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Plenty, Dennis

Dennis Plenty

Dennis Plenty was born on August 29, 1932.
Plenty died on January 20, 2016.

Star Wars~1977- Stormtrooper (Dennis was the original model for Stormtrooper armor - middle)

The First Refusal~1972 - Soldier
Endless Night~1972 - Auction Attendee
The Assassination Bureau~1969 - Limited Zeppelin Soldier  (see Actor Connections - TV)

Z Cars~1977 - PC / Plainclothes PC / Punter / ...
    Error of Judgement (1977) ... PC (uncredited)
    Family (1974) ... PC (uncredited)
    Skin Game (1973) ... PC (uncredited)
    Loyalties: Part 1 (1972) ... Plainclothes PC (uncredited)
    Access (1972) ... Plainclothes PC (uncredited)
    The Wrong Odds: Part 1
    By-Pass: Part 2
Doctor Who~1966-1976
     Security in The Green Death: Part 1
     Guard (Metabelis 3 inhabitant) in Planet of the Spiders: Parts 3, 4, and 5
     Guard in Priest of Death
     English Soldier in The Highlanders
     Tavern Customer in The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
     Soldier/Brethren/Soldier in The Masque of Mandragora: Parts 1, 3, and 4 respectively
     Extra in The Mutants: Part 3 and 5
     Exxilon in Death to the Daleks: Parts 2 and 3
     UNIT Soldier in Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part 2 (right foreground)
     Prison Guard and Draconian in Frontier in Space: Episode 1-4
     Submarine Crewman in The Sea Devils: Parts 3, 4, and 5
     Soldier/Soldier/Worker in The War Machines: Parts 2/3/4
Within These Walls~1975 -
    Man in Inside Out
    Prison Visitor in Long Shadows
Fawlty Towers~1975 - (uncredited) PC in A Touch of Class
Microbes and Men~1974 - State policeman in The Invisible Enemy
The Two Ronnies~1973 - in Episode #3.5
Sykes~1973 -  "Prison" Guard in Bird
Moonbase 3~1973 - (uncredited) Technician in:
    View of a Dead Planet
    Castor and Pollux
    Achilles Heel
But Seriously, It's Sheila Hancock~1972 - ? in Art for Whose Sake?
Upstairs, Downstairs~1971-1972 -
    Passer By in The Property of a Lady
    Customer in A Cry for Help
Villains~1972 - Man in Belinda
Doomwatch~1972 - (uncredited) Man in Flood
The Persuaders!~1971 - (uncredited) Plain Clothes Policeman in Element of Risk
The Benny Hill Show~1971 - S.S. Rumpo Passenger in Fun in the Kitchen with Johnny and Cranny Faddock
UFO~1970-1971 - Lt. David Worth in:
    Computer Affair
Dixon of Dock Green~1969-1971 - PC / PC Asquith / Policeman / ...
    PC Asquith in Sleigh Ride
    PC in Honour Amongst Thieves
    PC in The House in Albert Street
    Policeman in Waste Land
    PC Barker in Protest
Paul Temple~1971 Paul Temple - Barman (Steward) in Night Train
Softly Softly~1966-1967 -
    Ted Bramble in Sing a Song of Friendship
    Barman in The Jackpot
Adam Adamant Lives!~1966-1967 - (uncredited) 1901 Man (Photograph) / RA Camp Guard
     Black Echo
     D for Destruction (1966) (second from right)

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