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Mayhew, Peter

Peter Mayhew
Peter Mayhew was born 19 May 1944 in Barnes, London, England, UK.  Mayhew might have led a somewhat normal life in London, as a King's College Hospital attendant/porter, if it hadn't been for a chance sighting of a photograph of Mayhew towering over his fellow photo mates by film producer Charles Schneer in 1975. And, just like that Mayhew was cast in Ray Harryhausen's Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977 as the Minoton.  Mayhew was cast in Star Wars in late 1976, early 1977, as Chewbacca.  

From porter to star in three of the top grossing films ever, almost overnight. Mayhew continued to work at the Hospital after his filming ended in Star Wars...but he was asked back. After the original trilogy enthusiasm died down a bit Mayhew made several commercial appearances as Chewbacca, and many appearances in Children's Homes and Hospitals.  

Since 1991 he had run a lumber yard and run his own bed-frame company in Yorkshire, England.  But, as soon as Star Wars hit it's 20th Anniversary Mayhew jumped on the bandwagon, he closed down the bed frame company in order to start the tour circuit.  Mayhew said it's a very pleasant way to make a living, the best job I've ever had...expenses are paid, travel to all over the world.  

Mayhew passed away on April 30, 2019 surrounded by his family in Boyd, Texas.
He will be missed.

The Force Awakens: Crafting Creatures~2016 - Himself
Standing in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story~2016 - Himself
The Force Awakens: Force for Change~2016 (V short) - Himself
The Scavenger & The Stormtrooper: A Conversation  with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega~2016 (V doc short) - Himself
Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey~2016 (doc) - Himself

Killer Ink~2016 - Uncle Clyde

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens~2015 - Chewbacca
Jedi Junkies~2010 (doc) - Himself
Sketch of Life~2009 (doc) - Himself
Fanboys~2009 - uncredited Himself
Yesterday Was a Lie~2008 - Dead Man
Heart of an Empire~2008 (doc) - Himself
Shadows in the Woods~2006 (V) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 - Chewbacca
Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy~2004 - (DVD) - Himself
Comic Book: The Movie~2004 - Himself (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Characters of 'Star Wars'~2004 (V) - Himself
Comic Book Villains~2002 (V) - Himself
The Unauthorized 'Star Wars' Story~1999 (V doc) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Chewbacca
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Chewbacca
Terror~1979 - Tall Mechanic

Star Wars~1977 - Chewbacca
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger~1977 uncredited Minoton

Garage Talks~2017 - Himself in 1.5
Star Wars Celebration 2017~2017 - Himself (Day 1 and 3)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - World Premiere~2016 - Himself

BuzzFeed Video~2015 (short) - Himself in Star Wars Cast Members Do  Star Wars Impersonations
Star Wars Celebration~2015 - Himself
Comic Book Men~2013-2015 - Himself in:
     Wookiee Fever
     Stash Wars
Agent 88~2013 (short) -
Indie Cinema Showcase~2012 - Himself in Star Wars Celebration VI Special
Nerdist: Course of the Force~2012 - Himself in An Epic Journey Begins: Day 1 Recap
Attack of the Show!~2012 - Himself in Ray Park
Breaking In~2012 - Peter Mayhew in Episode XIII
The Sissy Gamache Show~2012 - Himself
Glee~2011 - Chewbacca in Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Star Wars: The Clone Wars~2011 - Chewbacca in Wookiee Hunt (credit only)
Bring Back...Star Wars~2008 - Himself
Identity~2007 - Himself/Stranger in 1.8
Space Top 10 Countdown~2006 - Himself in Sidekicks
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to George Lucas~2005 - Himself
Star Wars: Feel the Force~2005 - Himself
Live! with Kelly~2005 - Himself in 17 May 2005
Nature's Guard~2005 - Klondike (see Actor Connections - TV) (NOTE: This was a very real thing at the time as I recall several Star Wars actors taking part. Now, there seems to be no trace of it anywhere, so the project is effectively dead.)
The Ultimate Film~2004 (doc) - Himself
When Star Wars Ruled the World~2004 (doc) - Himself
Empire of Dreams: the Story of the Star Wars Trilogy~2004 - (A&E shortened version) - Himself
Wizard World Chicago~2002 (doc) - Himself
The Mythology of Star Wars~2000 (doc) - Himself
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy~1997 - voice of Susha
Wizard World Chicago 2002~2002 - Himself
D: The Broadcast~???? - Himself/Guest

Light Lunch~1998 - Himself
MTV Movie Awards~1997 - Chewbacca - Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award (medal!)

Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi~1983 - Himself/Chewbacca
The Making of The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Himself/Chewbacca
SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Himself/Chewbacca
Dark Towers~1980 - The Tall Knight in:
     The Last Laugh
     Beware of the Bird!
     The Dark Tree (episode 7)
     The Tall Knight (The Tall Knight's Folly) (episode 6)
     The Old Coach House
Hazell~1979 - Giant in Hazell and the Big Sleep

The Muppet Show~1979 - Chewbacca (4.17)
The Star Wars Holiday Special~1978 - Chewbacca
No. 73~1978 - Himself in The Disagreement

Beyond Reason~1978 - Himself
Donny and Marie~1977 - uncredited Chewbacca in 3.1 - Star Wars Special

Making of Star Wars~1977 - Chewbacca (on and off screen)

Pepsi~20?? - Chewbacca

2005 - October 10, 2005 Mr. Mayhew became a US Citizen.

He stood 7'3" tall (until he was older) and had a sized 16 shoe

Regrets not keeping all of the Star Wars toys sent to him by the manufacturers all those years ago..., 'The original stuff is worth a fortune these days'

Never had acting ambitions

Social Media (still active with family - 2019)
Peter Mayhew's official sites:
The Peter Mayhew Foundation

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