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Sumner, Peter

Peter Sumner

Peter Malcolm Sumner (born Peter Sumner-Potts) was born on January 29, 1942, in Sydney (Waverley), New South Wales, Australia. He was first educated in the UK and then his family returned to Australia in 1947 where he attended Canberra Grammar, Perth Boys High (Western Australia), Melbourne (Victoria) Art School, and Sydney Conservatorium of Music ). Sumner returned to the UK (London) in the sixties where he studied singing and was a Resident Assistant English Master at Holmewood House Preparatory School and English Master at a Tunbridge Wells secondary school before working at Twentieth Century Fox in Soho Square (London).

Continuing in the sixties in Australia, Sumner was contracted with ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) for five years as a director, producer, and writer of over one hundred programs including Australian classic, The Argonauts. In addition to writing, directing and producing with TV he has done extensive work in theatre, film, and even corporate voice overs.

He was married twice, first to Christina Mary Monsarrat (1967- 1980 div), they have two daughters, Katherine and Joanna. Second to Lynda Stoner (1982 - ?? div), an actress he met while on Cop Shop, they have one son, Luke.

Sumner died on November 22, 2016, after a long illness.

Dark Redemption, The~1999 - Lieutenant Pol Treidum (Star Wars fan film)
Seeing Red~1992 - Gorman
Bush Christmas~1983 - Father
Run, Rebecca, Run~1981 - Mr. Dimitros
The Survivor~1981 - Tewson

The King of the Two Day Wonder~1979
Middle Age Spread~1979 - Reg
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith~1978 - Dowie Steed (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 - uncredited Lieutenant Pol Treidum "TK-421, do you copy" He also helped to operate the Dianoga creature in the trash compactor scene.

Spiral Bureau, The~1974 -
...And Millions Will Die!~1973 - Dixie Hart
Ned Kelly~1970 - Tom Lloyd
Color Me Dead~1969 - Stanley Phillips
They're a Weird Mob~1966 (uncredited) - Bit Part
Five Freedoms Denied to Australian Farm Animals~ - Narrator

Film Director
Dark Redemption~
Baba's Birthday~
Cirque du Psyche~200?
Sweden at Home~

Rake~2014 - Archbishop Thomas in 3.5
All Saints~1999-2008 -
     Tom Grieve in Caught in a Trap
     Errol Baumann in Knowing Me, Knowing You
Jessica~2004 - James Rennie (see Actor Connections - TV)
Snobs~2003 - Doctor in 1.19
Blue Heelers~2002 - Joshua Grieves in Finders Keepers
Jeopardy~2002 - Arnie in Pilot and 1.2
Outriders~2001 - Bud Sattler in Web of Lies 1-4
Water Rats~2001 -
     Carl Sexton in True Blue
     John Barnes in Romeo Is Bleeding
Home and Away~2000 - Edward Dunglass Sr. in 1.2860
All Saints~1999 - Errol Baumann in Knowing Me, Knowing You
Murder Call~1998 - Bette Fidler/Vic Bamford in A Dress to Die For
Moby Dick~1998 - Capt. Gardiner in 1.1-1.2
G.P.~1989-1995 - Dr. Vince Fisher/Vince Fisher in:
     After Hours
     Grin and Bare It
     Making Mischief
     Rod in Heal Thyself
Heartbreak High~1996 - Les Bailey (1996-1997 - 36 episodes)
Spellbinder~1995 (mini) - Mr. Kennett in:
     The High-Tech Power
     The Trojan Toffee Trolley
     Spellbinder Jack
     uncredited in The Big Bang
Cluedo~1992 - Reverend Clem Green (21 episodes)
A Country Practice~1992 -
     Ray Lennox in A Kiss Before Dying: Parts 1 and 2
     Max Wellings in Black Sheep: Parts 1 and 2
     Dr. Kenrich Murray in Upstaged: Parts 1 and 2
Survive the Savage Sea~1992 - Buzz
Hampton Court~1991 - Max in Peterson's Curse
Neighbors~1990 - Ewan O'Brien (16 episodes)
All the Way~1988 (mini) - Phillip Seymour in 1.1-1.3
Hot Ice~1987 - Joe Carpenter
Army Wives~1986 - Grant's Father
Sharks' Paradise~1987 - Cooper
The Flying Doctors~1987-1989 -
     Harry Grant in Point of No Return
     Phil Buchanan in An Only Child
Carson's Law~1983/84 - Barrister
Five Mile Creek~1984 - Lucas Morgan in Thanksgiving
The Secret Discovery of Australia~1984 - George Collingridge
Special Squad~1984 - Nick Hardy in Trojan Horses
The Dismissal~1983 (mini) - Bill Hayden in 1.1-1.3
The Cop Shop~1977-1983 - Det. Tom Foster in shows 1.1-1.3, and 1.485
Touch of Elegance~1981 - Himself speaking about The Survivor
Tickled Pink~1978-1981 - Bruce Jefferson in:
     Three Blind Mice
     Neutral Ground
Trial by Marriage~1980 - Bruce Jefferson
The Department~1980
Players in the Gallery~1980 - Simon Harris
Young Ramsay~1980 - Bob Marshall in Mujinda
Skyways~1979 - Bob Cusack in:
     The V.I.P.
Catspaw~1978 - Flight Lt. Harry Sawtell
Glenview High~1978 - Scott Brady in:
     The Sect
Play School~1967 - Himself (1974 - 1980)
Bluey~1977 - Ronald Hamlin in A Touch of Stardust
Luke's Kingdom~1976 - Karl Walthausen in The Dam and the Damned
McManus~1976 - McManus
The Lost Islands~1976 - Christian Dobler in:
    The Sea Dragon
    Return to Malo
Division 4~1975 - Ron Slater in The Fanatic
The Spiral Bureau~1974
Silent Number~1974 -
     Ted Grant in Fiji Story
     Clifton in A Question of Ethics
Homicide~1974 - Kenny Sutton in The Fireworks Man
Human Target~1974 -
A Touch of Reverence~1974 - Reverend Alex Bartlett

....And Millions Die!~1974 - Dixie Hart
Matlock Police~1974 - Dennis Reid in The Biggest Game of All
The Evil Touch~1973-1974 - Richard in:
     Campaign 20
     Dear Beloved Monster
     Heart to Heart
Certain Women~1973 - Carl Faber
Spyforce: Top Secret~1971 - Gunther Haber (41 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Boney~1973 - Sgt. Peter Fuller in Boney and the Silent Order
The Comedy Game~1973 - in Birth, Death, and Marriage
Over There~1972
Dynasty~1970 - Jim Westlake in Young Jim Westlake
Delta~1970 -
     Bill Keegan in Blackout
     Doctor Doyle in Welcome to Sunhaven
The Link Men~1970 - in Die Laughing 1.1,1.2
Otis~1970 - host
Color Me Dead~1969 - Stanley Phillips 1969
They're a Weird Mob~1966 -
On the Inside~1966-69 - host
My Brother Jack~1965 - in 1.1
The Sullivans~19??

TV Commercials
Land Rover: Discovery
BMW 7 Series
Australian Financial Review Magazine
Canberra Getaways

TV Director
Mountain Man~1980's
Friday Fare - 1965

TV Producer
Entertainment Beyond 2000
Friday Fare~1965

TV Writer
Mountain Man~1980's
Cradle of Mankind~ (documentary)

Jonesy & Amanda Breakfast Show

The Castle and Ms. Pope~2005 -
Chamber Music~2003 - Director
Waiting Room, The~2003 - Director
The Tempest~2001 - Prospero (Bell Shakespeare Company (BSC), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Australian Tour)
A Twisted Fairy Tale~1977 -
Troilus and Cressida~ - Aeneas (Sydney Opera House BSC, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Tour)
Caribbean Tempest, the~ - Prospero (Holders Barbados, Sydney Botanic Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Abelard and Heloise~ - Abelard (Sydney Opera House: The Old Tote Theatre Company; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Doll's House, A~ - Torvald (Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Importance of Being Earnest, The~ - Earnest (Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Chez Nous~ - Phil Nichols (Parade Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Handful of Friends~ - Mark (Nimrod Theater Company, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Celluloid Heroes~ - Al Shannon (Nimrod Theater Company, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Taking Steps~ - Mark (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia)
Real Inspector Hound, The~ - Birdboot (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia)
Postscript to a Promise~ - Colonel Jeffries (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia)
Incident at Vichy~ - Monceau (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia)
Daphne in Cottage D~ - Joseph Levi (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia)
Two for the Seesaw~ - Jerry (Marion Street Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Bathroom~ - Harry (Marion Street Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Emerald City~ - Colin (Harvest Theatre Company, Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia)
Asylum the Musical~ - Dr. Bedlam (Harvest Theatre Company, Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia)
Twelfth Night~ -
Much Ado About Nothing~ -
East Lynne~ -
Creator, The~ -
Everyman~ -
After the Fall~ -
Little Foxes, The~ -
Hay Fever~ -
Hullabaloo Belay~ -
Brer Rabbit~ -
Laura~ -
We Proudly Present~ -
Dear Delinquent~ -
Hot Taps~ -
As Long as They're Happy~ -
You Can't Take it with You~ -
Ass and the Philosopher, The~ -
St. Francis of Assissi~ - Pietro (Queensland Ballet Company, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
I Pagliacci~
Il Trovatore~

Theatre Director
Ballad of Rachel Corre~2005
Chamber Music~2003 -
No Strings Attached~2003
Real Inspector Hound, The~ -
Uncle Vanya~ -
Truck, The~ -
Good Sometime~ -
Friday Fare - 1965
After The Fall (asst dir)

Has written over 25 documentaries on Asian and Middle Eastern countries and is currently undergoing a screenplay based on the life of Lola Montez, Spider Dance, which he has been researching now for over 10 years.
Cradle of Mankind~ (documentary)
Letters From Abroad~

Entertainment Beyond 2000
Mountain Man~1983
One Day of the Year~1962 -
Argonauts, The~1960's
Children of Blindness (adapted from a screenplay)
Big Tin Gods
Spider Dance

Australian Theatre Posters: 1825 - 1914~1988

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Rec'd 2003 Australian Centenary Medal for his services to the community

2001 Narrator of the Federation Celebrations at Centennial Park

2000 Narrator of the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A strict vegetarian

Was Vice President of Animal Liberation New South Wales

A tutor at the Australian Academy for the Dramatic Arts

Consultant to the Opera House Trust preparing a report to the Arts Minister on the feasibility of a Performing Arts Museum

Peter Sumner, Mark Cleary, and Paul Bentley were working on a proposed revival of J.C. Williamson's Federation pantomime extravaganza, Australis or the City of Zero, but the project was abandoned because it could not raise the funds needed.

Helped control the Dianoga (trash-compacter monster) in Star Wars.

Was traveling in England with his family when he got the role in Star Wars.

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