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Murray, Ann

Ann Murray

Ann Murray was born on April 14, 1929 in London, England, UK to a Canadian, Major Bill Gladstone Murray (former Rhodes Scholar, pilot, decorated war hero, Correspondent w/Daily Express, member of the League of Nations, and founder of Canadian Broadcasting), and a Welsh woman, Ella Murray (née Powell - also a member of the League of Nations).  She had a brother named Ian.

When Murray was five years old she and her family moved to Canada so her father could set up the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. By the age of 11 she had her own radio interview show, as she grew up she attended Toronto University where she studied Art History, but was especially drawn toward performing on stage and was active in theatrical productions.

By the mid-50s she concentrated on radio shows and joined the BBC Drama Repertory Company. 
 Her many roles ranged from those of Marie Kelly, an Irish prostitute who spoke in French, to that of a five-year-old Mexican boy.

Poetry was a big love of hers throughout her entire life and she frequently gave recitals/readings in the London area.

During the 1960s Murray joined an experimental pantomime, mime, and movement workshop, founded by Marjorie Lynette Sigley (AKA "Sigi"), called City Literary Drama Company, performance were held at the City Lit Theatre, and in 1968 the company toured (very rare for the time) Warsaw, Leningrad, and Moscow with its children's drama programs.

In 1952 Murray married Peter Paul-Huhne, they had a son, Chris (who became a Liberal Democrat MP), and a daughter. That marriage was dissolved in 1971.

Murray died on October 19, 2010 after many months surviving with cancer.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 -  A-Wing Pilot - Rebel Alliance
The Death Wheelers~1973 - Motorist's Wife
Psychomania~1971 - Motorist
Bread~1971 - Traffic Warden

BBC Plays~1974 - Wife in The President's Last Tape
Armchair Theatre~1972 - Psychiatrist in The Folk Singer
Brett~1971 - Journalist in The Hollow Men
Ghost Squad~1964 - Nurse in Seven Sisters of Wong
A Climate of Fear~1962 - Mrs. Wyman
Dixon of Dock Green~1961 - Godmother in Mr. Rainbow
As I Was Saying~1955 - Miss Sarsfield in For Art's Sake
The Teckman Biography~1954 - Betty in Charmaine
Hurrah for Halloween~1953 - An American Fairy
Chorus Girls~19?? -

Afternoon Theatre~1982 - Jean in Indian Ray
The Monday Play~1980 - Mary Kendall in God's Chosen Children
Afternoon Theatre~1980 - Doris in Night
Wise Guy~1979 - performer in The Search for Wilson Mizner
Afternoon Theatre ~1979 - performer in When Did You Last See Your Father?
Drama Now~1979 - Glenda in Customs and Excise
Woman's Hour~1977 - Reader: Life Among the Savages (3 parts)
Yanks and Limeys~1976 - Reader
Drama Now~1974 - Dr. Quinn in The Bell Jar
The Noble Experiment~1974 - Narrator
Assassinations~1973 - Reader/Quote : Lincoln
Saturday-Night Theatre~1973 - Mrs. Van Doren in The Greek Equation
For Schools~1972 - Reader - Wunderkind
Saturday-Night Theatre~1972 - Jennie in In the Absence of Mrs. Petersen
Victoria and Albert~1972 - Narrator
Woman's Hour~1971 - Reader of The Best of Families (11/12 part series)
Anne of Green Gables~1971 - Reader (12/13 part series)
Bandits The Myth and the Reality: Bonnie Parker~1971 - Narrator
Afternoon Theatre~1970 - Dorcas Deever in I Was the Drummer in the Lousy Army
The World of the Young Escapades on a Shoe-string and After~1970 - performer
The Swinging Sixties~1970 - The Permissive Society
Queen of Song~1970 - Narrator
The Swinging Sixties~1970 - Narrator in Prelude to a Revolution
Saturday-Night Theatre Late Call~1969 - Shirl Egan
When Boney Was A Warrior~1969 - Narrator: Parts 1 and 2
Follow the Drum~1969 - Narrator
Sherlock Holmes~1969 - Elsie Cubitt in The Dancing Men
Don't Go Down the Mine, Dad~1969 - Narrator
All My Sons~1969 - Lydia Lubey
The Archers~1969 - Anita Nicholson - Joe Grundy's Canadian Fiancee (4 episodes)
Five Morning Plays~1969 - Mrs. Nisbet in A Very Junior Young Gentleman
Doctor in the House~1969 - Mrs. Robinson in:
     The First Operation
The Cloister and the Hearth~1969 - Marion in That Dark Inn
Demon Drink~1969 - Narrator
Hark the Glad Sound~1969 - Narrator
The Iceman Cometh~1969 - Street Walkers: Earl
White and Black Minstrels~1968 - performer
Royalty, Rape, and Murder~1968 - performer
Delayed Action~1968 - Mrs. Coates in One Too Many
Afternoon Theatre~1968 - Queen in Peribañez and the Comendador of Ocana
Goodbye Dolly~1968 - performer in A musical account of the Boer War
Afternoon Theatre~1968 - Cleaner in The Suitability Factor
The Day of the Triffids~1968 - Woman in Dead End
Afternoon Theatre~1968 - Marie Louise in And the Bees Have Lost
Doctor in the House~1968 - Mrs. Robinson
Work Boys Work~1968 - performer
Midweek Theatre~1968 - Mrs. Winters in In A Case By Himself
The Flies~1968 - Furies
The Diabolical International Spy~1968 - The Landlady
Afternoon Theatre~1968 - District Nurse in You Know I Don't Like To
Story Time~1968 - Reader - Stories in Verse: Seafarers
The Devil's Law Case~1968 - Winifred
The Forsyte Saga~1968 - Canteen Girl in The General Strike
A Corpse for Charybdis~1968 - Elsie Bird
Midweek Theatre~1968 - Miss Tweazle in A Strange Affair
A Handful of Dust~1968 - Mrs. Rattery
Strange~1968 - Frances Bracken in The Missing Grave
Midweek Theatre~1968 - Doreen in There Was a Lady
Paul Temple and the Alex Affair~1968 - A Maid
The Victorian Age~1968 -
     performer - A social history in song: War's Alarms
     performer - A social history in song: Bound for the Promised Land
     performer - A social history in song: Reform
     performer - A social history in song: Long to Reign Over Us
     performer - A social history in song: Workshop of the World
Saturday-Night Theatre~1968 - Natalie, Larry Kemp's Wife/performer "other parts" in A Piece of Cake
Afternoon Theatre~1968 - performer "other parts" in Sharp at Four
In Case of Peril~1968 - Nurse
Taken By Surprise~1968 - Phyllis in Ladies in Straw Hats (BBC Drama Repertory Company)
Lord Peter Wimsey~1967 - performer "other parts"
One Way Only~1967 - performer
The House of Unspeakable Secrets~1967 - Nicolette
Ghosts on the Riviera~1967 - Miss Hammond
Afternoon Theatre~1967 - Mrs. Jones in A Hell of a Day
Heart of Oak~1967 - performer
The Brickfield~1967 - Ada
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes~1969 - Elsie Cubitt
Hear America Singing~1969 - Narrator
Saturday-Night Theatre~1967 - Estella in The Tents of Kedar
Orley Farm~1967 - Edith Orme, Sir Peregrine Orme's daughter-in-law
Sixpence for a Self-Made Man~1967 - Lady Vanessa Jarvis
The Darkest Hour~1967 - Mrs. Gill
Karl Marx: Family Man~1967 - performer
Sexton Blake~1967 - Stella Marriat in On the Trail of a Detective
Rainbow Valley~1967 - The Librarian
Against the Tide~1967 - performer in In Solitary Witness
Afternoon Theatre~1967 - Teena Yates and other characters in The Maze
The Möbius Twist~1967 - Dr. Juliette Summerhaye
Famous American Trials~1966 - Alice Russell in The Borden Murder Case
Woman's Hour~1966 - Nurse of the Islands read by Ann Murray
Something From the Sea~1966 - Helen, Duchess of Pasamonte
The Dales~1966 - Lucy Crane
Afternoon Theatre~1965 - Kate Brell in The Guinea-Pigs
The Killdeer~1965 - Rebecca, the egg girl
My Hundred Children~1965 - performer
The Un-Americans~1964 - Sue (BBC Drama Repertory Company)
The Girl From Hillesley~1964 - performer
Saturday-Night Theatre~1964 - Betty Merston in The Long Cool Drop
Afternoon Theatre~1964 - Miss Preston in Mystery Cruise
Ape and Essence~1964 - Flossie
It's Harder to be Anybody~19164 - Joyce
Saturday Night Theatre~1964 - Mrs. Burton in The Spanish Gardener
Afternoon Theatre~1963 - Jo, an actress in The Playwright
Thirty Minute Theatre~1963 - Marion Teriot
Red Eye of Love~1963 - Comare
Afternoon Theatre~1963 - Sally in Double Bill
Destination-Fire!~1962 - Sue Ansell in The Reluctant Fire-raiser
The Briar Patch~1962 - Second American Lady
The American Dream~1962 - Mrs. Barker
Five O'Clock Tales~1962 - Stepmother in The Enchanted Fawn (5th in a series of six plays)
The Bright Lights~1962 - Grace Anning
True Story~1962 - Mary Fitch in The Survivors
Meet Christopher Blaze~1961 - Carol
Ripple in Texas~1961 - Angie, Lew's Wife
Where There's A Will~1961 - Margot Hartford
On the Other Hand~1961 - Performance contributor (BBC Drama Repertory Company)
A Present for Jenny~1954 - Sister Margaret
For the Schools~1954 - Illustrated Talk in Adventures in Music
The Middle Watch~1953 - Mary Carlton
The Saviours~1953 - Crowd sounds and other voices

1982 - Was paid double to hang upside-down in the Y-Wing prop for ROTJ.

Was once shot in the arm by a misfire of a blank pistol on stage during a performance at Toynbee Hall. She continued the performance which a critic lauded as a great dramatic collapse on stage.

Blue Badge Tourist Guide (London) - Trained intensively for 2 years and gave tours with the theme of London Belongs to You. Her enthusiasm in her knowledge of London history and anecdotes swathed a path to invitations to lecture in America.

Auditioned for the main role in National Velvet, but lost out VERY narrowly to Elizabeth Taylor.  Murray was the better horse rider.

She and her brother, Ian, were taught to swim by Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller.

Author A.A. Milne (a friend of Murray's parents) attended her Christening.

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