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Morton, Mickey

Mickey Morton

Mickey Morton as Hunt and Wesson' Big John for Big John Beans and Fixin's
Marvin Edward Morton (Mickey) was born on March 8, 1927 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois to Harry A. Morton (a Broker/owner of Morton Liquor) and Gertrude Morton (née Goldberg), he had one older sister, Elaine.

Morton was raised in Milwaukee, WI, graduating from high school in 1944. He attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where he studied drama, earning a Liberal Arts degree in 1947. 
Morton returned to Milwaukee working in commercials, plays, and even became Chairman of the Council of Performing Arts. In November 1966 Morton moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue work in film and television.

Mickey Morton died on August 8, 1993 in Los Angeles, CA., after a brief illness

Cartel~1990 -  Coleman
Down the Drain~1990 -  Jay
Take Two~1988 -  Det. Stratton
Outlaw Force~1987 - McCleary
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin~1985 - voice of Minemaster
Fire and Ice~1984 - voice of Otwa

Sam's Son~1984 -  Customer #2
Off the Wall~1983 - Prisoner/Mess Hall Cook
Racquet~1979 - First Policeman
North Avenue Irregulars, The~1979 - Bootsie
My Boys Are Good Boys~1978 - Bill
The Billion Dollar hobo~1977 - Kotch
Fun with Dick and Jane~1977 - Tippy
Head On~1971 - Fred
The Man from O.R.G.Y.~1970 -

Growing Pains~1985-1990 -
     Mr. Sullivan in Ben's Sure Thing and Paper Route
     Maitre d' in The Breakfast Club
Small Wonder~1988 -
     Mr. Johnson in SuperSuds
     Delivery boy in My Living Doll
     Moving Man in Vicki's Homecoming
Silver Spoons~1987 - Bartender in Edward's Big Adventure
Santa Barbara~1986 - Morrison in episodes 1.491
Fall Guy, The~1986 - in The Bigger They Are
The Midnight Hour~1985 - Vernon Nestor
Hill Street Blues~1985 -
     Leonard in The Virgin and the Turkey
     Stanley Felt in Fruits of the Poisonous Tree
Dukes of Hazzard, The~1984 - Driver in How to Succeed in Hazzard
Matt Houston~1983 - Leon in China Doll
Gavilan~1982 - in Best Friend Money Can Buy
Tales of the Gold Monkey~1982 -  in Escape from Death Island
Hill Street Blues~1981 -  Stanley Felt in Fruits of the Poisonous Tree
WKRP in Cincinnati~1981 - Dave in Who's on First?
Diff'rent Strokes~1981 - Man #1 in The Older Man
ABC Weekend Specials~1981 - 1st Outlaw in Arthur the Kid
Nobody's Perfect~1980 - Fingers in You Gotta Have Hart
Alice~1980 - Trucker in:
     Vera, the Vamp
     The New Improved Mel
Fantasy Island~1978-1980 -
     Curly in Eagleman/Children of Mentu
     Bartender in The Beachcomber/The Last Whodunnit
Three's Company~1979 - Floyd in The Load Shark
B.J. and the Bear~1979 - Tiny in Crackers
Legends of the Superheroes~1979 - Solomon Grundy in:
     The Roast
     The Challenge
Morton as Grundy disguised as a gas station attendant. Photo from
Star Wars Holiday Special, The~1978 - Malla (Chewie's wife) - Wookiee
Fantasy Island~1978 - Bartender in The Beachcomber/The Last Whodunit
Tabitha~1977 - Moving Man in Mister Nice Guy
Bionic Woman, The~1977 - Davis in Once a Thief
Laverne & Shirley~1977 - Bernie in Haunted House
Starsky and Hutch~1977 - Moon in Huggy Bear and the Turkey
Wonder Woman~1976 - Gargantua in Wonder Woman vs Gargantua
Land of the Lost~1976 - Monster in Ancient Guardian
Wonderbug~1976 - in 14-Karat Wonderbug
Gemini Man~1976 - Alf in Sam Casey, Sam Casey
Barbary Coast, The~1975 - Master Sergeant in Crazy Cats
Far Out Space Nuts~1975 - Lycos in:
     Dangerous Game  (see Actor Connections - TV)
     Flight of the Pippets (see Actor Connections - TV)
Here Come the Brides~1969 - Big Foot in The Legend of Big Foot
I Dream of Jeannie~1969 - Achmed in Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride?: Parts 1 and 2
The Red Skelton Hour~1968 - Baby Son Tumbleweed in Sheriffs Are Bought, Not Made
Get Smart~1968 - Cab Driver (in a gag scene) in The Groovy Guru
Mannix~1968 - Milt in The Falling Star
Star Trek~1968 - Kloog in The Gamesters of Triskelion
Morton as Kloog in The Gamesters of Triskelion. Photo from
Monkees, The~1967 - Boris Weatherspoon in A Coffin Too Frequent (right touching coffin)
Gilligan's Island~1967 - Native #1 in Gilligan, the Goddess
Iron Horse~1967 - Bachman in Decision at Sundown
Man from U.N.C.L.E., The~1965 - David in The Brain Killer Affair
Gunsmoke~1962 - Coot in The Search
Rawhide~1961 - Orlando in The Prairie Elephant
Bat Masterson~1961 - Tom the Bearded Man in Terror on the Trinity
Maverick~1960-1961 -
     Sheriff Hiram Tiray in Dade City Dodge
     Rockford Sheriff in Dodge City or Bust
Peter Gunn~1960 -
     The Great Gorza in Death Across the Board
     Giant in Protection
Bronco~1960 -  Jockey in The Mustangers
Yancy Derringer~1959 - Wee Willie Benson in:
     Two Tickets to Promontory
     The Quiet Firecracker
HeeHaw~ - guest
Jim Nabors Show~ - regular guest
The Dobie Gillis Show~ -
The Untouchables~ -
The Jonathan Winters Show~ -
The Carol Burnett Show~ -

Irma La Douce~1977 - performer (L.A. Civic Light Opera, Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, Los Angeles, CA)
The Birthday Party~1973 - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
An Evening With Mickey Morton~1962 - Himself (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
An Inspector Calls~1958 - Arthur Birling - Wealthy Industrialist (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
The World of Sholom Aleichem~1958 - (three roles) (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
?~1958 - Mr. Van Daan (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
The Dybbuk~195? - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
Rashomon~19?? - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
Diary of Anne Frank~19?? - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
The Golem~19?? - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
The Fifth Season~19?? - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)

Theatre Director
The Birthday Party~1970 - (Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI)
Cave Dwellers~1965 (debut as theatre director,Milwaukee, WI)

Bequeathed $200,000 to the Jewish Community Center Theater Program in Milwaukee, WI

Mickey was above average height at 6' 8"

1971-1978 - face of the Hunt and Wesson Big John Beans 'n' Fixins campaign.

1976 - Set up the Harry A. Morton (Mickey's father) Memorial Fund  at the Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee, WI.

1970 - Proposed a revival of plays at the Pabst Theater

1959 - elected President and business manager of the Center Players of the Jewish Community Center

1958 - Chairman of the Community Theater Council in Wilwaukee, WI. This was also the same year this Council was founded.

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