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Goldhar, Marvin

Marvin Goldhar

Marvin Goldhar was born to Murray Goldhar and Betty (Becky) White (Wishnefsky) on April 29, 1933 in Canada.  He had two brothers, Larry and Herb.

Marvin was primarily a voice work actor.

  He died on March 31, 2002 in Toronto, Canada. He was survived by his wife, Myrna (who passed away in 2012), and two grown children.

Nutcracker Prince, The~1990 - voices of Mr. Schaeffer/Mice/Guest #3/First Guard/Soldiers/Band Member #1/Contestant/Spectators
Big Deal~1985 - Larry Sr.
Hot Money~1983 - Ron Morrow
Deadline~1981 - Burt Horowitz
Running~1979 - Maloney
My Pleasure Is My Business~1975 - All the detectives
Offering, The~1966 - Jack

The Ripping Friends~2002 - voiced various characters in The Infernal Wedding
The Zack Files~2001 - Grandpa Maurice in Dinner with Grandpa
Club Land~2001 - Harry
The Busy World of Richard Scarry~1994-1997 - voiced various characters (39 episodes)
Gotti~1996  - Jerry Shargel
Raccoons, The~1985-1992 - voice of Cedric Sneer
Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean~1990  - Leona's Attorney
AlfTales~1989 - various characters
Legend of Zelda~1989 - various character voices (13 episodes)
Street Legal~1988 - Bob Wiener in:
     Act of Silence
     Whose Woods Are These
C.O.P.S.~1988 - voices of: Squeaky Kleen/Ian Oliver/Mr. Keen/Mayor Davis/Bug Man/Dr. Grosh/Councilman Joe Vargas (11 episodes)
Garbage Pail Kids~1988 - voice of various characters (11 episodes)
Starcom: The U.S. Space Force~1987 - General Von Dar (SHADO Starmada) (13 episodes)
Dinosaucers~1987 - voice of Bonehead/Bronto-Thunder
Bronto-Thunder from Dinosaucers
New Archies, The~1987 - voice of Mr. Weatherbee (see Actor Connections - TV)
Check It Out~1986 - Mr. Crudnick in Operation Bannister
Night Heat~1986 - Gareth Williamson in The Fighter
Deadly Business, A~1986 - Detective #1
Mafia Princess~1986 - Mogul
Ewoks~1985 - voices of Tromes/various characters
Droids~1985 - various characters
American Playhouse~1985 - voice of HX363/Computer in Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
The Raccoons~1985 - voices of Cedric Sneer/Herman Zechariah Stroll/J.P. Gordon/Mr. Moleman/Sid Leech/Henri de la Possum/Auctioneer/King/Reporter/Dick Ermine
Cedric Sneer of The Raccoons - Phot from
The Last Polka~1985 - Phil King
Heartsounds~1984  - Mr. Weinman
Littlest Hobo, The~1980-1984 -
    Sam Coleman in  Rodeo
    Gabe Telford in  Here's Joey Jackson
    Peter O'Brien in  Give My Regards to Broadway
Seeing Things~1982-1984 -
    Drew in  Looking Good
    Jerry Turnbull in  Eyes Too Big for His Stomach
A Paid Vacation~1979 - Wilder
Saturday Night Live~1979 - Sub/Reporter in The Pepsi Syndrome (with Richard Benjamin and Ricky Lee Jones)
King of Kensington~1977-1978 -
    Mr. Palermo in  Born to Boogie
    Freddie in  Tiny's Job
Cosmic Christmas, A~1977 - Snerk
That's Show Biz~1970 -
Hart & Lorne Terrific Hour, The~1970 -

Spring Thaw~1970 - (Playhouse Theatre, Montreal, Canada)
gettyimages© February 16, 1970  Toronto Star | Credit: Frank Lennon (502528323)
The Dodo Bird~1966 - (Colonnade Theatre, Toronto, Canada)
Holiday Song~1966 -

My Pleasure Is My Business

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