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Phillips, Ronnie

Ronnie Phillips

Ron "Ronnie" Phillips was born in 1911 in the U.K.  When Phillips was a child he had a surgical procedure which damaged his pituitary gland causing his stature to be shortened over his growing years.

Phillips trained to be an engineer and toolmaker.

Phillips started touring with Fred Roper's Wonder Midgets in the 1930s and very early 1940s, he returned to the U.K from the tour (which covered the U.K., South Africa, U.S.) in 1942 to care for his ill mother. Later in the 1940s he started a swing band called Ron Phillips' Modernists, he played the alto sax.
Phillips continued to be active in show business through advertising, TV, Film, pantomime until the 1970s when at some point he had owned and become a greengrocer (sold fresh produce from a store) until his move to New Milton, Hampshire in 1982.

Phillips always had work throughout his life because he had engineering and toolmaking training, but he kept his agent until well into the latter part of his life.

Phillips died on April 28, 2007 at a hospital in Lymington after a series of falls.  Phillips had lived in New Milton, Hampshire until his death.  He was never married and never had children, he was also the last surviving member of his family.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Taras - Ewok

From the collection of Gus Lopez. Photo from

Fred Roper's Midgets (AKA Famous Wonder Midgets/Wonderful Midgets/Company of Wonder Midgets)

2007 - Left £1.3 million to be distributed to various children's charities after his death.

1983 - Filmed Return of the Jedi as an Ewok. Phillips said that his custom Ewok mask had been stolen from the set and that he had to take a replacement mask off the peg which was very uncomfortable.

1940s - Put together a swing band called Ron Phillips' Modernists and he played the alto saxophone.

1939 - New York World's Fair - took part in Little Miracle Town with 124 other little people, including SWAD alum Marcus Powell. Visitors were charged 25¢ admission to the attraction. (highlighted, top right)
Photo from
Ronald Phillips (highlighted - top left) New York World's Fair 1939 - Photo from CardboardAmerica

1930s - Performed with Fred Roper's Midgets (AKA Famous Wonder Midgets/Wonderful Midgets/Company of Wonder Midgets) for twelve years where he and 29 other little people traveled with Englishman Fred Roper between England, South Africa and in the U.S. The troupe of Vaudevillian little people was a favorite act of a young Peter Sellers when he toured with his performer parents.

Stood 4' 6" tall.

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