
Disney's Hades Challenge~1998
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective~1997 - Chase Devineaux
Herc's Adventures~1997 - Minotaur/Helldog/Soldier
Toy Story~1996 - Buzz Lightyear
Toy Story Activity Center~1996 - Buzz Lightyear
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time~1990 - uncredited Professor Baxter Stockman/Krang/Pizza Monsters

Microsoft's Reman~

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Annie Awards:
Rec'd 1988 Voice Acting in a Television Production for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for Krang)
Audie Awards:
Nom 2004 Original Work for Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever Smuggled Out of Hollywood (written and read)
Nom 2003  Spoon River Anthology
SOVAS (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) and Backstage:
Rec'd 2014 Backstage Vanguard Award for Education
Rec'd 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award

Social Media
Official Site:

The voice of Buzz Lightyear for the toy line.

Feels that the Biblical Truth is at the heart of his approach to voice acting and teaching.

Member of Voice and Speech Trainers of America

Teaches workshops in San Francisco and Palm Desert and Desert Cities areas in California.

Has been a presenter at the SCBA (Southern California Broadcasters Association)

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