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Tarik the Bear

Tarik the Bear

Tarik the Bear was born in 1977. Tarik was hand-raised from 9 days old (by Gregg Owens and his wife a zoo baby expert) and continued to live at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, CA.

Tarik was just 4 months old when he recorded his part of Chewbacca's dialogue.

Gregg Owens (the now retired director of the Happy Hollow Zoo) spoke fondly of Tarik, saying that he had been a good buddy, and a great bear. Owens has a bear paw tattoo in honor of his friend Tarik.

Tarik died in October of 1994 of congestive heart failure, liver disease, and cancer. He was 16.

Star Wars films 1980 +
Star Wars~1977 - voice (a major component of) Chewbacca's language
Tarik (left) seen here in 1977 with sound man Ben Burtt at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, CA

Star Wars Holiday Special~1978 - voice of Lumpawarrump "Lumpy"

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