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Tucker, Burnell

Burnell Tucker

Burnell Tucker was born in 1934 to Gerald and Gladys Tucker in Newfoundland, Canada. He had three brothers and two sisters.
He attended Gander Amalgamated High School, graduating in 1951.
Tucker studied at Douglas-Webber Academy of Dramatic Art in London.
In 1961, Tucker married Shelley Lambert.

Wmd.~2009 - Eugene Bowman
U.S. Seals II~2001 - Admiral Patterson
The Last Minute~2001 - U.S. Army General
U-571~2000 - Adm. Duke
U.S. Seals~2000 (V) - Admiral Travis Patterson
Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault~1999 - Admiral Henshaw
Honor Bound~1988 - Colonel Steele (see Actor Connections - Film)
Lifeforce~1985 - N.A.S.A. Man
Scream for Help~1984 - Mr. Ralston (right) (see Actor Connections - Film)

Reds~1981 - Chum of John Reed
Ragtime~1981 - Reporter (see Actor Connections - Film)
Priest of Love~1981 - Earl Brewster (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman II~1980 - White House Aide (left) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Flash Gordon~1980 - Airline Co-Pilot (left) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Shining~1980 - Policeman (scene was deleted last minute, Tucker's credit even remained on the print) Note: This scene was the original ending of the film.
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Wyron Serper (Rebel) - Hoth Base
Superman~1978 - Agent
Valentino~1977 - Assistant Director
Star Wars~1977 - Del Goren (Rebel) - Ready Room
The Omen~1976 - Secret Service Man
Rollerball~1975 - Jonathan's Captain of Guard (see Actor Connections - Film)
Get Charlie Tully (Ooh, You Are Awful)~1972 - 2nd U.S. Tourist
Cry of the Penguins~1971 - 2nd Pilot
2001: A Space Odyssey~1968 - TMA-1 Site Photographer (see Actor Connections - Film)

Some May Live~1967 - Sergeant Lawrence (right) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Battle Beneath the Earth~1967 - Jack Ambridge - Reporter
The Dirty Dozen~1967 - Army Doctor (This isn't Tucker)
You Only Live Twice~1967 - Hawaii Control Room Technician (see Actor Connections - Film)
A Countess from Hong Kong~1967 - Hotel Waikiki Receptionist (left)
Finders Keepers~1966 - Pilot (right)
The Bedford Incident~1965 - Seaman 1st Class - Bridge
Dateline Diamonds~1965 - Dale Meredith (Disc Jockey with The Chantelles)

Devils of Darkness~1965 - Derek (see Actor Connections - Film)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb~1964 - Mandrake's Aide (see Actor Connections - Film) Note: Tucker was not in Dr. Strangelove, according to Tucker's agent.
Dawn Rendezvous (Ford Corsair Launch Film, Britain)~1963 - The Boy

Doctor Who~2012 - Old Sam Garner in The Angels Take Manhattan
I Shouldn't Be Alive~2006 - Neil in Trapped Under the Ice
Ums paradies betrogen~2005 - Jack Gibson in 1.1, 1.2
On Dangerous Ground~1996 - President
The Affair~1995 - Bailiff
Strange But True?~1995 - Reconstruction Cast in Miracles
Space Precinct 2040~1995 - MIA Commander in Deathwatch: Part 2
99-1~1994 - Official in Trust Me
The Paradise Club~1990 - Lassiter in Dead Dogs Don't Bark
Lovejoy~1986 - Edward in Friends, Romans, and Enemies
Theatre Night~1985 - Cassidy in Thunder Rock
Tales of the Unexpected~1983 - Peter Blundell in The Luncheon

The Martian Chronicles~1980 - Bill Wilder in:
     The Martians
     The Settlers
     The Expeditions
Second Verdict~1976 - Charles A. Lindbergh in The Lindbergh Kidnapping
Crown Court~1974 - Joseph Berenson in the Assault on Choga Sar: Part 1
The Flaxton Boys~1974 - Cliff in 1945: A Funny Kind of Day
UFO~1970-1971 -
     G.S.P. 4 Co-Pilot Scott in The Sound of Silence
     Albatross Pilot Turner in Sub-Smash

Merry-Go-Round~1970 - Himself/Presenter in:
     Looking at Canada 3: The Eskimos
     Looking at Canada 3: The Mounties
     Looking at Canada 1: The Fur Trade
Codename~1970 - U.S. Sergeant in One for the Lobster Pot
The Ugliest Girl in Town~1969 - American Boy in The Track Star

The Champions~1969-1969 -
     Submarine Crewman in The Silent Enemy
     Radio Operator in The Dark Island

The Jazz Age~1968 - Brevoort in Majesty
After Many a Summer~1967 - Pete Boone
The Spies~1966 - Parker in I Don't Even Volunteer
Court Martial~1966 - Myer in All Roads Lead to Callaghan
The Saint~1963-1965 -
     Props Man in The Happy Suicide

     Hotel Desk Clerk in The Sporting Chance
Crossroads~1964 - Ross Maller
Epitaph for a Spy~1963 - Warren Skelton in 1.1-1.4
BBC Sunday-Night Play~1962 - Tennis Player in Dial M For Murder
Suspense~1962 - Third Pilot in Course for Collision
Studio 4~1962 - Mackenzie in Flight Into Danger
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre~1957-1958 - Pressman in:
     The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial
     The Stone Faces
Little Women~1958 - Young Man in 1.2
ITV Play of the Week~1958 - in the Myth Makers
Run to Earth~1958 - Passer-by in Ninian McHarg
Saturday Playhouse~1958 - Policeman in The Man Upstairs
The Silver Sword~1957 -
     Second American Soldier in: Jan in Trouble
     ? in The Escape from the Nazis
Huntingtower~1957 - ? in 1.3 and 1.6

A Love Letter to Dan~2006 - (Novello Theatre - formerly The Strand Theatre, Westminster, London, England, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Mr. Cinders~1993 - Henry Kemp (King's Head Theatre, Islington, England, UK)
Our Town~1992-1993 - Constable Warren (Shaftesbury Theatre, London, England, UK)
Blood Relations~1984 - Andrew (Canada House Cultural Centre, London, England, UK)
In Praise of Love~1980 - Mark Walters (Arts -Ashcroft- Theatre, Cambridge, England, UK)
Breaking Point~1963 - David Forbes (Golders Green Hippodrome, Barnet, London, England, UK; Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon, England, UK)
Breaking Point~1962 - David Forbes (Lyric Theatre, London, England, UK)
Captain Brassbound's Conversion~1971 - ()  Note: with Ingrid Bergman
West Side Story~1958-1959 - U.S. Gladhand (Her Majesty's Theatre, London, England, UK)

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