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Korman, Harvey

Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman (born Harvey Herschel Kormen) was born on February 15, 1927 in Chicago, IL.

Korman started acting professionally at the well-known Goodman Theatre in Chicago.  From there he went on to small Broadway roles, TV commercials and cartoon voice-overs (not the business then as it is now), and a big break on the Danny Kaye Show in 1963.

It was The Carol Burnett Show and his teaming with funnyman Tim Conway that set him apart, winning 3 Emmys and 1 Golden Globe award.  In the years that followed he had his own show and made appearances on Mama's Family (spin-off from a sketch on the CB Show) and several Mel Brooks' films.

Korman toured with Tim Conway until 2007.

Korman had been married twice, Donna Ehlert (1960 - 1977 div), with two children (Maria Ellen Korman - 7/31/65; Christopher Peter Korman - 5/24/67) then Deborah Fritz (1982 - to his death) with two children.  Korman has three grandchildren produced by Chris and Maria, who had twins.

Korman died on May 28, 2008 due to complications from a rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm 4 months earlier.

Back in the Saddle~2001 (V) - Himself
The Ruby Princess Runs Away~2001 (short) - voice of Hapgood the Dragon
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas~2000 - Colonel Slaghoople
Gideon~1999 - Jacob Titleman
Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure~1999 (V) - voice of Professor von Klupp
Tim and Harvey in the Great Outdoors~1998 (V) - Himself
The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue~1998 (V) - voice of  Floyd
Jingle All the Way~1996 - President
Dracula: Dead and Loving It~1995 - Dr. Jack Seward
Radioland Murders~1994 - Jules Cogley
The Flintstones~1994 - voice of Dictabird
Betrayal of the Dove~1993 - Sid
Munchies~1987 - Cecil Watterman/Simon Watterman
The Longshot~1986 - Lou
Curse of the Pink Panther~1983 - Prof. Auguste Balls
Trail of the Pink Panther~1982 - Prof. Auguste Balls
History of the World: Part I~1981 - Count de Monet
First Family~1980 - U.N. Ambassador Spender
Herbie Goes Bananas~1980 - Captain Blythe
Americathon~1979 - Monty Rushmore (performs: "Gold", and "My Life")
High Anxiety~1977 - Dr. Charles Montague
Pink Panther Strikes Again~1976 - Prof. Auguste Balls (scenes deleted)
Huckleberry Finn~1974 - The King (performs: "Royalty", and "The Royal Nonesuch")
Blazing Saddles~1974 - Hedley Lamarr (performs: "Hail to the Chief")
The April Fools~1969 - Matt Benson
Don't Just Stand There!~1968 - Merriman Dudley
Three Bites of the Apple~1967 - Harvey Tomlinson
The Man Called Flintstone~1966 (voice) - Chief Mountmore/Green Goose/Triple X/Additional Voices
The Last of the Secret Agents?~1966 - German Colonel
Lord Love a Duck~1966 - Weldon Emmett
Son of Flubber~1963 - uncredited Husband in Commercial
Gypsy~1962 - uncredited Phil - Press Agent
Living Venus~1961 - Ken Carter
Carving Magic~1959 - uncredited Al

The Third Annual TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV~2005 - Himself
The Carol Burnett Show: Let's Bump Up the Lights~2004 - Himself
CBS at 75~2003 - Himself
Hollywood Squares~2003 - Himself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Passions~2002 - Himself
Carol Burnett: Show Stoppers~2001 - Himself
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child~2000 - voice of Lion in Aesop's Fables: A Whodunnit Musical
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command~2000 - voice of Gularis in Panic on Bathyos
The Wild Thornberrys~1999 - voice Earl in No Laughing Matter
Hey Arnold!~1998-1999 - voice of Don Reynolds in:
     Runaway Float/Partners
     Dino Checks Out
Hercules~1998 - Arismap in Hercules and the Griffin
The Roseanne Show~1998 - Himself
ER~1998 - Stan Levy in Stuck on You
Suddenly Susan~1997 - Jimmy in The Old and the Beautiful
Perversions of Science~1997 - The Farmer in Panic
Diagnosis Murder~1997 - Harvey Huxley in Comedy Is Murder
Ellen~1996 - The Therapist in Harold and Ellen
Burke's Law~ 1995 - Dr. John Richmond in Who Killed the King of the Country Club?
The Cartoon Cartoon Show~1995 - voice of O.Ratz/Restaurant Owner in O. Ratz: Rat in a Hot Tin Can
Garfield and Friends~1994 - voice of Professor Lamar in:
     My Fair Feline/Double Trouble Talk/Half-Baked Alaska
     Change of Mind/Temp Trouble/The Perfect Match
Based on an Untrue Story~1993 - Dr. Meir
The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion~1993 - Himself
The Golden Palace~ 1992 - Bill in Marriage on the Rocks with a Twist
Later with Bob Costas~1990 - Himself
The Nutt House~1989 - Reginald Tarkington (10 episodes)
Crash Course~1988 - Abner Fraser
Circus of the Stars #13~1988
This Is Your Life~1987 - Himself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson~1987 - Himself
The Flintstones' 25th Anniversary Celebration~1986 - Co-Host
Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills~1986 - Leo Green (6 episodes)
George Burns Comedy Week~1985 in The Couch
The Cracker Brothers~1985 -
Alice in Wonderland~1985 - White King (performs: "The Lion and the Unicorn")
Rodney Dangerfield Exposed~1985 - various characters
Mama's Family~1983-1985 -
     Ed Higgins
     Carl Harper/Alistair Quince
The Love Boat~1982-1985 -
     Cabot Fairfield in Roommates...
     Harvey Willis in When Worlds Collide... Parts 1 and 2
     Emmett Stokes in Spoonmaker Diamond, The/Papa Doc/The Role Model/Julie's Tycoon: Parts 1        and 2
Gone Are the Dayes~1984 - Charlie Mitchell
Carpool~1983 - Wendell Brooks
The Invisible Woman~1983 - Carlisle Edwards
Eunice~1982 - Ed
The Tim Conway Show~1980
Bob Hope for President~1980
The John Davidson Christmas Show~1978
The Star Wars Holiday Special~1978 - Krelman/Chef Gormaanda/Amorphian instructor/Life On Tatooine Announcer Voice/Dromboid
Harvey Korman as Krelman and SWAD actress Bea Arthur as Ackmena - Photo from
Bud and Lou~1978 - Bud Abbott
ABC Saturday Comedy Special~1978
America 2-Night~1978 - Himself in Celebrity Night
The 30th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards~1978 - Himself
The Harvey Korman Show~1978 - Himself/Host
How to Survive the 70s and Maybe Even Bump Into Happiness~1978
Snavely~1978 - Henry Snavely
The Harvey Korman Show~1977-1978 - Harvey A. Kavanaugh (6 episodes)
The Carol Burnett Show~1967-1977 - Co-star in Various Characters (244 episodes)
The Carpenters at Christmas~1977 - Himself
The Love Boat~1976 - Willard
The Muppet Show~1976 - Himself/guest
Insight~1974 - Matt Slovak in Crunch on Spruce Street
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson~1972 - Himself
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour~1971 - Himself (performs: "She Was A Vamp")
Suddenly Single~1971 - Conrad
The Carol Burnett Show in London~1970
Three's a Crowd~1969 - Doctor Pike
The Hollywood Squares~1969 - Himself 8/4/69
The Wild Wild West~1968 - Baron Hinterstoisser in The Night of the Big Blackmail (# 4.1) 9/27/68
The Steve Allen Comedy Hour~1967 - Himself 5 July 1967
The Danny Kaye Show~1966 - Giovanni's Son in 3.26 and 4.14; and performs: "Men of Sheik Ech Mech" in 3.27/ "Auld Lang Syn" in 3.15)
F Troop~1966 - Colonel Heindreich von Zeppel in Bye, Bye, Balloon
The Hero~1966 - Ralph Rayburn in The Big Return of the Little Eddie
Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?~1966 - The Mad Hatter
The Flintstones~1964-1966 - voice of The Great Gazoo (13 episodes)
The Munsters~1964-1966 -
     Prof. Fagenspahen in Prehistoric Munster (# 2.25) 3/10/66
     Dr. Leinbach in Yes, Galen, There is a Herman
     Lennie Bates in Family Portrait
     Professor Fagenspahen in Tin Can Man
The John Forsythe Show~1965 - H. H. Hopper in Duty and the Beast
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1965 - Brownie in The Adventures of Gallegher (6 episodes)
Gidget~1965 - Joe Hanley in Daddy Come Home
The Lucy Show~1962 - in Lucy at Marineland
The Munsters~1964 - Dr. Leinbach in Yes, Galen, There Is a Herman
The Jack Benny Program~1950 - 2nd Salesman in Jack Has Dog Trouble
The Lucy Show~1964-1965 -
     Mr. Grayson in Lucy at Marineland
     Mr. Phillips in Lucy the Stockholder
     Mr. Slater  in Lucy, the Camp Cook
The Jack Benny Program~1950 - 1st Sergeant in Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault
The Further Adventures of Gallegher~1965 - Brownie
The Munsters~1964 - Lennie Bates in Family Portrait
The Jack Benny Program~1964 - Director in Jack Loses a Raffle
Hazel~1964 - Max Denton in Maid for a Day
The Eleventh Hour~1964 - Blake in Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree?
Arrest and Trial~1963 - Professor Belden in A Shield Is For Hiding Behind
Glynis~1963 - Harvey Korman in Three Men in a Tub
Sam Benedict~1962 - Reporter in Of Rusted Cannons and Fallen Sparrows (# 1.27) 3/23/63
The Danny Kaye Show~1963 - Himself
Dennis the Menace~1961-1963 -
     Mr. Griffin in My Four Boys
     Bowers in Haunted House
Route 66~1961-1963 -
     Mr. Mills in Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain
     Len Statler in The Quick and the Dead
Empire~1962 - Bunce in Pressure Lock
Perry Mason~1962 - Coleman in The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle
The Donna Reed Show~1960-1962 -
     Carter Melville in Rebel with a Cause
     Dr. Allison in Who needs Glasses?
     Headwaiter in Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster~1962 - Mr. Rembar in The Acting Game
The Untouchables~1962 - Resident in Bird in the Hand
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor~1962 - Gibson Holly in The Jagged Edge
Dr. Kildare~1961-1962 - Dr. B.R. Liebman in:
     The Burning Sky
     My Brother, the Doctor
     Second Chance
     A Shining Image
Surfside 6~1962 - Prosecutor in Green Bay Riddle
The Red Skelton Hour~1961 - Artie in Appleby's Office Party
Dennis the Menace~1961 - Bowers in Haunted House
Adventures in Paradise~1961 - in Flamin' Lady
Hennessey~1961 - Dr. Don Spright in The Gossip Go-Round
Route 66~1961 - Len in The Quick and the Dead

TV Director
Carol, Carl, Whoopi, and Robin~1987
Mama's Family~1983
The Harvey Korman Show~1978
The New Dick Van Dyke Show~1971

TV Producer
The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion~1993 (co-exec producer)
Mama's Family~1983 (co-producer)
The Harvey Korman Show~1978 (executive producer)

TV Writer
The Harvey Korman Show~1978

Little Me~1970 - (Little Theatre on the Square, Sullivan, IL)
Light Up the Sky~1958 - (Equity Library Theatre/Royal Theatre, New York, NY)
See How They Run~1958 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Waiting For Godot~1957 - Vladimir (Studebaker Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Teahouse of the August Moon~1957 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Inherit the Wind~1957 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Bell, Book, and Candle~1957 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Janus~1957 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Roomful of Roses~1957 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Idiot's Delight~1956 - (Tucson, AZ)
Rainmaker~1956 - (Tucson, AZ)
Hamlet~1955 - Hamlet (Santa Monica Theatre Guild, Santa Monica, CA)
Hamlet~1950 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
All M Sons~1950 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Jason~1950 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Captain Brassbound's Conversion~1950 - Ensemble (City Center, NY, NY)
The Tower Beyond Tragedy~1950 - The King's Guard (Washington Square Theatre, NY, NY)
Harvey~1950 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Born Yesterday~1950 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
The Torch Bearers~1950 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Present Laughter~1950 - (Peninsula Players Theatre, Fish Creek, WI)
Henry IV: Part I~1949 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
A Sound of Hunting~1949 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
First Lady~1949 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Joan of Lorraine~1949 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Arsenic and Old Lace~1948 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Major Barbara~1948 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Macbeth~1948 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Time and the Conways~1948 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
Twelfth Night~1948 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
The Return of Rip Van Winkle~1947 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)
The Three Bears~1947 - (Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL)

Theatre Director
Separate Tables~1958

Live Performances
Together Again~2005 - Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (Tour)

Radio Commercials
GM Goodwrench Service~2002

Video Games (voice)
Flintstones Bedrock Bowling~2000 - Gazoo

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Emmy Awards:
Nom 1977 Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Variety or Music for The Carol Burnett Show
Rec'd 1976 Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Variety or Music for The Carol Burnett Show
Rec'd 1974 - Best Supporting Actor in Comedy-Variety, Variety or Music for The Carol Burnett Show
Nom 1973 Outstanding Achievement by a Supporting Performer in Music or Variety for The Carol Burnett Show
Rec'd 1972 Outstanding Achievement by a Performer in Music or Variety for The Carol Burnett Show
Rec'd Special Classification Achievements - Individuals (Variety Performances) for The Carol Burnett Show
Golden Globe Awards:
Rec'd 1975 Best Supporting Actor - Television for The Carol Burnett Show
Nom 1974 Best Supporting Actor - Television for The Carol Burnett Show
Nom 1973 Best Supporting Actor - Television for The Carol Burnett Show
Nom 1972 Best Supporting Actor - Television for The Carol Burnett Show
Television Academy Hall of Fame (Emmy special):
Inducted 2002 w/Tim Conway

Only actor to play a role in all of the Flintstone vehicles.

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