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Malcolm, Christopher

Christopher Malcolm

 Christopher Malcolm, AKA Chris Malcolm was born to William Malcolm (a farmer and occasional insurance salesman) and Paddy English on August 19, 1946 in Aberdeen, Scotland. He was the second of four children.
The family moved to Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, where they settled on a farm. Malcolm started at the University of British Columbia, but dropped out to build the new Powerhouse Theatre in Vernon where he started acting. A failed relationship during the last of his teen years he left Canada by boat and returned to the UK to live with his grandmother.

Malcolm died on February 15, 2014 in London, England, UK. He was survived by his wife, actress Judy Lloyd, three children, Morgan, Marlon, and Nell, and a grandson, as well as by two brothers, his sister predeceased him.

Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not!~1998 - (V) Justin
Eat the Rich~1987 - Steinbeck (see Actor Connections - Film)
Whoops Apocalypse~1988 - Gallagher (see Actor Connections - Film)
Labyrinth~1986 - Father (see Actor Connections - Film)
Highlander~1986 - Kirk Matunas (see Actor Connections - Film)
Spies Like Us~1985 - Jumpmaster (see Actor Connections - Film)
King David~1985 - Doeg
Rustlers' Rhapsody~1985 - Jud
Lassiter~1984 - Quaid (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman III~1983 - 1st Miner (see Actor Connections - Film)
Reds~1981 - C.L.P. Party Member (see Actor Connections - Film)
Ragtime~1981 - Police Captain No. 2 (right) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Shock Treatment~1981 - Vance Parker the Security Guard
Dogs of War, The~1980 - Baker

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Zev Senesca (Rogue 2)
Great Riviera Bank Robbery, The~1979 - Serge
Force 10 from Navarone~1978 - Rogers (see Actor Connections - Film)

Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It, The~1977 - The Other CIA Man
Spiral Staircase, The~1975 - Policeman (see Actor Connections - Film)
Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The~1972 - Sean
Welcome to the Club~1971 - Pvt. Henry Hoe
Figures in a Landscape~1970 - Helicopter Observer
Desperados, The~1969 - Gregg (far left)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A~1968

Absolutely Fabulous~1992-2011 - Justin (11 episodes)
Daphne~2007 - Nelson Doubleday
Over Here~1996 - Murphy
Lovejoy~1994 - Texas Greenberg in Guns and Roses
Firm Friends~1992-1994 - Eddie Vincent in 1.1 and 1.2
War and Remembrance~1988 (mini) - Bunky Thurston (see Actor Connections - TV)
Moneymen, The~1987 - Samson
Comic Strip Presents, The~1984-1990 -
     Brother-in-Law in Les Dogs
     Cafe Owner in A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques  
Never Say Die~1987 - Chingascook in 1.2, 1.4-1.6
Pulaski: The TV Detective~1987- Tony in The Lone Granger
The Last Days of Patton~1986 - Major Ken Morgan (Hospital PAO)
Comic Strip Presents, The~1984 - in A Fistful of Travelers' Cheques
Beau Geste~1983 (mini) - Hank in 1.1, 1.4-1.6, 1.8
Only Fools and Horses~1983 - Chief of Security/Mad Axeman in Friday the 14th
We'll Meet Again~1982 - Master Sergeant Joe 'Mac' McGraw (10 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Whoops Apocalypse~1982 - Motorcycle Cop in How to Get Rid of It
Oppenheimer~1980 (mini) - Steve Nelson in 1.1 and 1.2 (see Actor Connections - TV)
Play for Today~1980 - Matt in Instant Enlightenment Including V.A.T.
Raffles~1977 - Barney Maguire in A Trap to Catch a Cracksman
Second Verdict~1976 - Mullaly in Lizzie Borden
It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow~1975 - American
Edward the King~1975 - American Attaché in The New World
Won't Write Home, Mom, I'm Dead~1975 - Hank
Thriller~1975 - Hank in Terror from Within
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1973/4 - Jock in Diamonds on Wheels Parts 1-3 (see Actor Connections - Film)
Harriet's Back in Town~1973 - Benjamin Finch in 1.95 and 1.96
The Protectors~1972 - Malloy in Disappearing Trick
Justice~1971 - Farrer in People Have Too Many Rights
ITV Playhouse~1971 - The First Officer in The Switch
Strange Report~1969 - Sloan in Report 3906: Cover Girls - Last Year's Model

Can't Pay, Won't Pay~1978 - (Half Moon Theatre, )
Shoot Up~1977 - (Greenwich Theatre, )
To Damascus~1975 - (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Thistlewood~1975 - (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The~1973 - Brad Majors (Royal Court Theatre, London...the original production) (with Tim Curry and Richard O'Brien)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show~1973 - The Original Brad Majors in the UK Production
Design For Living~1973/4 -   (Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road, Camden, London, England, UK)
Lulu~1971 (The Apollo Theatre, London, UK)
Richard III~1971 - (Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, UK)
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead~1971 - (Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, UK)
Cancer~1970 - Ralph/Effing (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
1969 - 1974
Museeka~ - (The Open Space Theatre, London, UK)
America Hurrah~ - (The Open Space Theatre, London, UK)
1969 - 1974
Lulu~ - (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Crete and Sergeant Pepper~1972 - Guard (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
The Unseen Hand~ - (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Tooth of Crime~ - (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Romeo and Juliet~1967 - Watch (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Twelfth Night~1966 - Attendant (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK)
The Revenger's Tragedy~1966 - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
Henry IV Parts I & II~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
Henry V~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
Hamlet~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
Macbeth~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
Coriolanus~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)
All's Well that Ends Well~ - (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- upon-Avon, UK)

Theatre Director
Footloose~2003/4 - (European/Rome tour)
The Rocky Horror Show~1992-2003.  South Africa, Argentina, US, Europe, UK)
Urban Gorilla Rock~1979

Theatre Producer
Oh What a Lovely War~2014
Our House~2008
Messiah~2003 - (The Old Vic, London, UK)
Footloose~2003 - (Europe)
The Rocky Horror Show~2000/01 (Circle in the Square Theatre, NY, NY)
Pajama Game~1999 (Victoria Palace, London, UK)
Steaming~1997 - (Piccadilly, London, UK)
The Rocky Horror Show~1996 - 2004 (European tour)
Ship of the Tongue~1992 (Shaftesbury Theatre, London, UK)
Salome~1990 (National/Phoenix Theatres, London, UK)
Napoleon - The American Story~1990 (Phoenix Theatre, London, UK)
The Rocky Horror Show~1992-1996; 1998-2000; 2002/3 (UK tour)
The Rocky Horror Show~1990/91 (Piccadilly, London, UK)
Greek~1989 - (Wyndhams, London, UK)
Single Spies~1988/9 - (National Theatre; The Queens, London, UK)
Decadence~1988 - (Wyndhams, London, UK)
Sink the Belgrano~1987 - (Half Moon Theatre and Mermaid Theatre, London, UK)
Frankie and Johnnie~1986 (Comedy Theatre, London, UK)
When I Was a Girl~1986/88 (Whitehall Theatre, London, UK)
Metamorphosis~1986 (The Mermaid Theatre, London, UK)
Viva~1985 - (Stratford East, UK)
Yakety Yak~1983/4 - (Half Moon Theatre and Astoria Theatre, London, UK)
Steaming~1983 - 1985 (Australian tour; Stratford East '81 - '83, London, UK)
Pal Joey~1980/1 - (Half Moon Theatre; Albery Theatre, London, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Disaster~1978 - (ICA, London, UK)

1990 - After co-producing the West End revival of Rocky Horror in 1990, the executive in charge of all subsequent worldwide productions.

1987 - Had an accident on his Norton motorcycle and spent five years with a fractured leg until he met a Swiss surgeon who repaired the leg, but he still walked with a limp.

1973 - Played Brad in the original production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in London.

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