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Peters, Brock

Brock Peters
Photo from Center for Black Music Research
Brock Peters (born George Gibson Fisher) was born on July 2, 1927 in New York, NY, US, to Sonnie Fisher (French African) and Alma A. Norford (British West Indian).  He was raised in Harlem, NY, NY and sang (soprano) in St. Phillips Church choir and took up the violin at age nine.

At age ten Peters knew he wanted to be an actor and a performer, by the time he was fourteen he was attending the Music and Arts High School in New York City (graduating in 1941), studying drama and classical singing (baritone), by the age of sixteen he was performing on stage.  He went on to study physical education at the University of Chicago (1944-45) and then City College at New York, graduating in 1947 with a degree in Physical Education.  During this time he performed in Porgy and Bess and South Pacific.  
After college he joined the military where he continued to sing in The De Paur Infantry Chorus.  He continued to act and sing after this period but also took odd jobs to make up for the typical starting actors paycheck (very little).  He worked a cabaret and also as a YMCA instructor, an orderly at a hospital and a shipping clerk among others.
In February of 1962 he changed his name from George Fisher to Brock Peters. 
(Note: Frequently name changes occur when the name doesn't sound show business enough OR that there is another actor on the books with the same name, another reason is to protect the privacy of family members.  There was a film actor named George Fisher from the 1910s to 1929 who had over 75 film credits, and another from the 1950s with a few films to his name, so a name change would have helped him to stand out or be credited properly.)

His body of work really speaks for itself.

He was married to television producer DiDi (Dolores Daniels 1961 - 1989 - her death) and they had one child, Lise Jo Peters.
Mr. Peters died on August 23, 2005 in his home due to complications from pancreatic cancer, he is survived by his daughter (from Di Di Daniels), Lisa Jo Peters; and companion Marilyn Darby.

Wild Thornberrys Movie, The~2002 - voice of  Jomo (see Actor Connections - Film)
No Prom for Cindy~2002 - Doctor
Last Place On Earth, The~2002 - Mr. Jack Field
Park Day~1998- Heseeit Turner
Fearful Symmetry~1998 (V) - Himself
Two Weeks from Sunday~1997 -
Ghosts of Mississippi~1996 - Walter Williams
African Story Magic~1992 (V) - narrator
Importance of Being Earnest, The~1992 - Doctor Chasuble
Alligator II: The Mutation~1991- Chief Speed
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country~1991 - Adm. Cartwright
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home~1986 - Adm. Cartwright
America's Music: Blues 2~1983 (V) - narrator
Abe Lincoln: Freedom Fighter~1978 - Henry
Two Minute Warning~1976 - Paul
Framed~1975 - Sam Perry
Lost in the Stars~1974 - Reverend Stephen Kumalo
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off~1973 - Reynolds
Look at the World of SOYLENT GREEN, A~1973 - uncredited Himself
Soylent Green~1973 - Lt. Hatcher, Chief of Detectives
Black Girl~1972 - Earl
McMasters, The~1970 - Benjie
Jack Johnson, the Big Fights~1970 - Narrator
Ace High (Quattro dell'Ave Maria, I)~1968 - Thomas
Daring Game~1968 - Jonah
P.J.~1968- Waterpark
Incident, The~1967 - Arnold Robinson
Major Dundee~1965 - Aesop
The Pawnbroker~1964 - Rodriguez
Heavens Above!~1963 - Matthew Robinson (see Actor Connections - Film)
Brock Peters (turned away from camera) as Matthew Robinson, SWAD alum Fred Wood can be seen with his head above those around him, just above and to the left of the top of Peters' forehead.
To Kill a Mockingbird~1962 - Tom Robinson
L-Shaped Room, The~1962 - Johnny
Porgy and Bess~1959 - Crown
Carmen Jones~1954 - Sergeant Brown (right)

Film Producer
Five on the Black Hand Side~1973 (producer)
Gone Are the Days!~1963 (producer)

Film Singer
Carmen Jones~1954 - dubbed the singing voice of actor Roy Glenn for "Whizzin' Away Along Da Track"

Film Other
Roy Wilkins: A View from the Classroom (short for the US Postal Service)~ - Roy Wilkins
Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson~2004 - (very special thanks) (see Actor Connections - Film)

JAG~2005 - Paul Revere in Bridging the Gulf
Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty~2003 - Himself
Static Shock~2003 - Morris Grant/Soul Power in Blast from the Past
10,000 Black Men Named George~2002 - Leon Frey
Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Locket~2002 - Henry McCord
Journeys in Black~2002 - Himself in Louis Farrakhan
Locket, The~2002 - Henry McCord
Samurai Jack~2001 - Lazzor - voice of Lazzor the Elder in Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites
The legend of Tarzan~2001 - voice of Usula in:
     Tarzan and the Return of La
     Tarzan and the Fountain
Wild Thornberrys, The~1998-2000 - voice of Jomo in:
     Forget Me Not
     and Poacher in Iron Curtain
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine~1996-1998 - Joseph Sisko in:
     Shadows and Symbols
     Image in the Sand
     also Preacher in Far Beyond the Stars
     A Time to Stand
     Paradise Lost
Adventures from the Book of Virtues~1997 - voices of King Ahasuerus/Merchant in Loyalty
Spicy City~1997 - voice of Bird in Raven's Revenge
Pretender, The~1997 - Henry Cockran in Prison Story
Johnny Bravo~1997 - voices of Chronos/Squirrel in Bungled in the Jungle
Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The~1996-1997 - voices of:
     The Shaman in Dark Sentinel
     Masai in Ndovu's Last Journey
Barone, Il~1996 (mini) - Le roi Aschwinda
Commish, The~1994 - Abraham Wilkerson in Born in the USA
Element of Truth, An~1995 - Alex
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm~1995 - Voice Of Ramath in The Swords Of Ilkan
Cosmic Slop~1994 - Minister Coombs (segment: Space Traders)
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters~1994 - voices of:
     The Snorch (Voicebox Translater)/Man
     The Pool in Where Have All the Monsters Gone?
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron~1993-1994 - voice of Dark Kat in:
     The Dark Side of SWAT Kats
     Razor's Edge
     Night of the Dark Kat
     The Wrath of Dark Kat
You Must Remember This~1992 - Gus
Batman: The Animated Series~1992-1994 - voice of Lucius Fox - Wayne Enterprises CFO in:
    See No Evil
    Off Balance
    If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Rich?
    Heart of Steel
    Cat Scratch Fever
    Feat of Clay Parts 1 & 2
Secret, The~1992 - Thurgood 'Uncle T.' Carver III
Highway Heartbreaker~1992 - Bert Quinn
You Must Remember This~1992 - Gus
When It Was a Game~1991 - uncredited Bass singer 'Play Ball, You All'
Pirates of Darkwater~1991 - voice of Bloth (20 episodes)
Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake, The~1990 - David Motubu
Gravedale High~1990 - voice of Boneyard (6 episodes)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers~1990 - voice of Mammoth/Additional Voices
Young and the Restless, The~1982-1989 - Frank Lewis
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1978-1989 -
     Mr. Pendergast in Polly
     Zechariah in The Million Dollar Dixie Deliverance
To Heal a Nation~1988 - Paul Turner
Broken Angel~1988 - Sergeant Mercurio
20th NAACP Image Awards~1988 - Himself - Presenter
Living the Dream: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.~1988 - Himsefl
Duck Tales~1987 - voice of Druid Leader in The Curse of Castle McDuck
Cagney & Lacey~1987 - Mr. Higgins in Ahead of the Game
Passion and Memory~1986 - Himself
Murder, She Wrote~1986 - Thornton Bentley in Trial by Error
Wildfire~1986 - voice of Thunderbolt in Wildfire: King of the Horses
Magnum, P.I.~1985 - President Kole in Old Acquaintance
Faerie Tale Theatre~1985 -
     Ogre in Puss in Boots
     Guest Interviewee in Grimm Party
Galtar and the Golden Lance~1985 - voice of Tormack
Challenge of the GoBots~1984 - voice of General Newcastle (6 episodes)
Diggers~1984 - Narrator
This Is the Life~1983 -  in How Shall We Then Live?
Caribbean Mystery, A~1983 - Dr. Graham
A House Divided: Denmark Vessey's Rebellion~1982 -
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The~1981 - Jim
Bond of Iron, A~1979 -
Roots: The Next Generations~1979 (mini) - Ab Decker in 1.5
Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel, The~1979 - Joe
Battlestar Galactica~1979 - Chief Opposer Solon in Murder on the Rising Star
Quincy, M. E. ~1978 - Dr. Matthews in Death by Good Intentions
Bionic Woman, The~1978 - Jack Stratton in Which One Is Jaime?
Black Beauty~1978 (mini) - Mr. Carmichael
SST: Death Flight~1977 - Dr. Ralph Therman
Seventh Avenue~1977 (mini) - Sgt. Rollins in 1.3
Jigsaw John~1976 - Vic Boylin in Promise to Kill
Police Story~1976 - Sergeant Bagney in Odyssey of Death: Parts 1 and 2
Baretta~1975 -
     Judson B. Taylor in  Photography by John Doe
     John Shockley in Woman in the Harbor
Medical Center~1975- James Rosemont in If Mine Eye Offends Me
McCloud~1974 - DDT in The Concrete Jungle Caper
Streets of San Francisco, The~1974 - Jacob Willis/Earl Barnes in Jacob's Boy
Gunsmoke~1969-1973 -
     Jesse Dillard in Jesse/II
     Cato in The Good Samaritans
27th Annual Tony Awards~1973 - Himself
Soul Train~1972 - himself in Gladys Knight & the Pips/ The O'Jays/ Major Lance
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury~1972 - Jess Florian in Operation: Rake-Off
Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol~1972- Berdahl
Norman Corwin Presents~1972 - in A Soliloquy for Television
David Frost Show~1972 - Himself on 4.164
Night Gallery~1971 - Logoda in Logoda's Heads
Bold Ones: The New Doctors, The~1971 - John Goodman in Glass Cage
Longstreet~1971 - Danny in Elegy in Brass
Della~1970 - Himself in 1.154
Virginian, The~1970 - Mace Ivers in Crooked Corner
Mannix~1970 - Sonny Carter in Time Out of Mind
Allen Ludden's Gallery~1969 - Himself in 1.29
Outcasts, The~1969 - Ben Pritchard in Act of Faith
Felony Squad~1969 - Marcel Nburu in The Law and Order Blues
It Takes a Thief~1968 - Chak in To Catch a Roaring Lion
The Joey Bishop Show~1968 - Himself in 2.121
Judd for the Defense~1967 -
     Marcel Nburu in The Law and Order Blues: Part 2
     Jessie Aarons in Commitment
The Fugitive~1967 -Walter, Servant (uncredited) in Dossier on a Diplomat
Tarzan~1967 - M'Kone in The Last of the Supermen
Mission: Impossible~1967 - Walter DuBruis in The Money Machine
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.~1966 - King M'Bala in The Jewels of Topango Affair
Run for Your Life~1966 - Lieutenant Wallace in Night Train From Chicago
Trials of O'Brien, The~1966 - Isadore Jaconey in The Only Game in Town
As the World Turns~1966 - Dr. Bellows #1
Loner, The~1965 - Lemuel Stove in The Homecoming of Lemuel Stove
Rawhide~1965 - Phinn Harper in The Spanish Camp
The Merv Griffin Show~1965 - Himself in 2.48
Daniel Boone~1964 - Pompey in Pompey
The Doctors and the Nurses~1964 - Fox in The Family Resemblance
Eleventh Hour, The~1964 - Dennis Packsey in Who Is to Say the Battle Is to Be Fought?
The Regis Philbin Show~1964 - Himself in 1.28
Hootenanny~1963 - Guest performer at University of Maryland, College Park MD #1
Great Adventure, The~1963 - Joe Bailey in Go Down, Moses
Sam Benedict~1963- Frank Elton in Accomplice
Garry Moore Morning Show, The~1963 - Himself in 6.4
Showtime~1961 - Himself in 2.21
Buick-Electra Playhouse~1960 - in The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Adventures in Paradise~1960 - Nicholas in Walk Through the Night
The Jack Parr Show~1960 - Himself in 3.204
Producers' Showcase~1956 - Alexander in Bloomer Girl
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts~1953 - debut as performer/singer (won first prize on the show - with the song 900 Miles - which included a recording contract)
Your Hit Parade~1953 - singer
Music for a Summer Night, Music for a Spring Night~ - singer
The Tonight Show~ - singer

TV Producer
Harlem Homecoming~1987
Voices of Our People~1982 (executive producer for PBS)
This Far By Faith~1978 (producer - award winning production for PBS)
Five on the Black Hand Side~1973
Gone Are the Days!~1963

My Children! My Africa!~1991 - Mr. M (Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, CA)
Driving Miss Daisy~1989 - (Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Lost in the Stars~1972 - Stephen Kumalo (Imperial Theatre, New York, NY)
Great White Hope, The~1969-1971 - Jack Jefferson (national tour)
Caucasian Chalk Circle, The~1966 - performer (Vivian Beaumont Theatre, New York, NY)
Baker Street~1965 - Murillo (replacement - as George Fisher)
John Henry~1964 - John Henry
Othello~1963 - Othello (Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.)
King of the Dark Chamber~1962-1963? -
Kwamina~1961 - Obitsebi (54th Street Theatre, New York, NY)
Anna Lucasta~1959 -
Body Beautiful, The~1958 - singer/understudy for Harry (Broadway Theatre, New York, NY)
Mister Johnson~1956 - Ajali (Martin Beck Theatre, New York, NY)
My Darlin' Aida~1952 - singer (as George Fisher) (Winter Garden Theatre, New York, NY)
Porgy and Bess~1949 - Jim (tour)
South Pacific~1944 - (not the musical)
Porgy and Bess~1943 - Jim (succeeding William Smith)
Showboat~ -

Theatre Producer
Hallelujah at the L.A. Forum~
Black Filmmaker's Hall of Fame Awards Show~1980
Harlem Homecoming~

Live Performances
Broadway Goes to the Movies~2003 - performer (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Help is on the Way VII: An All Broadway Concert~2003 - singing (duet from Fiddler on the Roof with Charlotte Rae)
Music Theatre West Celebrates 50 Years~2002 - performer (Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA)
Kurtt Weill: The Centennial - Actor's Fund of America~2000 - benefit performance (Lost in the Stars)
The Las Vegas Vocal Extravaganza in Black~2000 - host
Scout Remembers Mockingbird~2000 - narration and sharing about his character Tom Robinson
Ultimates of the Universe~ - narrator (McDonnel Star Theatre, St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri)
Performed at the following clubs in the late 1950's:
    Village Gate in New York,
    The Gate of Horn in Chicago
    The Purple Onion in Toronto
    The Troubadour in Los Angeles

Tavis Smiley~2003 - Frederick Douglass (see Actor Connections - Radio) 
Samuel Johnson's Boswell~1999 - reader (for CART at The Roosevelt Hotel Cinegrill, Hollywood, CA)
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi Radio Drama~1996 - Lord Darth Vader (right)
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama~1983 - Lord Darth Vader
Star Wars - Radio Drama~1983 - Lord Darth Vader (right)

Mutual Radio Theatre: The Ship~1980 - performer 3/7/80
Sears Radio Theatre: Afro-Westerner (Western)~1979 - performer 2/26/79
Sears Radio Theatre: Weekend Pass (Comedy)~1979 - performer 6/26/79
Hollywood Radio Theatre: But I Wouldn't Want to Die There~1973 - performer

Kwamina~2007 - Obitsebi (from original performance)
Over the Rainbow: The Music of Harold Arlen~1995 - performer
Gould: Fall River Legend~1994 - "Fall River Legend" spoken vocals from 1983
Miles Davis: A Tribute to Jack Johnson~ - Voice of Jack Johnson (boxer)
Miles Davis: Yesternow~1970 - Narration 23:52
Randy Weston: Mosaic Select~1959-1960 - vocals on:
     Live and the Five Spot
     Uhuru Afrika
Life Upon the Wicked S. T. A. G. E~  - singer
Carmen Jones Soundtrack~ - singer
Sing'a Man (Brock Peters)~1959 - singer
At the Village Gate (Brock Peters)~1959 - singer
Overture for Ballad of Americans (Odetta)~19?? - singer
Accent on Roots (Brock Peters)~
Ray Barretto & Brock Peters: Mysterious Instinct (Akannaginnagi)
Mama Look at Bubu (Harry Belefonte)~1957 - background vocals
Banana Boat (Day-O) (Harry Belafonte)~1956 - background vocals

Audio Books
African Village Folktales Audio Collection~1994 - narrator
African American Audio Experience~1989 - narrator Black Boy segment
Zero Hour 4: If Two of Them Are Dead~1996 - narrator

Video Games
Star Trek: Starfleet Command III~2002 (voice) -  General Mi'Qogh

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
All American Press Award:
Rec'd 1962/3 for To Kill a Mockingbird (first African American to receive the AAPA)
Nom 1962/3 for The L-Shaped Room
Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame:
Inducted 1976
Drama Desk Awards:
Rec'd 1972 Outstanding Performance for an Actor for Lost in the Stars
Drama-Logue Awards:
Rec'd 1990 Ensemble Performance for My Children! My Africa! (Shared with Sterling Mason Jr. and Nancy Travis)
Equity Awards:
Rec'd 2001 Paul Robeson Award
Hollywood Walk of Fame:
Rec'd Star April 23, 1992

Laurel Awards:
Nom 1964 Golden Laurel Top Male New Face
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 1990 Best Lead Performance in My Children! My Africa!
NAACP Image Awards:
Rec'd National Image Humanitarian Award
Rec'd Lifetime Achievement
NAACP Theatre Awards:
Rec'd 1990 Best Actor for Driving Miss Daisy
Rec'd 1980
National Film Society Awards:
Rec'd 1977 Lifetime Achievement
Online Film & Television Association:
Nom 1999 Best guest Actor in a Syndicated Series for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Outer Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 1971 Best Actor Lost in the Stars
Screen Actors Guild Awards:
Rec'd 1991 Life Achievement Award
Tony Awards:
Nom 1973 Best Actor in a Musical for Lost in the Stars

2003 - Peters was honored at The 29th Annual Newark Black Film Festival (a tribute)

2003 - Delivered the eulogy and sand at Gregory Peck's Funeral

1983 - Co-founded (with Di Di Daniels, his wife) Maga Link, Inc. (Communications Bridge) and he was chairman of both companies.

1978 - Co-founded the Media Forum

1978 - Shared cover on Ebony Magazine "How to Survive in Hollywood Between Gigs"

1961 - Took part in an AMSAC cultural exchange between the U.S. and Nigeria

1944-1957 - De Paur Infantry Chorus member which toured the world

Was once a business partner in two businesses (no longer functioning):
     The Mart (a gift shop)
     The Hot Dog Store Company

A member of the Robert Shaw Chorale

Performed for CART (California Arts Radio Theatre)

Professional guest at Otterbein College at the Otterbein Theatre & Dance school in Westerville, Ohio

Was co-founder and chairman of the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Was a Member of the Free Southern Theatre

Former chairman of the California State Arts Commission

Chairman of the Brotherhood Crusade Black United Fund

Former member of the California Motion Picture Council (appointed by the California State Legislature)

On the boards of/for:
     KCET-TV (PBS affiliate Los Angeles, CA).
     Performing Arts Council of the Music Center
     L.A. Task Force for Africa and L.A. Relations
     The Congressional Black Caucus' Communications Task Force
     Sassoon Foundation
     National Urban League Guild
     National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
     Third World Cinema
     Robey Theatre Board of Advisors

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