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Liston, Ian

Ian Liston

Ian Liston was born August 4, 1948, in Crosby, Merseyside, England, UK.  

Liston started his own theatre company called Hiss & Boo which has kept him busy since 1977.  The company produces plays, musicals, children's shows and variety shows.

In 2003, Liston had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, they gave him a short amount of time to live, but he had looked into other alternatives and found a place which specialized in trials (Royal Marsden Hospital) which shrank the tumor(s). He went on to live another 13 years before passing away from prostate cancer on October 1, 2016.

He is survived by his wife Vivian, they lived in Bolny, West Sussex, England, UK.

Defining Shadows~2007 (V short) - 'Hero'
Captain Jack~1999 - Coast Guard
White Nights~1985 - Co-pilot (in the crashing plane)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Wes Janson - Wedge's Gunner/AT-AT Driver

Scum~1979 - Mr. Arthur White - Prison Catering Officer

A Bridge Too Far~1977 - Sergeant Whitney (see Actor Connections - Film)
Overlord~1975 - Barrack Guard

The Breaking of Bumbo~1970 - Fourth Student

I Love Christmas~2001 - Himself
Bugs~1997 - Agent in:
     Thel Revenge Effect
     Blaze of Glory
Silent Witness~1997 - M.C. in Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Part 1
Call Red~1996 - Football Manager
It Could Be You~1995 - The Newspaper Editor
Bramwell~1995 - M.C. - The Music Hall Chairman in 1.2
Peak Practice~1993 -
The Bill~1991-1995 -
     Wilson in Quits
     D.I. Coleman in The Chase
Crossroads~1982-1989 - Ron Brownlow in:
     4 November 1985
Play For Today~1983 - N.C.O. Driver in Rainy Day Women
Juliet Bravo~1982 - DI Jim Yates in Cause for Complaint
Brookside~1982 -
Juliet Bravo~1982 - DI Jim Yates in Cause For Complaint
I Remember Nelson~1982 - Marine Sergeant (right) in Battle (see Actor Connections - TV)
Armchair Thriller~1981 - Policeman in The Chelsea Murders
Escape~1980 - in Hijack to Mogadishu
Thundercloud~1979 - Corporal Ginnings in Pigs Might Fly
Doctor Who~1979 - Hero/voices of Damage Control/Pilots in The Armageddon Factor: Part 1 (see Actor Connections - TV)
The Professionals~1978 - Security Man in Blind Run
1990~1977 - Talbot in Whatever Happened to Cardinal Wolsey?
Secret Army~1977 - Bartle in Lisa - Codename Yvette
Warship~1974-1977 -
     L/Sea. Lovel in Jack Fell Down
     Harry Shotton in Distant Waters
Bill Brand~1976 - Young Socialist in Rabbles
The Onedin Line~1971 - Young Sailor in Quarantine
Withing These Walls~1975 - Barry Wells in Let the People See
Barlow~1975 - Johnny in Away
My Name is Harry Worth~1974 - Yobbo in The Family Reunion
Coronation Street~1974 - Danny Burrows in 1.1374
Z Cars~1973-1974 -
     PC Naylor in Dinner Break
     David Johnson in Inspector Lynch
The Brothers~1974 - Wilkins in The Hammond Account
Dixon of Dock Green~1974 - Wally Hutton in Knocker
Softly Softly: Task Force~1973 - Yeats in Singed Off
South Sea Bubble~1956 - Sir Thomas Blunt

Crossroads~1981-1985 - Ron Brownlow (
Hiss Boo Company~1977 (founder and director)
Hiss Boo Company Old Time Music Hall "The Best of British Music Hall" - Mr. Chairman (over 3000 performances)
The Dame of Sark~ - (London and Canada tour)
A Bird in the Hand~ -
Jack and the Beanstalk~1982 - (Beck Theatre, Hayes)
Dick Whittington~1984 - (Orchard Theatre, Dartford)

Theatre Director
Peter Pan
Snow White

Theatre Producer/Presenter
Come Rain, Come Shine~2001
Groucho: A life in Revue
Season's Greetings
Shakespeare Revue, The Double Act
Music Hall Concert
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
An Ideal Husband
The Mr. Men Musical

The Archers
Wrote several radio plays for BBC Radio 4
The Gabriel Hounds~1975 - (cast)

Actors & Performers Yearbook: Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio 2016~2016 (section: Agents and casting directors - Marketing yourself: a producer's viewpoint by Ian Liston)

Social Media (unknown how long this will remain working due to his passing in 2016)
Official Site:
Wes Janson

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