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LeFlore, Julius

Julius LeFlore

Julius T. LeFlore was born on March 25, 1954, in the South (?Mississippi).

LeFlore was married to Tena LeFlore (1974-1977).

Film Actor
In the Cut~2003 - Cursing Motorist
13 Moons~2002 - Julius
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow~1994 - Piano player
Undercover Blues~1993 - Novacek's Man
South Central~1992 - Prison Guard #1
Hell Comes to Frogtown~1988 - Squidlips
The Monster Squad~1987 - Squad Room Cop #2
Maximum Overdrive~1986 - uncredited Guy Falling from Motorcycle/Going Through Car Window

Vamp~1986 - Garbage Truck Driver
Silver Bullet~1985 - Smokey
Doin' Time~1985 - Murray
Night Shift~1982 - Franklin
Rocky III~1982 - Challenger

Film Crew
Secret Agent OO Soul~1990 (underscoring director and producer)

Film Director
Secret Agent OO Soul~1990

Film Director - Second Unit
Trade~2006 (second unit director)
Waist Deep~2006 (second unit director)
Chasing Papi~2003 (second unit director)
A Rage in Harlem~1991 (second unit director)

Film Producer
Secret Agent OO Soul~1990 (produer/executive producer)

Film Writer
Secret Agent OO Soul~1990

Film Stunts
All-Star Weekend~2019 (stunt coordinator)
Blood Type~2018 (stunt driver)
Alex & The List~2018 (stunt coordinator)
Megachurch Murder~2015 (stunt coordinator)
The Canyons~2013 (stunt coordinator)
Hirokin: The Last Samurai~2012 (stunt coordinator)
3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom~2012 (stunt coordinator)
Down for Life~2009 (stunt coordinator)
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish~2009 (V) (stunt coordinator)
Next Day Air~2009 (stunt coordinator)
Trade~2007 (stunt coordinator)
Saw III~2006 (stunt coordinator)
Something New~2006
Dani and Alice~2005 (stunt coordinator)
Rhythm City Volume One: Caught Up~2005~V (stunt coordinator)
In the Cut~2003 (stunt coordinator)
Chasing Papi~2003 (stunt coordinator)
Ali G Indahouse~2002~stunt coordinator: Los Angeles) (stunts)
Double Bang~2001 (stunts)
Crazy as Hell~2002 (stunt coordinator)
Firetrap~2001 (stunt coordinator)
The Brothers~2001 (stunt coordinator)
Cruel Intentions 2~2000~V (stunt coordinator)
Memento~2000 (stunt coordinator)
What's Cooking?~2000 (stunt coordinator)
Body and Soul~2000 (stunt coordinator)
Shadow Hours~2000 (stunt coordinator)
Final Voyage~1999 (stunts)
Foolish~1999 (stunt coordinator)
Star Trek: Insurrection~1998 (stunts)
Belly~1998 (stunt coordinator)
Judas Kiss~1998 (stunt coordinator)
The Real Howard Spitz~1998 (stunts/stunt coordinator)
I Got the Hook Up~1998 (stunt coordinator)
City of Angels~1998 (stunts)
Caught Up~1998 (stunt coordinator)
Love Kills~1998 (stunt coordinator)
A Life Less Ordinary~1997 (stunts)
Back in Business~1997 (stunt coordinator)
Sprung~1997 (stunt coordinator) (stunts)
Gridlock'd~1997 (stunt coordinator)
Mars Attacks!~1996 (stunts)
Down Periscope~1996 (stunts)
For Better or Worse~1996 (stunts)
Friday~1995 (stunt coordinator)
There Goes My Baby~1994 (stunt player)
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow~1994 (stunt coordinator)
Clean Slate~1994 (stunts)
On Deadly Ground~1994 (stunts)
Undercover Blues~1993 (stunts)
Posse~1993~utility stunts)
Amos & Andrew~1993 (stunts)
Dr. Giggles~1992 (stunts)
South Central~1992 (stunt coordinator)
Sneakers~1992 (stunts)
Unlawful Entry~1992 (stunts)
Class Act~1992 (stunts/stunt coordinator)
White Men Can't Jump~1992 (stunt coordinator)
Driving Me Crazy~1991 (stunts)
House Party 2~1991 (stunt coordinator)
A Rage in Harlem~1991 (stunt coordinator)
House Party~1990 (stunts)
Secret Agent OO Soul~1990 (stunts)
The First Power~1990 (stunts)
House Party~1990 (stunts)
Traxx~1988 (stunts)
Die Hard~1988 (stunts) (as Julius Le Flore)
Colors~1988 (stunts)
Action Jackson~1988 (stunts)
Date with an Angel~1987 (stunts)
Weeds~1987 (stunts)
Innerspace~1987 (stunts)
Number One With a Bullet~1987 (stunts)
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold~1987 (stunts)
The Big Easy~1987 (stunts)
Wisdom~1986 (stunts)
Choke Canyon~1986 (stunts)
Maximum Overdrive~1986 (stunts)
Legal Eagles~1986 (stunts)
Invaders from Mars~1986 (stunt marine)
Silver Bullet~1985 (uncredited stunt coordinator/werewolf stunts)
Marie~1985 (stunt coordinator)
Cat's Eye~1985 (stunts)
City Heat~1984 (stunts)
Exterminator 2~1984 (stunts)
Ghostbusters~1984 (stunts)
Firestarter~1984 (stunts)
Police Academy~1984 (stunts)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - (stunt double: Lando Calrissian - you can see him with the black gloves, Billy Dee Williams doesn't have gloves/uncredited stunt performer); Skiff Master; Yotts Oren; Biker Scout; Stormtrooper

Blue Thunder~1983 (uncredited stunts)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High~1982 (stunts)
The Sword and the Sorcerer~1982 (stunts)
Underground Aces~1981 (stunts)
The Exterminator~1980 (stunt double: Jefferson)
A Piece of the Action~1977 (uncredited stunts)
King Kong~1976 (uncredited stunts)
Drum~1976 (stunts)
The Towering Inferno~1974 (uncredited stunts)
Earthquake~1974 (uncredited stunts)

L.A. Doctors~1999 - Prison Guard #3 in The Life Lost in Living
Renegade~1993 - Gunman #2 in Headcase
Ring of the Musketeers~1992 - 2nd Federal Agent
The Renegades~1983 - Skull in Back to the School
Man from Atlantis~1977 - Minion in The Disappearances

TV Stunts
Wuthering Heights~2003 (stunt coordinator)
Hollywood Stuntmakers~1999 - Episode #1.0~1999 (stunt coordinator)
Zooman~1995 (stunt coordinator)
Gridlock~1980 (stunts)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
2005 Won Best Specialty Stunt for Taxi (shared)

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