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Tennant, David

David Tennant

David Tennant (né David John McDonald) was born on April 18, 1971 to Reverend Alexander 'Sandy' McDonald (a Presbyterian minister - Church of Scotland), and Essdale Helen McDonald (née McLeod) in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. He was the youngest of three children, a sister, Karen, and a brother, Blair.
Tennant was raised in Ralston, Renfrewshire and started school there, he was first at Ralston Primary school, then at Paisley Grammar school. It was at Paisley that Tennant started showing his talents toward dramatics, which included wanting to play Doctor Who, especially after meeting Tom Baker in Glasgow.
At age 16 he auditioned and won a place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - he was the youngest student ever to do so, he started there at 17. Tennant graduated from the RSAMD in 1991 with a B.A. in Dramatic Arts.  After graduating from drama school he starred in The resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, an episode of Rab C. Nesbitt, and then Takin' Over the Asylum with Arabella Weir.  In an effort to be closer to work, Tennant moved to London.

He is married (2011) to actress and producer Georgia Moffett (daughter of Peter Davison - The Fifth Doctor - and Sandra Dickinson), they have four children. Tyler (from a previous relationship, but adopted by Tennant), Olive, Wilfred, and Doris.

Fish Without Bicycles~2017 - John
Mad to Be Normal~2016 - R.D. Laing
Chew~20?? - voice of Mason Savoy
I Feel Fine~20?? -
365 Animated Film Project~2015 (short) - Contributor (the word "Plebiscite" at 4:25/6 in the August segment) see the whole film HERE. :)
96 Ways to Say I Love You~2015 (short) - Mark
Wings~2014 (doc) - Himself
How to Get Ahead at Medieval Court~2014 (doc) - Himself
What We Did on Our Holiday~2014 - Doug
Postman Pat: The Movie~2014 - voice of Wilf
Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!~2012 - Donald/Roderick Peterson
The Pirates! Band of Misfits~2012 - voice of Charles Darwin
The Itch of the Golden Nit~2011 (short) - voice of Radio Newsreader/Stretchy McStretch
Fright Night~2011 - Peter Vincent
The Decoy Bride~2011 - James
Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice~2011 (doc) - Narrator
Come In Number Five~2011 (V doc) - Himself - Presenter
United~2011 - Jimmy Murphy
Much Ado About Nothing~2011 - Benedick
How to Train Your Dragon~2010 - voice of Spitelout
On the Edge of War: Uncovering 'Glorious 39'~2010 (V short) - Himself
St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold~2009 - Captain Lord Pomfrey/Sir Piers Pomfrey
Glorious 39~2009 - Hector
We Are Astronomers~2009 (doc short) - Narrator
Free Jimmy~2006 - voice (English version) of Hamish
Bring Something Back: The Making of 'The Quatermass Experiment'~2005 (V doc) - Himself
Sweetnightgoodheart~2005 (short) - Pete
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire~2005 - Bartemius 'Barty' Crouch Junior
Traffic Warden~2004 - Traffic Warden
Old Street~2004 (short) - Mr. Watson
Bright Young Things~2003 - Ginger Littlejohn
Nine 1/2 Minutes~2002 (short) - Charlie
Being Considered~2000 - Larry
The Last September~1999 - Captain Gerald Colthurst
L.A. Without a Map~1998 - Richard
Bite~1997 (short) - Alistair Galbraith
Jude~1996 - Drunk Undergraduate
Spaces~1993 (short) - Vinny

Broadchurch~2013-2017 - Alec Hardy
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert~2016 - Himself in Susan Sarandon/David Tennant/Catfish & the Bottlemen
Shakespeare Live! From the RSC~2016 - Himself - Host
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway~2016 - Guest Announcer in 13.4
Room 101~2016 - Himself in 16.1
Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital~2016 - Narrator (6 episodes)
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee~2016 - Himself in Muslim-American Reporting
Don't Look Down: Rope Men~2016 - Narrator
Very British Problems~2015-2016 - Himself in:
     On Holiday
     With Friends
     At School
     At Christmas
Have I Got News For You~2015-2016 - Guest Presenter in 50.5 & 51.5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~2015-2016 - voice of The Fugitoid (15 episodes)
Dragons: Race to the Edge~2015-2016 - voice of Spitelout in:
     Team Astrid
     Imperfect Harmony
     A Time to Skrill
     Snotlout Gets the Axe
Have I Got News for You~2015 - Himself - Guest Presenter 50.11
Doctor Who~2009-2015 - The Doctor (archive footage in 8 episodes)
A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman~2015 - Himself - 'The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!' - voice of Charles Darwin
Greatest Sci-Fi Movies~2015 - Narrator
Inside Einstein's Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time~2015 - Narrator
Late Night and Seth Meyers~2015 - Himself in Governor Sarah Palin/David Tennant/Holly Holm/Spring Awakening/Brian Chase
The Nation's Favourite Beatles Number One~2015 - Himself
Knights of Classic Drama at the BBC~2015 - Narrator for Dames of Classic Drama
Bring the Noise~2015 - Himself/Guest Panelist in 1.1
Kids in Camps~2015 - Narrator
Pets: Wild at Heart~2015 - Narrator:
     Secretive Creatures
     Playful Creatures
National Television Awards~2015 - Himself
The Graham Norton Show~2007-2015 - Himself (5 episodes)
Jessica Jones~2015 - Kilgrave (11 episodes)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse~2015 - voice of Igor the Door in Mickey's Monster Musical
W1A~2014-2015 - Narrator (8 episodes)
Jake and the Never Land Pirates~2015 - Dread the Evil Genie in:
     Dread the Pharaoh!/Sharky Unchained!
     Dread the Evil Genie/Sandblast!
The Queen Latifah Show~2014 - Himself in David Tennant from "Doctor Who" and Fox's Gracepoint
The British Academy Scotland Awards~2014 - Himself
The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson~2014 - Himself in Eric Idle/David Tennant/Parmalee
Late Show with David Letterman~2014 - Himself in Jim Carrey/David Tennant
Entertainment Tonight~2014 - Himself - Gracepoint in 23 August 2014
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion~2014 - Himself - The Tenth Doctor
The Real History of science Fiction~2014 - Himself:
Dolphins: Spy in the Pod~2014 - Narrator 1.1, 1.2
Gracepoint~2014 - Detective Emmett Carver (10 episodes)
Doctor Who~2005-2013 - The Doctor (#10) (50 episodes)
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Live Pre-Show~2013 - Hmself
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide~2013 - Himself
The British Academy Scotland Awards~2013 - Himself
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited~2013 - Himself for First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Doctor episodes
Doctor Who: The Companions~2013 - Himself/The Doctor (#10)
The Jonathan Ross Show~2013 - Himself - Guest 4.1
Penguins: Spy in the Huddle~2013 - Narrator:
     Growing Up
     First Steps
     The Journey
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot~2013 - Himself
Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II~2013 - Richard II
The escape Artist~2013 - Will Burton in Parts 1-3
Dragons: Riders of Berk~2012-2013 - voice of Spitelout in:
     Race to Fireworm Island
Fish Hooks~2013 - voice of Oscar's Brain in:
     Assignment: Babies
     Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl/A Charity Fair to Remember
The Politician's Husband~2013 - Aiden Hoynes in Episode 1.1-1.3
Spies of Warsaw~2013 - Jean-François Mercier in Episode 1.1-1.4
Tree Fu Tom~2012-2013 - voice of Twigs (27 episodes)
Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell~2012 - Himself - Narrator
Doctor Who in the U.S.~2012 - Himself
Comedy World Cup~2012 - Himself - Host
Shakespeare Uncovered~2012 - Himself - Host/Hamlet in Hamlet
A Moment With~2012 - Himself in Hugh Grant, Peter Lord & David Tennant
The One Show~2012 - Himself - Guest - 9 March 2012
True Love~2012 - Nick in Nick
Rex Is Not Your Lawyer~2012 - Rex Alexander in Pilot episode
Playhouse Presents~2012 - Will in The Minor Character
Star Wars: The Clone Wars~2012 - voice of Huyang in:
     A Necessary Bond
     A Test of Strength
Twenty Twelve~2011-2012 - Narrator (13 episodes)
Earthflight~2011-2012 - Narrator:
     South America
     North America
My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen~2011 - Himself
24 Hour Panel People~2011 - Himself in 1.1, 1.2, 1.5
Shrek: Once Upon a Time~2011 - Narrator
The Nerdist: End of the Year Special~2011 - Himself
Catherine Tate: Laughing at the Noughties~2011 - Himself
The Nerdist: Year in Review~2011 - Himself
This Is Jinsy~2011 - Mr. Slightlylman in Wedding Lottery
Fry's Planet Word~2011 - Himself in The Power and the Glory
Children in Need Rocks Manchester~2011 - Himself
Film Fiend~2011 - Guest in Fright Night
Masterpiece Contemporary~2009-2011 - Host (7 episodes)
Blue Peter~2006-2011 - Himself:
     How We Itched the Golden Nit
     15 December 2009
     16 October 2006
Breakfast~2005-2011 - Himself - Guest (7 episodes)
Diet or My Husband Dies~2010 (doc) - Narrator
Ask Rhod Gilbert~2010 - Himself in 1.5
Paul O'Grady Live~2010 - Himself/Guest in 1.5
National Movie Awards~2010 - Himself
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide~2010 - Himself
Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man~2010 - Narrator in 1.1-1.4
My Life~2010 - Narrator in Karate Kids
Sidekick Stories~2010 - Himself
National Television Awards~2010 - Himself - Presenter
The National Television Awards Backstage Live~2010 - Himself
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year~2010 - Himself
Single Father~2010 - Dave in 1.1-1.4
Live From Studio Five~2009-2010 - Himself 1.35, 1.37, 1.87
Newsround~2007-2010 - Himself - Narrator/The Doctor:
     Newsround Special: Caught in the Web
     18 December 2007
CBeebies Bedtime Story~2009 - Himself - Storyteller:
     Emily Brown and the elephant Emergency
     The Christmas Bear
     Small Mouse Big City
     How High Is The Sky?
Alan Carr: Chatty Man~2009 - Himself in 2.7
The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties~2009 - Himself/The Doctor
QI~2009 - Himself in Groovy
Doctor Who: Inside the TARDIS~2009 - Himself/The Doctor
Doctor Who Greatest Moments~2009 - Himself - The Doctor (8 episodes)
Never Mind the Buzzcocks~2009 - Himself - Presenter in The Doctor Who Special
The New Paul O'Grady Show~2009 - Himself - Guest in 12 November 2009
Tonight's the Night~2009 - Himself in 1.6
Monty Python in Aberystwyth~2009 - Narrator
Comic Relief~2009 - Himself - Presenter
Swarm: Nature's Incredible Invasions~2009 - Himself - Narrator:
     One Million Heads, One Beautiful Mind
     When Worlds Collide
Hamlet~2009 - Hamlet
Doctor Who: Dreamland~2009 - The Doctor (#10) in 1.1-1.6
The Sarah Jane Adventures~2009 - The Doctor (#10) The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith: Parts 1 & 2
The Catherine Tate Show~2007-2009- Ghost of Christmas Present/Mr. Logan in:
     Nan's Christmas Carol
      Comic Relief Special
Doctor Who Confidential~2006-2010 - Himself (47 episodes)
GMTV~2005-2009 - Himself:
     31 December 2009
     18 April 2005
Einstein and Eddington~2008 - Arthur Eddington
Doctor Who: Music of the Spheres~2008 - The Doctor (#10)
The National Television Awards 2008~2008 - Himself
Derren Brown: Trick or Treat~20008 - Himself:
New Heroes of Comedy~2008 - Himself in Lucas and Walliams
Brit Awards 2008~2008 - Himself
The Andrew Marr Show~2007-2008 - Himself - Guest 3.36, 2.24
The Friday Night Project~2007-2008 - Himself - Guest Host 4.1, 6.2
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross~2005-2008 - Himself - Guest 9.15, 14.12
Extras~2007 - David Tennant as The Doctor in The Extra Special Series Finale
Learners~2007 - Chris
Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest~2007 - The Doctor (#10)
Dead Ringers~2007 - Regenerated Tony Blair in 7.6
Recovery~2007 - Alan Hamilton
Top Gear~2007 - Himself 10.10
The National Television Awards 2007~2007 - Himself
Live Earth~2007 - Himself
Totally Doctor Who~2007 - The Doctor/Himself (12 episodes)
Parkinson~2007 - Himself - Guest 5 May 2007
The Human Footprint~2007 - Narrator
The Weakest Link~2007- Himself in Doctor Who Special
Comic Relief 2007: The Big One~2007 - Himself
The 50 Greatest Television Dramas~2007 - Himself
The Chatterley Affair~2006 - Richard Hoggart
The Romantics~2006 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Liberty
The National Television Awards~2006 - Himself - Winner
Who Do You Think You Are?~2006 - Himself in David Tennant
The Ultimate 'West Wing' Challenge~2006 - Himself
Popworld~2006 - Himself 22 April 206
CBBC eXtra~2006 - The Doctor 12 April 2006
Secret Smile~2005 - Brendan Block
The Quatermass Experiment~2005 - Doctor Gordon Briscoe
Casanova~2005 - 1.1-1.3
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year~2005 - Himself
Planet Voice~2005 - Himself in Planet Potter
'Doctor Who': A New Dimension~2005 - Narrator
Richard & Judy~2005 - Himself - Guest 10 March 2005
Blackpool~2004 - D.I. Peter Carlisle (1.1-1.6)
He Knew He Was Right~2004 - Mr. Gibson in Parts 1-4
The Deputy~2004 - Christopher Williams
Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka~2003 - Caretaker in 1.5
Terri McIntyre~2003 - Greig Miller (6 episodes)
Spine Chillers~2003 - Dr. Krull in Bradford in My Dreams
Posh Nosh~2003 - Piers/Jose-Luis
     Comfort Food
Trust~2003 - Gavin MacEwan in 1.6
Foyle's War~2002 - Theo Howard in A Lesson in Murder
People Like Us~2001 - Rob Harker in The Actor
High Stakes~2001 - Gaz Whitney in The Magic Word
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)~2000 - Gordon Stylus - eccentric Scottish artist in Drop Dead
The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries~2000 - Max Valentine in Death at the Opera
Love in the 21st Century~1999 - John in reproduction
Duck Patrol~1998 - Simon 'Darwin' Brown (8 episodes)
Holding the Baby~1997 - Nurse in 1.2
A Mug's Game~1996 - Gavin
The Bill~1995 - Steven Clemens in Deadline
The Tales of Para Handy~1995 - John MacBryde in Para Handy's Piper
Takin' Over the Asylum~1994 - Campbell (6 episodes)
Rab C. Nesbitt~1993 - Davina in Touch
The Brown Man~1993 - Ventriloquist
Bunch of Five~1992 - Policeman in Miles Better
Strathblair~1992 - Archie in In Good Faith
The Play on One~1989 - Third Squaddie in Biting the Hands
Dramarama~1988 - Neil McDonald in The Secret of Croftmore
Doctor Who in America~1983 - The Doctor/Himself

TV Commercials

The Scotsman (promotional video)~2015
Labour Party video #1 & #2~2015

A Look Back In Anger~2015 - (BBC Radio Four)
Absolute Radio Breakfast Show pantomime~2015 -
Absolute Radio Breakfast Show~2015 - Co-Host (10 Nov 2015)
Upstairs Downland Abbey~2015 - (charity comedy play) (Classic FM)
Just a Minute~2015 - Himself (impromptu speech on Exit, Pursued by a Bear)
The Great Scott~2014 -
     The Bride of Lammermoor
Dixon of Dock Green (radio)~20?? - (BBC Radio Four Extra)
Believe It! (Series 2)~2013 -
Who Is The Doctor~2013 (radio doc) - Himself/The Doctor (#10)
Tales At Twilight~2013 -  (in aid of National Brain Appeal)
Mike Read Show~2013 - Poetry reading (BBC Berkshire)
The Great Scott: Rob Roy~2013 - Narrator (BBC Radio Four)
The Great Scott: The Fair Maid of Perth~2013 - Walter Scott (BBC Radio Four)
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright~2013 -
BBC Audio Radio Drama Awards~2013 - Host
Labour Party Conference~2012 - Introduction
Believe It!: Series 1~2012 - (BBC Radio Four)
Twelfth Night~2012 - Malvolio (BBC Radio 3)
Romeo and Juliet~2012 - Prince Escalus (BBC Radio 3)
Every Seventh Wave~2013 - Leo Leike
Love Virtually~2012 - Leo Leike
Kafka: The Musical~2011 - Franz Kafka (BBC Radio 3)
Stevenson In Love~2011 -
A Night With A Vampire~2010 - (BBC Radio Four Extra)
Book At Bedtime~2010:
     Luella Miller
     The Horla
How Roald Dahl Shaped Pop~2010 - Narrator
Jonathan Ross Show~2010 - Host (with Catherine Tate)
Murder in Samarkand~2010 - ?
Of Mice and Men~2010 - (BBC Radio Scotland)
Double Income, No Kids Yet~2010?
Absolute Radio~2009 - Guest Co-Host (Nov)
The Wooden Overcoat~2007 - (BBC Radio Four)
Mansfield Park~2003 - (10 episodes) Note: with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Radio Commercials
Dogs Trust Charity~2014
Heinz Soup (with Fourth Doctor and SWAD alum Tom Baker)
Wii Ad
Scottish SPCA

Audio Books/CDs/Audio Downloads/eBooks
Doctor Who~2016 - The Tenth Doctor in:
     Time Reaver
     Death And The Queen
How To Train Your Dragon (series of 12)~2013-2016 - Reader
     How To Twist A Dragon's Tale
     How To Betray A Dragon's Hero
     How To Steal A Dragon's Sword
     A Hero's Guide To Deadly Dragons
     How To Fight A Dragon's Fury
     How To Break A Dragon's Heart
Carmilla~2015 -
The Race Against Time~2014 - Reader
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over the Moon~2014 - Reader
Richard II Music and Speeches~2013 -
Doctor Who: The Feast of the Damned~2012 - The Tenth Doctor
On Her Majesty's Secret Service~2012 - Reader
The Rhyming Rabbit~2012 - Reader
Jack and the Flumflum Tree~2012
Wolf Won't Bite!~2012
Late Night Tales~2016 - Reader
Mark of Golden Light~2015 - voice of Noriam (see Actor Connections - CDs)
Peter and the Wolf and Jazz~2015 - Narrator
Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography~2012 - Narrator
Hans Christian Andersen~2011 - Reader
     The Brave Tin Soldier and Other Fairy Tales (CD 1)
     The Fir Tree (CD 2)
L.A. Without A Map~2012 -
On Her Majesty's Secret Service~2012 -
Silver: Return To Treasure Island~2012 - Reader
Much Ado About Nothing~2011 (re-release) -
Supermarket Zoo~2011 - Reader
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece~2011 - Narrator
Just When Stories~2010 - Narrator (for charity)
Doctor Who: Pest Crontrol~2010 - The Tenth Doctor
Doctor Who: Dead Air~2010 - The Tenth Doctor
Doctor Who: The Last Voyage~2010 - The Tenth Doctor
Doctor Who: The Day of the Troll~2009 - The Tenth Doctor
Doctor Who: Exile~2003 - Time Lord #2 (Not the Doctor!)

Richard II~2013-2014 and a performance in 2016 - Richard II (RSC, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK)
Absolute Radio Pantomime~2013 - (Soho Theatre, London, England, UK)
Celebrity Autobiography~2010 - Guest Star (Leicester Square Theatre, London, England, UK)
Much Ado About Nothing~2011 - Benedick (Wyndham's Theatre, London, England, UK)
Hamlet~2008-2009 - Hamlet (RSC, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK)
Love's Labour's Lost~2008 - Berowne (Royal Shakespeare Company, Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK)
Look Back in Anger~2005 - Jimmy Porter (Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland; Theatre Royal, Bath, England, UK)
The Pillowman~2003 - Katurian (Cottesloe Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Lobby Hero~2002 - Jeff (Donmar Warehouse, London, England, UK)
Push Up~2002 - Robert (Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at Royal Court Theatre, London, England, UK)
Romeo and Juliet~2000 - Romeo Montague (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon; Barbican Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Comedy of Errors~2000 - Antipholus of Syracuse (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK)
Comedians~2000-2001 - Gethen Price (Oxford Playhouse, Oxford, England, UK; Northcott Theatre, Exeter, England, UK)
Laughter in the Dark~2000 - Dawid Tenemann (RSC, The Other Place, Stratford, England, UK) Note: his part was non-speaking and was also filmed ahead of time and shown during the play
The General From America~2000 - Colonel Alexander Hamilton (RSC,
The Rivals~2000-2001 - Captain Jack Absolute (The Swan Theatre, Stratford, England, UK; Theatre Royal, Newcastle, England, UK; Barbican Theatre, London, England, UK)
King Lear~1999 - Edgar (Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester, England, UK)
Vassa: Scenes from Family Life~1999 - Pavel (Albery - Noel Coward) Theatre, London, England, UK)
Tamagotchi Heaven~1998 - The Boyfriend (Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland) Note: his part was filmed and played as a part of the performance.
Black Comedy~1998 - Brindsley Miller (Donmar Warehouse Comedy Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Real Inspector Hound~1998 - Moon - Theatre Critic (Donmar Warehouse Comedy Theatre, London, England, UK)
Hurly Burly~1997 - Mickey (The Old Vic, London, England, UK; The Queen's Theatre, London, England, UK)
The General From America~1996-1997 - Colonel Alexander Hamilton (The Swan, Stratford, England, UK; Barbican Theatre - The Pit, London, England, UK)
The Herbal Bed~1996 - Jack Lane (Other Place Theatre, Stratford, England, UK; Barbican Theatre - The Pit, London, England, UK)
As You Like It~1997 - Touchstone (Barbican Theatre, London, England, UK)
As You Like It~1996 - Touchstone (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK) Note: he also published an essay on this performance for Players of Shakespeare 4
The Glass Menagerie~1996 - Tom (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
An Experienced Woman Gives Advice~1995 - Kenny (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England, UK)
What the Butler Saw~1995 - Nicholas Beckett (Royal National Theatre - The Lyttelton; Theatre Royal, Bath; Theatre Royal, Norwich; Theatre Royal, Nottingham)
The Slab Boys Trilogy~1994 - Alan Downie (The Young Vic, London, England, UK)
Long Day's Journey Into Night~1994 - Edmund Tyron (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
The Princess and the Goblin~1993-1994 - Curdie Petersen (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
Antigone~1993 - Messenger, Chorus (Scotland Tour)
Tartuffe~1992 - Valere (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?~1992 - Nick (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
Merlin the Magnificent and the Adventures of Arthur~1992 - King Arthur (Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland)
Hay Fever~1992 - Simon Bliss (Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, Scotland)
Scotland Matters~1992 - K in Colour Blind; Frank in School Chaplian; Ben in Away Wi' the Fairies; Keith in The Fence; Playwright in Audience; Finlay in The Giftie Gi'en Us (Scotland Tour)
Merlin~1992 - Arthur (Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, Scotland)
Jump the Life to Come~1992 - Malcolm (Scotland Tour)
Shinda the Magic Ape~1991-1992 - Curdie (Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, Scotland)
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui~1991 - Clark, Giri, Inna (Scotland Tour)

Video Games (voice)
Just Cause 3~2015 - Propaganda Minister
LEGO Dimensions~2015 - The Tenth Doctor (archive footage)
Kinect Sports Rivals~2014 - Narrator
Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske~2005 - The Doctor (#10)

A Life in Time and Space: The Biography of David Tennant~2011 by Nigel Goodall

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films:
Nom 2016 Best Supporting Actor on Television for Jessica Jones
Nom 2010 Best Actor on Television for Doctor Who
BAFTA Awards, Scotland:
Nom 2015 Best Actor - Film for What We did on Our Holiday
Rec'd 2014 Best Actor - Television for The Escape Artist
Nom 2009 Best Actor - Television for Doctor Who
BAFTA Awards, Cymru (Wales):
Rec'd 2007 Best Actor for Doctor Who (for episode: Doomsday)
BBC Audio Drama Awards:
Nom 2012 Best Actor in an Audio Drama for Kafka: The Musical
BBC Drama Awards:
Rec'd 2007 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Behind the Voice Actors Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Breakthrough voice Actor of the Year
Rec'd 2013 Best Vocal Creation of a New Character (First Time Being Animated) for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (as Huyang)
Rec'd 2013 Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (as Huyang)
Nom 2013 Best vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film for The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! (shared)
British Stage Awards:
Rec'd 2015 Best Actor for Richard II
Broadcasting Press Guild Awards:
Nom 2014 Best Actor for Broadchurch
Nom 2010 Best Actor for Doctor Who, Hamlet
Nom 2010 Best Actor for Hamlet
Nom 2009 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Nom 2008 Best Actor for Einstein and Eddington
Nom 2006 Best Actor for Casanova
Nom 2006 Best Actor for Casanova, Secret Smile, Doctor Who
Nom 2005 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Broadway World UK Awards:
Rec'd 2011 Best Actor for Much Ado About Nothing
Constellation Awards:
Rec'd 2010 Best Male Performance In A 2009 Sci-Fi Episode for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2008 Best Male performance In A 2007 Sci-Fi Episode for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2007 Best Male Performance In A 2006 Sci-Fi Episode for Doctor Who
Crime Thriller Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Best Leading Actor for Broadchurch
Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland:
Rec'd 2005 Best Male Performance for Look Back in Anger
Critic's Circle Theatre Awards:
Rec'd 2009 Best Shakespearean Performance for Hamlet
Daytime Emmy Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (for Huyang)
Doctor Who Magazine Readers' Survey:
Rec'd 2006 Best Actor To Play The Doctor
Evening Standard Theatre Award:
Nom 2009 Best Actor for Hamlet (RSC)
Fright Meter Awards:
Nom 2011 Best Supporting Actor for Fright Night
Galaxy Book Awards:
Nom 2011 Audiobook of the Year for Narration of My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Gold Derby Awards:
Nom 2014 TV Movie/Mini Lead Actor for Broadchurch
Nom 2006 TV Movie/Mini Supporting Actor for Blackpool
Glenfiddich Spirit Of Scotland Award:
Rec'd 2007 Screen Star Award
Heat Magazine Readers Survey:
Rec'd 2007 Best TV Acting Performance for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2006 Best TV Acting Performance for Doctor Who
Ian Charleson Award:
Nom 2000 Best classical Actor Under 30 for Comedy of Errors (as Antipholus of Syracuse)
London Evening Standard Award:
Nom 2009 Best Actor for Hamlet
MEN (Manchester Evening News) Theatre Awards:
Rec'd 1995 for Best Actor for An Experienced Woman Gives Advice
Monte-Carlo TV Festival:
Nom 2013 Outstanding Actor in a Mini-Series for Broadchurch
Nom 2007 Outstanding Actor - Drama Series for Doctor Who
National Television Awards:
Nom 2016 Best Drama Performance for Broadchurch
Rec'd 2015 Special Recognition Award
Nom 2014 Radio Times - TV Detective for Broadchurch
Rec'd 2010 Outstanding Performance for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2010 Most Popular Drama Performance for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2008 Outstanding Drama Performance for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2007 Most Popular Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2006 Most Popular Actor for Doctor Who
Olivier Awards:
Nom 2003 Best Actor for The Lobby Hero
People's Choice Awards:
Nom 2016 Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Actor for Jessica Jones
Rec'd 2015 Favorite Actor in a New Drama for Gracepoint
Pink Paper Awards:
Rec'd 2006 Sexiest Man in the Universe
Radio Times Review:
Rec'd 2006 Hero of the Year for Doctor Who
Royal Television Society, UK:
Nom 2011 Best Actor (Male) for Recovery
Nom 2008 Best Actor (Male) for Doctor Who
Satellite Awards:
Nom 2008 Best Actor in a Drama Series, Drama for Doctor Who
Saturn Awards:
Nom 2009 Best TV Actor for Doctor Who
SFX Awards, UK:
Nom 2011 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2010 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2008 Best TV Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2007 Best TV Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2007 Sexiest Male
Shanghai International TV Festival:
Nom 2007 Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Film for Recovery
Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Best Actor for Broadchurch
Scotland on Sunday Greatest Ever Scots:
Rec'd 2007 Best Actor
Theatregoers' Choice Award:
Rec'd 2009 Best Regional Production for Hamlet
Rec'd 2009 Theatre Event of the Year - David Tennant as Hamlet
Theatre Management Association Award:
Rec'd 1996 Best actor for The Glass Menagerie
TV Quick Award & TV Choice Award, UK:
Rec'd 2015 Best Actor for Broadchurch
Rec'd 2013 Best Actor for Broadchurch
Rec'd 2011 Best Actor for Single Father
Rec'd 2008 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2007 Best Actor for Doctor Who
Rec'd 2006 Best Actor for Doctor Who
TV Times Reader's Awards:
Rec'd 2008 Sexiest Male
Rec'd 2006 Best Actor for Doctor Who
UKTV Drama Awards:
Rec'd 2007 Best Doctor Ever for Doctor Who
What's On Stage Awards:
Rec'd 2015 Best Actor in a Play for Richard II
Nom 2012 Best Actor for Much Ado About Nothing

Worked as an actor with 7:84 Theatre Group

The stage name Tennant comes from Neil Tennant vocalist in the band, Pet Shop Boys.

Is the grandson of Archie McLeod (professional soccer player with Derry City F.C. in Northern Ireland in the 1930s)

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