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Hollis, John

John Hollis

John Bertie Wyn Hollis was born on November 12, 1927 to Gladys L. M. Webster in London, England, UK.  John had two brothers, Lyall and Alan.

Hollis died on October 18, 2005 in Cheshire, England after a long illness.  He was survived by his wife, Sheila. 

Race Against Time~2011 (V doc) - archive footage of Sondergaard
The Best of 'The Lenny Henry Show'~1990 - Himself
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace~1987- Russian General 3 (Kremlin) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Valhalla~1986 - voice of Hymer (English version)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 - uncredited as Ernst Stavros Blofeld (see Actor Connections - Film)
Aftermath~1980 (V) - Lom
Flash Gordon~1980 - Klytus Observer No. 2 (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman II~1980 - Krypton Elder (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Lobot 
Superman~1978 - 4th Elder (see Actor Connections - Film)
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The~1975 - Moriarty's Gunman (see Actor Connections - Film)
Ghost in the Noonday Sun~1973 - Kanaris
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter~1973 - Barman
Creatures the World Forgot~1971 - uncredited Masked Attacker
Freelance~1971 - Hartley
On the Run~1968 - Baldy
Casino Royale~1967 - uncredited Monk
Dirty Dozen, The~1967 - uncredited German porter at chateau (see Actor Connections - Film)

Esther~1999  - Harbona
Grange Hill~1996 - Frank in 19.12
Great Kandinsky, The~1995 - Cannonball
T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom~1990 - Beau Legge in Play It Again, Sal
Turn On To T-Bag~1988 - Fred Bloggs in Yeti
Strike It Rich!~1986 - Ginger the Barman in:
     Wildest Dreams
Lenny Henry Show, The~1985 - in 2.1
Badger Girl~1984 - Mr. Barker (8 episodes)
Diana~1984 - Croker in Part One - August 1930
Brass~1983 - Arthur in 1.5
Jackanory Playhouse~1982 - Baron Felderhoff in The Blacksmith's Son
James Bond Jr.~1981 - Blofeld  (see Actor Connections - TV)
Day of the Triffids, The~1981  - Alf
Blake's 7~1980 - Lom - Powerplay
Screenplay~1979 - Barricade Colonel in Gossip from teh Forest
The Dick Emery Show~1979 - in 17.4
When the Boat Comes In~1977 - Mr. Maxwell in The Empire Builders
Tomorrow People, The~1975 -
     Two Tone in Another for the Rich
     Two Tone in One Law for the Poor
The Stars Look Down~1975 - Clem Dickery in:
     Inherit the Earth
     Daily Bread
BBC Play of the Month~1973 - 1st Prisoner in Adventures of Don Quixote
The Onedin Line~1972 - Colly in 'Frisco Bound
Comedy Playhouse~1972 - Muller in And Whose Side Are You On?
Doctor Who~1971-1972 -
     Professor Sondergaard in Mutants, The (parts 3-6)  (see Actor Connections - TV)
Professor Sondergaard (John Hollis) and Doctor Who (Jon Pertwee) - Photo from
Armchair Theatre~1971 - Blond in The Detective Waiting
Avengers, The~1963-1968 -
    Zoltan in Legacy of Death
    Kanwitch in The Superlative Seven
    Sensai in The Cybernauts
    Markel in Warlock
Theatre 625~1968 - Ivan in The Pistol Shot
Boy Meets Girl~1967 - Dr. Szigeti in Matters of Honour
Softly, Softly~1967 - Dixon in James McNeil, Aged 23
The Saint~1963-1967 -
     Maximillian Tordoff in The Fast Women
     West in The Saint Plays with Fire
Adam Adamant Lives!~1966 - Calvert in Allah is Not Always with You
Out of the Unknown~1966 - Czesni in Too Many Cooks
ITV Play of the Week~1965 - Foster in Four Days to Fireworks
Legend of Death~1965 - Minolti in The Moving Maze
Dixon of Dock Green~1965 - Sims in Edward the Confessor (see Actor Connections - TV)
Crane~1963-1965 -
     Djiba in A Cargo of Cornflour
     Hamid in The Unwanted
Dr. Finlay's Casebook~1962 - Campbell in The Raiders
Espionage~1964 - Major in Some Other Kind of World  (see Actor Connections - TV)
The Wednesday Play~1964 - Sacramoro in Malatesta
The Valiant Varneys~1964 - in 1.8
No Hiding Place~1964 - Captain Larsen in Death of a Breadwinner
Maigret~1963 - ? in The Log of the Cap Fagnet
Man of the World~1962-1963 -
     Lt. Hang in The Enemy
     Lopez in The Sentimental Agent
Andromeda Breakthrough, The~1962 - Kaufman (6 episodes)
A Matter of Conscience~1962 - Second Convict
A for Andromeda~1961 - Kaufman
Television Playwright~1958 - Porter in The Waiting Room
You're a Long time Dead~1958 - The Groom

Saint~1995 - Orris in Saint Overboard
Hickey's Collapse~1994 - Mutt
Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew~1990 - Cabby
The Chancer~1987 -
Citizens~1987 - Joe
Sherlock Holmes~1978 - Insp. Lestrade in
   The Six Napoleons 8/13/78
    Charles Augustus Milverton 7/9/78
Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula~1981 - Ned Bridger (BBC Radio 4)
Look and Read's 'Badger Girl'~1984 - Eps 3-10 Running Away; The Badgerman; Lost on the Moor; The Secret Passage; ; Mick's Map; Finding the Ponies; Panic on the Lake; Stripey the Superbadger...respectively.
A Study in Scarlet~1974 - Inspector Lestrade
A Provincial Life~1970 - Vladimir Ivanov, a contractor
Night School~1966 - Walter (BBC Radio 3)
Milgrip's Progress~1969 - (BBC Radio 4) unknown in:
   The Guardian 11/9/69
    The Observer 11/8/63
    The Listener 11/13/63
Under the Loofah Tree~1958 8/3/58

Audio Plays
Midsummer Nights' Dream~1998 - Snout
Henry VI~1983 - Duke of Anjou (part 1)
Richard III~ - First Murderer
Taming of the Shrew~ - Gremio
Timon of Athens~ - 2nd senator/Old man
Winter's Tale~ - Archidamus

Enjoyed golf.

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