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Gillard, Nick

Nick Gillard

Nick (Nicholas) Gillard was born on December 31, 1959, in Brighton, Sussex, England, UK.
Gillard's father was in the Navy and when Nick was 12 he was sent to military school (to train on a naval ship) but didn't care for it, by the age of 14 he left military school (ran away) and joined the circus in Arundel without his parents' knowledge (they were traveling abroad). A mere four years later Gillard was a world-class trick-rider (horses) with the Moscow State Circus and was also added to the British Stunt Register. He also did a six-year tour with a Medieval jousting tournament where he learned swordplay.

Film Actor
Vampire Academy~2014 - uncredited Kenneth
Industrial Action~2010 (V doc short) - Himself
It's All for Real: The Stunts of Episode III~2005 (V doc) - Himself
Within a Minute: The Making of 'Episode III'~2005 (V doc) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 - Cin Drallig
Cheeky~2003 - Taxi Driver
From Puppets to Pixels: Digital Characters in 'Episode II'~2002 (V doc) - Himself (right)
The Beginning: Making 'Episode I'~2001 (V doc) - Himself
Sleepy Hollow: Behind the Legend~2000 (V) - Himself
Alien³~1992 - Prisoner
Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound~1990 - Man #2, #3
King of the Wind~1989 - First Sailor
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 - uncredited Tank Crewman Hit by Periscope (see Actor Connections - Film)
Amsterdamned~1988 - Maniac (world record boat jump)
Arena: An Absurd Notion~1985 (V) - Fan
Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - uncredited German Soldier (see Actor Connections - Film)

Film Director
Poker Night~2005 (see Actor Connections - Film)

Film Director (Second and Assistant)
Reign of Fire~2002 (second unit director)
Shaft~2000 (second unit director)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 (fight unit director)

Film Stunts
Growl~? (stunt coordinator)
The Domestics~2018 (stunt coordinator)
The Hippopotamus~2017 (stunt coordinator)
The Fold~2013 (stunt coordinator)
Wrath of the Titans~2012 (stunt performer)
Tamara Drewe~2010 (stunt coordinator)
Wanted~2008 (stunt coordinator)
Tristan + Isolde~2006 (stunt coordinator)
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 (post-production; stunt coordinator; uncredited stunt rigger; uncredited stunts)
Dirty Pretty Things~2002 (stunt coordinator)
Reign of Fire~2002 (stunt coordinator)
The Count of Monte Cristo~2002 (stunt coordinator)
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones~2002 (stunt coordinator)
Buffalo Soldiers~2001 (stunts)
Shaft~2000 (stunts; stunt coordinator)
The Mummy~1999 (stunts)
Sleepy Hollow~1999 (stunt coordinator) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 (stunt coordinator)
Desserts~1999 (short) (stunt coordinator)
Notting Hill~1999 (stunt coordinator)
Plunkett & Macleane~1999 (stunt performers: additional photography)
Tomorrow Never Dies~1997 (uncredited stunts)
Seven Years in Tibet~1997 (stunt coordinator)
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride~1996 (stunts)
The Bill: Target~1996 (V) (stunt arranger)
Different for Girls~1996 (stunts)
Twelfth Night: Or What You Will~1996 (stunt coordinator)
The Wind in the Willows~1995 (stunt performer)
Nothing Personal~1995 (stunts)
The Darkening~1995 (stunt coordinator)
GoldenEye~1995 (uncredited stunts)
Waterworld~1995 (stunts)
Judge Dredd~1995 (stunts)
Rob Roy~1995 (stunts)
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles~1994 (stunts; stunt performer; uncredited stunt double: Tom Cruise)
Black Beauty~1994 (stunts)
Being Human~1994 (stunts)
The Three Musketeers~1993 (stunts)
Son of the Pink Panther~1993 (stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Double X: The Name of the Game~1992 (stunts)
1492: Conquest of Paradise~1992 (stunts)
Alien³~1992 (stunts)

Far and Away~1992 (stunts: Tom Cruise - Ireland)
Under Suspicion~1991 (stunts)
Company Business~1991 (stunts)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991 (stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Young Soul Rebels~1991 (stunts)
Bullseye!~1990 (stunts)
Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound~1990 (stunt performer)
1871~1990 (stunts)
Henry V~1989 (uncredited stunts)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 (stunts)
Dream Demon~1988 (stunts)
The Beast of War~1988 (stunts)
Willow~1988 (stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Amsterdamned~1988 (stunts; uncredited stunt boat driver)
Empire of the Sun~1987 (stunts)
The Living Daylights~1987 (stunt double: horse stunts/Olivia D'Abo) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Labyrinth~1986 (stunt double: Jareth) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Photo from #27.10 of Never Mind the Buzzcocks hosted by Warwick Davis
Aliens~1986 (uncredited stunts)
Christmas Present~1985 (stunts)
Claudia~1985 (stunts)
Murder Elite~1985 (stunts)
The Bride~1985 (stunts: Sting)
Restless Natives~1985 (stunts/stunt arranger)
Legend~1985 (stunt double: Tom Cruise; stunts/doubles) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Scream for Help~1985 (stunts)
Supergirl~1984 (uncredited stunt performer) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Krull~1983 (uncredited stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman III~1983 (uncredited stunt performer) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Owain, Prince of Wales~1983 (stunts)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (uncredited additional stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman II~1980 (uncredited stunt performer) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman~1978 (uncredited stunt performer) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Spy Who Loved Me~1977 (uncredited stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 (uncredited stunts)
The Thief of Baghdad~1977 (uncredited stunts)

Film Sword Master
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 (post-production) (sword master)
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones~2002 (sword master)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 (sword master)

Film Thanks
5-25-77 (thanks)

Black Mirror~2016 - Roach in Men Against Fire
Star Wars: Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel~2015 (TV doc) - Himself
Never Mind the Buzzcocks~2013 - Himself as David Bowie (Labyrinth) Double in 27.10
Good Morning America~2005 - Himself in 2 May 2005
Star Wars: Feel the Force~2005 (doc) - Himself
R2-D2: Beneath the Dome~2001 (special short) - uncredited Himself
The Big Breakfast~1999 - Himself 7/16
Minder~1994 - Queen in A Fridge Too Far
Bottom~1991 - ? in Apocalypse
TECX~1990 - Luke/Luc in Rock a Buy Baby
EastEnders~1990 - Restaurant Manager in 27 March 1990
The Paradise Club~1989 - Nicky the Frost in Sins of the Father: Parts One and Two
Streetwise~1989 - Heavy in Stakeout
A Fine Romance~1989 - Brother Paul in Absence of Chalice
Mr. Palfrey of Westminster~1985 - Alec Thompson in episode: Music of a Dead Prophet
The Jim Davidson Show~1982 - in 4.3
Stuntman Challenge~1982 - Himself
Premiere~1979 - Angel in Story Without a Hero

TV Stunts
Gold Digger~2019 (stunt coordinator) (6 episodes)
The War of the Worlds~(in production) (stunt coordinator) 1.1-1.3
A Discovery of Witches~2018 (stunt coordinator) 1.1
Press~2018 (stunt coordinator) (6 episodes)
The Spanish Princess~? (stunt coordinator) (7 episodes)
Dark Heart~2018 (stunt coordinator) (6 episodes)
Kiss Me First~2018 (stunt coordinator):
     You Can Never Go Home
     The Witch Is Coming
The Alienist~2018 (stunt coordinator) Castle in the Sky
The Miniaturist~2017 (stunt coordinator) 1.1, 1.2
The Brave~2017
The White Princess~2017 (stunt coordinator) (8 episodes)
Rillington Place~2016 (stunt coordinator):
Black Mirror~2016 (stunt coordinator) Hated in the Nation
Guilt~2016 (stunt coordinator):
     What Did You Do?
     The Crown v Atwood
Undercover~2016 (stunt coordinator) 1.1-1.6
And Then There Were None~2015 (stunt coordinator) 1.1-1.3
Jekyll & Hyde~2015 (stunt coordinator) (10 episodes)
Da Vinci's Demons~2015 (stunt coordinator) (13 episodes)
Alt~2014 (stunt coordinator)
Burton and Taylor~2013 (stunt coordinator)
MI-5~2010 (stunt coordinator) 9.1-9.8
The Bill~1989-2010 (stunts/stunt performer: 1989) (stunt arranger: 1989-2006) (stunt coordinator: 1990-2010) (68 episodes)
Identity~2010 (stunt coordinator) (6 episodes)
Minder~2009 (stunt coordinator):
     A Matter of Life and Debt
     Better the Devil You Know
Spooks: Code 9~2008 (stunt coordinator)
Colditz~2005 (stunt coordinator)
R2-D2: Beneath the Dome~2001 - uncredited Himself
Broken Glass~1996 (stunt coordinator)
Bill: The Target~1996 (stunt arranger)
Pie in the Sky~1995 (stunts) Money Talks
Harry~1995 (stunt arranger) 2.1
The Tomorrow People~1994-1995 (stunt artist):
     The Rameses Connection: Part 5
     The Monsoon Man: Parts 1, 2, 5
Wild Justice~1994 (stunts)
Between the Lines~1993 (stunt performer) New Order
Lovejoy~1993 (stunt performer) The Kakiemon Tiger
Frank Stubbs~1993 (stunt arranger) Wheels
Taggart~1992 (stunts) Ring of Deceit
Forever Green~1992 (stunts) 2.12
El C.I.D.~1992 (stunt performer):
     The Lone Stranger
     Day of the Gato
     My Brother's Keeper
     Making Amends
Duel of Hearts~1991 (stunts)
Boon~1989-1990 (stunt performer):
     Trouble in the Fields
     Love Letters from a Dead Man
     (stunt arranger):
          The Dream
          The Incredible Theft
          The Third Floor Flat
          The Kidnapped Prime Minister
          The Lost Mine)
Doctor Who~1988 - (stunt coordinator: Silver Nemesis: Part Two)
Red Dwarf~1988
     (stunt coordinator):
          Stoke Me A Clipper
The One Game~1988 (stuntman):
Way Upstream~1987 (stunts)
Screen Two~1987 (stunt arranger) East of Ipswich
Floodtide~1987 (stunts)
Gulag~1985 (stunts: Malcolm McDowell)
Lace II~1985 (stunts)
The Bill~1984 (stunt coordinator)
A Pattern of Roses~1983 (stunts)
Owain Glendower, Prince of Wales~1983 (stunts)

TV Swordmaster
Da Vinci's Demons~2015
     (stunt coordinator; sword master)
          Liberum Arbitrium
          La Confessione Della Macchina
          Semper Infidelis

TV Director and Second Unit Director
The Spanish Princess~? (action unit director) 1.1
The White Princess~2017 (second unit director) In Bed with the Enemy
Undercover~2016 (second unit director) 1.1-1.4
Jekyll & Hyde~2015 (second unit director):
     Mr. Hyde
     The Harbinger
Da Vinci's Demons~2015 (second unit director) Ira Deorum

Live Performances
An Audience With Nick Gillard~2018 - Himself (Brighton Theatre Royal, Brighton, Sussex, England, UK)

Video Games
Privateer 2: The Darkening~1996 (stunt performer); uncredited Nurse Pemtur Douglas

Star Wars: Episode I - Insider's Guide~1999 (CD-Rom) - Himself

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Screen Actors Guild Awards:
2009 Nom Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture for Wanted (shared)
Guinness Book of Records:
1992 for Longest Fire Burn (over 2 minutes) for the Film Alien³ Note: he held this record until 2017 when Stuntman Joe Toedtling broke it by walking around set on fire for 5 minutes 41 seconds.
1988 - for 200-foot power boat jump over two bridges in Amsterdamned (1988) Note: the previous record for a boat jump on a set was for the film Live and Let Die (1974) - 110 feet.

Has been set on fire (for stunt work) over 100 times.

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