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Francks, Don

Don Francks

Don Francks (né Donald Harvey Francks) was born on February 28, 1932 in Burnaby, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was adopted shortly after his birth

Francks loved music since he could remember, he listened to anything he could, and sang whenever possible. He left High School early to sing.
Francks also imitated famous people for radio commercials, and discovered the great jazz singers/musicians when 78 records were going out of fashion, he found them inspiring.
He performed as a nightclub jazz vocalist, a DJ, a trombonist in a country western band and a member of a barbershop quartet called Model-T Four.

Francks was also known as Iron Buffalo (an honorary Cree), was married to Lili Clark (Red Eagle) from 1968-2016. They have two children, one son, Rainbow Sun, and a daughter, actress/singer Cree Summer.
Francks also has two children from his marriage (1962-1967) to Nancy Sue Johnson, a son, Trane, and a daughter, Tyler.

Francks died of lung cancer on April 3, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.  He was 84 years old.

Second Time Around~2016 - Murray
He Never Died~2015 - Goatee Man
Finding ODO~2009 (short) - Tall Man
The Curse of the Piano~2008 (short) - Deacon
I'm Not There~2007 - Hobo Joe
Lie With Me~2005 - Joshua - David's Father
The Inlaws and the Outlaws~2005 (doc) - Himself
My Name Is Tanino~2002 - Chinawsky
Killing Spring, A~2002 - Lou Massey
Dinner at Fred's~1999 - Gus
Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Greatest Gadgets~1999 (V) - King (segment: Prince of the Gypsies)
Summer of the Monkeys~1998 - Bayliss Hatcher
The Minion~1998 - Chief Michael Baer
An Angel for Christmas~1996 (V) - voice of D.D. Kovet

Jungle Boy~1996 (V short) - voice of ?
Swiss Family Robinson~1996 (V) - voice of William Robinson - Father
The Toy Shop~1996 - voice of General Jim
Bogus~1996 - Dr. Surprise
Harriet the Spy~1996 - Harrison Withers
First Degree~1995 - Lou Matlin
Johnny Mnemonic~1995 - Hooky
The Conspiracy of Fear~1995 (V) - Norman
First Degree~1995 (V) - Lou Matlin
Paint Cans~1994 - Maitland Burns
Married to It~1991 - Sol Chamberlain
The Big Town~1987 - Carl Hooker
Care Bears Nutcracker Suite~1988 (V) - voice of Evil Vizier
Madballs: Escape from Orb!~1986 (V) - voice of Wolf Breath
Terminal Choice~1985 - Chauncy Rand
Rock & Rule~1983 - voice of Mok

Heavy Metal~1981 - voices of: (see Actor Connections - Film)
     Grimaldi in Grimaldi
     Co-Pilot Holden in B-17 (left)
     Barbarian (unsure of which one) in Taarna
My Bloody Valentine~1981 - Chief Jake Newby
Summer's Children~1979 - Albert
Fish Hawk~1979 - Deut Boggs
Fast Company~1979 - Elder
Drying Up the Streets~1978 - Peter Brennan
Flashpoint~1977 (short) -
Drylanders Episode 1~1974 (short) - Russel
McCabe & Mrs. Miller~1971 - Buffalo
Finian's Rainbow~1968 - Woody Mahoney (performer: Old Devil Moon; If This Isn't Love; That Great Come-And-Get-It Day; Look to the Rainbow; How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
The Circle~1967 (doc) - Himself
Alexander Mackenzie: The Lord of the North~1964 (short) - Alexander MacKenzie
Drylanders~1963 - Russel
Photo from: SCFS
The Fast Ones (Ivy League Killers)~1959 - Andy

Gangland Undercover~2015 - Lizard in:
     Danagerous Game
     Patched In
     A Tough Prospect
     Going Under
Hemlock Grove~2013 - Nicolae in:
     What Peter Can Live Without
     The price
     In Poor Taste
     The Order of the Dragon
     The Angel
     Hello, Handsome
     Jellyfish in the Sky
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends~2010-2011 - voice of Deep in:
     Did You Hear?Bridging the Gap
     Digging Deep/Lights, Camera, Trucks!
The Listener~2009 - Wally in Iris
Puppets Who Kill~2004-2006 -
     Blind Willy in Bill & the Berkowitz's
     The Evil Head in The Twilight Place
The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom~2006 - voice of Futukayoi
Sons of Butcher~2006 - voice of Barney G. in Firin' the Band
This Is Wonderland~2004-2005 - Stan Puck in 1.13, 2.9
Zixx Level One~2004 - Mr. Bigalky in Four's a Crowd
My Dad the Rock Star~2003 - voice of Skunk (right)
Street Time~2002-2003 - Mr. Don Goldstein in:
     Going Home
     On Goldie Pond
     Follow the Money
     Sex, Lies and a Truckload of Dates
     Reversal of Fortune
The Last Chapter II: The War Continues~2003 (mini) - President Stanz
A Killing Spring~2002 - Lou Massey
Street Time~2002 - Mr. Goldstein in Reversal of Fortune
Tracker~2002 - Wahota Keene in Native Son
The Zack Files~2001 - Raoul in Groovin'
Screech Owls~2001 - Mr. Fontaine in Horror on River Road
Earth: Final Conflict~2001 - Kyle Madrid in Trapped By Time
La Femme Nikita~1997-2001 - Walter (96 episodes)
Earth: Final Conflict~2001 - Kyle Madrid in Trapped by Time
The Famous Jett Jackson~2000 - Phil Phelps in Backstage Pass
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal~2000 - Samuel Thompson in Wendigo
Relic Hunter~1999 - Jake Whitney in Flag Day
Seasons of Love~1999 - Reverend Doctor Garshwin
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend~1998 - voices of Blue-Eyed Wolf/2nd Sailor
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension~1998 - Sandman in Nightmare on Eerie Street
Little Men~1998 - Levi Cole in Thanksgiving
Mr. Music~1998 - Zal Adamchyk
Traders~1998 - in Little Monsters
Silver Surfer, The~1998 - voice of Captain Kalek (left) in The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1
Prayer in the Dark, A~1997 - Ken
The Busy World of Richard Scarry~1994-1997 - voice characterizations (39 episodes)
Conspiracy of Fear, The~1996 - Norman
Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story~1996 - Marty
Captive Heart: The James Mink Story~1996 - Risser
Deliverance of Elaine, The~1996 - Hector
Blazing Dragons~1996 - voice of Black Knight in 2.1
Heck's Way Home~1996 - Red
Journey to the Center of the Earth~1996 - voice of ?
Goosebumps~1996 - voice of Swamp Hermit in The Werewolf of Feer Swamp: Parts 1 & 2
X-Men~1992-1996 - voice of Sabretooth (Victor Creed)/Puck (Eugene Judd)/Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen)
Road to Avonlea~1995 - Abe Pike in The Return of Gus Pike
Degree of Guilt~1995 (mini) - Johnny Moore
The Great Defender~1995 - Dr. Gorfleisch in I Wuz Robbed
A Vow to Kill~1995 - Smithford
Possession of Michael D., The~1995 - Marcel
The NeverEnding Story~1995 - voice of Gmork in:
     Spook city
     Morla's Wish
Avonlea~1991-1995 - Abe Pike in:
     The Return of Gus Pike
     When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid: Parts 1 & 2
     Sea Ghost
Monster Force~1994 - voice characterizations (13 episodes)
Small Gifts~1994 - Peter
Madonna: Innocence Lost~1994 - Jerome Kirkland
Free Willy~1994 - voice characterizations
Blauvogel~1994 (mini) - Captain Savard
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues~1994 - Stranger in Enter the Tiger
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs~1993-1994 - voice of Girth/Hobb (13 episodes)
Tales from the Cryptkeeper~1992-1994 -
     The Hunter/The Exterminator in Cold Blood, Warm Heart/ The Spider and the Flies
     Red Beard in Ghost Ship
The Diviners~1993 - Royland
Hollywood Babylon~1992-1993 - Narrator:
     Sammy Davis, Jr./Alexander Pantages
     Lana Turner/Darryl F. Zanuck
The Trial of Red Riding Hood~1992 - Singer
Heritage Minutes~1992 - in Joseph Tyrrell
Black Death (Quiet Killer)~1992 - Dr. Martin
E.N.G.~1992 - Pointer in The Sleep of Reason
Swamp Thing~1991 - voice of Dr. Arcane in:
     Experiment in Terror
     Legend of the Lost Cavern
     Falling Red Star
     To Live Forever
     The Un-Men Unleashed
Top Cops~1991 - Dakota in Ken Dellinger and Johny Gomez/Gary Burke/Charles Woods
Labor of Love~1990 -
Piggsburg Pigs~1990 - voice characterizations
On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story~1990
A.L.F. Tales~1988-1990 - voice characterizations
Captain Power: The Beginning~1989 - voice of Laccki
The Legend of Zelda~1989 - voice characterizations (13 episodes)
Police Academy: The Series~1988-1989 - voices of Thomas 'House' Conklin/Proctor (64 episodes)
A.L.F.~1987-1989 - voice characterizations (26 episodes)
The Christmas Wife~1988 - Social Arranger
Garbage Pail Kids~1988 - voice characterizations (11 episodes)
Beetlejuice~1988 - voice characterizations
Hot Paint~1988 - Don Spatulo
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future~1987-1988 - voice of Lacchi (8 episodes)
The Care Bears Family~1986-1988 - voice characterizations (40 episodes)
Starcom: The U.S. Space Force~1987 - voice of Admiral Franklin Brickley (13 episodes)
Street Legal~1987 - Mel in I'll Be Home for Christmas
Night Heat~1987 - Albert in Tell Me A Story
Alfred Hitchcock Presents~1987 - Sergeant Jim Willis in The Mole
Danger Bay~1986 - Commentator in Bathrub Race
Ewoks~1985 - voice of Umwak - Dulok Shaman (1985-1986)
Droids~1985 - voice of Jann Tosh (standing human)/Boba Fett/Kybo Ren-Cha (13 episodes)

Seeing Things~1985 - Gary in Blind Alley
Hangin' In~1981-1985 -
     Morris in Heaven Can't Wait
     Sky in The Actress and the Bishops
     Martin Coleman in Second Chance
Seeing Things~1984-1985 -
     Guy in Blind Alley
     Sunshine in I'm Looking Through You
The Littlest Hobo~1984 - Reverend Dobson in The Good Shepherd
Seeing Things~1984 - Sunshine in I'm Looking Through You
Countdown to Looking Glass~1984 - Don Geller
Inspector Gadget~1983-1984 - voice of Dr. Claw
   ...and voice characterizations in:
     King Fezug Fezzy in So It Is Written
     Patches/Elevator Operator/Crazy Guy in  School for Pickpockets
     The Quiz Master in  Quiz Masters
     Agent Q in  Do Unto Udders
     Astronaut in  Launch Time
     Big M.A.D Agent in The Boat
     A Clear Case
     Haunted Castle
     Health Spa
     Captain in Pirate Island
     Engineer in Basic Training
     General in Follow That Jet
     Hotel Consierge in Sleeping Gas
     King in Prince of the Gypsies
     LaPoof's Assistant/Madam's Butler in In Seine
     Macho Miguel in The Emerald Duck
     M.A.D Agent #2/Flower Shop Owner in Art Heist
     M.A.D Agent #2/Willard in All That Glitters
     M.A.D Agent in A Bad Altitude
     M.A.D Agent in The Invasion
     M.A.D Agent in Smelderado
     M.A.D Agents/Science Teacher in M.A.D Academy
     M.A.D Sarcofagus Thief #2 in The Curse of the Pharoah
     M.A.D Scientist/M.A.D Agent #2 in Doubled Agent
     M.A.D Water Salesman #2 in Dry Spell
     M.A.D Yodeler/M.A.D Agent in The Coo Coo Clock Caper
     Mr. Greenfinger in Greenfinger
     Nervous Nick Defecto in Quimby Exchange
     Old Guard in Snakin' All Over
     Presto Change-O in Presto Change-O
     Professor Lasre in The Ruby
     Professor Musty/Big M.A.D Agent in Did You Myth Me?
     Radio Announcer/Sea Captain/M.A.D Agent in The Bermuda Triangle
     Squint in Funny Money
     Sven Vinceton in Tree Guesses
     Thief #1 in Eye of the Dragon
     Big M.A.D Agent/General Store Clerk in Down on the Farm
     M.A.D Yodeler in Gadget in Winterland (a.k.a Winter Sports)
     Professor Frumpkin in Monster Lake
     Professor Von Slickstein in The Amazon
984: Prisoner of the Future (The Tomorrow Man)~1982 - The Warden (see Actor Connections - TV)
This Land~1978-1982 - Host, also:
     Grey Owl in Land of Shadows
The Phoenix Team~1980 - David Brook
Riel~1979 - Ouellette
The Great Detective~1979 - in The black Curse
Overlanders~1979 - in The Hand Me Down Kid
Star Wars Holiday Special, The~1978 - voice of Boba Fett

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood~1968-1979 - Mr. Anybody (13 episodes)
Photo from Neighborhood Archive
Mannix~1969 - Greg Martel in Memory: Zero
Telescope 71~1969 Himself (and his family) in Freedom Family
Lancer~1969 - Noah Fletcher in Little Darling of the Sierras
The Virginian~1969 - Caleb and Jack Welles in The Land Dreamer
Mission: Impossible~1968-1969 -
     Major Alex Denesch in The Numbers Game
Photo from IMFDB
     Nicholas Groat in A Game of Chess
The World Premiere of Finian's Rainbow~1968 (short) - Himself
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson~1968 - Himself (Francks would appear on the Tonight Show six more times over his career)
The Merv Griffin Show~1968 - Himself in 15 February 1968
Jericho~1966-1967 - Franklin Sheppard (16 episodes)
MisteRogers~1964-1967 - Mr. Anybody (47 episodes)
High Steel~1966 (doc short) - Narrator
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.~1966 - Artie King in The Round Table Affair
The Wild Wild West~1966 - T. Wigget Jones in The Night of the Grand Emir
Fanfare~1965 - Himself in 1.6
Ben Casey~1965 - Alan Ames in:
     You Wanna Know What Really Goes on in a Hospital?
     Why Did the Day Go Backwards?
The Wayne and Shuster Hour~1959-1965 - (9 episodes)
For the People~1965 - Jerry Larkin in Seized, Confined, and Detained
Front Page Challenge~1965 - Guest
Mr. Scrooge~1964 - Young Scrooge
The Nut House!!~1964 -
Other Voices~1964 - Host/Reporter:
     The Songs of Joe Hill
     Douglas Fisher Interview

Playdate~1961-1964 -
     ? in Man with a Rope
     Jack Smurch in The Greatest Man in the World
     Alfie in The Reluctant Angels
     ? in The Big Wheel
     Creed in The Cell 5 Experience
Forest Rangers, The~1963 -  Sander - Jack Brass' Friend in The Game Reserve
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine~1963 - Himself (Jazz group performer)
The Price of Fire~1961 (doc short) - Narrator
Summer Circuit~1961 - in My Sister's Marriage
Quest~1961 - Himself in The House of the Rising Sun
Q for Quest~1961 - Himself in:
     One Man's Peril or Everyman's Perelman
     The Blues
Heritage~1961 - in The Indivisible Truth
Encounter~1958-1961 (CBC) -
     Tom Price in The Vigilante
     Jeff Rollins in The Long Road Back
     ? in A Wind from the South
     ? in Rehearsal for Invasion
     Flying Officer Ralph Madison in Breakthrough
     Karsch in Baptism of Fire
R.C.M.P.~1959 - Constable Bill Mitchell - Mountie (38 episodes)
First Person~1960 - in The Magnet
Diagnosis: Unknown~1960 - in A Sudden Stillness
The Unforseen~1960 -
Cannonball~1959 - Hitchhiker in Fallout
Long Shot~1959 -
On Camera~1958 - Bernie in The Broadway Story
Folio~1958 -
     Hastings in The Gay Deceivers
     Alexey Beliayev in A Month in the Country
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie~1957 - Jim in Pinto's Pancake Heaven
Country Club~1957 (singer with Patti Lewis)
Pacific 13~1956 - Harlequin in A Centaur in the Dark
Riding High~1955 - Regular
Burns Chuckwagon from the Stampede Corral~1954 - Regular

TV Director
Me & My Friends (Can TV)

TV Music
This Land~1983 (music arranger: Land of Shadows)
This Land~1983 (music composer: Land of Shadows)
Music for This Land~1970 (Can TV)
Overlanders~1967 (CBC Film Score)
The Andy Williams Show~1969

Coca-Cola (CTV) Olympics

Jazz Goes to the Movies~2013 - Special Guest (Palais Royale Ballroom, Toronto, ON, Can)
Orders from Bergdorf~1980 - Bergdorf
Mandragola~1977 - Lugerio (Toronto) Note: was also live broadcast on CBC
The Insanity of One Man~1975 - (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Can)
Man Inc.~1970 - (St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto, ON, Can)
The Flip Side~1968 - Theo (Booth Theatre, New York, NY)
Spring Thaw~ -  Note: a multi performance event which started in 1948.
The Fantasticks~ - El Gallo (Toronto Central Library Theater, Toronto, ON, Can)
On A Clear Day~1967 - (The Paper Mill, NY)
Leonard Bernstein's Theatre Songs~1965 - ? (Lucille Lortel Theatre, New York, NY)
Kelly~1965 - Hop Kelly (Broadhurst Theatre, Broadway, NY)
The Connection~1960-1961 - Leach (House of Hambourg)
Anything Goes~1955 -
Oklahoma~1954 - (Theatre Under the Stars, Toronto, CAN)
The Willow Pattern Plate~1944 - (he was 11)

Theatre Director
The Insanity of One Man~1975 -
The Connection~1960-1961

Theatre Producer
The Connection~1960-1961

Nero Wolfe (CBC)
Mandragola~1977 - Lugerio Note: was a live performance which was broadcast on CBC radio
Country Club~1957 (singer with Patti Lewis)
Sing for Your Supper (Lorraine McAllister radio show out of Vancouver)
CKMO (Vancouver)~1942 - singer (his stage name was Don Francksinatra on Saturday afternoons)

Black Books - personal journals

Music - CD's/Albums/Recordings
21st Century Francks~2014 (Don Francks)
At The Purple Onion (Don Francks Trio)~2004 (Don Francks, Lenny Breau, Eon Henstridge)
Warner Bros. 75 Year of Film Music: Entertaining the World~1998 (performer: music from Finian's Rainbow: Old Devil Moon)
Bob's Favorite Street Songs (Bob McGrath)~1991 (vocals: Bob McGrath Don Francks)
The Insanity of One Man~
Mister Rogers Tell the Story of Josephine-The-Short-Necked-Giraffe~1968 - performer
Finian's Rainbow~1968 -  song: That Great Come-And-Get-It-Day
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me (single)~1966 (Don Francks)
One of Those Songs (single)~1966 (Don Francks)
Lost... and Alone~1964 (Don Francks)

Song: Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Hear Me Talkin' (Ron Collier)~1964 - wrote the libretto
Lenny Breau, Don Francks, Eon Henstridge at the Purple Onion~1962 - vocals
Photo from
Jackie Gleason Says...No One In This World Is Like Don Francks~1963 (Don Francks)
Mesa: The Four Directions~1988 (bamboo flutes)

Video Games (voice)
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2~2001 - Sabretooth/Victor Creed
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes~2000 - uncredited Sabretooth
X-Men: Mutant Academy~2000 - Sabretooth/Victor Creed
X-Men vs. Street Fighter~1996 - Sabretooth

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
ACTRA Award:
Rec'd 1981 Best Dramatic Performance for Drying Up the Streets
Rec'd 1980 Best Dramatic Performance for The Phoenix Team

Free Panchen Lama
Free Leonard Peltier
The People's Path

Played the trombone, drums, and flute (bamboo).

Was adopted as an official Cree, named Iron Buffalo, and lived on Red Pheasant native reserve in Saskatchewan for several years.

1969 - Turned down the co-starring role in the stage production Coco with Katherine Hepburn (she personally requested him), the role went to René Auberjonois.

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