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Staddon, Gerald

Gerald Staddon

Gerald Staddon (Stadden/Staddan) was born in June of 1943 in Upper Agbrigg (Kirkburton), Yorkshire, England, UK to Francis Frank Stadden and Edith May Stadden (née Smith).

Staddon was raised on a smallholding (land, under 50 acres, sold/let for cultivation) run by his parents in Linfit Lane, Kirkburton. He attended Kirkburton Junior and Secondary Modern Schools.  

Staddon's early working days weren't in show business, far from it, he spent time on a mill and a furniture factory. He joined Bolum & Shaw then went on to the Circus, a job he held for 3 ½ weeks (long hours and a lot of labor), he went to work for a brick firm in Beford then returned to Bolum & Shaw. From 1965-1979 he worked for Martin and Sons Brookfield Mills in Kirkburton (fabric). His boss at the mills in Kirkburton was good with Staddon and let him go for acting gigs when they came up. He also learned to repair watches and clocks which he still does in between acting work.

He is married to actress Josephine Staddon, he met her in Bristol, they live in Watford with their son Sean.

NOTE: Gerald Staddon is not deceased! His cousin confirmed this (Sept 2017) with me. :) Yay!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban~2004
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets~2002
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone~2001 - Quidditch match viewer/Gringotts Goblin
Doody's Dream~1993 -
A Muppet Christmas Carol~1992 - Fruit Seller
The NeverEnding Story~1984 - Bear
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Ewok
The Dark Crystal~1982 - Skeksis
History of the World: Part I~1981 - Le Fevre - courtier French Revolution
Willow~1988 - Nelwyn
Joseph Andrews~1977 - Wigmaker
Little Boys Dream~ - Chief
Test Flight~ - Farrier

Film Stunts (double)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone~2001 - Professor Flitwick double
Labyrinth~1986 (double)
Legend~1985 (double)

Chronicles of Narnia, The~2005 -
Rock of Ages~2000 -
10th Kingdom~2000 -
League of Gentlemen~2000-2002 - Pebble in:
    How the Elephant Got It's Trunk
    The League of Gentlemen Christmas Special
    Destination: Royston Vasey
Count of Solar~1991 -
Mr. Majieka~1988 -
Body Contact~1987 -
Lenny Henry Show, The~1987 -
Wizbit III~1987 - Badbit
Wizbit II~1986 -
Lost Empires~1986 -
Wagner~1983 -
Who Dares Wins~1983+ - various
The Goodies~1981 - Dwarf in Special: Snow White 2
3-2-1~1978 -
The Little and Large Show~1978 -
South Bank Show~1978 -
Space: 1999~1975 - Male Mute in Mission of the Darians
Staddon as Mute in Space: 1999 || Photo from Catacombs Space:1999
Leonce and Lena~1975 -
Alias Smith and Jones~1971 -
The Basil Brush Show~1968 -
The Stanley Baxter Show~???? -
Jack the Ripper~????
The Paul Daniels Christmas Special~???? -
All the World's a Stage~???? -

Ginsters Pies
Red Rock Cider
Ever Ready Batteries
Thames Water Board
American Choc Bar
Ronder Biscuit (France)
Bird's Custard
Hygena Bedroom Furniture

Wizbit Magic Show
Pantomime~ (each year)

Live Performances
Chipperfield's Circus~1960 - clown (a job he held for 3 ½ weeks)

Music Videos
Peter Gabriel
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Damned
Soft Cell
Tina Turner
Iron Maiden

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