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Ghavam, John

John Ghavam

John Michael Ghavam was born in Iran in June of 1947 to diplomat parents.  Because of his small stature (considered an outcast in Iran) he was sent to live in Buckinghamshire, UK at the age of two.

Ghavam (AKA Little John) toured the UK and the world starring in pantomimes, he lived in Italy in 1971 working in a circus as a referee of kangaroo boxing matches.  Ghavam became a Catholic even though his family was Muslim.

Ghavam died accidentally at his home in York Road in Northampton, UK, on April 4, 2006 of liver failure after a particularly heavy drinking session.  The previous year he had tried to seek help from doctors about his drinking and smoking habits.

Phantom of the Opera, The~1989 - Dwarf/The Devil
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 (as John Gavam) - Ewok
Dark Crystal, The~1982 - Additional Performer (see Actor Connections - Film)
History of the World: Part I~1981 - Marche (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Elephant Man~1980 -
Flash Gordon~1980 - Dwarf (see Actor Connections - Film)

Theatre/Live Performances
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~2001-2004 - Dozy  (New Theatre, Cardiff, Wales; Civic Theatre, Darlington/Wimbledon Theatre, London, England) (with Nicky Read @ Cardiff)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~2000 - Dozy (Lyceum Theatre,
Italian circus~1971 - referee of kangaroo boxing matches (Italy)

Video Games
Star Wars: Battlefront~2004 - Ewok (archive footage)

2002 - Mr. Ghavam slipped and fell, despite the pain he drove to the Civic Theatre in Darlington and got ready for his show, Snow White, when the others in the cast saw how much pain Ghavam was in they sent for a doctor.  They found that he'd broken his collar bone.   He did recover!

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