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Sheard, Michael

Michael Sheard

Michael Lawson Sheard (né Perkins, he took his mother's name as his stage name) was born in Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland on June 18, 1938.  He was the son of a minister of the kirk (minister of the church), Reverend Donald Marriott Perkins.

Michael Sheard was first introduced to theater when his father put on little stage plays for the children of the parish. Michael's father always managed to find a little bit of a part for Michael.
Sheard attended Michael Hall School in Sussex, and at thirteen Michael was working in the theater.

Sheard's first professional theatre work was with the Perth Repertory Theatre in Perth, Scotland.  
He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (this is where he took his stage name), worked diligently to curtail his Scottish accent, and did two years National Service in the Royal Air Force as an aircraftsman, where he guarded Halfpenny Green Airfield.

Sheard's TV and film career began in the early 60's but he had also done much stage work previously.

Mr. Sheard died on Wednesday August 31, 2005 on the Isle of Wight of complications from stomach cancer, he was surrounded by his family.  He is survived by his wife, Ros (Rosalind Moir - an artist), three children, Simon (accountant), Rupert (teacher), Susannah (doctor), and their two dogs Sophie and Emma.

Back to School~2007 (doc short) - (archive footage: Headmaster/Mr. Bronson)
A Matter of Time~2007 (V doc) - (archive footage: Laurence Scarman)
Hammer Horror~2007 (V doc short) - (archive footage: Laurence Scarman)
Directing Castrovalva~2007 (V doc short) - (archive footage: Mergrave)
Order of the Sith: Downfall~2006 (short) - Narrator
Order of the Sith: Vengeance~2005 (short) - cameo
Shadows in the Woods~2006 (V) - Michael Benson
The Green Door~2005 (short) - Peeping Tom
Osirian Gothic~2003 (V doc short) - Himself
Serial Thrillers~2003 (V doc short) - (archive footage: Laurence Scarman - uncredited)
In Conversation with Michael Sheard~2003 (V) - Himself
Chronotrip~2002 (doc) - Himself
Another Life~2001 - Mr. Justice Shearman
Millennium Blue~1999 -
Where on Earth Is...Katy Manning Because She'd Really Like to Know!~1998 (V doc) - Himself
Doombeach~1989 - Headmaster
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 - uncredited Adolf Hitler (see Actor Connections - Film)
Murder Rap~1987 - uncredited Defense Counsel
High Road to China~1983 - Charlie Shane, Tozar's Attorney (see Actor Connections - Film)
Green Ice~1981 - Jaap
Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 - uncredited U-Boat Captain (see Actor Connections - Film)
Aftermath~1980 (V) - Klegg
Rough Cut~1980 - Man at Airport (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Admiral Kendal Ozzel
Riddle of the Sands, The~1979 - Böhme
Escape to Athena~1979 - Sergeant Mann
Force 10 from Navarone~1978 - Sergeant Bauer (see Actor Connections - Film)
Erotic Inferno~1975 - Eric Gold
The Hiding Place~1975 - Kapteyn
Adam and Nicole~1975 - Eric Gold
Lord Peter Wimsey: Five Red Herrings~1975 -
Undercover Hero~1974 - uncredited New Military Governor
London Conspiracy~1974 - Walden
Hitler: The Last Ten Days~1973 - Herr Doktor Schacht (his part during the prologue was cut) (see Actor Connections - Film)
England Made Me!~1973 - Fromm
Holiday on the Buses~1973 - Depot Manager  (see Actor Connections - Film)
Darwin Adventure, The~1972 - First Man
Frenzy~1972 - uncredited Jim at the Bar
Universal Soldier~1971 - uncredited Man
McKenzie Break, The~1970 - Ingenieur-Offizier Unger
Chaos~  (see Actor Connections - Film)

TV's Nastiest Villains~2014 (doc) - (archive footage: Mr. Bronson)
Nature's Guard~2005 - (see Actor Connections - TV)
Drama Connections~2005 (doc) - Himself (archive footage: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet)
British UFO Files~2004 - Himself/Narrator
Hitler of the Andes~2003 - Adolf Hitler
Top Ten~2002 - Himself in TV Bastards
Chronotrip~2002 - Himself
Top Ten~2002 - Himself in TV Bastards
Banza~2001 - Himself
Je m'appelle Crawford (The Big Tease)~1999 - Uncle Airdrie Dunbar
First Frontier~1999  - Joseph Makian (see Actor Connections - TV)
Manic Moonsters~1999 -  Professor Nubrubble Smith
Saturday Aardvark, The~1998 - Guest
Where On Earth Is... Katy Manning Because She'd Really Like to Know!~1998 (V) - Himself
Takin' Over the Asylum~1994 - Mr. Wyatt in Hey, Jude
Alleyn Mysteries~1993 - Juniper in Final Curtain
'Allo 'Allo~1992 - Goering's Double in Hitler's Last Heil
Press Gang~1992 - Dr. Clipstone in UnXpected
Darling Buds of May~1991 - Building Society Manager in When the Green Woodds Laugh: Part 1
Going Live!~1989 - Himself in 2.23
Saracen~1989 - Dr. Alex Hamilton in Girls' Talk
Touch of Spice, A~1989 - Gordon Pugh in 1.4
Coronation Street~1989 - Arthur Dabner (Emily Bishop's suitor) in 1.2917 (Thanks Skippy!)
Grange Hill~1985-1989 - Mr. Maurice 'Charlie' Bronson (92 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Doctor Who~1966-1988 -
     Headmaster in Remembrance of the Daleks: Parts One and Two
     Mergrave in Castrovalva: Parts Three and Four
     Lowe in The Invisible Enemy: Parts One - Four
     Laurence Scarman in Pyramids of Mars: Parts One - Three
     Dr. Summers in The Mind of Evil: Episodes One - Four and Six
     Rhos in The Plague (The Ark)
Hannay~1988 - Perrin
Tickets for the Titanic~1987 - Ministry Man
Knights of God~1987 - Dr. Stevens - Medical Officer in 1.4 and 1.13
Happy Families~1985 - Judge in Edith
Bulman~1985 - Joe Wright in pandora's many Boxes
Space~1985 (mini) - Himmler in Part I
Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission, The~1985 - Adolph Hitler (see Actor Connections - TV)
Auf Wiedersehen Pet~1984 - Herr Grunwald (see Actor Connections - TV)
Cold Warrior~1984 - Professor Berner in The Man from Damascus
The Invisible Man~1984 - Reverend Edward Bunting in:
     Mr. Marvel's Visit to Iping
     The Unveiling of the Stranger
     The Strange Man's Arival
Shine on Harvey Moon~1984 - Herr Uwe Braun in Sisters and Brothers
Murder Not Proven?~1984 - Solicitor-General in Open Season (see Actor Connections - TV)
One by One~1984 - Tomkins in Doctor's Orders
Killer Exposed~1984 - Detective Supervisor Harrison
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet~1983-1984 - Herr Grunwald in:
     When the Boat Goes Out
     The Alien
     The Accused
     Who Won the War Anyway?
     If I Were a Carpenter
Grandad~1979-1984 -
     Mr. Morton in 4.5
     Harold Thorntree in 1.2
Outsider, The~1982  - Reuben Flaxman in:
     Wound for Wound
     The Homecoming
     A Question of Judgment
     The Legacy
     A Death in the Family
The Dark Side of the Sun~1983 - Colonel Von Reitz in Into the Shadows
Storyboard~1983 - Dorian in The Traitor
The Captain's Doll~1983 - Colonel
Lady Is A Tramp~1983 - Man at Bus Stop in 1.5
Maggie~1981-1982 - Mr. McKinley (17 episodes)
Airline~1982 - B.O.T. Official in Captain Clarke Plus One
Take a Letter Mr. Jones~1981 - Mr. Bailey in The Interview
The Bunker~1981 - Heinrich Himmler
Cannon and Ball~1981 - Sleeping Psychiatrist in 3.5
The Walls of Jericho~1981 - Professor David Masson in Order of Battle
The Squad~1980 - Detective Sergeant Willet in Diplomatic Incident
BBC2 Playhouse~1976-1980 -
     Preston in Caught on a Train
     Police Inspector in The Mind Beyond: Stones
The Sandbaggers~1980 - Dr. Crabbe in Sometimes We Play Dirty Too
Buccaneer~1980 - John Lancaster in:
     Feet of Clay
Square Mile of Murder~1980 - Dr. Patterson in The Human Crocodile
Armchair Thriller~1980 - Colonel Morgan in:
     Fear of God: Part 4: Bang!
     Fear of God: Part 3: The Music Room (see Actor Connections - TV) (Thanks Skippy!)
Play for Today: Murder Rap~1980 - (see Actor Connections - TV)
Tales of the Unexpected~1980 - Inspector in The Umbrella Man  (Thanks Skippy!)
High Road~1980 - Nikki Zaharoff
Jukes of Piccadilly~1980 - Donaldson in The Corcelli Medallion: Parts 1 and 2
Enemy at the Door~1980 - Oberstleutnant Koerner in The Raid  (see Actor Connections - TV)
Blake's 7~1980 - Section Leader Klegg in Powerplay
An Enemy of the People~1980 - Provost
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson~1980 - Butler in The Case of the Other Ghost
Play for Today~1979-1980 -
     Conrad Tucker in Murder Rap
     Prison Officer in A Hole in Babylon
Minder~1979 - Elliot in A Tethered Goat (Thanks Skippy!)
All Quiet on the Western Front~1979 - Paul's Father
Lovely Couple~1979 - Henry Penrose in Cuckoo in the Nest
Danger UXB~1979 - Police Superintendent in Butterfly Winter
Plain Murder~1978 - Harrison
Les Miserables~1978 - Commissary
Lillie~1978 - Colonel Hertzl in Let Them Say (see Actor Connections - TV)
The Famous Five~1978 - Police Inspector in Five Go to Mystery Moor
All Creatures Great and Small~1978 - Adderley in Sleeping Partners
Professionals, The~1978 - Merton in When The Heat Cools Off
Mind Your Language~1978 - Police Sergeant in Best Things In Life, The
Tomorrow People, The~1977 - Hitler in Hitler's Last Secret: Seeds of Destruction and Men Like Rats
Scottish Playbill~1978 - James Dinsdale in If the Face Fits
The Many Wives of Patrick~1978 - Mr. Mountshaft in One Decree Under
Law & Order~1978 (mini) - Insurance Assessor in A Detective's Tale
Hazell~1978 - Detective Constable Finch in Hazell and the Weekend Man
Crown Court~1973-1978 -
     Dr. Arnold Anderson in:
          Still Life with Feathers: Part 1
          ...Or Was He Pushed?: Parts 1-3
     Sergeant Goss in:
          The Thunderbolts: Parts 1-3
Mind Your Language~1978 - Police Sergeant in The Best Things in Life
Van der Valk~1972-1977 -
     Ruytens in Face Value
     Paul Harkermer in Elected Silence
Rogue Male~1977 - Adolf Hitler
The Foundation~1977 - Bobby Anderson in:
Z-Cars~1968-1977 - (see Actor Connections - TV)
     Paul Denham in The Man Who Killed Songbirds
     Ticket Collector in Night Train
     Fingerprint Officer in Last Bus to Newtown
     Doctor in Say Two Hellos
     Man in Car Park in Out of the Frying Pan: Part 2
Romance~1977 - Sommelier in Three Weeks
The Dancing Years~1976 - Captain Goetzer
The Cedar Tree~1976 - Dr. Edelmann in The Treatment: Parts 1 and 2
Warship~1976 - Rear Admiral Chandy (see Actor Connections - Film)
New Avengers, The~1976 - Peters in Faces
Beasts~1976 - Sergeant in The Dummy
The Expert~1969-1976 -
     Mr. Justice Caldwell in Hour of the Snake
     Pc Muir in:
          Lethal Weapon
          The Blue Spot
The Brothers~1976 -
     Harvey McKay in Windmills
     Customs Officer in Red Sky in the Morning
Second Verdict~1976 - Dr. Bunger in Who Burned the Reichstag?
Dixon of Dock Green~1963-1976 - (see Actor Connections - TV)
Within These Walls~1975 - Chaplain in Get the Glory Down
Space: 1999~1975 - Dr. Darwin King in Dragon's Domain
Five Red Herrings~1975  mini-series - Inspector MacPherson
Softly Softly: Task Force~1971-1975 - (see Actor Connections - TV)
     Dr. Janes in A Person Unknown
     Dickenson in Once Bitten
Shades of Greene~1975 - Deyective Inspector Tweedie in A Little Place Off the Edgware Road (see Actor Connections - TV)
Oil Strike North~1975 - John McAllister in It Depends Where You Stand
Sweeney, The~1975 - Mr Penketh (headmaster) in Hit And Run
Not on Your Nellie~1974-1975 -
     P.C. Beramwater in Called to the Bar
     Detective Inspector in Something in the Night
The Five Red Herrings~1975 - Inspector MacPherson in 1.2-1.4
Armchair Cinema~1975 - Mr. Turnish in In Sickness and in Health
The Main Chance~1975 - Analyst in Process
Churchill's People~1975 - Archbishop in A Wilderness of Roses
Invisible Man, The~1975 - Rev. Bunting
Space: 1999~1975 - Dr. Darwin King in Dragon's Domain
Father Brown~1974 - Philip Aylmer in The Dagger with Wings
The Dick Emery Show~1974 - in 13.2
Microbes and Men~1974 - Loeffler in Men of Little Faith
Look and Read~1974 - Number Two in Cloud Burst: Part 1 - Out of Control
Dial M For Murder~1974 - Police Doctor in Both Hands Free
Fall of Eagles~1974 - Losehek in Requiem fo a Crown Prince
Special Branch~1974 - Adrian Penfold in Catherine the Great
ITV Playhouse~1974 - Prison Officer in Lucky
Dixon of Dock Green~1963-1974 -
     Bernard Moss in Harry's Back
     John Lindsay in First Offenders
     Night Porter in Nightmare Hours
     Doctor in The Hard Way
     Taunton in The Run
     Postman in The World of Silence
     Taxi Driver in Mr.X
     1st Patrol Officer in You Can't Buy a Miracle
     2nd Patrol Officer in Heister
     2nd Cabbie in Routine Check
     Garage Attendant in Saturday Night
     Reporter in Edward the Confessor
     Stan Moore in Mrs. Conroy's Goldmine
Protectors, The~1973 - Inspector Luhrs in Wam (2)
Bowler~1973 - Doctor Mumbry in Bowler's Analysis
On the Buses~1973 -
     Manager in:
         Gardening Time
         Allowance, The
         What The Stars Foretell
         Hot Water
     1st Judge in:
          The Poster
Adam Smith~1973 - Mr. Buchanan in 2.25
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes~1973 - Dr. Jones in The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway
ITV Sunday Night Theatre~1969-1973 -
     Heinrich Himmler in The Death of Adolf Hitler
     Doctor Gowan in Machine
Madigan~1972 - Coroner in The London Beat
Colditz~1972 - Kommandant in The Undefeated
The Adventures of Black Beauty~1972 - Jackson in The Hostage
The Man Outside~1972 - in Doubts and Traitors
Emmerdale Farm~1972 - The Colonel
Van der Valk~1972 - Harkemer in Elected Silence
To Encourage the Others~1972 - Fairfax
The Onedin Line~1972 - Smethurst in Blockade
Merry-Go-Round~1971 - Himself/Presenter
Persuaders!, The~1971 - Constable John Walden in A Home of One's Own
Jason King~1971 - The Electrician in A Page Before Dying
Paul Temple~1971 - Ken Harrow in the Guilty Must Die
Adventures of Don Quick~1970 - Broul in People Isn't Everything
Biography~1970 - Spangenbert in I Measured the Skies
My Partner the Ghost (Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased))~1970 - German Commentator in Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave
The Doctors~1969 - Detective Constable Zane in 1.8 and 1.9
Strange Report~1969 - TV Manager in Report 7931: Sniper - When Is Your Cousin Not?
Albert~1969 - Arthur Pringle in:
     The Verge of Stardom
     The Good Samaritan
     In the Field
     Merely a Formality
The First Lady~1969 - Police Sergeant in The Battle of Waterloo Street
The Borderers~1969 - Alan Hume in Hero
Softly, Softly~1966-1969 -
     PC Rivers in:
     Sgt. Jefferson in:
          Going Quietly
          An Old Song
     Thomas in:
          Barlow was There: Part 1: Allegation and Part 2: Enquiry
Mogul~1966-1969 -
     German in Over the Hill
     Second Mechanic in When You Gotta Go
A Man of Our Times~1968 - Male Cousin in Someone I knew
The Wednesday Play~1968 - East German Interrogator in Coincidence
Outsider, The~1968 - Reuben Flaxman
Ways with Words~1967 -
The Gamblers~1967 - Forbes in The Wrecker
Dr. Finlay's Casebook~1965-1967 -
     Porter in Possessed
     Dr. Collins in Bird Seed and Begonias
     Jack Farrar in The Vision
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle~1967 - Driver in The Brown Hand
Going to Work~1966 (doc) - Himself in Trade Unions
Adam Adamant Lives~1966 - Major in D for Destruction
Vendetta~1966 - False Ticket Collector in The Ice-Cream Man
Ransom for a Pretty Girl~1966 - Shaw
Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell: 1984~1965 - one of the Men in White Coats
Likely Lads, The~1965 - Bill Nesbit in:
     Last of the Big Spenders
     Other Side of the Fence
Crossroads~1964 - Albert Ede
The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling~1964 - The Blind Mullah in The Head of the District
First Night~1963 - Finch in Guilty
Suspense~1962 -
GMTV~19?? - Interviewee
ITV Meridian~19?? - reading Alfred Lord Tennyson poems
The Troubleshooters~19?? -

Peggy's Song
Maureen at the Zanzibar

Ghosts~ - Oswald (Perth Repertory Theatre, Perth, Scotland)
Meet Me By Moonlight~ - (Perth Repertory Theatre, Perth, Scotland)
Merchant of Venice, The~ - Bassanio (Shaftesbury Theatre, London, UK)
Macbeth~19?? - Ross (?)
?~ ? - Godbole (Perth Repertory Theatre, Perth, Scotland)
?~? - Götz (?)

Theatre Director
A Sleep Of Prisoners
The Woman In Black~2001 (Derngate Hall, Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK)
Shirley Valentine~2003
Breaking Through~2001 (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Theatre, Bristol, UK)

Audio Plays
Stones of Venice (Doctor Who - 8th Doctor)~2001 - Orsino, A Duke

High Moon~2003 - Wizard (performed at CONvergence 2003, Minneapolis, MN, US)
Peter Galaxy, Interstellar Envoy~2003 - Steven St. Stephen/Dr. Simon (performed at CONvergence 2003, Minneapolis, MN, US)
Dr. Who~2002 - Orsino in The Stones of Venice (Three part series)
Phill Jupitas Show~ - (Radio 6 BBC)
Fred MacAulay Show~ - Interviewee
Dundee Radio~199? - Interviewee
Piccadilly Radio~ - Interviewee
Galaxy Radio~ - Interviewee

Yes, it's Photographic!~2004
Yes, School's Out - Sci-Fi Conventions, Parties, and Much, Much More!~2001
Yes, Admiral - Sci-Fi and Further Memories~1999
Yes, Mr. Bronson: Memoirs of a Bum Actor~1997

Enjoyed golf.

Made appearances at retro “School Disco” nights across the country (UK)

Worked with Harrison Ford on Force 10 From Navarone, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Has worked with more 'Doctors" (Doctor Who) than any other actor, other than Micholas Courtney.

Star Toys Museum, a fan-based Star Wars toy museum, has a board of directors and Michael Sheard was listed on its advisory council (with Kevin J. Anderson).

Was in the midst of being attached to a Chaos Films unproduced third film script of Dr. Who AS the Dr. himself.


Memories of Michael Sheard

Having exchanged a few email and a face-to-face encounter with Mr. Sheard I had an opportunity to chat a little with him. He was very sweet and quick to reply no matter his schedule.  His fans meant so much to him and he showed his appreciation through his tireless appearances at conventions, parties, and small gatherings. ~Leah Mangue

OrigamiGuy:  I was fortunate enough to have met Mr. Sheard twice. I made an origami Star Destroyer for him the first time at Celebration II. I'm proud to say he was amazed by my work. All I can say is if you had the chance to meet him you know how very appreciative of his fans he was.
When I was planning the life size origami for Celebration III I wrote to several celebrities asking if they would donate their signatures on the figures for charity. I told him we had met once and mentioned the star destroyer. Mr. Sheard wrote back personally saying he would be delighted to help and the star destroyer was still on his shelf.  When he came over to sign the life-sized figures he didn't have much time - he was on one of the rare breaks the autograph hall allowed the celebrities. He still took the time to talk with me and a few fans in the area. Star Wars Origami Autographs  He actually thanked me for the chance to help the charity (Koret Family House)

 Mr. Sheard was a warm and generous man who will be missed.

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