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Higgins, Colin

Colin Higgins

Colin Higgins (Colin Bernard Higgins?)

Higgins died in December of 2012

Note: Colin Higgins was found due to the efforts of Pablo Hidalgo. Thank you!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Baraber of Fleet Street~2007 - Elixir Sniffing Customer
Beach Boys~1999
Hope and Glory~1987 - Clive's Pal
And the Ship Sails On~1983 - Chief of Police
That Summer~1979 - Probation Officer
The Shout~1978
Star Wars~1977 - The original Wedge Antilles (Rebel Briefing room scene)

The Bill~2005 -
     Ray Neary in 364
     Mr. Ward in Bad for Your Health
     Roer Haggerty in Blame
     Terry Price in Jobs for the Boys
     Lawrence Scully in Luck of the Draw
     Lennie in Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers
EstEnders~2004 - Dave Lowery in 26 December 2004
Cambridge Spies~2003 - Porter in 1.1 and 1.4
Midsomer Murders~2003 - Mr. Miller in Painted in Blood
Elizabeth~2000 - William Cecil
Oliver Twist~1999 (mini) - Bookseller in Containing Fresh Discoveries, and Shewing That Surpirses, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone
Murder Most Horrid~1999 - Suit 2 in Frozen
Grange Hill~1999 - Mr. Norris in 22.8
The Vice~1999 - Burger Bar Man in Sons: Part 2
Bramwell~1997 - Angry Clergyman in 3.9
Kavanagh QC~1995 - Dr. Jeffrey Markham in The Sweetest Thing
London's Burning~1993 - Reg in 6.9
Lovejoy~1993 - Linklater in The Price of Fish
Birds of a Feather~1993 - Store Detective in Bang
The Darling Buds of May~1993 - Mr. Sowerby in Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine: Part 1
Jeeves and Wooster~1992 - Comrade Butt in Aunt Dahlia, Cornelia and Madeline (or, Comrade Bingo)
Minder~1991 - Alan in The Odds Couple
Paul Merton - The Series~1991- Mr. McNulty in 1.1
Murder East - Murder West~1990 - Stiller
The Bill~1984-1990 -
     Ted Howard in Something to Hide
     Lawrence Scully in Luck of the Draw
     Lennie in Funny Ol' Business Playing Cops and Robbers
Agatha Christie: Poirot~1989 - Skinner in The Problem at Sea
Around the World in 80 Days~1989 (mini) - Reporter in 1.1-1.3
Bomber Harris~1989 - Political Warfare Officer
Screen Two~1989 -
     Solicitor in Death of a Son
     Frank in Here is the News
Boon~1988 - Tennis Ball Man in Honourable Service
A Dorothy L. Sayers Mytery~1987 - Bright/Morecambe in Have His Carcase: Episode Two-Four
Lord Peter Wimsey~1987 - Bright
Chance in a Million~1986 - Larry in Winning Streak
Lace II~1985 - Mayor's Assistant
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple~1984 - Malcolm in The Body in the Library: Part 1
The Cleopatras~1983 - Seleucus in 80 BC
Brideshead Revisited~1981 (mini) - Partridge in:
     Sebastian Against the World
     Et in Arcadia Ego
The Good Companions~1980 (mini) - Harold Fenton in Supper at the Royal Standard
Crime and Punishment~1979 (mini) - Nicolay in Parts 1 and 3
Flambards~1979 (mini) - Johnson in Christina/The Blooding
Me You and Him~1979 - Colin
Blakes 7~1979 - Tak in Killer
People Like Us~1978 - Sydney Frith (7 episodes)
Play for Today~1973-1978 -
     Nicky in Nina
     Jim in Blooming Youth
Supernatural~1977 - Matt Johnson in Lady Sybil
Three Piece Suite~1977 - Callen in segment Entrance Fee
Softly Softly~1976 - Terrorist in There's Always Tomorrow
Angels~1976 - Gordon Massey in:
     Saturday Night
BBC2 Playhouse~1975-1976 -
     Pliceman in The Chauffeur
     Kevin in Diane
Shades of Green~1976 - Colin Wheeler in The Case for the Defence
The Naked Civil Servant~1975 - Thumbnails (seen here with John Hurt)
The Philanthropist~1975 - John
The Heist~1972 - Ridley

Two Gentlemen of Verona~1999 - The Duke/ Antonio (Cottesloe Theatre, London, England, UK)
Just Between Ourselves~1986 - (Palace Theatre, Watford, England, UK)
Conversations with my Father~1994-1995 - Finney the Book (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
Macbeth~1969-1970 - (Bristol Old Vic, Bristol, England, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)

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