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Mangan, Alf

Alf Mangan

Alf Mangan was born on October 21, 1916 to Herbert Alfred Mangan and Emily Jane Mangan (née Ingham) in Croyden, London, England, UK.

Alf Mangan died on June (?Jan) 16, 1988.

Dragonslayer~1981 - Urlander (see Actor Connections - Film)
Arabian Adventure~1979 -  Sulan (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 - Takeel - Snivvian (Snaggletooth) in Cantina
Carry On Girls~1973 - Audience Member
Mackintosh Man~1973 - uncredited Inmate
Mutiny on the Buses~1972 -
Scrooge~1970 - Walking Man on Street
Doctor in Trouble~1970 - Russian Trawler Crewman
Till Death Us Do Part~1969 - Scrap Man
Carry On Camping~1969 - Camper
Countess From Hong Kong~1967 -
Dirty Dozen~1967 -
Up the Junction~1967 - Barrow Boy (a Street-hawker)
Carry On Up The Khyber~1967 - Burpa
A Challenge for Robin Hood~1967 - Peasant
Casino Royale~1967 - Part of Crowd
Carry On Don't Lose Your Head~1967 - a Lowe (assistant executioner)
Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.~1966 - Escapee from Dalek Mine (front left; center back towards us)

The Sandwich Man~1966 - Man in Cafe
Wrong Box, The~1966 - uncredited Gravedigger
Carry On Cowboy~1965 - Towns-person
Catch Us If You Can~1965 - uncredited Butcher (left)
Operation Crossbow~1965 - Engineer
From Russia With Love~1963 - uncredited Gypsy
H.M.S. Defiant~1962 - uncredited Crewman
The Fast Lady~1962 - Motorcyclist
The Password is Courage~1962 - uncredited POW
Frightened City~1962 - uncredited Man on Scooter
Konga~1961 - uncredited Man in Crowd
Two Way Stretch~1960 - uncredited Prisoner
Gorgo~1960 - uncredited Dorkins Circus Food Vendor
Sheriff of Fractured Jaw~1959 - uncredited Saloon Patron (highlighted)
Danger Within~1959 - Italian Guard
Libel~1959 -
Our Man in Havana~1959 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Carlton-Browne of the F.O.~1958 - Delegate
A Tale of Two Cities~1958 - Man in Crowd
Gideon's Day~1958 - Man in Theatre
Blood of the Vampire~1958 - uncredited Cambolt Island Prisoner (left; second left)

A Night to Remember~1958 - Crewman
The Birthday Present~1957 - Prisoner (sewing) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Silent Enemy~1957 - Italian Crewman
Wicked as They Come~1956 - uncredited Photographer at French courthouse
The Lyons Abroad~1955 - uncredited Club Patron
White Fire (Three Steps to the Gallows)~1954 - uncredited Eddie - Dave Leary's Trainer (center)

Blake's 7~1980 - uncredited Labourer in Harvest of Kairos
How's Your Father?~1979 - 1st man in Library in The Older Woman
Life Begins at Forty~1978 - Delivery Man in Fit for Nothing
Z Cars~1971-1977 -
     Lorry Driver (uncredited) in Error of Judgment
     Billy in Nobody Wins, Nobody Loses: Part 1
The Pallisers~1974 - Pub Patron in:
     Broken Engagements
     The Wedding
George & Mildred~1976 - Unemployed Man in ...And Women Must Weep
Upstairs, Downstairs~1975 - Juror in Joke Over
Porridge~1974-1975 - Prisoner in:
     Heartbreak Hotel
     Men Without Women
     The Hustler
7 of 1~1973 - Supporter in Spanner's Eleven
Dr Who~1979  Bearer in The Creature From The Pit Parts 1-4
The Two Ronnies~1973 - in 3.2 and 3.7
Villains~1972 - Man in His Dad Named Him After the General
Man In A Suitcase~1967-1968 -
     Man in Lobby (descending staircase) in Find the Lady
     Pub Patron in All That Glitters
     Barman in The Bridge
The Saint~1965 -
     Gillie in The Inescapable Word
     Factory Worker in The Man Who Liked Toys
     Railway Porter in The Miracle Tea Party
The Sentimental Agent~1963 - Bell Boy in Express Delivery

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