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Maguire, Oliver

Oliver Maguire

Oliver Maguire was born in the small town of Magherafelt in Londonderry County, Ireland, UK. He had a brother, Patsy 'Sticky' Maguire.

Oliver Maguire died on January 10, 2012 in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland. He was survived by his wife Caroline Maguire (née Fitzgerald - a theatre director), his siblings Eugene and Julie

Bloody Sunday~2002 - RUC man
Coolockland~2000 - Papa Hemmingway
Making Ends Meet~1999 - Fred Geraghty
Angela's Ashes~1999 - Confession Priest
Double Carpet~1999 - Tyrell
Resurrection Man~1998 - Harbour Bar Drunk
Love & Rage~1998 - Hotel Manager
The Boxer~1997 - Prison Governor
The Last of the High Kings~1996 - Billy
Some Mother's Son~1996 - Frank Maguire
Snakes and Ladders~1996 - 1st Interviewer
Nothing Personal~1995 - Marty
Widows' Peak~1994 - Chief Inspector Killkelly from Limerick
In the Name of the Father~1993 - Detective
No Flowers~1990 (short) - Michael
Hidden Agenda~1990 - Supt. Fraser
The End of the World Man~1986 - Newsagent
Educating Rita~1983 - Tutor
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Lt. Cabbel - Imperial Officer
The Thirty-Nine Steps~1978 - Martins
The Haunting of Julia~1977 - Nurse
Nasty Habits~1977- Policeman
Hennessy~1975 - Mick
Butley~1974 - Train Passenger

Pure Mule~2005 - victor Brennan in Therese
Omagh~2004 - Father Duffy
Proof~2004 - Barber in 1.3
Bachelors Walk~2003 - Russell in 2.2-2.4
The Ambassador~1999 - Hensey in Unholy Alliance
Vicious Circle~1999 - Caretaker
Her Own Rules~1998 - Constable Carter
Falling for a Dancer~1998 - Father Young
Bogwoman~1997 -
Ballykissangel~1996 - McKenna in Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent
Kidnapped~1995 - Prison Governor
The Old Curiosity Shop~1995 (mini) - Stout Gentleman
The Hanging Gale~1995 - Mr. Denny in 1.1-1.2
The Governor~1995 - Fielding in 1.4
The Love She Sought~1990 - Dr. ONeill
Shoot to Kill~1990 - Detective Superintendent Thomas George Anderson
Dick Francis: Twice Shy~1989 - Patrick Donovan
Act of Betrayal~1988 - IRA Chief
God's Frontiersmen~1988 - Editor
Final Run~1988 - Headmaster in 1.1
Echoes~1988 - Tutor in 1.4
The Rockingham Shoot~1987 - Sergeant
The Ted Kennedy Jr. Story~1986 - Joseph O'Brien
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes~1985 - Inspector Gregson in The Greek Interpreter
We'l Support You Evermore~1985 - Norman
Cover Her Face~1985 (mini) - DS Dick Daniel 1.3 and 1.4
The End of the World Man~1985 - Newsagent
The Price~1985 (mini) - McLaughlin in 1.6
Inside~1985 - Dr. Flanagan in:
     Strike Action
     24 Hours
Children in the Crossfire~1984 - Father Gene
Play for Today~1972-1984 -
     Priest in The Cry
     Detective in Iris in the Traffic, Ruby in the Rain
     Stephen Gallagher in Chance of Lifetime
     Kelly in Man Above Men
     Major Crawford in Carson Country
Bognor~1982 - Harigan in Just Desserts: part 1 - Scott Not
Angels~1979 - Mr. Merril in 5.1 and 5.3
The Tomorrow People~1979 - Thargon General in War of the Empires: Parts 1, 3, and 4
Bless Me Father~1978 - Monsignor in The Bells of St Jude's
Doctor Who~1978 - Shrieve in The Ribos Operation: Parts 1-4
Doctor on the Go~1977 - Seamus in Happy Ever After
The XYY Man~1977 - Don Stevens (8 episodes)
Nasty Habits~1977 - Policeman
The Ash Tree~1975 - William Beresford
Oil Strike North~1975 -Dave Brewer in The Fatal Hours: Part 2
Churchill's People~1975 - Aidan in Coming of the Cross
The Nearly Man~1975 - Jack in Millie: May 1975
BBC2 Playhouse~1975 - Rooney in Diane
Father Brown~1974 - Ahston Jarvis in The Actro and the Alibi
Armchair Theatre~1974 - Brian Menton in According to the Rules
Six Days of Justice~1973 - P.C. O'Hagan in A Little Local Knowledge
A War of Children~1972 - Ian McCullum
Fenn Street Gang~1971 - Policeman in Horses for Courses
Island of the Great Yellow Ox~1971 (mini) - The Storyteller in 1.1-1.3
Doctor at Large~1971 - Detective in It's the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure
Paul Temple~1971 - British Agent in Paper Chase
Boatman Do Not Tarry~1968 - Johnson
Mogul (The Troubleshooters)~1966 - Pilot in Troubled Waters
Thirty-Minute Theatre~1966 - Philip in The Sugar Cube
The discovery of Television~1966 (doc) - voice

Late Henry Moss~2003 - (Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
Waiting for Godot~1989 - (Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Ireland, UK)
Boss Grady's Boys~1988 - Father (Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
Dialann Ocrais~1987 - (Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
Oval Machine, The~1986 - Bill McGinley (Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme~1985 - George Anderson (Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
Many Young Men of Twenty~1983 - (Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, UK)
The Hidden Curriculum~1983 - (Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
Kill~1982 - Tony Sleehuan (Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty~1982 - Stanley (Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
Wind That Shook the Barley, The~1981 - Walter (Oscar Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
Dockers~1981 - John Graham (Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
And Then Came Jonathan~1980 - Tord Brunius (John Player Theater, Dublin, Ireland)
Crooked in the Car Seat~1979 - Pearse Crowe (Eblana Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
The Plough and the Stars~1977 - Captain Brennan (Olivier Theatre, London, England, UK)
Lavender Blue~1977 - Jimmo (Cottesloe Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Merry-Go-Roung~1973 - (Royal Court Theatre, London, England, UK)
Uncle Vanya~1970 - (Royal Court Theatre, London, England, UK)
Inside Out~1969 - (Royal Court Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew~1965 - Graceless Strongbody/Man-at-Arms (Aldwych Theatre, London, England, UK)
Merchant of Venice, The~1964 - Leonardo (Palace Theatre, Plymouth, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Macbeth~1964 - Standard Bearer (see Actor Connections - Theatre)

The Monkey's Paw~2009 - Mr. White
Father and Son~1997 - Read by Oliver Maguire
Mustn't Forget High Noon~1989 - Billy Maltseed
Saturday Night Theatre: Gone to Pot~1987 - ?
Melody Moore~1979 - ?
Noll - A Portrait of Oliver Gold-smith~1978 - ?
I Knock at the Door~1978 - ?

Uncle of actress Mavis Nicholson

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