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Standeven, Guy

Guy Standeven

Marcus Guy Wyndham Standeven was born on August 28, 1928, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire,  East Riding, England, UK to Leslie Standeven and Dorothy Standeven (née Robinson). He had a younger sister named Patricia. Standeven was raised in Harrogate and would join the White Rose Players in 1944, then the West Riding Theatre. After his service in the army he moved to London where he became an actor full-time.

Standeven died in October of 1998 in Hammersmith, England, UK

Jude~1996 - Man at Town Meeting
King Ralph~1991 - Sir Guy Cracknell
Batman~1989 - uncredited extra
A Fish Called Wanda~1988 - uncredited Jeweler
Lifeforce~1985 - Technician
Morons From Outer Space~1984 - uncredited
Top Secret!~1984 - uncredited Man Singing National Anthem/Ballet Audience Member
The Meaning of Life~1983 - Waiter
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Council Member in Briefing Room (highlighted)

Evil Under the Sun~1982 - uncredited Vicar on Train
The Final Conflict (The Omen III)~1981 -
Reds~1981 - Man in Restaurant (see Actor Connections - Film)
Chariots of Fire~1981 -
The Elephant Man~1980 - Committee Member
Le Petomane~1979 (short) - Audience Member
The Thirty-Nine Steps~1978 - General
Sweeney 2~1978 - Logan - Bank Manager
Star Wars~1977 - ?
Intimate Games~1976 - Psychiatrist
The Omen~1976 -
The Pink Panther Strikes Again~1976 - Doctor (see Actor Connections - Film)
Brannigan~1975 - uncredited Diner at La Terraza
Callan~1974 - uncredited Man Outside Tower Hill Station/Man in Restaurant
Craze~1974 - uncredited Milkman
Day of the Jackal~1973 - uncredited Police Constable
Existence (The 14/The Wild Little Bunch)~1973 - Doctor
No Sex Please: We're British~1973 - uncredited Man with Pipe at Church Film Show
The Optimists of Nine Elms~1973 -
Lady Caroline Lamb~1972 - uncredited Judge (see Actor Connections - Film)
Straight On Till Morning~1972 - Man who says, 'No' on Park Bench
Ooh...You Are Awful~1972 - Vicar
Young Winston~1972 - Harrow School Master
A Clockwork Orange~1971 - uncredited Man with Flower in Hospital (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Abominable Dr. Phibes~1971 - uncredited Detective Morgan
Sound an Alarm~1971 (doc short) - Post Observer
Diamonds Are Forever~1971 - Customs Officer (see Actor Connections - Film)
Villain~1971 - Restaurant Patron/MP in Harcourt Room (see Actor Connections - Film)
Quest For Love~1971 -
The Reckoning~1970 - uncredited Party Guest
Doctor in Trouble~1970 - Passenger
Scrooge~1970 - Party Guest
The Magic Christian~1969 - uncredited City Gent (see Actor Connections - Film)
Oh! What a Lovely War~1969 - uncredited American Captain
Mosquito Squadron~1969 - uncredited RAF Enlisted Man
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie~1969 -
Ring of Bright Water~1969 -
Battle of Britain~1969 -
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang~1968 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Charge of the Light Brigade~1968 -
Carry On Doctor~1968 - Orderly (Porter)
A Dandy in Aspic~1968 -
Interlude~1968 -
Hammerhead~1968 -
Star!~1968 -
The Strange Affair~1968 -
Prudence and the Pill~1968 -
Hostile Witness~1968 -
Great Catherine~1968 -
Robbery~1967 - Postal Worker on Train
The Dirty Dozen~1967 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
I'll Never Forget What's'isname~1967 - uncredited Party Guest
The Sky Bike~1967 - Squadron Leader
A Challenge for Robin Hood~1967 - uncredited Apothecary
Casino Royale~1967 - uncredited Bus Driver (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Jokers~1967 -
Assignment K~1967 -
Georgy Girl~1966 - Priest
Arabesque~1966 -
A Man for All Seasons~1966 -
Funeral in Berlin~1966 -
Alfie~1966 -
Island of Terror~1966 - uncredited Lab Assistant
The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery~1966 - uncredited Sir Horace's Chauffeur (see Actor Connections - Film)
Lord Jim~1965 -
The Ipcress File~1965 -
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines~1965 -
Darling~1965 -
Rotten to the Core~1965 - uncredited Prison Chaplain
Operation Crossbow~1965 - Military Personnel - Volunteer Agent
The Yellow Rolls-Royce~1964 -
Hard Day's Night~1964 - Club Dancer
The Servant~1963 -
The World Ten Times Over~1963 -
I Could Go On Singing~1963 -
The V.I.Ps~1963 -
Dr. Crippen~1963 -
Carry on Jack~1963 - uncredited Pirate
Murder at the Gallop~1963 - uncredited Forensic Photographer
The Partner~1963 - Counterhand
The Password is Courage~1962 -
Lawrence of Arabia~1962 -
Go To Blazes~1962 -
The Night of the Prowler~1962 - uncredited Night Club Patron
The War Lover~1962 - Military Officer in Briefing Room (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Boys~1962 - uncredited Juror
The Road to Hong Kong~1962 - uncredited Photographer at Calcutta Airport
Two Wives at One Wedding~1961 -
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone~1961 - Nightclub Guest
The Postman's Knock~1961 - uncredited Electrician
The Rebel~1961 -
Raising the Wind~1961 -
In The Doghouse~1961 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Lunch Hour~1961 - uncredited Wilkinson
The Day the Earth Caught Fire~1961 - Customer - Battersea Fair (see Actor Connections - Film)
Never Take Sweets From A Stranger~1960 -
Piccadilly Third Stop~1960 -
Man in the Moon~1960 -
The Grass Is Greener~1960 -
Tunes of Glory~1960 -
A French Mistress~1960 -
On the Fiddle~1960 - Airman
Rebel~1960 - Art Gallery Patron
It Takes a Thief~1960 - uncredited Harlequin Club Patron
Never Let Go~1960 - uncredited Officer Worker
Two Way Stretch~1960 - uncredited Prisoner
Danger Within~1959 - Hamlet Play Prisoner
Jet Storm~1959 - uncredited Taxi Driver
Idol on Parade~1959 - uncredited Guest at Officers Ball
Behemoth the Sea Monster~1959 - Naval Officer in Situation Room/Army Officer/Man Running to Police/Crowd
Davy~1958 -
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk~1958 -
Intent to Kill~1958 -
The Man Inside~1958 -
Girls At Sea~1958 -
The Horse's Mouth~1958 -
Nowhere to Go~1958 -
Carlton-Browne of the FO~1958 - Civil Servant
She Played With Fire (Fortune is a Woman)~1957 -
Saint Joan~1957 -
Thunder Over Tangier (Man From Tangier)~1957 -
The Story of Esther Costello~1957 -
The Truth About Women~1957 -
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's~1957 -
All At Sea (Barnacle Bill)~1957 -
Big Time Operators (The Smallest Show on Earth)~1957 -
All at Sea~1957 - uncredited Midshipman
Not Wanted on Voyage~1957 - uncredited Steward
Doctor at Large~1957 - uncredited Student Doctor
The Hostage~1956 - Williams - Air Traffic Controller
Who Done It?~1956 -
Three Men In a Boat~1956 -
The Man Who Knew Too Much~1956 -
The Long Arm~1956 - Detective
Private's Progress~1956 - NCO
Who Done It?~1956 - uncredited PC
Town on Trial~1956 - Policeman
PT Raiders (The Ship That Died of Shame)~1955 -
One Good Turn~1955 -
An Alligator Named Daisy~1955 - Party Guest
Stolen Assignment~1955 - uncredited Reporter
Lyons in Paris~1955 - uncredited Ferry Passenger
Cast a Dark Shadow~1955 - uncredited Brighton Tea Shop
Man of the Moment~1955 - uncredited Downing Street extra/Sailor
Glass Tomb~1955 - uncredited Man in Line
Colditz Story~1955 - British POW
Impulse~1954 - uncredited Nightclub Patron
Carrington V.C.~1954 - Soldier
Orders Are Orders~1954 - Props Man
The Divided Heart~1954 -
Beau Brummell~1954 -
Dangerous Voyage~1954 -
Secret People~1952 -

The Vampyr: A Soap Opera~1992 - Satanist
The Piglet Files~1991 - Stanhope in The Wright Stuff
Jeeves and Wooster~1990 - Mayor in Will Anatole Return to Brinkley Court?
Knightmare~1988-1989 -
     voices of Granitas and Olgarth - Wall Monsters
Agatha Christie: Poirot~1989 - Vicar in Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Knightmare~1987-1988 - (13 episodes, characters overlapping)
     Troll (7 episodes)
     Olgarth (5 episodes)
     Granitas (6 episodes)
A Perfect Spy~1987 - Partygoer in 1.1
Matlock~1987 - Sherwood in The Billionaire
Bergerac~1986 - Vicar in Fires in the Fall
C.A.T.S. Eyes~1986 - Duty Officer in Good as New
Masterpiece Theatre: Bleak House~1985 - Bagnet in 1.7
Blott on the Landscape~1985 - Photographer's Asst. in 1.4
Ellis Island~1984 - Ellis Island Security Guard
Mitch~1984 - TV Journalist in Postman's Knock
Missing from Home~1984 - Barman in 1.5
Grange Hill~1983 - LEA Inspector in An Inspector Calls
East Lynne~1982 - Carter
Saturday Night Thriller~1982 - Alec in Where Is Betty Buchus?
Smiley's People~1982 - British Embassy Official in The Return
Nanny~1982 - Hopkins in The Love Child
Blood Money~1981 - Newsreader in 1.6
When the Boat Comes In~1981 - Passenger in Comrades in Arms
Enemy at the Door~1980 - Todt Officer in From a View to a Death
Robin's Nest~1980 - 2nd Customer in Great Expectations
Blakes 7~1980 - Federation Commando in Volcano
Return of the Saint~1979 - Detective Inspector in The Diplomat's Daughter
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy~1979 -
     Schoolmaster in Flushing Out the Mole
     Flemying-Smith - Schoolmaster in Smiley Sets a Trap
Rumpole of the Bailey~1979 - Clerk of Court in Rumpole and the Man of God
The Professionals~1977-1978 - uncredited:
     Captain of Pole Star in Rogue
     Police Sergeant in Old Dog with New Tricks
     Doctor in Private Madness, Public Danger
The Onedin Line~1976 - Raven in The Gamble
QB VII~1974 - Reporter in 1.?
Special Branch~1974 - Special Branch Man in Catherine the Great
Beryl's Lot~1973 - Terence Roberts in Quite a Reception
Journey to the Unknown (Menace)~1973 - George Dutton in The Sitting Tenant
So It Goes~1973 - Mr. Levenson in Fire Ball
Public Eye~1973 - Blandford in The Windsor Royal
Jason King~1972 - Airline Passenger in That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else
Columbo~1972 - uncredited Man in Pub in Dagger of the Mind
Trial~1971 - Fenwick in In Judgement
Brett~1971 - Second Man in All the King's Horses
ITV Playhouse~1971 - Granger in Two World Wars and a Gold Clock
The Persuaders!~1971 -
     Man with Mummy in That's Me Over There
     Man in Suit in The Time and the Place
From a Bird's Eye View~1970 - in Home Is Where the Heart Is
Ryan International~1970 - Doctor in The Dead Live Longer
My Partner the Ghost (Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased))~1969 - Beauty Contest Judge in Just for the Record
The First Churchills~1969 - Elector of Bavaria (right) in A Famous Victory
Counterstrike~1969 - TV Interviewer in Backlash
Out of the Unknown~1969 - Contact Commercial Person #4/Police Inspector in The Last Lonely Man
The Avengers~1969 - uncredited Forensics Expert in The Interrogators
Dixon of Dock Green~1968 - Newsagent in English - Born and Bred
Softly Softly~1967-1968 -
     Manager in Theory
     Joey Dill in Blackitt's Round
Dr. Finlay's Casebook~1968 - Dr. Herbert in Out of the Blue
Man in a Suitcase~1968 -
     uncredited Police Constable in Why They Killed Nolan
     uncredited in The Boston Square
     uncredited in The Revolutionaries
The Champions~1967 - ?
The Prisoner~1967 -
     The Chimes of Big Ben
     Lab Techinician in Hammer into Anvil
     Servant in Dance of the Dead
     Sleeping Man in The General
Adam Adamant Lives!~1966-1967 -
     City Man in A Vintage Year for Scoundrels
The Baron~1966 - in Enemy of the State
The Newcomers~1966 - Fred in 1.33
The Spies~1966 - Finch in Go Ahead, I Only Live Here
Mogul (The Troubleshooters)~1965 - Mogul Representative in Meet Miss. Mogul
Z Cars~1965 - First Clerk in The Share Out
Court Martial~1965 -
The Human Jungle~1964 -
     in Solo Performance
     Heartbeats in a Tin Box
Gideon C.I.D. (Gideon's Way)~1964 - Courtroom Custody Officer in To Catch a Tiger
The Saint~1964 -
First Night~1963 - Man in Cinema in The One Night of the Year
Maigret~1963 - Hotel Desk Clerk in Another World
The Sentimental Agent~1963 -
     uncredited Stirink's Butler in All That Jazz
     uncredited hotel patron in meet My Son, Henry
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre~1962-1963 -
     Counterhand in The Partner
     uncredited in Flat Two
     uncredited in The Sinister Man
     uncredited Police Constable in Locker 69
Antigone~1962 - Chorus in 1.1, 1.2
Danger Man~1960-1964 - uncredited:
     Security Man in Fish on the Hook
     Drake's Contact in The Blue Veil
     Surveillance Man in It's Up to the Lady
Four Just Men~1960 -
     in The Discovery
     in Rogue's Harvest
Interpol Calling~1959 -
     Interpol Officer in The Two-Headed Monster
     Man Walking in Street in The Thirteen Innocents
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man~1959 -
     in The Gun Runners
     in Point of Destruction
     in Behind the Mask
     Detective Sergeant in The Vanishing Evidence
Charlesworth~1959 - Anstey in In the Black
The Buccaneers~1956-1957 -
    in Dead Man's Rock
    in Gentleman Jack and the Lady
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot~1956 - in The Black Castle
The Adventures of Robin Hood~1956-1958 -
     in ?
     in To Be A Student
     in The Hero
The Scarlet Pimpernel~1956 -
     Guard in Sir Andrew's Fate
     in Lady in Distress
Alibi Children~1955 - Chauffer

Medium Fool: A Play for Three Actors~1974 - Cast (Royal Court Theatre, Theatre Upstairs, London, England, UK)
?~1965 - First Policeman
The Poison Tree~1963 - Cast (Ashcroft Theatre, )
?~195? - Bernard/Usher
Cinderella~1950-1951 - Biffem (Pavilion Theatre, Northwich, England, UK)
Photo from the Northwich Guardian
?~1948 - Cast (Pilgrim Players Ltd., Palace Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Firstborn~1948 - Cast (Pilgrim Players Ltd., Palace Theatre, London, England, UK)
Payment Deferred~1945-1946 - Cast (Grand Opera House, Harrogate, England, UK)
Murder Happens~1944-1945 - Cast (Grand Opera House, Harrogate, England, UK)

Philips' Fanfare~1956 (Radio Luxembourg) - Presenter of records from the Philips label

1940s - Member of the White Rose Players Repertory Theatre (now known as Harrogate Theatre) in Harrogate


Unknown said...

I wonder who he was in Star Wars. Any idea? I suspect an officer on the Death Star but he's probably in a long shot and can't be seen. By the way I'm Stonefan on Britmovies ( I posted his appearances in Jude, The Omen, Quest for Fire etc) and have even more credits for Guy if you want them. It's been said he was probably in 1000 productions and I only have about half of them!


Nerf-Herders Anonymous said...

He's got the face of an officer so there's a fair chance that he's on the Death Star, but also could be an unidentified rebel or even in the crowd at the medal ceremony.

Amazing amount of credits. Same for Fred Wood or Harry Fielder, and likely many others.

I would LOVE to have more credits for him! Thank you for offering, you can send them with the ADDITIONS & SUBMISSIONS link to the right ----> :D