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Fraser, Shelagh

Shelagh Fraser

Shelagh Fraser (neé Sheila Mary Fraser) was born to John Newton Mappin Pringle Fraser and Vera Eleanor Fraser (neé Beardshaw) on November 25, 1922 in Purley, Surrey, England.  Her father was part of a jewelers dynasty, Mappin and Webb, and traveled quite a bit.  
At a very early age she contracted spinal tuberculosis and was in an invalid carriage for quite some time.
Fraser and her sister both a
ttended St Christopher's School, Kingswood, Surrey, where Fraser won a scholarship to Croydon Repertory (had a drama school). This is where she made her first dramatic appearance in 1938.  It was shortly after this that the war started...and by the 40's the conditions for acting were at best...trying.

Fraser went on to have a fine career in theater, radio, television, film, and as a playwright for 60 years and managed to squeeze in a few children's books and a cookbook as well (the details below will certainly attest to this).  

Fraser was married to director/writer/producer Anthony Squire...that marriage was dissolved. 
Fraser has one sister, the dancer and actress Moyra Fraser.

Fraser died on August 29, 2000.  

Hope and Glory~1987 - WVS Woman
Star Wars~1977 - Aunt Beru Lars
Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court~1976 - Lady Bassinger
Persecution~1974 - Mrs. Banks (see Actor Connections - Film)
Doomwatch~1972 - Mrs. Straker
Nothing But the Night~1972 - Mrs. Alison
Thin Air~1969 - Mrs. Thatcher
Till Death Us Do Part~1969
Touch of Love, A~1969 - Miss Gurnsey
Two Gentlemen Sharing~1969 - Helen
Staircase~1969 - Cub Mistress
Witches, The (The Devil's Own)~1966 - Mrs. Creek
Son of Robin Hood, The~1959 - Constance
Last Man to Hang, The~1956 - Bracket's Wife
Raising a Riot~1955 - Mary Kent
Salute the Toff~1952 - Myra Lorne
Second Mrs. Tanqueray, The~1952
Your Witness~1950 - Ellen Foster
History of Mr. Polly, The~1949 - Minnie
Death in the Hand~1948 - Penelope MacRae
Esther Waters~1948 - Margaret
Master of Bankdam~1947 - Alice France
I Live in Grosvenor Square~1945
Welcome, Mr. Washington~1944 - Millie

Edith's Finger~1998-9 - Edith (see photo below) A fifteen minute film on BBC.
Midsomer Murders~2000 - Jane Rochelle in Judgment Day
Heartbeat~1998 - Sarah Thorpe in Local Knowledge
A Touch of Frost~1997 - Mrs. Hinkley in House Calls
Screenplay~1993 - Mrs. Wilson in The Merrihill Millionaires
Absolute Hell~1987 - Madge the bag lady
Screen Two~1986 - C.N.D. Woman in Frankie and Johnnie
Frankie and Johnnie~1985 - C.N.D. Woman
The Old Men at the Zoo~1983 - Diana Price in:
     The Year of the Yeti
     Godmanchester's Plan
     A Tall Story
Tycoon~1978 - Ruth in Sleeping on Grass
Professionals, The~1978 -
    Elsa in Stirring Of Dust, A
    Mrs. Wilson in When The Heat Cools Off
Beasts~1976 - Dorothy Pummery in Baby
Shadows~1976 - Mrs. Gaydon in Dark Encounter
Armchair Cinema~1975 - Mrs. Heath in In Sickness and In Health
Wodehouse Playhouse~1975 - Lady Bassinger in Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court
Softly, Softly: Task Force~1974 - Marjorie Allen in Paperwork
BBC Play of the Month~1973 - Kay Garret in The Common
And No One Could Save Her~1973 - Mrs. Benet
Follyfoot~1972 - Vera Berwick in Out-of-the-Blue Horse
Doomwatch~1971 BBC Joan in The Islanders
Family at War, A~1970 - Jean Ashton (in 45 of the 52 episodes)
First Lady~1969 - Mrs. Evesby in All in a Good Cause
ITV Sunday Night Theatre~1969 - Daphne in The Piano Tuner
Wednesday Play~1968-1969 -
    Mrs. Grayson in The Last Train Through the Harecastle Tunnel (see Actor Connections - TV)
    Doctor King in House of Character
    Mrs. Jones in In A Game - Like - Only a Game
Dixon of Dock Green~1968 -  Mary Tate in English - Born and Bred
A Man of Our Times~1968 - Mrs. Manson in Never Mind How We Got Here, Where Are We?
Mystery Hall~1967 - Mrs. Blake-Clanton in:
     Spring Trap
     Disturbed Waters
     The Double Blood-Knot
     The One That Got Away
Armchair Theatre~1963-1967 -
     Mrs. Green in The Girl
     Jean Docherty in Odds on Johnny
George and the Dragon~1966 - Lillian in Merry Christmas
ITV Play of the Week~1962 -1966 -
     Mrs. Black in The Climbers
     Hilda Villiers in Four of Hearts #4: Summertime Ends Tonight
     Mrs. Otterly Baines in The Truth About Alan
     Sheila in Girl with a Difference
     Ruth Kindred in A Matter of Principle
Gideon C.I.D.~1966 - Lady Copthorne in Morna
Public Eye~1965 - Mrs. Willis in Have It on the House
Maigret~1963 - Clair in Maigret's Little Joke
Z Cars~1962 - Mary Duckworth in Person Unknown
Emergency-Ward 10~1960 - Brownie Bevan (9 episodes)
Knight Errant Limited~1960 - Margaret in Something in the City
Mario~1959 - Mary Hogan
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre~1950-1959
     Sarah Marsh in The Gentle Goddess
     Sylvia in No Smoking!
     Leila Arden in Rope
Probation Officer~1959 - Jenny Gilberts in 1.28
Television Playwright~1958 - Mrs. Rigby in The Maitland Scandal
The Adventures of the Big Man~1956 - Ethel Henton in Lady Killer
Patrol Car~1955 - Emma Horton in The Lover's Knot
If This Be Error~1952 - Barbara
The Inch Man~1951 - Barbara Vicary in Coming Out Party
Two for a Pair~1951 - Kitty
London Wall~1948 - Miss Hooper

Knuckle~1974 - Mrs. Dinning the housemaid (Royal Court Theatre, )
The Glass Menagerie~1973 - Amanda Wingfield
Night School~1971 - One of the cake-peddling aunts (Cockpit Theatre, London, England, UK)
A Slight Ache~19?? - Flora
A Bedroom Farce~19?? - Delia
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf~1967 - Martha
The Chertsey Apprentice~1955 - Jessie Bowman (Wyndham's, )
Drama at Inish~1953 - Cristine (Arts Theatre, )
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray~1950 - Lady Orreyd
Call Home The Heart~1947 - Hetty
This Was A Woman~1944 - Effie (Comedy Theatre, West End, London, England, UK)
While The Sun Shines~1945 - Mable Crumm
The Dark Potential~1944 - ? (see Actor Connections - Theatre)

Theatre Writer
Fools of Fortune~1953

Fraser appeared in more than 500 radio dramas/plays. And adapted others for radio performances.
The World My Wilderness~1989 - (written and played by)
The Salt of the Earth~1988 - player
The Maid's Room~1986 (written and played by)
Thirty-Minute Theatre~1981 - Emily Hunter in "An Empty Glass"
Woman's Hour~1976 - reader of The Secret Orchard
Woman's Hour~1972 - guest (you too can be an Art Collector)
Something for Nothing~1972 - player
Saturday-Night Theatre~1971 - Bridget in The Holly and the Ivy
Afternoon Theatre~1969 - Millicent Grey in "Thank You For a lovely Evening"
Woman's Hour~1969 - guest Jun 26
Woman's Hour~1969 - guest Jan 28
Midweek Theatre~1966 - Sylvia Evett in "A Question of Disposal"
Esther Waters~1964 - Mrs. Saunders (5 part series)
Remember Tomorrow~1960 - player (written and played by)
Children's Hour~1959 - Miss Dearborn in "From my Travel Journal"
The Way of Life~1959 - player
Raising a Riot~1957 - Mary
Woman's Hour~1957 - guest (Cheese in These Islands)
Children's Hour~1956 - Miss Dearborn in"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"
*Emergency Call~1954 (Saturday Night Theatre plays) 6/12/54
*Water Gypsies, The~1948 - (8 part series) 8/16/48 - 10/16/54
The Runaway Band: 1-6~1953 - player
The Faithful Heart~1953 - Blacky
Tai-Lu~1953 "Prince of Foxdom"
Tai-Lu Flies Abroad~1953 "Search Under the Sea" (written and played by)
Tai-Lu Meets Mr. Tonkins~1952 (written and played by)
Tai-Lu Talking~1952 (written and played by)
Tai-Lu to the Rescue!~1952 (written and played by)
Tai-Lu's Day at Brighton~1952 (written and played by)
Tai-Lu Meets Gwladys~1952 (written and played by)
Tai-Lu Goes to the Circus~1952 (written and played by)
Gone to Earth~1952 - Hazel Woodus
Lucky Day~1951 - Dolores
They Walked His Way~1950 - Merill Elliott
Shant Be Home For Dinner~1949 - Betty Hunter
History of Mr. Polly~1948 - player
The Water Gipsies~1948 - Lily Bell
The Art of Retribution~1947 - player
Lysistrata~1947 - Stratyllis
She Was Always So Happy~1947 - Christine
The Insect Play~1946 - player
The Romantic Young Lady~1946 - Irene
Moonstone~1946 - Penelope
The Way to the Stars~1946 - Iris, Miss Winterton's niece
The Calendar~1946 - Molly Panniford
Music for Miss Rogers~1945 - player
*Breadwinner, The~1945 -  (Saturday Night Theatre plays) 7/14/45
Rope~1945 - Leila Arden
The Pot of Marmalade~1945 - Phyllis Harriman
The Breadwinner~1945 - Judy, Charles Battle's daughter
Backstair to Parnassus~1945 - Tibbet
There are Three Sisters~1945 - Lily Smith
Train to York~1944 - Claudette
Children's Hour~1944 - Fanny Burney
If Only I Were You~1944 - Marjorie Benson
Michael and Mary~1944 - Romo
A Midsummer Night's Dream~1944 - Peaseblossom
Poison Pen~1944 - Rose Rainrider
The House on the Green~1944 - June
Gardens of Paradise~1943 - player
Shall We Join the Ladies?~1943 - player
The Scholarship~1943 - player
The Gentle Sex~1943 - player
And Like Wind I Go~1943 - Lydia
George St. George Goes to a Party~1943 - Sally, the barmaid
Farewell, Leicester Square~1943 - Betty Layton
Between the Lines~1943 - Pamela Lessingham
A Romance of '87~1943 - Third Guest
Dinner at Eight~1943 - Paula, Milla's daughter
All Clear~1943 - Nellie Hughes
Encounter~1943 - Clare
The Weakness of Frau Borkhardt~1942 - player
The Young Man Who Stroked Cats~1942 - player
The Voice That Killed~1942 - Miss Davidson
Westbury Fair~1942 - Sally
Square Pegs~1942 - Julia
Bird in a Cage~1942 - First Woman
Consider Your Verdict~1942 - Miss Gladys Carter
I'll Be Back~1942 - Phyllis
A Pattern in the Tapestry~1942 - Wife
Again...Callaghan!~1942 - Angela Varne
The Squeaker~1942 - Beryl
Nicholas Nickleby~1942 - Morleena Kenwigs
Changing Keys~1942 - Jenny
Behind the Door~1942 - Linda Grey
The Lake~1942 - Ethel
Souvenir~1942 - Rosie Milton
Strange Things~1942 - Poppy Trip
A Church Without a Village~1942 - Jane
Stardust~1942 - Lady
The Charming Mrs. Nayther~1942 - A V.A.D.
The Course of True Love~1942 - Telephone operator
The Storm~1942 - Glasha
The Organiser~1942 - Mimi
There Are Three Sisters~1942 - Lilly Smith
Queen of Scots~1942 - player
*Thanks to Roger at Vintage Radio Programme Collectors' Circle (UK) for sharing this information!

Radio Writer
The World My Wilderness~1980's (her adaptation)
The Salt of the Earth~1980's (her adaptation)
The Maid's Room~1980's (her original play)
Always Afternoon~1950 (story)

Come To Supper~1957 - A collection of simple and attractive menus.
Captain Johnny~1950's
Princess Tai Lue~1950's  - The tale of an exotic cat

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