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Gavin, Weston

Weston Gavin

Weston Gavin (Jimmy Gavin) was born in New York?, his father and his step-father were merchant seamen and they (the family) lived all over.
Gavin started studying commercial art but developed an interest in the theater and wanted to study acting. He landed a handful of small parts in off-Broadway productions and quickly realized that he could not work and study acting at the same time so he went to work at sea to save enough money to pursue his interest.

Rogue One~2016 - Vlex Onopin - Engineer - Empire

Sins of a Father~2014 -
Pudsey the Dog: The Movie~2014 - Director
Set Fire to the Stars~2014 - Yale Provost
Curse of the Pink Panther~1983 - First Mafia Boss (see Actor Connections - Film)
Trail of the Pink Panther~1982 - First Mafia Boss
The Formula~1980 - U.S. Army Captain
Any Which Way You Can~1980 - Beekman's Butler
Yanks~1979 - Officer at Airfield
The Man from S.E.X.~1979 - CIA Agent
Superman~1978 - Mugger

Twilight's Last Gleaming~1977 - Lt. Wilson
A Fan's Notes~1972 -
Winter Comes Early~1971 -
Square Root of Zero~1963 - Alan
1,000 Shapes of a Female~1963 -
Young and Wild~1958 - 'Allie' Allison

Love Matters~2013 - Priest in 30 & Counting
Fairport Convention: 45th Anniversary Concert~2012 - Singer
Tailspin: Behind the Korean Airliner Tragedy~1989 - Vince
Strong Medicine~1987 - Doctor Potter
Lost Empires~1986 - Bill Jennings in 1.2, 1.3
Golden Gate~1981 -
The Sandbaggers~1980 - Senator O'Shea in It Couldn't Happen Here

Return of the Saint~1979 - Mike in The Diplomat's Daughter
The Other Side~1979 - Hackman (see Actor Connections - TV)
The Tomorrow People~1979 - Dave Ricardo in War of the Empires: Close Encounter
Thank You, Comrades~1978 - Taxman
Life at Stake~1978 - Jack Lousma in Houston... We've Got a Problem (see Actor Connections - TV)
Crown Court~1974-1977 -
     Stephen Rabinowitz in A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Part 2
     Edward Milton in How to Rob a Memory Bank: Part 1
BBC Play of the Month~1977 - Jim Pocock in The Ambassadors
James and the Giant Peach~1976 - Newscaster
Alien Attack~1976 - Lunar Commission Deputy Chairman
Metamorphosis Alpha~1976 - Dave Ricardo
Second Verdict~1976 - David Wilentz in The Lindbergh Kidnapping (see Actor Connections - TV)
Late Night Theatre~1973 - Bill Johnson in The Eagle Has Landed
Madigan~1973 - Jake Priestley in The Lisbon Beat
The Gangster Show: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui~1972 - Ernesto Roma
The F.B.I.~1970 - Charlie in Escape to Terror
Department S~1970 - Novack in The Ghost of Mary Burnham
ITV Playhouse~1968 - Sam Adams in The Bonegrinder
Mannix~1968 - Rico Pucci, Jr. in Eight to Five, It's a Miracle

Meeting Point with Judith Piepe~1966 - Himself/Singer in Outcasts and Outsiders

Four Soldiers~1965 - Private Gary
Man with a Camera~1958 - I.Q. Rickles in Closeup on Violence (with Charles Bronson)
Buckskin~1958 - Skeeter in The Ballad of Gabe Pruitt
Gunsmoke~1958 - Clabe Tilman in Joke's On Us
Studio 57~1958 - in The Starmaker
Tales of Wells Fargo~1958 - Billy Thompson in Hide Jumpers

Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theater~1957-1958 -
     Eyes Sutton in My Sister Susan
     Alec in A Reasonable Doubt
Kraft Theatre~1957 - in Welcome to a Stranger
Goodyear TV Playhouse~1956 - Billy Gashade (also singing: Ballad of Jesse James) in Missouri Legend Note: Some lists are incorrectly stating James Gavin (d 2008) as being in this production but it is not Weston Gavin (singer). Billboard magazine:

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been...?~1981 - ? (?)
Captain Crash Versus the Zzorg Women, Chapters 5 and 6~1975 - Captain Crash (Los Angeles, CA)

The Automobile Graveyard~1961 - Judasin (41st Street Theatre, New York, NY)
The Mime and Me~1961 - performing with Shepard Hop (McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ)

Four Great Chandler Stories~1979 - Carl Lundgren in The Big Sleep
The Monday Play~1977 - Carl Lundgren in The Big Sleep
Drama Now~1975 - ? in Eight Ball

The 1950s British Hits Parade The Hits We Missed~2012 - "I Sit In My Window" included
Lost Empires (various artists)~1986 (original Lost Empires soundtrack)
     The Wedding Glide (with Kenneth Nelson)
     Yankee Doodle Boy/Shine on Harvest Moon
Captain Crash Versus the Zzorg Women~1981 (original cast/soundtrack)
Salt/I Saw Your Smile~1968 (singles)
Got a Feeling/Top Ten Women Blues~1966 (singles)
The Turtles~1965 (pop music/comedy duo with Maurey Haydn)
     Teen Age Mother
     The Rise and Fall of Basketball Bill
Early Jimmy Gavin~1963
I Sit in My Window/Lonely Chair~1956 (singles)
The Ballad of Jesse James/Hitchhiking Man (singles)
Golden Moments of Country Music (Green Valley Singers)
Johnny Rollin' Stone/Rock Island Line~1956 (singles) (as Jimmy Gavin)

Music Live Performances
Bound for Glory (tribute concert to honor Woody Guthrie)~1956 - singer (with Pete Seeger) (Pythian Temple, New York, NY)

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1961 - Gavin is mentioned in the liner notes of the album Gibson & Camp: At the Gate of Horn:
"Camp was singing in a duo with Jimmy Gavin, who suggested that Camp team up with him when Hamilton was still working as an office boy for the Associated Press. Camp confesses he'd never even heard of Gibson, but as Gavin was wanting to go solo anyway, Hamilton accompanied Grossman to Chicago to check things out..."

Sang with Bob (Bobby) Camp (later changed his name to Hamilton Camp, a SWAD alum) in the 60s.

Wrote poetry and painted

Folk Singer who played clubs and coffee shops in
     Los Angeles
     San Francisco
          Hungry i
          Mr. Kelly's (60s)
     New York City
          Blue Angels
          Alleycat on Denmark Street in London (2012)
          Catholic Club Barton Under Needwood (60s)
          Les Cousins (60s)

Was also known as: James Kevin, Jimmy Gavin

1956 - Billboard Mag ad:

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