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Shaw, Sebastian

Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Lewis Shaw (AKA 'Buster') was born on May 29, 1905 in  Holt, Norfolk, England, the son of Dr. Geoffrey Shaw.   He attended Greshams School, where his father was music master, then studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London for two years before earning a scholarship to the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts).

Shaw was a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company and made his professional stage debut in 1925, his Broadway debut in 1929 and made his first feature film in 1931.  From 1931 to WWII he made 20 films, some while in the service of the RAF (Royal Air Force) which he joined in 1934 and served as an AC/Plonk, Aircraftsman 2nd Class.

Shaw recalled that his acting in his 20s and 30s to be very bad and on several occasions he was told he was hired only as "beefcake", because of his good looks, for roles rather than being hired for his acting ability.  His "beefcake" roles catapulted his popularity throughout the 1930s and 1940s in the UK.  But it was only much later in his life that he felt he'd had the maturity and experience to bring depth to any roles.  Shaw's later years turned out to be brimming with work in the theatre where he acted and penned a great deal of theatre, poetry and even a book. 

He was married to stage actress Margaret Delamere from 1929 until her death in 1956 they had one child, a daughter, Drusilla (MacLeod).

Shaw died on December 23, 1994 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. 

Monkey Boy~1990 - Dr. Liawski
Portraits~1987 - (Thanks to Susanna!)
The Minisagas~1987 - Retirement Hobbies for Octogenarians (episode #4) (Thanks to Susanna!)
High Season~1987 - Sharp
Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi~1983 - Anakin Skywalker (scene as the spirit of Anakin replace/re-edited with Hayden Christensen)
Jack B. Yeats~1981 - voice of Jack B. Yeats (Thanks to Susanna!)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A~1968 - Quince
It Happened Here~1966 - Dr Richard Fletcher
Laxdale Hall~1952 - Hugh Marvel, M.P.
Sebastian Shaw as Hugh Marvel (middle), MP in Laxdale Hall
Glass Mountain, The (Gobbi: Glass Mountain)~1949 - Bruce McLeod
Landfall~1949 - Wing Commander Dickens
Journey Together~1946 - Squadron Leader Marshall
Shaw is seen front row, second from left.
Bulldog Sees It Through~1940 - Derek Sinclair
East of Piccadilly~1940 - Tamsie Green
Flying Squad, The~1940 - Inspector Bradley
Three Silent Men~1940 - Sir James Quentin
Too Dangerous to Live~1939 - Jacques Leclerc
Spy in Black, The (U Boat)~1939 - Lt Ashington who was really Cdr David Blacklock
Squeaker, The~1937 - Frank Sutton
Farewell Again~1937 - Captain Gilbert Reed
Birds of a Feather~1936 - Jack Wortle
Jury's Evidence~1936 - Philip
Tomorrow We Live~1936 - Eric Morton
Men Are Not Gods~1936 - Edmund Davey
Ace of Spades, The~1935 -Trent
Department Store~1935 - John Goodman Johnson
Jubilee Window~1935 - Peter Ward
Lad, The~1935 - Jimmy
Three Witnesses~1935 - Roger Truscott
Brewster's Millions~1935 - Frank
Adventure Limited~1934 - Bruce Blandford
Four Masked Men, The~1934 - Arthur Phillips
Get Your Man~1934 -Robert Halbean
Way of the Youth, The~1934 - Alan Marmon
House of Dreams~1933 - (Thanks to Susanna!)
Little Miss Nobody~1933 - Pat Carey
Taxi to Paradise~1933 - Tom Fanshawe
Caste~1930 - Hon George d'Alroy

Growing Rich~1991 - in Part 1 of a 6-part series (Thanks to Susanna!)
Chimera~1991 - Dr Liawski
Chernobyl: The Final Warning~1991 - Grandpa
Chelworth~1989 - actor in:
    My Dear Jamie
    You Can't Beat Mozart
    Shopping Around
    A Wonderfully Wrong Thing
    Coming Home (see Actor Connections - TV)
Theatre Night~1988 - in The Master Builder (see Actor Connections - TV)
Casualty~1988 - Charles Howlett in Drake's Drum
Reilly: The Ace of Spies~1983 (mini) - Reverend Thomas (see Actor Connections - TV)
Weather in the Streets, The~1983  -
The Nation's Health~1983 - Dr. Percy Thurson in Decline (see Actor Connections - TV) (Thanks to Susanna!)
Jackanory Playhouse~1981 - actor in Alice Through The...
Nanny~1981 - Mr. Starkie in  Goats and Tigers
Timon of Athens~1981 (BBC TV) - Old Athenian
Rumpole the Bailey~1979 -  Mr. Justice Skelton in Rumpole and the Show Folk
Play of the Week~~1978 - in Liza (Thanks to Susanna!)
Old Curiosity Shop, The~1979 (mini) - Little Nell's Grandfather (1 - 9)
Horizon~1974 - archive of Koestler on Creativity from 1964 in The First Ten Years7
A Midsummer Night's Dream~1968 - Quince (see Actor Connections - TV)
All's Well That Ends Well~1968  - King of France
The Lost Peace~1968-1969 - actor in:
     It Will Proceed In The End
    What Did Greece Matter?
    The Sword Must Be Kept Sharp
    One Perplexity After Another
    What Hand Would Not Whither?
    There is a Great Tide Running
    This is Such a Time
    Now I Can Die
Horizon~1967 - narrator of Koestler on Creativity
Out of the Unknown~1966 - Major Gregory in Walk's End
Panorama~1965 - readings by Sebastian Shaw in 409
Great War~1964 (series) - Narrator of On the Idle Hill of Summer
Now You're Talking~1949-47 Documentaries ??
Hamlet~1947 - Claudius
Prison Without Bars~1939  - Doctor
Julius Caesar~1938 - Brutus

The Master Builder~1988 - Knut Brovik ()
Henry V~1984 - King Charles VI/Ely (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Hamlet~1984 - First Grave Digger (Barbican Theatre, London, UK)
Whose Life Is It Anyway?~1978 - (Mermaid Theatre, , )
King Richard II~1974 - Duke of York (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
King Richard II~1973 - Duke of York (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Love's Labour's Lost~1973 - First Clown ()
Measure for Measure~1970 - Duke (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Bartholemew Fair~1969 - Justice Overdo (Aldwych Theatre, London, UK)
Heartbreak House~ - Captain Shotover (Windsor, )
The Apple Cart~ - Magnus (Oxford, )
Enemies~ -
Three Sisters~ -
Ivanov~ -
Enemies and Summerfolk~ -
Much Ado About Nothing~1969 - Leonato  (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Sergeant Musgrave's Dance~1969 - Pte Attercliffe (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Shaw (Center) from the book Modern Drama in Theory and Practice: Volume 3, Expressionism and Epic Theatre - by JL Styan
Troilus and Cressida~1968/1969 - Ulysses (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK; Aldwych Theatre, London, UK; world tour)
All's Well that Ends Well~1967 - The King of France (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Romeo and Juliet~1967 - Friar Lawrence (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, ) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew~1966 - Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong (RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK)
Their Very Own and Golden City~1966  - Jake Latham and Reginald Maitland
A Patriot For Me~1965 - General Conrad von Hotzendorf (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Shelly~1965 - (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Mrs. Warren's Profession~1961 -
Candida~1961 -
Empress With Teapot~1961 - Sir Desmond (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
Take A Life~1961 - (Mermaid Theatre, )
The Cresta Run~1960's - Sir Francis Harker (Royal Court Theatre, London, UK)
A Chaste Maid in Cheapside~1960's -
Their very own And Golden City~1960's -
Everyman~1956 - Title (Ludlow Festival, Ludlow, Shropshire, UK)
His House in Order~1951 - Filmer Jesson, MP (New Theatre , London, UK)
His Excellency~1950 - Sir James Kirkham (The Prince's ?, )
I Said to Myself~1947 - Mr. Hern Lawrance (Mercury Theatre, Colchester, UK)
The Thracian Horses~1946 - Heracles (Lyric Theatre,  Hammersmith, UK)
Sunshine Sisters, The~1933 -
Party~1932 -
Romeo and Juliet~1932 - Romeo (Embassy Theatre, Swiss Cottage, London, UK)
Measure for Measure~1931 - Claudio (Fortune Theatre, London, UK)
Rope~1929 - Wyndham Brandon (New York, US)
Ole George Comes to Tea~1927 - 'Enery Parsons (Playhouse, Liverpool, UK)
Romeo and Juliet~1926 - Romeo
The Sign of the Sun~1925 - Archangel
The Constant Nymph~ - The Major (London, UK)
The Constant Nymph~ - Lewis Dodd (London, UK)
The Taming of the Shrew~ - Petruccio (Greshams Prep School, Norfolk, England, UK)
The Cockyolly Bird~1914 - as one of the Juvenile Band (he was 8 years old) (Court Theatre, London, UK)
Voice of the Turtle~ - (Piccadilly, London, UK)
Smith~ - (Piccadilly, London, UK)
Othello~ -
King Lear~ - Gloucester ()

Theatre Director
Take a Life~1961 (Mermaid Theatre, )
The Gambler~1945 (Embassy Theatre, )

Theatre Playwright
The Cliff Walk~1969
Take a Life~1961 (Mermaid Theatre, )
Cul de Sac~1960
Glass Maze, The
Ship's Bell, The
Take a Life

The Wild Duck~1985 - actor
Translations~1982 - actor
Sebastian Shaw~1981 - Himself on All's Well That Ends Well with bits of commercial recording of the play
Troilus and Cressida~1980 - actor (see Actor Connections - Radio)
Hamlet~1975 - actor 3/23/75
The Madras House~1960 - actor 11/11/60
St. Joan~1956 - actor 9/17/56
A Single Taper~1956 - actor  5/10/56
The Small Black Room~1949 - actor 10/3/49
World Theatre~1945 - actor (#12.1) 1/30/61
World Theatre~1945 - actor (#5.1) 2/21/49
Hamlet (World Theatre)~1948 - actor in (#13) 12/26/48
The Thracian Horses~1948 - actor 1/26/48

The Christening~1975

Was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company

Was a member of the RAF

Was painted (in the nude at 73) by his nephew Humphrey Ocean (born Humphrey Anthony Erdeswick Butler-Bowdon). (copy of portrait thanks to Susanna!)

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