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Myers, Stuart

Stuart Myers
Stuart Myers was born in England on July 10.  Myers was an actor for nearly 40 years, and was married to Life Coach Sharon Kaye.
Stuart Myers died peacefully surrounded by family and friends on June 5, 2015.

Batman~1989 -
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope~1977 - Mos Eisley denizen - Man talking to Brindy Truchong (Sally Sinclair)

Lisztomania~1975 - background artist (He's the man to the left of the guy on the ladder, Harry 'Aitch'  Fielder)
Fragment of Fear~1970 -
Mosquito Squadron~1969 - RAF man (first man behind and to the right of center man)

?Billy Liar~1963 - Man Reading Newspaper

Sensitive Skin~2005 - Mr. Barry Ink Episode #1.3 (see Actor Connections - TV)
Foyle's War~ - Rabbi in
The Bill~ -
Jonathan Creek~1999 - Saul Bechenstein in The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish

West End Tales~1981 - The Brothers in:
    Mug Punter
    The Tooth Fairy
Blakes 7~1978 - Crewman in Space Fall

Out of Bounds~1977 -
The Sweeney~1976 - in Payoff (with red shirt)

Doctor on the Go~1975 - A/B (second from left) in Clunk Click

Microbes and Men~1974 - Student in The Invisible Enemy
Doctor At Sea~1974 - Waiter in Go Away Stowaway!

Upstairs, Downstairs~1974 -
    Guest at Dance Matinée in A Perfect Stranger
    Tennis Player at Country House in The Sudden Storm

Moonbase 3~1973 - Technician in:
    Castor and Pollux (see Actor Connections - TV)
    Outsiders (man in black at doorway) (see Actor Connections - TV)

Monty Python's Flying Circus~1974 - (5 episodes)
    Citizen walking on Westminster Bridge in

    A King Rat in Hospital in "Hospital for Overacting" skit 1970

Doctor Who~1963 -
    Various Cybermen

    Refreshment Bar Customer - seated man with hat (Pt 1)/Mercenary - man on left or middle. (Pt 3) in Dragonfire (#24.151)

    Citizen of Sarn (third from right) in Planet of Fire (#21.135)

    ?Sailor in Enlightenment (#20.128) (see Actor Connections - TV)
    Cricketer (right) in Black Orchid 1982 (#19.121)

    Foster (middle of picture) in The Keeper of Traken (#18.115)

    Argolin/Pangol Image in The Leisure Hive (#18.110)

    Crewman (left) in The Invisible Enemy (#15.93) (see Actor Connections - TV)

    UNIT Soldier with camera in Invasion of the Dinosaurs 1974 (#11.?)

    Draconian (right?) in Frontier in Space 1973 (#10.67)

    Axon Monster in the Claws of Axos (#8.57)

    Soldier (bottom left) in The Ambassadors of Death Pt 1 (#7.53) also an extra in Pt 7

    Technician in Doctor Who and the Silurians (#7.52) also a London extra in Pt 6

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Derek Lyons said...

Stuart was a dear friend over the many years I worked in the film industry. I started in 1976 and Stuart many years before. He was a kind, sweet man and one of the very best.