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Petula (not Petulia) was born wild in April of 1961, somewhere at the mouth of the Chukchi Sea between Siberia and Alaska off of St. Lawrence Island at the Bering Sea. She was a pinniped (walrus - odobenus rosmarus divergens).

Two weeks after Petula (named after Petula Clark whose song Sailor was a hit in February of 1961) was born she was captured by collectors, Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford from Marineland (California), along with three other two week-old pups, two male, the other female - Woofy, Farouk, and Priscilla, respectively. The four pups were brought to Marineland (California) by airplane to be used as entertainment, exhibits, and education.
By 1965, they had outgrown the enclosure they were raised in and were built a new facility which was dubbed "Walrus Waldorf", which had the first-of-its-kind underwater windows so people could see them swim. The Walrus couples were the only Walruses in captivity to successfully have pups.

Petula and Farouk had several pups: a single female pup (May 26, 1975 - 12:20am - the first Walrus ever born in captivity - she died around November of 1977), a single male pup (July 1978 - another pup was born that same year to which Walrus I don't know), another single male pup (May 29, 1982), and then twins (1985). One of the twin pups was given to Sea World in San Diego in 1987. Priscilla and Woofy had a female pup in 1984 but the pup died.
Of all the pups born at Marineland (between all four Walruses) only two survived.

After 1985 there is no mention of Petula anywhere, there was a person who said that she died after the birth of the twin pups in 1985, but I can't confirm that information. In 1987 the park was bought and all the animals within were sold off to other facilities, there was no mention of Petula, but there is mention of Georgie and Blue who were shipped off to other facilities.

Star Wars~1977 - extra Wookiee sounds (recorded by Ben Burtt)
Photo of Ben Burtt, Petula (center), and Farouk | Rinzler, J. W. The Making of Star Wars. New York: Del Rey, 2005. Print.
Hobo Kelly's Marineland Special A Whale of a Show~1974 - Herself (in baby films with Farouk)

Rancho Palos Verdes (history)~2009 by Ginger Garnett Clark
A Photographic Journey Back to Marineland of the Pacific~2005 By Jim Patryla
North American Fauna~1982 by Fish and Wildlife Service - Mentioned in relation to Walruses during pregnancy
Four Walruses - from Arctic to Oceanarium~1968 by Lou Jacobs, Jr.

I believe that Petula is the bottom walrus. | Jacobs, L. (1968). Four Walruses from Arctic to Oceanarium / by Lou Jacobs, Jr. New York: Young Scott Books.
Golden Gate~1965 by T. Allen - photos of the Walruses at Marineland.

Westways: Volume 59~1967 - Let's Explore A Byway FR0M MARINELAND T0 TERMINAL ISLAND by Russ Leadabrand - mentioned in relation to the Marineland park and what exhibits to seek out.

Conference on Biological sonar and Diving Mammals - Proceedings~1965 from Stanford Research Institute - proceedings on a conference regarding Echolocation (physiology) and animal navigation - the conference showed a 16mm film of "Expedition Walrus" a documentation of the capture of Petula, Farouk, Priscilla, and Woofy.


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