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Gleason, Paul

Paul Gleason

Photo by Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

Paul Gleason (né Paul Xavier Gleason) was born to George L. Gleason (a restaurateur/boxer/iron worker/roofing manufacturer) and Eleanor Gleason (neé Doyle - a nurse) on May 4, 1939 in Jersey City, New Jersey and raised in Miami, Florida.
Gleason attended North Miami Beach High School, in 1955 (at age 16) he ran away from home and hitched across the east coast and played baseball. He returned home and continued his education, eventually attending Florida State University where he played football. In 1959 he signed with the Cleveland Indians minor league baseball team system and played in 1959 and 1960 seasons.

In 1960, during a west coast trip with the Indians, Gleason met Ozzie Nelson (Ozzie and Harriet TV show) which led to an appearance on the show.  This inspired him to get some training under his belt so he moved to New York City where he joined the Actors Studio, studied with his mentor Lee Strasberg for four years, then moved to Los Angeles.

Gleason died on May 27, 2006 of pleural mesothelioma (rare lung cancer associated with asbestos).  He was survived by his wife, Susan Kehl, and their daughter, Caitlin, and his ex-wife, Candy Moore and their daughter, Shannon.

Book of Caleb~2008 - James Paddington (his last role, released after his death)
Abominable~2006 - Sheriff Halderman
The Making of Bret Michaels~2002 - Himself
Van Wilder~2002 - Professor Ted McDoogle
Myersons, The~2001 - Dean Hanson
Organization, The~2001 - Death
Social Misfits~2001 - Warden Doyle
Not Another Teen Movie~2001 - Richard Vernon
Red Letters~2000 - Dean Van Buren
Giving Tree, The~2000 - Mr. Forrester
Best of the Best 4: Without Warning~1998 (V) - Father Gil
No Code of Conduct~1998 - John Bagwell
Day at the Beach~1998 - Detective Johnson
Time to Revenge, A~1997 - Major Whittmar
Money Talks~1997 - Pickett
Shadow Conspiracy~1997 - Blythe
Looking for Richard~1996 (doc) - Himself
Digital Man~1995 - Dr. Parker
Nothing to Lose~1994 - Elliot
There Goes My Baby~1994 (as Paul Xavier Gleason) - Mr. Burton
I Love Trouble~1994 - Kenny Bacon
Running Cool~1993 - Calvin Hogg
Waiter, The~1993 (short) - Father
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence~1993 - Hank Cooney
Boiling Point~1993 - Transaction Man
Wild Cactus~1993 - Sheriff Brenner
Loaded Weapon 1~1993 - FBI Agent Dwayne T. Robinson
Wishman~1991 - Silverstein
Rich Girl~1991 - Marvin Wells
Miami Blues~1990 - Sgt. Frank Lackley
Night Game~1989 - Broussard
Lifted~1988 -
Nightmare Beach~1988
Die Hard~1988 - Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson
Johnny Be Good~1988 - Wayne Hisler
She's Having a Baby~1988 - Howard
Hollywood-Monster (Ghost Chase)~1987 - Stan Gordon
Forever, Lulu~1987 - Robert
Morgan Stewart's Coming Home~1987 - Jay Le Soto
Breakfast Club, The~1985 - Principal Richard Vernon
Trading Places~1983 - Clarence Beeks
Tender Mercies~1983 - Reporter
MysteryDisc: Many Roads to Murder~1983 (V) - Stewart Cavanaugh
MysteryDisc: Murder, Anyone?~1982 (V) - Stewart Cavanaugh
Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, The~1981 - Remson
Arthur~1981 - Executive
Fort Apache the Bronx~1981 - Detective (see Actor Connections - Film)
He Knows You're Alone~1980 - Det. Frank Daley
Great Santini, The~1979 - Lt. Sammy
Vigilante Force~1976 - Michael J. Loonius
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze~1975 - Major Thomas J. 'Long Tom' Roberts
Little Laura and Big John~1973 - Sheriff
Hit Man~1972  - uncredited Cop
Where Does It Hurt?~1972 - Mr. Leffingwell's Aide (an Assistant DA?)

Private Duty Nurses~1971 - Dr. McClintock
Banning~1967 (uncredited) - Complaining Golfer
C'mon Let's Live a Little~1967 - uncredited Frat Boy
Winter A-Go-Go~1965 - Ski Resort Guest
Panic in Year Zero!~1962 - uncredited Gas Station Owner

Film Producer
The Book of Caleb~2008 (his last film)

Film Thanks
The Book of Caleb~2008 ("In Memory Of")

¡Hasta nunca, Doctor!~2011 - Himself in archive footage of Where Does It Hurt? (1972)
2005 MTV Movie Awards~2005 - Himself
George Lopez~2005 - Lou Powers in George to the Third Power
Cold Case~2005 - Stewart Adams in Blank Generation
Drake & Josh~2004 - Mr. Thompson in Honor Council
Malcolm in the Middle~2004 - Mystery Man in Reese Joins the Army: Parts 1 & 2
Dragnet~2003 - Matt Margolis in Sticks and Stones
Dawson's Creek~2003 - Larry Newman - Studio Producer in:
     Sex and Violence
     Day Out of Days
Sun Gods~2002 -
Guardian, The~2002 - Scott Kollbrenner in The Dark
Fastlane~2002 - Detective Lannigan in Get Your Mack On
Dead Last~2001 - Johnson the CIA Agent in The Mulravian Candidate
Cursed (The Weber Show)~2001 - Principal Squires in ...And Then Jack Became the Voice of the Cougars
District, The~2001 - Peter Wendt in Rage Against the Machine
Friends~2000 - Jack in The One That Could Have Been: Parts 1 & 2
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction~2000 - Kip Sherman - Comic book editor in Creep Comics
Diagnosis Murder~1999 - Detective in Seven Deadly Sins
Drew Carey Show, The~1999 - Judge #1 in Drew and the Gang Law
Veronica's Closet~1999 - Hank in Veronica's June Swoon
Chicago Hope~1999 - Tom McNeil in Home Is Where the Heartache Is
Melrose Place~1998 - Judge Nicholas in The Usual Santas
Nash Bridges~1998 - Mickey Tripp in Hardball
Lost on Earth~1997 - George Greckin (6 episodes)
Grace Under Fire~1997 - Stuart Wallace in  Finders Keepers
Walker, Texas Ranger~1997 - Dr. Harold Payton in Brainchild
NewsRadio~1997 - Steve Johnson in The Public Domain
Boy Meets World~1997 - Dean Borak in :
     Fraternity Row
     It's Not You... It's Me
Dark Skies~1996 - Nelson Rockefeller in The Awakening
Seinfeld~1994 - Cushman in The Opposite
One West Waikiki~1994  - Captain Dave Herzog (19 episodes)
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love~1994 -
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman~1994 - Henry Harrison in The Ides of Metropolis
Wonder Years, The~1992 - Arthur Jensen in Scenes from a Wedding
Majority Rule~1992 -
Tales from the Crypt~1992 - Detective Robins in The Reluctant Vampire
Murder, She Wrote~1989-1992 -
     Steve Morrison in  Murder in Milan
     Lt. Barney Claymore in  Thursday's Child
     Sterling Bose in The Error of Her Ways
False Arrest~1991 - Arthur Ross
L.A. Law~1991 - Coach John Lungren in Speak, Lawyers, for Me
Fourth Story~1991 - Lt. Hank Petkavich
Married People~1990 - in First Impressions
Hardball~1990 -  in The Cool Katt
Father Dowling Mysteries~1990 - Sam Byrne in The Stone Killer Mystery
B.L. Stryker~1990 - Cody in Winner Takes All
Spooner~1989 - Roland Hyde
21 Jump Street~1989 - Phil Daniels in Parental Guidance Suggested
Murder, She Wrote~1989 - Sterling Rose in The Error of Her Ways
Starting Now~1989  - Harold
Life Goes On~1989 - Stan Graber in The Baby-Sitter
Supercarrier~1988 - in Deadly Enemies (pilot ep)
Beauty and the Beast~1987 - Henry Dutton in Song of Orpheus
Falcon Crest~1987 - Andy Stryker in Cold Hands
Sidekicks~1987 - Fargo in The Worst of the Mohicans
Superior Court~1986 - Attorney
Gimme a Break~1986 - Mr. Kimball in The Scam
Equalizer, The~1986 - Greenleaf in  Tip on a Sure Thing
Miami Vice~1986 - Bunny Berrigan in When Irish Eyes Are Crying
A-Team, The~1984-1986 -
     Harry in The Trouble with Harry
     Roy Kelsey in Fire
Kate & Allie~1986 - Tom Fitzgerald in High Anxiety
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor~1985 - Jeremitt Towani

Anything for Love~1985 - Larry Worth
Dallas~1985 - Lt. Lee Spaulding in:
     Deeds and Misdeeds
     The Ewing Connection
     Terms of Estrangement
Doubletake~1985 - Howie Henley
Challenge of a Lifetime~1985 - John Schoonover
Magnum, P.I.~1980 - Ronnie Meeder/'Jacques Arnot' in Kiss of the Sabre
Hill Street Blues~1984 - Biff Lowe in:
     Low Blow
     Fuched Again
Riptide~1984 -
     Commander Phillip Everitt in Father's Day
     Detective Hallins in The Hardcase
Hardcastle and McCormick~1984 - Jack Fish in You Would Cry Too, If It Happened to You
A-Team, The~1984 - Roy Kelsey in Fire
Call to Glory~1984 - Marty Colby in Paper Tiger
Cagney & Lacey~1984 - Detective Crespi in A Killer's Dozen
Remington Steele~1984 - Sheriff Jeff 'Jed' Nebbins in Small Town Steele
Scarecrow and Mrs. King~1984 - Edson Ballon in Savior
Another Life~1982 - Lee Carothers
Ike: The War Years~1980 - Capt. Ernest 'Tex' Lee
Ike~1979 (mini) - Capt. Ernest 'Tex' Lee
Women at West Point~1979 - Major James T. Kirk (ha!)
All My Children~1976-1978 - Dr. David Thornton
Columbo~1975 - Parsons in Identity Crisis
McCloud~1974 - Detective with Broadhurst in The 42nd Street Cavalry
Adam-12~1971-1974 -
     John Suntor in Excessive Force
     Instructor Chuck Williams in Training Wheels
     Patrolman Arnold in Backup 1-L20
     Smitty in The Grandmothers
Banacek~1972 - Border Guard in No Sign of the Cross
Mission: Impossible~1972 - Blair in The Deal
Private Duty Nurses~1971 - Dr. McClintock
Then Came Bronson~1969 - Deputy in A Famine Where Abundance Lies
F.B.I., The~1968 - Officer Dan Ryan in The Butcher
The Invaders~1967 - Alien
Green Hornet, The~1967 - Paul Garret in Alias 'The Scarf'
It's About Time~1967 - Man in 20th Century Here We Come
Petticoat Junction~1966 - Military Policeman in Birdman of Shady Rest
Ozzie and Harriet~ -

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest~1973 -

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Afternoon TV Award:
Rec'd 1977 Best ? for All My Children
MTV Movie Awards:
Rec'd 2005 Bucket of Excellence Award for his role as Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club.

2012 - Reprised his role as "Breakfast Club" principal in A*Teens video Dancing Queen

1966 - Graduated from Florida State University - Where he also played football with fellow future actors Burt Reynolds and Robert Urich.

1961 - Made the decision to become an actor after watching Splendor in the Grass with his friend Jack Kerouac.

1959-1960 -  - Played minor league baseball for the Cleveland Indians minor league system: AAA teams: Wytheville Senators; Rutherford Country Owls, and the Selma Cloverleafs.

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