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Gnome, Barry

Barry Gnome
Mr. Gnome in 1971 while working for the Denning and Wild Supershow. Photo taken by Peter Cawthorn Lavery (

Barry Gnome (né Gwyn Lewis Rees) was born on March 7, 1914 in Halifax, Yorkshire County, England, UK.

Gnome married Miss Pat Carter (a showgirl) on Nov 13, 1957 in Bristol, England.

Gnome worked for a while as a clown and magician touring the UK -- He billed himself as the world's smallest magician.

Barry Gnome died on March 26, 1988.

Star Wars~1977 - Kabe, Bat alien (uncredited)

Snow White~1988 - Dozy (Bristol Hippodrome) Note: Barry came out of retirement to play the part of Dozy, but had to be taken to the hospital because of drowsiness.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~19?? - 19?? - Dozy (over 28 performances over the years)
Red Riding Hood~1954 -  (Grand, Doncaster)

Live Performances
Denning and Wild Supershow (Circus)
The Fossetts of England (Circus)~late 1950s - clown specialties

1955 - Courts in Bristol, England sought to block the marriage of Mr. Gnome (Gwyn Rees) to Miss Pat Carter (19) at the request of her parents who said she did not request permission to marry (needed for those under 21 years old). Mr. Gnome was quoted: "I have been fighting the battle of the little people all my life.  There is a prejudice and we don't stand a dog's chance. Pat has made up her mind and so have I and that ought to be the only thing that matters."  Pat did wait until she was 21 and the couple was married in 1957.

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