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OReilly, Genevieve

Genevieve O'Reilly

Genevieve O'Reilly was born in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland.  Her parents moved to Grange, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia when she was 10, but her years in Ireland helped form her acting skills and interest.

While living in Grange, O'Reilly sang with a band called Black Arthur and was also chosen by the South Australia Rose of Tralee Centre (through the Irish Australian Association, Inc) to represent South Australia at the Annual Rose of Tralee International Festival in Tralee, Ireland.  Roses are chosen from  young women of Irish descent through Rose of Tralee Centres in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.  She did not become the official Rose of Tralee but decided to stay in Ireland to live and work, unfortunately a family issue forced her to return home.

O'Reilly attended NIDA (national Institute of Dramatic Arts) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and graduated in 2000.

O'Reilly is married to chiropractor Luke Mulvihill.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2015 - Mon Mothma
Survivor~2015 - Lisa Carr
Forget Me Not~2011-  Eve Fisher
The Young Victoria~2009 - Lady Flora Hastings
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 - Mon Mothma
Right Here Right Now~2004 - Pizza Girl
Cyber Wars~2004 - Dash MacKenzie
Matrix Revolutions,The~2003 - Officer Wirtz
Matrix Reloaded, The~2003 - Officer Wirtz
Tarzan~ -

Endeavour~2016 - Annette Richardson in Arcadia
The Secret~2016 - Hazel Buchanan in Parts 1-4
Glitch~2015 - Elishia McKellar in 1.1-1.6
Banished~2015 - Mary Johnson in 1.1-1.7
The Honourable Woman~2014 - Frances Pirsig in:
     The Hollow Wall
     The Mother Line
     Two Hearts
     The Hilling Call
     Unfaithful Husband
     The Empty Chair
Episodes~2011-2014 - Jamie Lapidus (14 episodes)
Crossing Lines~2013 - Sienna Pride in Pilot: Parts 1 and 2
The Last Weekend~2012 (mini) - Daisy in:
Midsomer Murders~2012 - Mina Morgan in A Rare Bird
Waking the Dead~2011-  Julie Rees in Harbinger: Parts 1 and 2
Law & Order: UK~2010 - Cluadia Martin in Skeletons
New Tricks~2010 - Miranda Armstrong in The Fourth Man
The Day of the Triffids~2009 - Michelle Beadley in Part 1
MI-5~2009- Sarah Caulfield in 8.1-8.6, and 8.8
Time of Your Life~2007 - Kate (6 episodes)
Diana: Last Days of a Princess~2007 - Princess Diana
The State Within~2006 - Caroline Hanley in 1.1-1.6
Second Chance~2004 - Susie Fulham
Life~2002 - Shelly Deane
The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant~2005 (mini) - Alicia
All Saints~2002-2003 - Leanne Curtis in:
    The Things We Do For Love
    A Rock and a Hard Place
    Presumptions of Guilt
    No Place Like Home
    Sins of the Past
    Night Moves
    Best Intentions
    In control
    Seeking Asylum
    Past Tense
    Destiny's Child
    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Twice the Fun
Young Lions~2002 - Kimberly Oswald in Asylum Seekers
Drama School~2000 - Herself
Beastmaster~1999 - Nagha in Slayer's Return

Commercials (voice)
Visit Dublin
Earth's Natural Wonders

Splendour~2015 - Kathryn (Donmar Warehouse Theatre, )
The Doctor's Dilemma~2012 - Jennifer (Lyttelton Theatre, London, England, UK)
Emperor and Galilean~2011 - Helena (The Olivier Theatre/National Theatre, London, England, UK)
Birdsong~2010 - Isabelle (Comedy Theatre, London, England, UK)
Richard II~2005 - Queen Isabel (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
A Man with Five Children~2002 -
The Way Of The World~2002 - Mrs. Millamant (Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
The White Devil~2001 - Understudy
13~ - Sarah (The Olivier Theatre/National Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Weir~ - Valerie (Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
The Violet Hour~ - Rosamund (Ensemble, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Our Lady of Sligo~ - Joanie (Company B, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
A Man with Five Children~ - (Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
There is No Need to Wake Up~ -
Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weil~ -
The Ugly Man~ - Veronica (NIDA )
The Beaux Strategem~ - Gypsy (NIDA)
Twelfth Night~ - Olivia (NIDA)
The Three Sisters~ - Olga NIDA)

Black Arthur (Band)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
South Australia Rose of Tralee Quest:
1996 Adelaide Rose (the last one)

Followed Rose Byrne's footsteps by appearing on the cover of jeweler Jan Logan's catalog.

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