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Thomason, Reg

Reg Thomason

Reginald George Thomason was born on November 29, 1919, in West Surrey, Surrey, London, England, UK.

In 1941 he married Ruby Rosemary Cannings.

Thomason died on August  30, 2003, in London, England, UK. He was preceded in death by his wife Rosemary in 2001.

Loch Ness~1996 - extra
Blackheath Poisonings~1992 - Juror
Whoops Apocalypse~1986 - Royal Servant
Sid and Nancy~1986 - Audience Member
Morons From Outer Space~1985 - Scientist (see Actor Connections - Film)
Top Secret!~1984 - Restaurant Patron/Ballet Patron (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Sign of Four~1983 - Sideshow Barker
Never Say Never Again~1983 - Casino Staff
The Meaning of Life~1983 - Restaurant Patron
The Elephant Man~1980 - Lecture Aide (see Actor Connections - Film)
Blakes 7: The Beginning~1978 - (archive footage: Prisoner)
The Playbirds~1978 - Man with Flat Cap
The Thirty-Nine Steps~1978 - Minister
Star Wars~1977 - Rebel Alliance Communication Officer (right)
Reg Thomason (right) screencap from Star Wars Screen Caps
Sharon's Baby~1975 - Christening Guest
Sweeney!~1976 - Reporter
I Don't Want to Be Born~1975 -
Carry On Behind~1975 - Audience Member
The Devil Within Her~1975 - Man in Church
Great McGonagall~1974 - extra
The Internecine Project~1974 - Guest at Farnsworth's Party
Callan~1974 - Citizen on Street
Baffled!~1973 - Taxi Driver
Carry On Girls~1973 - Town Councillor
The Creeping Flesh~1973 - Blue Anchor Tavern Patron
Lady Caroline Lamb~1973 - Member of Parliament
I, Monster~1971 - Man in Pub
Percy~1971 - Doctor
Macbeth~1971 - Courtier
In the Devil's Garden~1971 - Man in Police Station
Henry VIII and His Six Wives~1972 - Lord
Dad's Army~1971 - Townsman
Trog~1970 - uncredited Murdock's Solicitor
Fragment of Fear~1970 - extra
I, Monster~1970 - uncredited Pub Patron
All the Way Up~1970 - Makepiece's Aide
The Reckoning~1970 - Party Guest
Carry On Loving~1970 - Husband #1 at Party
Doctor in Trouble~1970 - uncredited Passenger
Cromwell~1970 - Professional Soldier (Man at Arms)
Oblong Box~1969 - Drunk Pub Patron
Till Death Us Do Part~1969 - Emergency Rescue Worker
Battle of Britain~1969 - RAF Sergeant
The Haunted House of Horror~1969 - Pub Patron
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang~1968 - Castle Dignitary
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie~1968 -
Berserk~1967 - uncredited Reporter
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.~1966 - Resistance Member/Man Escaping Dalek Mine
Doctor in Clover~1966 - Porter
Circus of Fear~1966 - Circus Employee
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.~1966 - Resistance Man
Carnaby, M. D.~1966 - Hospital Porter
Fahrenheit 451~1966 - Train Passenger
The Yellow Rolls-Royce~1965 - Ascot Attendee
Doctor In Clover~1965 - uncredited Hospital Porter
Carry On Cowboy~1965 - Saloon Patron
Operation Crossbow~1965 - extra
633 Squadron~1964 - Airman Patron in Bar
Carry On Jack~1964 - Naval Officer
Carry On Cleo~1964 - Citizen
Stitch In Time~1963 - uncredited Man at Dance
Dr. Strangelove~1963 - War Room Aide
Heavens Above!~1963 - Launch Site Technician
The Wild Affair~1963 - Harassed Shopper
Carry On Jack~1963 - uncredited H.M.S. Victor Naval Officer/Sailor on the Venus
Summer Holiday~1963 - Yugoslav Wedding Guest
The Road to Hong Kong~1962 - uncredited Monk
On the Beat~1962 - Tube Train Passenger
Mouse On The Moon~1962 - Councillor
The Password Is Courage~1962 - uncredited POW
Carry On Cruising~1962 - Passenger
Make Mine a Double~1961 - Airman
Sink the Bismarck!~1960 - Bridge Officer - H.M.S. Sheffield
Carry On Constable~1960 - Radio Operator
Circus of Horrors~1960 - uncredited Roustabout (unskilled physical worker)
Doctor in Love~1960 - uncredited Pub Patron
Hell Is a City~1960 - Barman
The Trials of Oscar Wilde~1960 - Juror
The Battle of the Sexes~1960 - Board Member
Follow a Star~1959 - Theatre Patron
Libel~1959 - extra
Operation Amsterdam~1959 - Member of the Dutch Resistance
Left, Right, and Centre~1959 - Man in Crowd
The 39 Steps~1959 - Audience Member
Please Turn Over~1959 - Office Worker
Danger Within~1959 - POW
A Tale of Two Cities~1958 - Defarge's Tavern Patron
The Square Peg~1958 - German Soldier
Carry On Sergeant~1958 - Soldier
Carry On Nurse~1958 - Porter
I Was Monty's Double~1958 - Cinema Patron (soldier)
A Night to Remember~1958 - Deck Hand/Passenger/Steward
The Key~1958 - Soldier at Dance
The One That Got Away~1957 - German Prisoner of War
Encore~1951 - Casino Patron
Stage Fright~1950 - extra
Passport to Pimlico~1949 - Cinema Patron
No Orchids for Miss Blandish~1948 - uncredited Nightclub Patron
Snowbound~1948 - uncredited Film Crewman

Alleyn Mysteries~1993 - uncredited Art Exhibit Guest in Death in a White Tie
Poirot~1991 -
     Doorman (in maroon) at Du Cane Court in:
          The Affair at the Victory Ball
          The Plymouth Express
     Military Club Member (seated in grey suit) in Mystery of the Spanish Chest
Jeeves and Wooster~1991 - Jarvis the Doorman in:
     The Silver Jug
     The Bassett's Fancy Dress Ball
     In Court After the Boat Race
     Bertie Is In Love
     How does Gussie Wood Madeline?
Ellis Island~1984 (mini) - Party Guest
The Bill~1984 - Man in Court in The Drugs Raid
The Sign of Four~1983 - uncredited Fairground Barker
A.J. Wentworth, B.A.~1982 -
     Master in IIIA Goes to War
     Founder's Day
The Story of the Treasure Seekers~1982 - Gloved Man in 1.3
Brideshead Revisited~1979-1981 -
     Reception Person in Smiley Tracks the Mole
     Passenger in Orphans of the Storm
Rumpole of the Bailey~1979 - uncredited:
     Courtroom Spectator in Rumpole and the Show Folk
     Party Guest in Rumpole and the Case of Identity
Going Straight~1978 - Man in Line-up in Going Off the Rails
Everyday Maths~1978 - in The Round Up
Secret Army~1978 - Scientist in Lucky Piece
Law & Order~1978 - Milkman in A Villain's Tale
Blakes 7~1978 - Prisoner in:
     Cygnus Alpha
     Space Fall
     The Way Back
The Sweeney~1975 - uncredited:
     Strip Club Punter in Supersnout
     Barman in Jackpot
Monty Python's Flying Circus~1974 - English Gentleman in Pyjamas in Hamlet (cannot be seen, but is there according to the 2008 book Monty Python's Flying Circus: An Utterly Complete, Thoroughly Unillustrated, Absolutely Unauthorized Guide to Possibly All the References, along with Stuart Myers and Tony Snell)

QB VII~1974 - Man in Courtroom
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em~1974 - uncredited Joseph in Jessica's First Christmas (The Nativity Play)
Great Expectations~1974 - uncredited Stagecoach Passenger
Special Branch~1973 - uncredited Pub Patron in A Copper Called Craven
Columbo~1972 - uncredited Man Outside Wax Museum in Dagger of the Mind
The Persuaders!~1971 -
     Man at Auction in That's Me Over There
     Casino Patron in Anyone Can Play
Department S~1969-1970 - uncredited:
     Ministry of Defence Man in The Bones of Byrom Blain
     Tube Train Passenger in The Last Train to Redbridge
     VIP at Power Station in The Shift That Never Was
The Saint~1964-1969 - uncredited:
     Newspaper Man in The Double Take
     Man at Bus Stop in The People Importers
     Gambler in The Ex-King of Diamonds
     American Delegate in The Russian Prisoner
     Seaman in The Miracle Tea Party
     Bar Patron in Luella
Gideon's Way~1964 - Photographer in The V Men
Espionage~1963 -
     Demonstrator in The Gentle Spies
     Tailor in The Dragon Slayer
The Scales of Justice~1962 - Barrister in The Guilty Party

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