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French, Bruce

Bruce French

Bruce French was born on July 4, 1945, in Reinbeck, Iowa, US.

French attended the University of Iowa majoring in speech and theatre.

French is married to actress Eileen Barnett (1990 - present), they live in Los Angeles.

Beautiful Boy~2010 - Harry
Beginners~2010 - Dr. Wright
It's a Horrible Life~2010 (short) - Butler
Justify the Means~2009 - The Boss
Dark and Stormy Night~2009 - Jeens
Mission: Impossible III~2006 - Minister
Thank You for Smoking~2005 - Gentleman #2
Special Thanks to Roy London~2005 (doc) - Himself
Sexual Life~2004 - Priest
Mr. Deeds~2002 - Helicopter Pilot
Enough~2002 - Homeowner
Sorority Boys~2002 - Dean Blevins
Jurassic Park III~2001 - Science Reporter
Star Trek: Insurrection~1998 - Son'a Officer #1
Martians Go Home~1990 - Elgins
Black Eagle~1988 - Father Joseph Bedelia
Surrender~1987 - Dream Lawyer
Legal Eagles~1986 - Reporter
Wildcats~1986 - Mayhew
Murphy's Romance~1985 - Rex Boyd
Jagged Edge~1985 - Richard Duffin
Fletch~1985 - Pathologist
Sweetwater~1983 - Driver
Christine~1983 - Mr. Smith
Mr. Mom~1983 - Douglas
Airplane II: The Sequel~1982 - Officer #2
Bloodbrothers~1978 - Paulie
Coming Home~1978 - Dr. Lincoln
Rollercoaster~1977 - Bomb Squad #2
Pipe Dreams~1976 - The Duke
Man on a Swing~1974 - Check-Out Man

Up All Night~2012 - Trapeze Artist/Husband in Swingers
Crash~2009 - Lewis Eichenberg in:
     Los Angeles
     Alone Again Or
     Calm Like a Bomb
The Wishing Well~2009 - Preacher
Grey's Anatomy~2009 - Father Kevin in Invasion
Hawthorne~2009 - Dr. Mike Weston in Mother's Day
Eli Stone~2008 -
     Trevor Synder in Happy Birthday, Nate
     Terrence Snyder in Heal the Pain
Criminal Minds~2008 - Dr. Norman in:
     The Instincts
Dirty Sexy Money~2008 - Doctor in The Silence
Raising the Bar~2008 - Will's Father in I Will, I'm Will
Passions~1999-2008 - Father Lonigan (507 episodes)
The Riches~2007-2008 - Jim Burns (14 episodes)
Boston Legal~2008 -
     Dr. Ned Thiel in The Mighty Rogues
     ? in Chapter Sixty-Nine
Mad Men~2007 - Hugh Brody in The Hobo Code
Jane Doe: Ties That Bind~2007 - Father Hannigan
Bones~2006 - Dennis Campbell in Mother and Child in the Bay
Walkout~2006 - Chief Tom Reddin
NCIS~2006 - Floyd Vernon in Head Case
House~2006 - Peter Foster in Failure to Communicate
Head Cases~2005 - Daniel Gold in Pilot
The Guardian~2004 - Attorney Irving in The Vote
Gilmore Girls~2003 - Mr. Leahy in Happy Birthday, Baby
The Practice~1997-2003 -
     Atty. Bary Pederson in Special Deliveries
     Judge M. Walter in Officers of the Court
     A. G. Walgren in Spirit of America
Crossing Jordan~2003 - Samuel Horton in Ockham's Razor
JAG~2002 - Major General Rogan in All Ye Faithful
The West Wing~2002 - Bill Stark in Debate Camp
Ally McBeal~2001 - Simon McAllister in:
     Neutral Corners
     Judge Ling
     Friends and Lovers
Enterprise~2001 - Vulcan Elder in The Andorian Incident (1.7)
Thieves~2001 - Redlich in Liver Let Die (1.3)
Grounded for Life~2001 - Amy's Father in Love Child (1.15)
Providence~2000 - Goat Mascot Raider in The Unsinkable Sydney Hansen (3.5)
City of Angels~2000 - Mason/Elliot's Lawyer in Jerque Du Soleil (2.2)
Strong Medicine~2000 - in Dependency (1.9)
Dharma & Greg~1999 - Doctor in See Dharma Run Amok (2.18)
Caroline in the CIty~1999 - Customer in Caroline and the Horny Kid
The Pentagon Wars~1998 - Maj. Gen. De Grasso
The Visitor~1997 - Father Traylor in Caged (1.8)
Team Knight Rider~1997 - in K.R.O
Pacific Palisades~1997 - Christina's Lawyer in Private Showing (1.10)
Beverly Hills, 90210~1997 - Dr. Abrahams in:
     Spring Breakdown (7.24)
     Storm Warning (7.23)
The Wayans Bros.~1997 - Mr. Peterman in Risky Bid-ness (3.16)
Men Behaving Badly~1996 - Minister in Drunken Proposal (1.7)
Party of Five~1996 - Dr. Kass in Short Cuts (3.3)
Hudson Street~1996 - Bartholomew in One for the Monet (1.21)
Coach~1996 - Dr. Nichols in:
     Somebody's Baby (8.25)
     Her Boyfriend's Back (8.15)
Outer Limits, The~1995 -
     Tricia Lane in If These Walls Could Talk (1.19)
     Wayne Fowler in Virtual Future (1.7)
     ? in Blood Brothers (1.3)
Star Trek: Voyager~1995 - Ocampa Doctor in Caretaker: Part 1 (1.1)
The Boys Are Back~1995 - Priest in Get Me to the Church
All-American Girl~1994 - Mr. Wickes in Take My Family, Please (1.8)
Picket Fences~1994 - Danny in Remote Control (2.12)
Jack Reed: Badge of Honor~1993 - Senator Marik
Victim of Love: The Shannon Mohr Story~1993 -
A Case for Murder~1993 - Neville Gerson
Barbarians at the Gate~1993 - Golfer Jay
Herman's Head~1993 - Minister in God, Girls, and Herman (2.19)
The New WKRP in CIncinnati~1993 - Rick Glendennon in Murder by Les
Baby Talk~1992 - in The Commitment
Who's the Boss?~1991-1992 - Ted Braddock in:
     Allergic to Love (8.17)
     A Well-Kept Housekeeper
Star Trek: The Next Generation~1991 - Sabin Genestra in The Drumhead (4.21)
Jake and the Fatman~1987 - Judge in:
     I Cover the Waterfront (4.17) (uncredited)
     Judge in Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (4.12)
Father Dowling Mysteries~1990 - Aunt Em in The Vanishing Victim Mystery (3.9)
In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing~1990 - Judge
Where Pigeons Go to Die~1990 - Denis Corn
Valerie~1990 - Mr. Atkins in Crimes and Misdemeanors (5.21)
Hardball~1989 - in The Fighting 52nd (1.6)
Designing Women~1989 - Mr. Cohen in One Night with You (4.2)
War and Remembrance~1989 - Sylvester Aherne in Part 8
Night Court~1989 - Mr. Laporta in Yet Another Day in the Life (6.22)
Cheers~1989 - John in The Gift of the Woodi (7.19)
Simon & Simon~1988 - Cal Josephs/Sonny Bartell in CLoak of Danger
ABC Weekend Specials~1988 - Garf's Father in Runaway Ralph
Galcon Crest~1985-1988 -
     Perry in King's Gambit
     Agent #1 in The Key to Angela
     Judge Saunders in Conundrum
The Bronx Zoo~1988 - Priest in Behind Closed Doors (2.4)
21 Jump Street~1988 - Brother Williams in Brother Hanson & the Miracle of Renner's Pond
Moonlighting~1988 - Reverend Hackley in Maddie Hayes Got Married (4.12)
Highway to Heaven~1987 - Thomas Inman in Why Punish the Children? (4.9)
CBS Summer Playhouse~1987 - Prosecutor in Doctors Wilde
Murder Ordained~1987 - Bruce Linton
Matlock~1987 - Col. Miles in The Court Martial: Part 2 (1.19)
The Popcorn Kid~1987 - in Career Day
Scarecrow and Mrs. King~1987 - Dr. Neely in Mission of Gold (4.17)
Who Is Julia?~1986 - Dr. Haverford
L.A. Law~1986 - Brian Mellor in:
     Raiders of the Lost Bark (1.6)
     Slum Enchanted Evening (1.4)
Newhart~1986 - Ned Tate in The Stratford Horror Picture Show (4.15)
Hardcastle and McCormick~1982-1985 -
     Agent Jack Stone in Mirage a Trois
     Howard Daner in Flying Down to Rio
Silver Spoons~1985 - Dr. Tate in The Great Baseball Card Scheme
Deadly Intentions~1985 - Dr. Reston
Robert Kennedy & His Times~1985 - Frank Simpson in 1.1-1.3
Hill Street Blues~1984 - Chaplain in Parting Is Such Sweep Sorrow
Knots Landing~1984 - Markham in High Ideals (5.20)
The A-Team~1984 - Jackson in In Plane Sight (2.14)
ABC Afterschool Specials~1983 - Doctor in The Woman Who Willed a Miracle
Magnum, P.I.~1983 - Ensign Jenson in Operation: Silent Night (4.10)
Lottery!~1983 in Detroit: The Price of Freedom (1.4)
The Powers of Matthew Star~1983 - Dr. Paul Avery in 36 Hours
Benson~1983 - Binky Binkman in Katie's Boyfriend
Fame~1983 - Dennis Mitchell in Relationships (2.13)
Family Ties~1982 - Dr. Rogers in A Christmas Story (1.11)
Mysterious Two~1983 -
Dallas~1981-1982 - Jerry Macon in:
     Showdown at San √Āngelo (5.3)
     My Father, My Son
     The Maelstrom
     Bone But Not Forgotten
Love, Sidney~1982 - in Sail Away
Leave 'em Laughing~1981 -
The Chisholms~1980 - Schmidt in Chains
Soap~1979 - Hotel Clerk in Episode 55 (3.8)
Rendezvous Hotel~1979 - Frank Leonard
Kaz~1979 - in Trouble On the South Side (1.16)
Roots: The Next Generations~1979 - Calloway in 1.4
The French Atlantic Affair~1979 - Specht in 1.1-1.3
Terror Out of the Sky~1978 - Eli Nathanson
When Every Day Was the Fourth of July~1978 - Court Clerk
The Waltons~1978 - Beau Pauley in The Calling (performer: Old Dan Tucker) (7.2)
Ruby and Oswald~1978 - Robert Oswald
Waiting for Godot~1977 - Lucky
Ants! (It Happened at Lakewood Manor)~1977 - Tom
Curse of the Black Widow~1977 - Summers-Hospital Administrator
The Savage Bees~1976 - Police Lieutenant
GUNS~1976 - Military Gun
Helter Skelter~1976 - Officer Ocher

The Cherry Orchard~2014 - Leonid Andreyevich Gayev (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Nora~2012/2013 - Doctor Rank (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
The Browning Version~2009/2010 - Andrew Crocker-Harris (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Alice Sit-By-The-Fire~2007/2008 - Col. Robert Grey (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Hogan's Goat~2007 - (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
The Father~2006 - Old Margaret (The Antaeus Company/Deaf West Theatre, North Hollywood, CA)
A Penny for a Song~2006 - Samuel Breeze (Deaf West Theatre, North Hollywood, CA)
Grand Hotel~2003 - Zinnowitz (Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA; Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA)
A Delicate Balance~2003 - Tobias (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
The Little Foxes~2002/2003 - (Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Waiting for Godot~ - Lucky (Bob Hope Cultural Center, Palm Desert, CA)
Anna Christie~2002 - Chris Christopherson (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Summer and Smoke~2001/2002 - (Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
A Delicate Balance~2001/2002 - (Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
93 Acres of Barley~2001 - (Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Lady Chatterley's Lover~2000/2001 - Sir Malcolm Reid (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Passion~1999 - Doctor Tambourri (Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA)
Anna Christie~1998 - (Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA)
Virginia~1986 - Leonard Woolf (South Coast Repertory Second Stage, Costa Mesa, CA)
A Patriot for Me~1984 - (Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Spokesong~1980 - performer (Seattle Center Playhouse, Seattle, WA)
Waiting for Godot~1977 - Lucky (Los Angeles Actors' Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)

Theatre Director
Man of La Mancha~ - (Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA)

Star Wars -Return of the Jedi Radio Drama~1996 - voice characterizations

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation Awards:
Rec'd 2009/2010 Led Actor in a Play for The Browning Version (Andrew Crocker-Harris)

On a critics list for 2003 (theatre) Bruce French was on Lee Kennicott's list for best performance in A Delicate Balance

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