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Listings in BLUE are those we haven't yet acquired.
Listings in BROWN are Indiana Jones related.
Listings in PURPLE are Wilhelm Scream entries.
Listings in ORANGE are THX-1138 entries.

Have a Star Wars reference for TV?

Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Wilhelm Scream/THX-1138 references in TV: Series, Mini-Series, Documentaries, Live Shows, Reality Shows, Game Shows, Specials, and Movies. 

10 Things I Hate About You (2009 US) - Light My Fire (#1.7) 08/18/09 A fire evacuates the area and everyone has to stay at the school.
SUROP to Chastity: Pleasure it is .. to meet you.
CHASTITY *sarcastically*: Aw, how cute. You talk like Yoda. ahah. So cute...cuteness!

The 100 (2014 US) - Reapercussions (#2.3) 11/5/14 This exchange:
Octavia Blake (Avgeropolous): I am NOT afraid!
Indra (Porter): You WILL be...

12 OZ Mouse (2005 US) - Star Wars VII (#2.4) 10/26/06 Title

2ge+her (2000 US) -
[1] The opening titles, Chad (Bastian) has a lightsaber which he moves to the rhythm of the theme song.

[2] Crying (#1,5) 08/22/00
JERRY: Hey Chad, look at this! *showing Chad a poster with kittens on it*
CHAD: Awww, look at the kitties...they're soooo cuuute!  That one looks like an Ewok! NO!!! I will not do it!

3lbs (2007) - Lost For Words (#1.1) 11/14/06 When the old patient who was having problems with disorientation was found in a disused portion of the hospital, his first words were "I got a bad feeling about this". (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)

3rd Rock from the Sun (1996 US) -
[1] Fifteen Minutes of Dick (#2.23) 5/11/97 Dick (Lithgow) threatens Mark Hamill and says he's not so tough without 'Chewed Bacon' around.
[2] The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 2 (#6.20) 5/22/01 At the aliens going away party (outer space theme) Judith (Getz) dresses up as Princess Leia from ANH

[3] The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 1 (#5.21) The Big Giant Head (Shatner) finally tells Dick, 'No, because I am your father.'
[4] The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 2 (#5.22) When Dick tells his fellow aliens, Tommy (Gordon-Levitt) says, 'That's just like in Star Wars when Darth Vader told Luke he was his father'. Dick's reply is, 'THAT was science fiction, this is the real world'
[5] Mark (seen below) is drying his hair with a hair dryer then pretends it's a blaster and then reenacts having his arm cut off by Darth Vader. (thanks to The General for #5!)

30 Rock (2006 US) - Note: Many of the Star Wars references which made it onto 30 Rock were provided by producer and writer Robert Carlock.
[1] Pilot (#1.1) 10/11/06 The new boss played by Alec Baldwin insists that an unpredictable movie star join the cast of the fictional show within a show called, "The Girlie Show". Two of the writers are sitting with the new boss as he gives them his "input", he suggests the new cast member, Tracy Jordan (Morgan), and the female writer is apprehensive and asks, "Isn't he...uh...crazy?" the boss claims that "Tracy's had his problems in the last few years...". They cut to a clip of Jordan running down the 405 freeway in his underwear with a lightsaber yelling, "I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!" (Thanks to Bonnie Burton for this reference!)

[2] The Aftermath (#1.2) 10/18/06  A life-sized Darth Vader is carried from one room to another as Liz and Jenna come out of Jenna's dressing room.
[] Jack the Writer (#1.4) 11/01/06
LIZ: Oh, Even when it’s something normal, I hate going up to Jack’s office. I always feel like I’m entering the Death Star. I expect to see Storm Troopers. I’m telling you, if Donaghy does this *does Force choke hand gesture* at me, I will run...
...PETE: You’ll be fine... Captain Needa.
LIZ: No! Captain Needa dies! *elevator starts to close* ...He DIES!
[] Jack the Writer (#1.4) 11/01/06 Liz and Pete are suspicious of Jack's friendliness towards them:
PETE: Loo, having Jack on your side can only make life easier for everybody if he want to be friends.
LIZ: I know, but it's so weird. It's like that scene where you see the back of Darth Vader's head, with his helmet off, and your like *gasp*, he's a human being. I gotta get some new DVDs
[] Jack-Tor (#1.5) 11/16/06
TOOFER (Powell): Okay, um, there's a rumor going around that Donaghy has to cut costs around here.
FRANK (SWAD alum Judah Friedlander): Yeah my friend in accounting, Lando Calrissian, he says Jack’s probably gonna have to fire an actor.
[] Tracy Does Conan (#1.7) 12/07/06 Tracy makes Chewbacca vocalizations when his new medication kicks in. Even during his appearance on Conan O'Brien.
LIZ: Chewbacca, can I talk to Tracy?

[] The Head and the Hair (#1.11) 01/18/07
LIZ: But, before I could, The Hair asked me out.
JENNA: What? The The Hair? What did you say?
LIZ: I had to say yes. He looked at me with those crazy handsome guy eyes. It was like the Death Star tractor beam when the Falcon...
JENNA: No Liz, do not talk about stuff like that on your date. Guys like that do not like "Star Trek".
LIZ: "WARS"! I'm sorry you're right. I don't go out on dates with guys like Gray. It feels wrong. He's The Hair, and I am a Head plus at best.
[] The Source Awards (#1.16) 3/1/07
STEVEN BLACK (Brady): ...and I spend a lot of free time blogging about Star Wars
LIZ LEMON (Fey): Oh! You like Star Wars? *excited*
STEVEN: I love it!
LIZ: I was, like, Princess Leia four Halloween's in a row...recently.
STEVEN: No, no, no, no, no...not the fantasy movie with the monsters...I'm talking about the Strategic Defense Initiative.
[] Fireworks (#1.18) 04/05/07 Liz invites her crush, Floyd, to her house because she and Pete are watching movies from AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list.
LIZ: Hey, do you want to come over? My friend Peter is staying with me and we've decided w'er going to do this thing where every night we watch one of the AFI top 100 movies.
FLOYD: How many are you going through?
LIZ: Well, I only have Star Wars and Tootsie, so we just keep watching those two over and over.
[] Fireworks (#1.18) 04/05/07 Tracy has a dream that he's on a daytime series (Maury Povich Show) Thomas Jefferson (Baldwin), who's speech to Tracy is this,  "I rode a horse from heave to tell you something important.  America, which I invented.. *boos from crowd as he double flips them off* WHICH I INVENTED, is a great country in which we are not burdened by our pasts. Embrace who you are, Tracy Jordan. May the Force Be With You, always."
[] Fireworks (#1.18) 04/05/07 A nod to Return of the Jedi:
TRACY: Y, Toof! How you doing?
TOOFER: Not goo. The barn that John Wilkes Booth hid in belonged to Tobias Spurloch (Toofer's great-great-great grandfather)
TRACY: Well, listen, dream Jefferson told me some amazing stuff. He said it's not about who you were, it's about who are right now.
FRANK: No, Toofer...Give into your heritage, kill Tracy.
[] Corporate Crush (#1.19) 04/12/07 Liz makes it clear that Attack of the Clones is her least favorite of all the Star Wars movies.
FLOYD to Jack: In 2002 you increased corporate earnings by 3% while the country suffered through a recession.
LIZ: huh..and Attack of the Clones...which was seriously the worst of the Star Wars...*gets cut off by Floyd*
[] Hiatus (#1.21) 04/26/07 
LIZ to Floyd via Skype: Uhh! Is that how far apart my eyes are? I look like Admiral Ackbar!
[] Hiatus (#1.21) 04/26/07  Tracy is missing because the "Black Crusaders" are chasing him.  Kenneth is the only one who knows where Tracy is, but won't give up the information.
LIZ: You turtle-faced goon! I will cut you open like a Tauntaun, you mouth-breathing Appalachian!
[] Rosemary's Baby (#2.4) 10/25/07 Carrie Fisher guest stars as Rosemary Howard, Liz's childhood idol, until Liz discovers that Rosemary is a little bit too much to handle and tries to escape her clutches.
ROSEMARY: Help me, Liz Lemon! You're my only hope!
[] Señor Macho Solo (#3.7) 01/08/09 Liz dates Stewart and at one point in the episode she is talking about his office:
LIZ: Oh, come on really? You got all the different languages, the costumes, that big meeting must be like working in the Galactic Senate in Star Wars.
[] The Funcooker (#3.14) 03/12/09 Liz is summoned to jury duty and tries to get out of it by dressing up as Princess Leia.
[] Black Light Attack (#4.10) 01/14/10
JACK: For four years, I've had to make do with what passes for men in this place. With their untucked shirts, boneless faces, their Stars, both Wars and Trek. I needed a man around here, and I finally have one.
[] Don Geiss, America and Hope (#4.15) 03/18/10 Don Geiss is encased in carbonite at his own funeral:
[] Reaganing (#5.5) 10/21/10
Liz reveals that her mother had once found her under a Tom Jones poster with her underpants around her ankles. So her mother removed all her posters from her room which included Grizzly Adams, Larry Wilcox as his television character Officer Jon Baker from CHiPs, Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Star Wars, Philadelphia Phillies players Tug McGraw and Mike Schmidt, Kermit the Frog, and Gunther Gebel-Williams.
[] Double-Edged Sword (#5.14) 02/10/11 Liz is on Carol's plane and they have an argument ending with this nod to The Empire Strikes Back:
LIZ: I'd rather die on this plane! (Leia in ESB: I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee!)
CAROL (Damon): That can be arranged! *holds finger up* (Han: I can arrange that! *holds finger up*)
[] It's Never Too Late For Now (#5.15) 02/17/11
ANDERS (Bailey): Did they make your droids wait outside too?
LIZ: Seriously! Why can't droids go into the Cantina? Ponda Baba can try to shoot Luke...
ANDERS:...but a protocol droid is somehow a problem.
[] Plan B (#5.18) 03/24/11 A nod to Star Wars' Vader on the Death Star:
HANK (Howard): The point is you failed. But unless there's a gay Jack Donaghy locked up somewhere who understands all this stuff, let's just chalk this one up to "never again" and enjoy our lunch.
JACK: Hank, there is a gay Jack Donaghy. His name is Devon Banks.
*somewhere else...*
CASHMERE: Are you okay?
DEVON BANKS (Arnett): I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...
[] Idiots Are People Two! (#6.3) 01/19/12
CRISS: Question about Lando Calrissian...Is that an Armenian name? Is he a space Armenian?
[] Idiots Are People Three! (#6.4) 01/26/12 Jack disapproves of Criss and Liz's relationship and is trying to break them up. Criss, Liz, and Jack are in Jack's office and are "discussing" it.
CRISS (Marsden): Well, I'm sorry, but I really don't care what you think.
JACK: That's really not how things work around here,
LIZ: Damn it, Criss. Stop talking to him, it's a trap!  *then to Jack* You said I won, you said you wouldn't ask any more questions about Criss.
Jack to Liz: Really? Is this how you see yourself?

[] The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell (#6.4) 01/26/12 Jenna gets a guest starring role in a romcom called “Martin Luther King Day.” *a fake trailer for the film is shown* It shows a relationship between Jenna (Krakowski) and Nick Cannon and their desire to find love on Martin Luther King Day.  The film (via the trailer) also boasts this cast: Liam Neeson (SWAD alum), Amy Adams, Hugh Grant, Kristen Bell, Adam and Andrew Samberg, Emma Stone, Vince Vaughn, John Krasinski, Matthew McConnaughey, Ian McKellan, Lynndie England, Plinkko from the Price is Right, Inflatable Tube Man, The 1995 Quebec Nordiques, R2-D2, the Flight Attendant That Went Crazy, and Mankind (wrestler).

[] The Tuxedo Begins (#6.8) 02/16/12 Tracy tells Jack about the first time he was mugged:
TRACY: The first time I got mugged, I didn't leave my room for a week--I hid, but not in a tuxedo. All I had was a used Chewbacca costume made out of used hair extensions. It made me feel invincible, like someone who wouldn't get scared and freeze up when they got mugged. *Perfectly executed Chewbacca sounds.* That's why you won't take off that tuxedo, that's why you're running for mayor, and that's why you won't go outside--you're scared!
[] Leap Day (#6.9) 02/23/12 A living Ewok is kept in a glass enclosure.
[] Leap Day (#6.9) 02/23/12
LIZ: Wow, that was this creep I went to college with...such a nerd! and that's coming from someone who wrote lyrics to the song the Cantina Band plays in Star Wars. "Figrin D'an the kloo horn man...
LIZ: ...He's from Clak'dor VII! But at least I don't throw Leap Day parties.
[] St. Patrick's Day (#6.12) 03/05/12 Liz expresses herself to Criss:
LIZ: I love you.
CRISS: I know.
LIZ: *gleeful* You just Han Solo'd me! *happy*
[] St. Patrick's Day (#6.12) 03/05/12 
LIZ to Jack: Without Germans you wouldn't have any of the Indiana Jones movies.
[] Murphy Brown Lied to Us (#6.17) 04/19/12 
LIZ: Good luck fixing America. I hope success isn't far, far away.
JACK: What about Star Wars do you want to say, Lemon?
[] What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? (#6.22) 05/17/12 
LIZ: Nerf Herder! Nerf Herder!
[] What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? (#6.22) 05/17/12 
CORNEL WEST (guest star) to Tracy: Who were your black role models growing up?
TRACY: Darth Vader, ninjas, black licorice I tried to make in the shape of my dad.
[] Florida (#7.10) 01/17/13
JACK: I can give you a season pass to Universal's Harry Potter World.
LIZ: I am not some kind of nerdery slut...I like Star Wars!
[] Mazel Tov, Dummies! (#7.7) 11/29/12
LIZ (to Jack): What? It's the only white dress I own!
JACK (Baldwin): Your hair!
LIZ: I'm a Princess!
[] Hogcock!/Last Lunch (#7.12) 01/31/13 Jack is trying to find true happiness, he and Liz talk;
LIZ: And...this makes you happy?
JACK: It should.
LIZ: You know, I'm reminded of something Yoda once said...*Yoda voice* Mmmm, oohuh, dark times are these...

40 More Awesomely Bad Fashion Moments (2009 US) - 03/24/09 They talk about Jeremy Irons from a 2005 appearance on the red carpet:
NARRATOR: Coming up, Jeremy Irons turns to the fashion dark side.
Jeremy Irons looking like a Jedi knight.
Very Obi-Wan Kenobi bathrobe-y.
NARRATOR: At the end of the day, one fact still stands: no matter how much he looks like a samurai Jedi priest, chicks dig Jeremy Irons.

Aaahh!! Real Monsters (1995 US) - Simon Strikes Back (#1.13) 1/21/95 Jed (Dolenz) *coincidence that the guest character's name is Jed?

According to Jim (2001 US) -
[1] Dress to Kill Me (#4.5) 10/26/04 It's Halloween and one of the trick-or-treaters is costumed as a Jedi Knight. Andy (Campbell) is quick to critique the costumed youth, "First of all, you've got a red saber, a Jedi wouldn't have a red saber since it's the color of the Dark Side. Second, you have a Mace Windu tunic and Anakin pants..." (Andy waves his hand) "...These aren't the candies you're looking for"

[2] Guess Who's Cooking Your Dinner (#4.15) 2/15/05 Things got a little crazy at my Star Wars club. Somebody said Episode II was better than Episode V, and before you know it, Chewbacca threw a chair at Jango Fett. I'll, uh, put your toy with your cloak. Don't mock the Force.

[3] Nanny Cam (#4.12) 1/18/05 Jim is watching his new nanny-cam, wanting to get dirt on the nanny and what others are saying about him. "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What's this? Master Yoda speaks highly of your abilities, but I will be the final judge [imitates lightsaber sounds, heavy breathing and sound of laser fire in between laughter and Whoas!
[4] The Stick (#5.14) 2/07/06 In the scene where Andy visualizes the perfect Jim, they attend a sci-fi convention with Andy dressed as Darth Vader and Jim dressed as a Clone Trooper.

(Thanks to John atObroa-Skai for this reference!) 
[5] Separate Ways (#) 3/7/07 Jim's brother-in-law, Andy, has a TIE fighter on his sofa table...

Action Man (US) - Space Wars (#2.10) 11/24/96

Adam and Joe Show (UK) - (cursing alert for videos)
[1] The Imperial Family (parody of The Royle Family) using Star Wars figures

[2] Big Jabba Parody of Big Brother UK again using Star Wars figures.
[3] Chew've Been Framed (parody of You've Been Framed) using Star Wars figures.

[4] Who Wants to be Killed on Air? (parody of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?)

[5] Star Wars In Their Eyes (parody of Stars In Their Eyes)

Adventures in Space and Time (US 1999) - Tell us what the reference is!

Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (1995 US) - Tell us what the reference is!
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (US Anim 1993) - (Also under Jimmy Neutron)
[1] The Egg-pire Strikes Back 1 and 2 (#1.15/16) 4/25/03
[2] Return of the Nanobots (#2.7) 11/14/03
[3] Attack of the Twonkies 1 and 2 (#2.18/19) Mar/Apr '04

After You've Gone (2008 UK) - Bad, Bad Old Days (#3.4) 10/17/08 Jimmy says Diana's new dog (Scottish Terrier) is like a "small Scottish Ewok" Note: Diana is played by Star Wars alum Celia Imrie.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2013 US) - 
[] A Fractured House (#2.6) 10/28/14 Bobbi Morse wears this Star Wars t-shirt:

Aladdin (US Anim 1994) - Raiders of the Lost Shark (#2.1) 9/17/94 

Alan Davies: Urban Trauma (UK 1998) - comedy routine by Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek) filmed at the Duchess Theatre in London. Tell us what the reference is!

Alf: The Animated Series (US 1987) -
[1] Take a Look at Me Now (#2.3) 10/01/87 ALF to Raquel, "May the Force Be With You"
[2] Salad Wars (#1.11) 12/19/87 - title
[3] Tonight, Tonight: Part 1 (#3.4) 10/24/88 ALF shows a picture of himself disguised as a monk and says that he was right for the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
[4] Superstition (#3.19) 02/27/89 ALF needs several things for a ritual, but says, "The things I need for this are far, far away, in my galaxy."

Alias (US 2001) -
[1] Line, 'They even took the T47's'
[2] Marshall (Weisman) says to Sidney (Garner): "I'm Marshall Flinkman. I'm here to rescue you."
[3] Mea Culpa (#1.9) 12/9/01 While watching the ALIAS DVD, I came across a scene that I can't believe that I missed. Will (Bradley Cooper) and Francie (Merrin Dungey) are watching His Girl Friday when Will says it's the best movie ever made. When Will asks her to name any other better movies she mentions Godfather, On the Waterfront, Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, and last but certainly not least, The Empire Strikes Back. For fans of the series. Look on the third disc in the six-disc set. (Thanks to Jeff/TF.n for #3)
[4] Marshall shouts out at the guards in a foreign language to distract them. When Sidney asks him what he said, Marshall replies, "I can smell you from here" in Ewok, And then mumbles and tells her about the official language of the Ewoks, two different "Yub-Yubs" can be heard in there! (Thanks to Sebulba-X for the Yub-Yub contribution!)
[5] Endgame (#2.19) 3/30/03 Marshall was trying to make a joke. He asks Will to trust him because it was not like he was holding on to Death Star plans or anything.
[6] Endgame (#2.19) 3/30/03 Marshall: "I was doing some spelunking on the CIA network - mapping it, really - just for kicks, and well, you can relax because the Death Star plans are not in the main computer!"
[7] Reprisal/All The Time In The World (#5.17) 5/22/06 Marshall and Rachel have been kidnapped for their computer skills. Rachel manages to get them out of it by attacking one of their captors. After it's over Marshall exclaims, "Oh my God! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen, seriously...that was like Empire Strikes Back cool."

Alice (US Comedy 1976) - Car Wars (#3.2) 10/1/78 Title

All My Children - 3/15/05 BROOKE: so, when did my son become Darth Vader?   TAD: sometimes bold action is warranted.  BROOKE: mm-hmmm.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983 US Anim) -
[] Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom (#8.5) 10/06/90
Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom:
[] Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration (#) The chipmunks are forced to be in a play and they don't know how to act. Simon says he wishes he were "in a galaxy far, far away."
[] The Chipmunks Go to The Movies: covers iconic movies which include Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars.
Star Wars (What's the Chipmunk title??)

A Many Splintered Thing (UK mini 2000) - Russell's friend has a cardboard cutout of Han Solo pointing a Blaster out of his flat's door so that anyone who comes in is immediately confronted with it.

Amazing Race, The (US 2001 reality) - The Star Wars super collector, Brennan Swain, won along with pal Rob. Undertaking a grueling trek around the globe (including one stop in Tunisia where they visited "Tatouine") and facing various physical and mental challenges, the pair beat 10 other teams to win the $1 million dollar grand prize.  They are the only ones to make a comment on the Star Wars connection.

Amazing World of Gumball (2011) - 
[] The Remote (#) The episode opens with a starfield.  also, Anais says, "There is another"

American Chopper (US 2003) - Comanche 3 - 4/21/05 Paul jr.: You know, it's kind of funny because we're really pushing to get this bike done... >> That is hot. >> Paul jr.: It just reminds me of, like, Star Wars. ...But it doesn't seem like there's as much pressure as usual. I think it's probably 'cause my father's not here making comments and putting his two cents in.

American Dad! (2005 US) -
[1] All About Steve (#1.11) 09/25/05 Steve's closet with Star Wars toys (Thanks to Rive Caedo and for this reference!)
[] All About Steve (#1.11) 09/25/05 Stan and Steve to to a sci-fi convention where they see a lot of Star Wars.
[] Stan of Arabia: Part 1 Jawas selling droids at the open market:
[] Tears of a Clooney Slave Leias
[] Joint Custody (#) Roger is trying on disguises which include Boba Fett and Greedo.
[] Deacon Stan, Jesus Man Karl Rove is dressed as Palpatine.
[] Bush Comes to Dinner Steve dreams he's on Hoth. Hayley escapes the pit and says that she killed the furries, Stan asks, "Even the younglings?" Steven describes a drunk Bush as, "More liquor than man."
[] 42 Year-Old Virgin
BAD LARRY *dying*: ...And I shall become...more powerful...that you can POSSIBLY IMAGINE!

[] Star Trek (#1.16) 11/27/05 Steve becomes a famous author and moves into a mansion. He says he has filled it with my fine things and then reveals Han Solo in carbonite on the wall. (Thanks to Dustin Batt for this reference!)

[] Of Ice and Men (#2.7) 11/19/06 Combining Indy references (Raiders and Last Crusade):

[] Toy Whorey (#7.18) 5/13/12 Steve's playtime embarrasses Stan...
American Idol - 4/26/05 Simon to a contestant: It's like Star Wars,  you know. Welcome to the Dark Side, or the light side. And what it came across to me was a very bad imitation of the original.

America's Funniest Videos (2003 US) -  $100,000 Show A get-together/competition at a lake involving a short pier and a device that propels the contestants/participants off of that pier. One contestant is cheered on by a friend who urges him to, "Use the Force!"

America's Most Haunted Town (2001 US) - 4/23/05 Excerpt: At this point, the noise continued around the corner and Standing directly outside of my door, and it sounded like something was breathing outside of my door. It sounded -- what I would call a Darth Vader-like breathing, and at this point, the hairs on the back of my neck completely stood on end, and I had no idea what to do.

Anderson Cooper 360 (2003 US) - So here's a Pop quiz for you tonight. Tonight you're watching a scene right now from, A) Return of the Jedi, B) Revenge of the Sith or, C) a political convention. See the battle between good and evil in the Star Wars Saga is grossing over from a galaxy far away to the universe of raw politics.    Judy Woodruff = REPORTER
REPORTER: A few days ago in a land not so far away the Cannes crowd looked at Darth Vader and saw George Bush.  When Anakin Skywalker said, "If you are not with me, you are my enemy" ..some movie goers heard this.. *Bush quote* - "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists".
REPORTER: ...and in the epic clash of galactic powers they saw the war in Iraq.  Were they right?  George Lucas says the original Star Wars movie sprung from the ashes of Vietnam making Vader a little less Bush and a little more Nixon.  Though he's quick to draw connections.  The parallels of what we're doing in Iraq and Vietnam are unbelievable.
REPORTER:  at its heart it has always been a political parable.. Why do you think Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire?  I fare cuts in the defense budget and carrier groups and troops in Europe and Star Wars and any number of areas.
REPORTER: Even in these dark days with an earthly senator seduced by a dark vision of absolute power seeks to destroy this fabled order replacing fair judges with far right Clones.  To do this, he's ready to use a nightmare weapon known as the nuclear option.
REPORTER:  Yes, that's senate majority leader Bill Frist.  The liberal group is spending $150,000 to run that ad.  "Don't make me destroy you!"
REPORTER: Revenge of the Sith will surely make ten times that sum by next week.  With or without the Force.  "I hope right you are"
REPORTER: Judy Woodruff, CNN, Washington.

Android Prophecy (UK) - Star Wars/Anthony Daniels/C3PO mentioned. C3PO based on Metropolis' female robot Maria (Futura) released in 1927.

Andromeda (2000 US) - Slipfighter: The Dogs of War (#3.6) 10/28/02 Trance speculates that Mrduk maybe "dealing with the Dark Side - Enigma"

And Your Name Is Jonah (1979 US) - Tell us what the reference is!

Andy Richter Controls The Universe (2002 US) - Andy sabotaged a co-worker's project. (He tried to get him fired by making a major mistake his co-worker's torpedo blueprint) They showed a torpedo bounce off of a submarine and sink down onto what appeared to be the Gungan city from The Phantom Menace, blowing it up.

Angel (1999 US) -
[1] Sense and Sensitivity (#1.6) 11/9/99
CORDY (Carpenter): 'No! I don't care what horrible thing is about to happen! Asteroids are hurtling towards Earth, unspeakable evil is rising in the San Fernando Valley, Jar-Jar is getting his own talk show...'
[2] To Shanshu in LA (#1.22) 5/23/00
MAX: You're not going to tell me you're my father, are you?
LYDECKER: No. MAX: Good, because that would be kind of cliché.
[3] First Impressions (#2.3) 10/10/00
CORDY: Maybe we can help.
GUNN: You two? To find Divac I'll need more than C3PO and stick figure Barbie to back me up.
[4] Guise Will Be Guise (#2.6) 11/7/00
THE "SWAMI": I don't know how long I can keep up this Yoda gag.
[5] Shiny Happy People (#4.18) 4/9/03 This one might be a bit of a stretch but the new Big Bad on the show was saying something along the lines of "some people will be afraid, and that fear will lead to anger and their anger will bring great pain to the world." I thought it was a little too similar to "fear leads to hate etc."
[6]Magic Fred is said to have fallen to the Dark Side
[7] Home (#4.22) 5/7/03 Yet another reference to falling to the Dark Side. (Thanks to weezer for #5, #6 & #7!)
[8] Somnambulist (#1.11) 1/18/00
ANGEL: I taught him well.
CORDY: A real psycho-wan Kenobi.
WESLEY (Denisof): Two hundred years practice, I imagine he's got it down by now.
[9] Awakening (#4.10) 1/29/03 Angel and the group go down into the caverns of the sewers to find a sword. They come upon a booby trap, which Angel trips (on purpose) and wooden spikes shoot out from the walls. Angel says, "Wood, why'd it have to be wood"
[10] Souless (#4.11) 2/5/03 
ANGELUS: "What's with Angel and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?" WESLEY: "The movie?" ANGELUS: "Booby traps..." etc.
[11]Calvary (#4.12) 2/12/03
GUNN (Richards): "Instead of worrying about the big bad rocky we've got Darth Vampire living in the basement."
[12] Calvary (#4.12) 2/12/03 
CORDY (to Angelus): "Who knows you may be their only hope, Obi-Wan"
[13] Release (#4.14) 3/12/03
WILLOW (to Wesley): "Does seem like you've given in to the grumpier side of the Force"
[14] Soul Purpose (#5.10) 1/21/04 Spike is in his newly acquired residence and is visited by Wesley and Gunn. They are asking Spike to join Wolfram & Hart..his reply: "no offense Mr. Vader but I've got no itch to join the evil empire."

Animaniacs (1993 US) -
[1] Space Probed (#1.63) 10/1/93 - Darth Vader is seen in the waiting room with Captain Jean Luc Picard and Marvin the Martian.
[2] Star Wars Weekend May 15-16, 1999: Characters are: Brain-2 Me-2, Chewbooboo, Girth Plotz etc., etc.,  *Star Warners aired on May 25, 1998 and it was season 5 episode 24.

A.N.T. Farm (2011 US) - ScavANTger Hunt (#2.15) 11/02/12 Ants go on an educational scavenger hunt and need to get George Lucas's autograph, they end up at Skywalker Ranch.

Antiques Roadshow (1979+ UK) - A Scottish boy has a collection of Star Wars figures in a shadowbox. At the end of his 'showing' he says "May the Force Be With You" (very sweet)

Are You Being Served? (UK) - A Bliss Girl (#6.5) 12/13/78 Mr. Harman  is vacuuming the store and looks at the vacuum and says, "Come on R2D2" Note: it seems that Daniel's C3P0 is sort of an incarnation of tailor Mr. Humphries (John Inman) from this show.

Arrested Development (US 2003) -
[1] Amigos (#2.3) 11/21/04 Lucille Bluth tells Annyong to "go see a Star War"
[2] The Immaculate Election (#2.14) 3/20/05 George Michael (Cera) and Buster (Hale) make a home video that shows the two, garage bound, in all their Star-Wars-Kid- like glory "lightsaber" in hand battling to the Star Wars main theme. The video is shown at his school and is also seen in
[3] Sword of Destiny (#2.15) 3/27/05 and
[4] The Ocean Walker (#3.6) 12/5/05
Narrator: It seems that as a 13-year-old, George Michael had been heavily influenced by the Star Wars films, and had endeavored to recreate his favorite moments.
GEORGE MICHAEL: You’re not my father. You’re not half the man he is.
GEORGE SR.: I spent $2.1 million of company money and end up with this?
GEORGE MICHAEL: My hand! You cut off my hand!
(Via The Bluth Company Tumblr)
[5] Out On A Limb (#2.11) 3/6/05 The FBI thinks that the Star Wars video that George and Buster made is a terrorist training film.

Arrows of Love - Line: '...Vader, the evil lord of the galaxy'

Arthur (1996  CAN) -
[1] Arthur (Yarmush) while playing hockey with friends is 'visited' by the vision of his (vacationing) friend Buster (Brochu). Buster wears Jedi robes and says, 'Use the Force Arthur' Arthur, 'What's that supposed to mean?' Buster, ''Oh, I don't know, it just sounds cool'
[2] Prunella Sees the Light/Return of the Snowball (#7.9) 11/28/02 The episode is an homage to the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi. In the cold opening of Return of the Snowball an opening crawl narrated by Arthur and D.W. interrupting. The opening crawl is another homage to the opening crawls from all the 6 Star Wars films. (Thanks to Nailwraps for reference #2!)
[3]Dear Adil (#8.1)  9/15/03 Illinois Jack and the Caravan of Horrors (comic book adventures a la Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Attack of the Show (2005 US) - Alien Ant Farm; Strangers with Candy (#2.118) 6/29/06 Fun is made of the artwork featured in the section called Bantha Tracks in The Star Wars Insider fan magazine. (Thanks to RojoTrooper for this reference!)

A-Team (1983+ US) -
[1]  It's a Desert Out There (#2.18) 02/07/84 Hannibal names a bad guy "Darth".
[2] Cup A' Joe (#3.14) 01/08/85 Murdock imitates Darth Vader
[3] Where is the Monster When You Need Him? (#4.3) 10/1/85 Face (Benedict) is impersonating a movie mogul to get his film made. Hannibal (Peppard) comes in to warn him the Army is outside, but Face is still trying to strike up deals as they exit the room. Hannibal grabs Face and tells him, "Face, you're not George Lucas!" (well, GL ref is as close as we're getting on this one)

Babylon 5 (US) - Darkness Ascending (#5.15) 6/3/98 Lennier (Mumy) makes it back from a Centauri ambush alive...with the help of a plan stolen from Han Solo.

Bakuretsu Tenshi (2004 JA) - Jango - The team's giant robot (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this visual reference!)

Battle Force: Andromeda (2003 US) - Born from the ashes of destruction a small band of resistance fighters arose to vanquish Lord Xantar and bring peace to the galaxy. Lead by Kronos, a man who's past is shared by his arch nemesis Lord Xantar, he has led his followers to many small yet important victories. Time and again, the resistance has interrupted trade routes and supply lines. Now in their darkest hour they must devise a plan to strike at the very heart of Xantar's defenses or find themselves entering the gateway into oblivion. (sounds very familiar)

Battlestar Galactica (2004 US) -
[1] Valley of Darkness (#2.2) 7/22/05 There is a scene where Dr. Baltar says, "I have a bad feeling about this"
[2] First pic: Star Wars Super Battle Droid / Second pic: Battlestar Galactica Cylon - The new Cylon centurions are very similar to the Super Battle Droids from Star Wars. Both feature spindly legs, a bulky torso, an elongated "head", and conceal blasters in their wrists. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai!)

Batman: Animated Series (1992 US) - Heart of Ice (#1.3) 9/7/92 (Guest star Mark Hamill) Batman is hung upside-down, his feet frozen to the roof in ice, and he later revives another frozen man by floating him in a tank of red liquid that looks very much like a bacta tank (Thanks to Spacehunter24 for this reference!)

Batman Beyond (1999 US) - Sentries of the Last Cosmos (#2.23) 5/6/00 The whole episode is a Star Wars reference:
[1] The episode opens with a series of planets and the stars in the background, then the camera scrolls downward to a planet, a battle starts. At one point a Sentry says, "I can't shake 'em!" (it's revealed that the scene is that of an immersive virtual reality video game.)
[2] John Williams/Star Wars-type music
[3] There is an area which is very similar to the inside areas of the Death Star:
[4] Creator of the game, Simon Harper (Rogers), lives on a large estate like George Lucas.
One of the kids says: Hey, that's a robe of the wise ones!
HARPER - The Wise One: He's quite right, this is the mantle worn by all the initiated...what you call The Wise Ones...too few against the minions of the Dark Regent.
MAX (voiced by SWAD alum Cree Summer): Do you think there's a connection?
TERRY (Friedle): Is Jar-Jar lame?
[6] The Wise One (Emperor-like) has a room similar to the Emperor's Throne Room in Return of the Jedi, and he also shoots lightening from his fingertips. Here he's doing his thing to "The Dark Regent" (writer Eldon Michaels, voiced by Patton Oswalt)

[7] When the kids go to Eldon Michaels' place, the scene at Eldon's door is reminiscent of the scene where R2 and Threepio get to Jabba's palace and wish to be let in to see Jabba.
[8] episode ends with Eldon Michaels, saying, "Well, it started a long, long time ago, in a cosmos far from Earth..."

Beast Wars: Transformers (1996 US) -
[1] Equal Measures (#1.4) 9/23/96 Cheetor (Corlett) is struck by lightning,. He is teleported to the Predacon's control center. Terrorsaur (Parker) finds Cheetor in the base saying, 'Welcome to the Dark Side.'
[2] Other Voices: Part 2 (#1.26) 04/01/97 In the finale of the first season: a massive super weapon, made from what was once a moon, is destroyed...the destruction is exactly like the DS1 blowing up.

Beat the Geeks (2001 US) -
[1] There is a Star Wars Geek guest about every other show. Here is one example: Linda saw Star Wars over 200 times the year of it's release. She met her husband at a 20th anniversary event. She wears Jedi Robes. Her wedding picture includes a best man dressed as Chewbacca
Q: What gold droid is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication?
Q: What was Han Solo's response when Leia told him she loved him?
A: I know.
Q: What is Anakin's last name?
A: Skywalker
Q: Name as many of the Ewoks as you can that were in Return of the Jedi
A: she could only get two.
Q: Han Solo killed Greedo on Tatooine , who did he work for?
A: Jabba the Hutt The Final Challenge:
Q's: What kind of Droids did Maul dispatch? Before settling on R2 what droid did Owen get? Who played Amidala? Who played Grand Moff Tarkin? Name the Ewok that stole the Imperial Speeder Bike in ROTJ? What pit holds the Sarlacc?
[2] on another episode the Q was: What ship does Chewbacca pilot? A: Millennium Falcon

Beavis and Butthead (1993 US) - A Bjork music video is on TV:
BEAVIS: Hey, check it's that chick from Star Wars.
BUTTHEAD: Yeah, Princess Lay Me

Best Week Ever (2004 US) - April 7, 2004 Showing NASA Staff excited about the Mars rover. One of the comedians says, "it's kind of like the Ewok celebration at the end of Return of the Jedi, but hairier"

Big and Hairy (1998) - 

Big Breakfast UK (1999 UK) - Game show on the program called "Star Bores" with special guest Billy Dee Williams. Some excerpts: Billy Dee Williams appeared on Channel 4's Big Breakfast in the UK, promoting the Black Film Makers Festival and his new film "The Visit".  The presenter, Richard Bacon showed the clip where Han Solo & Lando Calrissian meet up on Cloud City in the Empire Strikes Back, resulting in the following exchange, to which there was much laughter:
RB: That's the scene where you double cross Han Solo. BDW: I didn't double cross Han Solo.
RB: Yes you did. BDW: We don't want to have to get into this whole discussion. RB: Alright mate.
BDW: Takes too long to explain
Richard Bacon then asked him what he thought of The Phantom Menace, which resulted in the following revealing exchange:
BDW: I really didn't see all of it, I just saw a little bit of it. The only character I don't like in that is Jar Jar.
RB: I hate Jar Jar.
BDW: Jar Jar makes me nervous ... but I think the kids probably love Jar Jar though ... you have to be a kind of a frenetic kinda person to like Jar Jar.
The funniest bit of the interview was a quiz entitled "Star Bores", in which 3 Star Wars fans were asked Star Wars questions by Billy Dee Williams. The catch being the 2 losers would have to give the winner treasured items from their Star Wars collections. It's not everyday you see British Star Wars fans on UK Breakfast TV, so we figured we'd give them 15 minutes of fame (or humiliation when you see what some of them couldn't answer):
Contestant No 1
Adrian - "I've brought 2 of the final figures from the old line that were ever to come off the factory line."
Contestant No 2
William - "I've brought this collection of conceptual art prints which are very rare, very hard to get a hold off now, almost impossible"
Contestant No 3
Dan - "I've got this Boba Fett poster and it's signed by Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett in the films."
Billy Dee fired off the following questions in 60 seconds:
How did Luke smuggle his lightsaber into Jabba's palace?
What are double bladed lightsabers used by the Jedi for?
In the Empire Strikes Back, what attacked Luke on Hoth?
Who was in command of the 2nd Death Star?
Who was in charge of the Trade Federation?
How did Han Solo win the Millennium Falcon?
What planet is Han Solo from?

Big Brother UK (2001 UK) - 
[1] They had a fish named Darth Vader. Which, incidentally died in June 2001.
[2] A participant in BB is a SW fan
[3] The Star Wars fan on Big Brother was ousted this week, 3rd week of June 2003, and escorted by Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper (from the UK division of the 501st).
[4] June 2004 After a trick of cold water in the shower there is a lightsaber fight.

Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western (1997) - Star Wars is considered a western.

Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot (US) -
[1] Quark Industries decides to make household replicants of Rusty for basic domestic chores. When the Legion Ex Machina take control of them, Big Guy and Rusty confront them. Original Rusty asks them if they recognize "Rusty Senior" after which he modulates his voice deeper and says "I am your father."
[2] In another episode, ancient aquatic creatures which mimic the Invasion of the body Snatchers. When they are discovered, Dr. Slate records a holographic message before she is caught for the Big Guy ending with "You're our only hope."

Big Wolf on Campus (1999+ US) -
[1] Interview With a Werewolf (#1.14) 7/9/99
Tommy (Quinn) says that Werewolves are made up like, "Star Wars or Gandhi"
[2] Game Over (#1.22) 9/24/99 Merton (Smith) recalls how much in love he was with Princess Leia and that he could talk to her on his phone.
[3] The Girl Who Spied Wolf (#2.4) 4/8/00 Tommy is being convinces to join the evil werewolves, ala Empire Strikes Back.
[4] Mr. Roboto (#2.15) 7/29/00 Merton calls the rogue cyborg, "C-3PO's evil twin."
[5] Butch Is Back (#2.19) 9/2/00 Merton says if Butch (MacDonald) comes back that he'll be on their side "like Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi"
[6] Stone Free (#3.1) 10/26/01 Taken directly from the Han-rescued-from-Carbonite-suffering-from-hibernation-sickness scene in ROTJ. Merton comes out of stone to suffer the same sickness as Han. In his blindness he feels with his hands who has freed him. He mistakes his friends Tommy (who turned werewolf) for Chewbacca and Lori (Castle) for Princess Leia. He mentions the scene from ROTJ and then complains about Ewoks and Jar-Jar Binks. Lori quips, "I don't remember Han Solo drooling."
[7] The Boy Who Tried Wolf (#3.14) 2/17/02 Merton, who's gone evil werewolf, tries to lure Lori to the Dark Side.

Bill Nye the Science Guy (US 1993) - Balance: Balance Wars (#2.2) 1997 Bill Nye's going to use the Force to pull you into the world of balance.  A force is a push or a pull.  You can feel a force when someone pushes you.  You can use a force to pull a door shut.  Anyone can make forces by pushing and pulling, and you don't need to be Luke Skywalker to use a force.  A young "Luke" uses the Force to climb a balance beam and get a baby "Yoda."

Black Adder II (UK) - Queen of Spain's Beard (#1.4) 7/6/83 Black Adder (Atkinson) marries a nine year old Princess Leia of Hungary (King).

Black Sash (2003 US) - A martial art student asks his instructor if that instructor's master was like his Yoda, or something in that sense. (Thanks to Riley for this reference)

Blind Date (US 1999 GS) -
[1] In this episode one of the men that went out on a date was named Obi and they continued to make references to star wars some examples were: They had little graphics flying though shooting just like the dogfights in Star Wars. On the date they went to a batting cage and they super imposed a green glow over the bat and made lightsaber noises in the background. One of the date segments was called the "phantom chicken menace." And at the end the host says "well I guess the Force was not with them on that date."
[2] On the date, the couple went into a collector's store and the guy picked up a 12" Boba Fett figure (the same one I own). Sadly, the girl said she had never seen Star Wars and the guy was a bit disappointed. Later in the date, the Boba Fett figure made another appearance as a graphic, saying "I was better in Return of the Jedi"

Blossom (US) - Anthony is dressed in black riding leathers, he says, "No Luke, I am your father...Use the Force"

Blues Clues (US kids) -

Bob and Margaret (UK Anim) - No Trouble (#2.2) 8/26/99 Margaret's (Snowden) parents drop by for a visit. Their car's license plate is T1138HX

Boomtown (2002 US)- Ray (Basaraba) quotes Yoda to Tom (Gedrick): RAY: You know what Spock says: "Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering" TOM: Wasn't that Yoda? RAY: Yoda, Spock, Dr. Laura - they all blend together.

Bosom Buddies (1980 US) - Kip/Buffy (Hanks) looking at a mass of tangles wires: 'It looks like R2D2 threw-up!'

Boy Meets World (US) -
[1]?? "That's just what I wanna be, Topanga's boyfriend. Then we can name our kids Chewbacca and Plankton!
[2] The Play's the Thing (#3.5) 4/29/94 Mr. Feeny's class puts on the school play. Cory (Savage) is cast as Prince Hamlet, they get to a sword fight and one leans in and whispers "Prepare to die Jedi Master."

Brothers Garcia (US) - the mom mentioned R2-D2 and the little dude mentioned George Lucas. (Thanks to Myxie for this reference!)

Bubble Gum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (1998 JAP) -
[1] Rough and Ready (#1.5) 6/16/01 The AD police send in a "Probot" when a boomer (utility robot) goes berserk, it looks like a smaller version of the Hoth probe droid with fewer limbs.
[2] Sheer Heart Attack (#1.11) 7/8/01 The Chairman of Genom (the leader of the "bad guys") is a decrepit, aging, old man who envisions a "new order."
[3] Sheer Heart Attack (#1.11) 7/8/01 After hearing about the Chairman's plans, Sylia (the leader of the "good guys") says he has "delusions of grandeur."(Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for these references!)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1978) - Journey to Oasis Part 2 (#2.4) 1/22/81 A character that is unseen, Ezer Hardin, who has a deep booming voice and carries the Sword of Death, way too similar to the lightsaber. And Odee-X (Silla), a kind of Yoda, except blue. Ezer Hardin is Odee-X's nemesis and lives in the "Cave of Winds".

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1997 US) -
[1] Theme music is by the band "Nerf Herder"

Note: the band Nerf-Herder is from Santa Barbara (my hometown). Santa Barbara is the model, according to Joss Whedon, for the town of Sunnydale. There are several shots of Santa Barbara over the whole series. 
[2] School Hard (#2.3) 9/29/97 Spike says to Angel, "You were my sire, man! You were my... Yoda!"
[3] Real Me (#5.2) 10/03/00 Buffy is training with Giles in a manner which is SO Yoda-and-Luke-in-the-swamp on Dagobah. Buffy is concentrating on relaxing while doing a one handed handstand balance. Giles is walking around her vocalizing Yoda/Zen bits, something breaks Buffy's concentration and she falls on the floor like Luke falls to the swamp ground and the crystals that were set up for Buffy fall just as the rocks fall when Luke's concentration is broken.

[4] When She was Bad (#2.1) 9/15/97 Playing a 'guess the movie by movie line' WILLOW: I'm thinking. 'Use the Force, Luke.' XANDER: Do I even have to dignify that with a guess? (Thanks to Rabbit for #4)
[6] The Zeppo (#3.13) Xander runs through a corridor then comes running back with gang members on his tail (a la Han Solo in ANH with Stormtroopers)
[7] Choices (#3.19) 5/4/99 Buffy: "Faith's turn to the Dark Side of the Force pretty much put the kibosh on any away plans for me."

[8] The Freshman (#4.1)10/5/99 Xander (Brendon), 'Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. No, wait, hold on. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark Side. Hold on, no...first you get the women then you get the money, then you...Okay, can we forget that?'
[9] Fear, Itself (#4.4) 10/26/99 Xander (to Oz): "Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Master?"
[10] The Initiative (#4.7) 11/16/99 Buffy: "It's my late night Stormtrooper pal."
[11] Shadow (#5.8) 11/21/00 Buffy uses a chain to choke Sobek (Leia killing Jabba with the chain used for her enslavement)

[12] Forever (#5.17) 4/17/01 Ben to Jinx: "Tell my sister I'm sick of running into her Jawa rejects." (the "Jawa rejects are Glori's minions)
[13] Flooded (#6.4) 10/16/01 After a trio of geeky "wanna be" super villains, Jonathan, Warren and Andrew, hire a demon to rob a bank for them, the demon decides it wants the Slayer killed after having to face her. The guys refuse at first, but when the demon says he will just kill them instead, one exclaims, "Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, big guy, hey, let's back things up a parsec, okay. You kill us ... everybody loses," also:
[14] Flooded (#6.4) 10/16/01 Jonathan: "How'd you make him do that?" Andrew: "Yeah, what are you, some kind of Jedi?" Warren" "The Force can sometimes have great power on the weak-minded"

[15] Flooded (#6.4) 10/16/01 Andrew says, "Hello! Screen wipe! New Scene!"
[16] Life Serial (#6.5) 10/23/01 Jonathan (Strong), Warren (Busch) and Andrew (Lenk) get a black surveillance van (the horn plays the main theme). Andrew paints a DS2 (Death Star 2) on the side. Jonathan, complains about the painting: 'The thermal exhaust port is above the main port, numb nuts' Andrew : For your information I'm using the Empire's revised designs from Return Of The Jedi' Jonathan: That's a flawed design!

[17] All the Way (#6.6)10/30/01 Willow (Hannigan) is in a club on Halloween. She sees two people in costumes, one as Luke and the other as Leia...and they're dancing together. Willow says, 'Do they know they're brother and sister?' (thanks to Tig for #16!)

[18] All the Way (#6.6) 10/30/01 Zach says to Janice, "Pumpkins, very dangerous, you go first". (Sallah to Indy: "Asps, very dangerous, you go first")
[19] Smashed (#6.9)11/20/01 Spike uses a vintage Boba Fett action figure as leverage to have three 'geeks' help him find out what/ how an implanted chip got into his head. Spike: "Examine my chip, or else Mister...(looks at label)...Fett here is the first to die." Andrew: "That's a limited-edition 1979 mint-condition Boba Fett!" Warren: "You don't want to hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're not coming back from that. You know, you don't do that and walk away"

[20] Gone (#6.11) 1/8/02 Andrew says, "More ILM less Ed Wood"
[21] Dead Things (#6.13) 2/5/02 Warren chases after his ex as she runs from his room (trying to beat him up) into the main room. We find Andrew (Lenk) and Jonathan having an all out lightsaber fight (green lightsabers).

[22] Entropy (#6.18) 4/30/02 JONATHAN: Get back! You don't wanna make me rush this. WARREN: Not impressed, Padawan. When do we hit pay dirt? " And...
[23] Entropy (#6.18) 4/30/02 Two Indy refs: First, Warren calls Jonathan "Short Round" Second, Jonathan uses a disc-shaped medallion to reveal a location on a map (map room in Raiders of the Lost Ark)
[24] Seeing Red (#6.19) 5/7/06 Buffy avoids spinning blades ala Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Indy in the Temple of the Grail) when she finds the geeky trio's lair empty but booby trapped.

[25] Two to Go (#6.21) 5/21/02 Andrew:" a galaxy far, far away" (Thanks to Gaberad for #22, 23, and 25!)
[26] Two to Go (#6.21) 5/21/02 ANDREW: "And we've got maybe seconds before Darth Rosenberg grinds everybody into Jawa-burgers, and not one of your bunch has the midi-chlorians to stop her!"
[27] Two to Go (#6.21) 5/21/02 Andrew: Laugh it up, Fuzzball"
[28] Conversations With Dead People (#7.7) 11/12/02 WARREN: We've been over this. Now, that death thing was all part of the master plan. Come on, "If you strike me down..." ANDREW: (doing an impression) "I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." (laughs) Of course. Do you think, maybe, Willow could kill me, too? WARREN: Hey, don't worry. If Short Round pulls off his end of the bargain, we'll both become gods. ANDREW: (turns to look down hall where Jonathan went) (doing an impression) "That boy is our last hope." WARREN: (walks forward to stand beside Andrew) "No, there is another." ANDREW: (looks at Warren) Wait, really? Who's our last hope? WARREN: No, I was just going with it. It was a thing. He's our last hope.
[29] Never Leave Me (#7.9) 11/26/02 WARREN: Don't go soft on me now. We're right in the trench, and the exhaust port's in sight. and...
[30] Never Leave Me (#6.9) 11/26/02 "ANDREW: (sticks hand through Warren's chest) Cool. WARREN: Pretty bitchin', right? I'm like Obi Wan"
[31] Bring on the Night (#7.10) 12/17/02 ANDREW: Listen to me, man, I've got a bad feeling about this" and...
[32] Bring on the Night (#7.10) 12/17/02 "ANDREW: I've got a bad feeling about this... ...OK, I know what you're thinking. Andrew, bad guy. You think I'm a super-villain like Dr. Doom or Apocalypse or-or The Riddler. But I admit I went over to the Dark Side, but just to pick up a few things, a-and now I'm back. I've learned. I'm good again. BUFFY: And when were you good before? ANDREW: OK, technically, never. Touché. But I'm like Vader in the last 5 minutes of Jedi with redemptive powers minus a redemptive struggle of epic redemption which chronicles... These ropes itch." (Thanks to Gaberad and the Buffyverse for #30, #31, #32!)
[33] Showtime (#7.11) 1/7/03 Andrew: "I'm bored, Episode I bored" (referring to Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)
[34] Potential (#7.12) 1/21/03 "ANDREW: Holy crap! Excuse me. Plucked from an ordinary life, handed a destiny— XANDER: Say Skywalker, and I smack ya." and..
[35] Potential (#7.12) 1/21/03 "ANDREW: Yes, Willow so captured it. It's like—well, it's almost like this metaphor for womanhood, isn't it? The sort of flowering that happens when a girl realizes that she's part of a fertile heritage stretching back to Eve, and— XANDER: (cringing) I'll pay you to talk about Star Wars again."
[36] First Date (#7.14) 2/11/03 mentions Obi Wan and Darth Vampire
[37] Lies My Parents Told Me (#7.17) 3/25/03 In LA to help The Angel gang re-ensoul the now evil, Angelus. After doing some catching up, Willow tells Wesley (Buffy and fellow Slayer Faith's former Watcher) after he tells her how his life has changed since leaving Sunnydale, that he seems to have given in to the "grumpier side of the Force". (thanks to Pekingesejedi for #37)
[38] Storyteller (#7.16) 2/25/03 Two framed Star Wars comics on the wall can be seen during Andrew's first scene.

[39] Flooded (#6.4) 10/16/01 Andrew (Lenk) Hello! Screen-wipe, new scene. (makes screen-wipe gesture) I had nothing to do with the devil dogs. I trained flying demon monkeys to attack the school play. School play, dude!.
[40] Dirty Girls(#7.18) 4/15/03 Again Faith is mentioned as having "fallen to the Dark Side"
(Thanks to weezer for #40 and for many of the titles and quotes) (Also, BIG thanks to Peter and Pieter for giving me the gift of Buffy.)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (US Anim) -
[1] The bad/evil robots look like the Federation Droids from EP1.
[2] The Droids move like and march in the exact same formations.
[3] The main bad guy speaks though a helmet like Vader.
[4] The person that Buzz trained/partnered with in the past BETRAYS him and becomes a bad guy.
[5] There is a weapon that is capable of "destruction" to planets. (a "Death Star"-like object.)
[6] At the end there is a MEDAL CEREMONY EXACTLY LIKE THE END OF EP1 and ANH.
[7] There is a main character droid that pops a probe out of his round body to check the condition of the spacecraft. Like R2.
[8]The main character droid has a dome-shaped head and body similar to R2.
[9] Three characters in one episode are named: Booster, Exar and Myra (Booster and Myra Terrik and Exar Kun from the EU)

Captain Harlock (AKA Space Pirate Captain Harlock) (Anim JAP) - Use of Star Wars-type aliens and Star Wars concepts. In the first episode there is a planet that looks very much like Tatooine (very similar to that of Luke's arrival in Mos Espa)

Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (US Anim) - Line: 'Who does she think she is...Princess Leia?'

Cat-Dog (US Anim) - Cat-Dog (Cummings/Kenny) after a vacuuming incident are transported into the year 3001 and were cut in half during the process.
[1] The 'Rebel Forces' leader, Lola 7 (Frost), gives Cat an R2D2
bottom half and gives Dog jet legs. They meet with descendents of their contemporaries and Lola 7 to fight the giant Winslow-37 (Alazraqui) (Winslow was being made fun of by Cat because of his diminutive stature) who works from
[2]a floating seat and has a low-gravely voice.
[3] The Greaser Dogs descendants are called 'Supertroopers'
[4]One of the Greaser Dog's (Lube) descendants was named Lube Kenobi.
[5] Dog also had what looked like a Razalon FC-1 Speeder (Maul's cycle in TPM)

Care Bears, The (1985 US Anim) - 'No Heart' wears a black cape/cloak and makes sounds just like Vader.

Carol Burnett Show, The (1967) - 12/18/77 (#11.13) Santa Claus' sled gets abducted by an evil starship and Tim Conway (playing a Luke Skywalker parody), a "Walkie" and a garbage can-shaped droid (the R2D2 parody) attempt to stop the evil. The lame Star Wars jokes continue until Mark Hamill walks on set, bringing the Force -- the Los Angeles Police Force -- who arrest the actors in the skit for copyright infringement.

Caroline In The City (1995) - Richard (Gets) gives advice to Pete, "you're so wise, you're like Yoda"

Cartoon Planet (US Anim) -
[1] Zorak (Croker) says, 'and there's no 'I' in teamwork, but there is an Ewok'
[2] The Empire Strikes Brak

CBS News (2000) - Dan Rather refers to the astronauts building the space station, as 'Skywalkers'

Celebrity Death Match (US) -
[1] Harrison Ford and Sam Jackson fight each other while using lead pipes like lightsabers.
[2] Mark Hamill runs away from an alien while Obi-Wan goes, "Run, Luke, Run!"chameleon - The Chameleon is going into a small boat and a woman wishes him luck by saying, "May the Force be with you" while Obi-Wan goes, "Run, Luke, Run!"
[3] Harrison Ford vs. Samuel L. Jackson with guest referee George Lucas. (Thanks to Colton for #3!)

Charmed (US) -
[1] That Old Black Magic (#2.6) A mortal is training to use a witches wand. A warlock is trying to help the mortal and telling the mortal to use both hands to hold it...looked like a lightsaber without the 'light' effects. The mortal then says, ' Give it up Obi-Wan'"
[2] The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell (#6.14) 2/8/04 As an instructor teaches how to defeat evil (headless horseman) his head is lopped off, he continues to teach. Page says, "Who does he think he is, Obi-Wan Kenobi?"

Chasing Christmas Special (US 2005) - When they travel to 1978 the background TV says, "stay tuned for the Star Wars Christmas Special" The woman, Christmas Present (Andrea Roth) actually watches it, she doesn't remember anything so, if she saw SW before she doesn't remember. (Thanks to Darth Kore for this reference!) Note: The Star Wars Christmas Special was shown on November 17, 1978.

Cheers (US 1988) -
[1] Sam's Women (#1.2) 10/7/82 Debra, Sam's date (after lying about seeing the symphony) Debra says, "Okay, Okay we went to see Star Wars again."
[2] Tale of Two Cuties(#6.15) 1/21/88 After the regulars in Cheers ruin the end of a blockbuster book for Frasier he starts revealing ends, 'In Citizen Kane 'Rosebud' was the name of his sled' etc., and then, And Luke Skywalker's father IS Darth Vader. WOODY: Huh?! Let him tell us something we don't know. Darth Vader is Luke's father? They can't be related, they don't have the same last name" Norm brings his glass up to his mouth and does his best Vader impression, "That is right Woody I'd better call the Imperial Guards"
[3] Henri, who is French, is trying to steal Kelly from Woody. Henri tries to persuade Sam to a contest to see who can get the most phone numbers from women, Henri says, "Come to the Dark Side Sam"
[4] A guest appearance by Fred Dryer (who plays a sports announcer). Upon leaving Cheers says, "Good night and let the sports be with you"
[5] Bar Wars (#6.23) 3/31/88
[6] Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back (#7.10) 1/12/89
[7] The Two Faces of Norm (#8.5) 10/26/89 Norm (Wendt) has employee difficulties, they are not working. When the situation comes to a head Frasier (Grammer) ( teps in and offers HIS sage advice/ of the last things Frasier says, '...don't give in to your darker side' Norm replies with, 'Well, THANK YOU Obi-Wan Kenobi!'
[8] Bar Wars 3: Return of Tecumseh (#8.21) 12/7/89
[9] (Bar Wars IV was never made) Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment (#10.7) 10/31/91
[10] Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey (#11.19) 3/18/93
[11] Feeble Attraction (#8.11) 12/7/89 "I wouldn't betray my man's trust. That handle is really loose. Do we have a crowbar? You know, a postal carrier is pretty much the Indiana Jones of your civil servants. Just as Indy faces off a Pit of rattlesnakes or sewer full of rats, I have to, daily, trade wits with the Flanagan's' dog."

Chicago Hope ( US) - Mummy Dearest (#3.11) 12/9/96 GIRL: You embarrassed me, Billy. BILLY: I didn't mean to. I just can't stand this Indiana Jones guy and his frozen chick. GIRL: He's a scientist. He's a renowned anthropologist. He's discovered two nearly extinct South Asian tribes and a crustacean. He's climbed Mount Everest. He's crossed the great Indian desert on camel. What have you done lately?

Children of Dune (2002 US mini-series) - Uses Aurabesh, SW written language, in the binoculars.

Chimp Channel, The (US TBS) - TPM Parody in Sept of 1999

Chronicle, The (US) -
[1] A character, when referring to his friend, a big sci-fi fan, says he wouldn't want to share his apartment with that friend...because he'd have to share it with, 'Chewbacca, Dr. Who, Captain Kirk, and some blue guy named Grand Admiral Thrawn'
[2] In a sewer, wearing gas masks, one character says, 'I found your lack of faith disturbing" and " And, together we shall rule the galaxy as father and son"
[3] Wes (Wilson) says he's lucky because his parents took him to see Empire nine times.

The Class (2006) - The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt (#1.5) 10/16/06 When trying to remember who Richie (Ferguson) was in school, Nicole (Anders) said, "Weren't you the one that used to carry around the lightsaber?" (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)

Cleopatra 2525 (2000) -
[1] Guy: Hel and Creegan are in the Bailey's command center. Cleopatra: Like the Death Star? Guy: It is a heavily fortified base and command center. Cleopatra: Yup, Death Star.
[2] Another instance occurred when a character stated the following, "Aren't you a little short for a betrayer?"

Clerks: The Animated Series (2000 US) - What Kevin Smith vehicle would be without SW refs?
[1] The Pilot or Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante has an Important Decision to Make (#1.1) 02/20/01 A letter is read from somebody called Richard Vader
[2] The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments of Their Lives (#1.2) 6/7/00
DANTE: God it's cold.
RANDAL: Uh...Its Hoth cold.
DANTE: Move around. Make more Star Wars references it helps to stay warm.
[3] The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments of Their Lives (#1.2) 6/7/00 Narrator (voiced by SWAD alum Kevin Michael Richardson): Flashing back to Randall in the '77 lemonade.
[4] The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments of Their Lives (#1.2) 6/7/00 Jay and silent Bob are also locked in:
JAY: Man its cold in here. Like that planet Hoth in Empire.
DANTE: We already made that Star Wars reference.
JAY: If we all had lightsaber I could go (makes lightsaber noises and swinging gestures) slice up tummy here (meaning Silent Bob) so we can crawl inside him and stay warm for the night.
[5] Leonardo is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal's Imagination and Patrick Swayze Either Does or Doesn't Work in the New Pet Store... (#1.3) Leonardo Leonardo is brought in, laying sick on a bed his bodyguard says: If any of my parts or circuits would help I would gladly donate them (C-3PO in ANH)
[6] Leonardo is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal's Imagination and Patrick Swayze Either Does or Doesn't Work in the New Pet Store... (#1.3) When the pilots return back to their base their call sign is: Echo7, which was also Han Solo’s call sign in The Empire Strikes Back (Luke’s line: “Echo 3 to Echo 7, Han ol' buddy do you copy?”).
[7] Also the character of Lando is introduced
[8] A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About... (#1.4) 5/31/00 Randal cross examines George Lucas:
RANDAL: Do you think Phantom Menace is as good of a movie as Empire?
LUCAS: Well, certainly, I think it's the best movie I've made yet.
RANDAL: Permission to treat this witness as hostile. Mr. Lucas, how do you explain that in Star Wars Obi-Wan tells Luke when he met his father he was a great pilot, but in Menace he's just a little boy?
LUCAS: Well, my kids thought...
RANDAL: And, how come Obi-Wan tells Luke that Yoda is the Jedi that trains him, but in the movie Liam Neeson trains him?
LUCAS: Um, well, the power of myth...
RANDAL: Isn't it true you knew this was a bad movie, that you wrote it over a weekend but told people you had it written for years?
LAWYER: Objection! The pod race was pretty cool.
[9] The Last Episode Ever (#1.6) Randal and Dante are guests at a Comic convention: we see people standing in line for an autograph of the guy who cleaned out the latrines during the Episode 1 desert location shoot
[10] The Last Episode Ever (#1.6) Two guys are walking into the store wanting to buy stuff for their costumes. When they show a paper/invitation we see: Alan Thicke’s first Annual Costume Ball (no Darth Mauls, please).
[11] The Last Episode Ever (#1.6) Dante and Randal discuss SW:
RANDAL: You see the thing I don’t get about Princess Leia is her sovereignty. If you were her, wouldn’t you be glad when Grand Moff Tarkin blew up Alderaan? I mean you would be queen at that point.
DANTE: Her mom was dead before they blew up Alderaan, so wouldn’t she be queen already?
RANDAL: Ah the whole movie is flawed. Like that lightsaber stuff: You turn it on and goes yeah high, how does it know when to stop?
DANTE: um, the Force?
RANDAL: Ah that’s your answer to everything.
(Thanks to Sander for #1 through #10 and for these photo references!)
[12] Dante And Randal And Jay And Silent Bob And A Bunch Of New Characters And Lando Take Part In A Whole Bunch Of Movie Parodies Including, But Not Exclusive To, The Bad News Bears, The Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom, Plus A High School Reunion (#1.5) 

Cobra (1993 US) - A Few Dead Men (#1.18) A guy, in the very first few minutes after the beginning credits, looks/dresses very much like Han Solo.

Codename: Kids Next Door (2000 US) -
[1] Operation N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. (#1.3) 12/13/02 Numbah 2 and Numbah 4 are using their flashlights as lightsabers and their voices as the sounds. (thanks to CornOnTheCobKenobi)
[2] One of the girls has Princess Leia buns.
[3] Operation S.N.O.W.I.N.G. (#4.13) 07/27/05 The entire episode is a parody of The Empire Strikes Back. Lizzie says, "Use the Soup!" (Use the Force!), the use of Bus Walkers (AT-ATs), the drivers of the Bus Walkers (Storm and Snow Troopers), the girls wrapping the Bus Walkers up like Luke using harpoons and tow cables to fell the AT-ATs, Nigel using an explosive to feel the Bus Walker (Luke and explosive to destroy an AT-AT), and the Snowball guns (laser turrets), Numbah 1 uses an X-Wing as transportation, Numbah 2 and sled riders (Snowspeeders), Jimmy's clothes and his transport are both allusions to Anakin turning to Vader.  Numbah 1 and Jimmy have a fight which is all Luke and Vader.  The opening scene of ESB is mimicked by the Kids Next Door, they play the Rebels and the President's people try to capture them.

The Colbert Report (2005 US) - Note: there are far more references than these few here, so they are unnumbered for now)
[] Stone Phillips (#1.1) 10/17/05 At the end of this episode Colbert mentions that Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) received his U.S. citizenship, a new beginning for him just as the show is the new beginning for the show. Colbert goes on to say that it was his sworn duty of the U.S. to claim as many Star Wars actors as possible...
"...except for Alec Guinness who died before we could get to him..." Colbert closed out the show by saying, "...goodbye, or as Chewbacca would say it, 'raaaaaargh!!'"
[] Dave Marash (#2.14) 01/31/06 Colbert warned eBay sellers about selling autographed photos of himself *shows a photo of Lando Calrissian* "...strangely enough, that's my actual signature."
[] Jeffrey Sachs (#2.27) 03/02/06 Colbert mentions Star Wars in his segment "The DaColbert Code"
[] Bruce Bartlett (#2.42) 03/29/06 "Bruce Bartlett says that George Bush is ruining Ronald Reagan's legacy. He must not mean Star Wars, since George Lucas already ruined that."
[] Michael Smerconish (#2.44) 04/03/06 The Word segment:
COLBERT: ...clones make a lot of people nervous
THE WORD (on screen): Yoda, for one.
[] Ralph Nader (#2.51) 04/20/06 Nader is comparing corporations (holding individual rights) to  robots holding individual rights:
COLBERT: What do you have against droids? Star Wars, the whole saga was about the droids, droid oppression.
[] Jonathan Alter (#2.66) 05/17/06 Colbert talks about his friends betrayal:
COLBERT (about Alan): I always knew Alan was as dashing as Billy Dee Williams, but I never figured he'd be my Lando Calrissian.
[] Green Screen Challenge (#) 08/10/06 Colbert pretended to battle enemies with a lightsaber.  He mentions Skywalker Ranch as well as George Lucas.
[] Tim Pawlenty (#7.111) 09/06/11 This segment (The Word) points to the news reporting that knowing the happy ending of a book makes reading the book more enjoyable.  At this point Colbert rattles off a list of endings for your favorite movies:
Rosebud is a sled (Citizen Kane); Bruce Willis is dead (Sixth Sense); Ed Norton is Brad Pitt (Fight Club); It was Earth all along (Planet of the Apes); Soylent Green is people (Soylent Green); She's got a dong (Crying Game); Darth Vader is Luke's father, Leia is his sister, and C3P0 isn't fooling anyone. (The Empire Strikes Back).
[] Green Screen Challenge Winner Reveal (#) 10/11/11 The winner was Bonnie R. The show also played second clip shown outside of the winner video. The creator was from George L. who had ILM edit Colbert into Revenge of the Sith. Colbert said the entry was only good enough for second place and George L. got a consolation prize of a Colbert Report mug and t-shirt. Lucas and Colbert have a lightsaber fight where Lucas wins.

[] July 2014 Colbert and John Stewart collaborate on an Omaze contest video:

[] America Strikes Back - a tribute to the Republican National Convention 2012.  Each day had a different "crawl", but here are the other parts of the opening:

[] Jennifer Burns (#8.142) 08/29/12 America Strikes Back - Episode II - Return of the America Strikes Back, Again

[] Jon Huntsman (#8.143) 08/30/12 America Strikes Back Episode III - The Phantom Money

[] James Carville (#8.144) 08/31/12 America Strikes Back 2012

[] John McCain (#9.) 12/01/14  Colbert talks about the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens over the Thanksgiving week...about his excitement over the trailer, his aunt and the Gungan, his childhood SW memory (he saw it two weeks before the general public because he won a contest), Jawas and racism, and the "ménage à sabre", ruined childhoods, and the science of the triple lightsaber:

Cold Case (US 2003) - Lover's Lane (#1.23) 5/23/04 Luke Eberle (Larkin) is called Jabba.

Cold War (1998 US/UK) (mini series doc) - Star Wars (#1.22) 1998 Ronald Reagan pledges to defeat "an evil empire", proposes a new defense system. The narrator (Kenneth Branagh) "Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed 'Star Wars' after the movie..."

Collectible Treasures (1996) - (#4.2) Showcasing Pez dispensers. Showed signed poster of Chewbacca and signed Pez dispensers of C3PO, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, and stating just at that time that some are valued at over each (there are over 400 distinct Pez dispensers)

Comic Relief NBC TV (2016 US) - Red Nose Day - Walking Dead actors' contribution to Comic Relief: Star Wars Holiday special spoof:

Conan O'Brien, Late Night with (US Chat) -  
[1] A skit with Yoda and other Star Wars characters (anyone with the correct info please help!!)
[2] TPM reference Apr 1999
[3] 2001 Conan uses closed-captioning in a skit. The closed-captioning becomes a chat room, 'Hey, do any of you guys have the new version of Star Wars: Episode 1?' (regarding the 'Phantom Edit' )
[4] Oct 31, 2001 - The audience was dressed up for Halloween and they showed one who was dressed up as Chewbacca. Conan, says, 'Awww, Chewbacca's here EVERY night!' like it's nothing...hehe.
[5] May 2002 Today 20th Century Fox announced that they overestimated the receipts of "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of The Clones." They overestimated by about $6 million. Yeah, and they said it was a really stupid mistake because they figured in that fans would bring along dates.
[6] May 2002 "Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of The Clones" opened last night. Die-hard fans that had been camped out for weeks were finally able to see it. The best part about the movie was the fight scene; the worst part about the movie was sitting next to someone who had camped out for weeks.
[7] Last night on Conan O'Brien, there was a mildly Star Wars-esque reference. Conan was talking to Saddam Hussein via his magical television where only the mouths of famous people move. Saddam said something to the effect that of course he couldn't be dead. He has to be alive for "Part 3: Attack of the Kurds" and said that in the sequel he will reveal himself to be George W. Bush's father.
[8] 2002 "George Lucas is giving the band N'Sync cameos in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Apparently because he wanted C3PO to look less gay "
[9] June 15, 2004 Guy playing Cheney, in a short skit, is having difficulty breathing, he goes to put on an oxygen mask then immediately proceeds to breathe and talk like Vader with very midi-like Star Wars music playing in the background.
[10] 1/25/05 The actor -- any "star wars" Fans here? *Applause* lookin' at pocket protectors. [ In nasal voice ] "I hear you, Conan O'Brien!"  [ Laughter ] the actor who plays C-3Po in the "star wars" movies just filmed his very last scene ever in a "star wars" movie. Said that it made him very Sad. [ Audience aws ] apparently, they're aren't that many roles that call for a gay robot. [ Laughter ] "I'll just be a gay robot someplace else." How hard could it be?
[11]  3/30/05 Carrie Fisher who pled -- pled. Who played Princess Leia in the original "star wars" Movies says she's going to write a tell-all Book about all of the sex that took place on the set.  [ Cheers ] she's Al a companion Book for "star wars" Fans that explains what sex is. [ Laughter and applause ]
[12] 4/2/05 (part of monologue) This is the latest on the "star wars"ovie that's about to come out. Director George Lucas says that people should not bring kids to the newest "star wars" movie. Should not bring kids. Yeah. After hearing this, "star wars" Fans said, "kids? We've never even had girlfriends.
[13] 4/9/05 I gotta talk about this. The other day at the Michael Jackson trial, which I am following very closely, it was revealed that one of the items in Michael's bedroom is a life-size replica of C-3Po from "star wars." [ Scattered cheers ] he has a life-size C-3Po in his bedroom. Yeah, Jackson's C-3Po looks like the one in the movie, except his is Bent over at the waist. [ Audience groans ] [ cheers and applause ] wow.
[14] 4/15/05 One thing -- >> Conan: yes! [ Laughter ] I Hope you don't mind, a brought light sabers. Let's do it in slower motion and we also need the sound. [ Both make "star wars" sound effects ] >> imagine  Conan: you're Darth Vader. So I want to hear some Darth Vader [breathes deeply..imitates Darth Vader]  Conan: and then zoing! [laughter] next, you're going to teach me how to throw somebody..."  (Star Wars theme music is played)
[15] 04/26/05 Conan: "30,000 people attended the Star Wars Celebration 3... and it was the highest concentration of celibate men other than the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI"
[16]  04/29/05 Hey, this weekend at a "star wars" convention -- this is big news -- at a "star wars" Convention, fans voted and said their favorite alien life forms are wookiees. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] yeah. Yeah, "star wars" fans said their second favorite alien life forms are women.
[17] 04/30/05
CONAN: I plan to see the new Star Wars movie - " Harrison Ford wrote, "at a red-carpet premiere in L.A. " Carrie Fisher wrote, "at a Gala Charity event." Mark Hamill wrote, "when Mr. D'Angelo says the grill is clean enough, and I can go...[laughter and ooohs] it's at Denny's, interestingly enough, too" ..."speaking of "Star Wars" - "If I were real, I would - " "If I were real, I would _" C-3P0 wrote, "work with the underprivileged" [laughter]
Wait a minute, wait a minute. That's the "star wars" fan. Why is that Star Wars fan there? Sir? >> Isn't this the line for "revenge of the sith"? [ Frankenstein's groan ] no! Ahh! *Applause* *Star Wars fan screams*
Conan: all right. While they're murdering him, we'll take a break.
[18]  05/04/05 (monologue)
[19] 01/22/05
Author TARIQ NASHEED: This is why the book is called The Mack Within
TARIQ: Give it up, man! All these macks!
CONAN: It's like a - it's a Jedi Principal.  It's channeling that Mack within you, right?  *light laughter* okay, forget it.  I won't talk. You go *laughter* probably, Star Wars references don't help.
TARIQ: No, that's not macking *laughter*
CONAN (nerdy): Kind of like on Star Trek when they went to Romulan 9.
[20] 05/20/05 About the film Revenge of the Sith:
CONAN: Jedi are dying all over the place. So with all this going on, why would anyone of us care about Yoda's head Lice problem? *Laughter* a lot of the movie's about Yoda's head Lice problem. They're terrible scenes. Take a look. *film clip* Anakin does not take to his new assignment with much enthusiasm. It's very dangerous putting them together. *laughter* I don't think he can handle it. *laughter* Maybe he's not the chosen one.  does he not bring balance to the Force?  That's what the prophecy said. *cheers and applause*  
CONAN:  I don't want to give anything away, but that's two-thirds of the movie *laughter*  he goes and gets a cream and that doesn't work.  It's not good.  All right, now some people who aren't Star Wars fans wonder why they devote so much of their lives to a series of movies.  Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Awkward and less athletic people sometimes feel inferior to muscular jock types.  And they'll search out other areas in which they can excel and outperform those more popular guys.  With this in mind, we'd like to present the Star Wars geeks worst nightmare, the jock who knows as much about Star Wars as a geek *laughter and applause*
JOCK: You know, the original Jabba action figure came with a vinyl cape.  The cloth robe was added a little later.
GIRLS: Oh!  Ah!  [applause]
CONAN: ...was pretty much me [laughter] with a few changes.  Now, a lot of toys have come out in conjunction with the Star Wars movies.  Probably the most popular is a talking Yoda doll.  Everyone loves to get this talking Yoda doll.  You squeeze his hand and he dispenses mystical wisdom.  But be careful.  There are a lot of bootleg versions of this doll out there that they're selling on the street, like this one right here.  And they're just not the same.  Listen to this bootleg Yoda right here.
YODA DOLL:  Hey, How YOU doing?  I'm Yada the puppet from the movie and...  Hey, dad, the pizza man's here!   Don't come in to daddy's room without knocking!  I'm recording the yada thing!
[21] 5/18/05 
CONAN to a "guest" SW fan:  So, Tim, by the way, what's Grievous? Is that a "star wars" character? FAN TIM: Yeah, that's General Grievous, a cyborg who hunts Jedi. *applause* Fan, Tim, with Star Wars t-shirt.
[22] 5/26/05 Revenge of the Sith, everyone is talking about it because everyone knows the big reason for the film's popularity is all of the great Star Wars characters like R2-D2, Darth Vader, Yoda.  People love those characters, that's why they see the films. Many people don't know that there were several characters that were actually cut out of the new Star Wars movie.  *laughter* True story.
Yeah, apparently, George Lucas has tried very hard to sweep these failed characters under the rug.  He doesn't want anyone to know about them.  It's like stuff that they tried, it didn't work, they cut it out of the film.  He wants them to go away.
Our first rejected Star Wars character is a Wookiee with deep-felt religious beliefs dating back to the old testament.  Please welcome, Jewbacca!! *laughter*  You guys like it!  The nerds are mad now. *speaking in nerd voice* ''s CHEWbacca, not Jewbacca!'
I'll bet a lot of you have wondered if you are a Hutt. Well, if you like watching enslaved Twi'leks dance while you eat a frog in a Naboo Starfighter, then you just might be a Hutt. *applause*  Very good.  Jabba the Foxworthy.  All right.
Our next rejected Star Wars character is named Lamb Vindaloo, an Indian restaurant entree that has turned to the Dark Side.  Rejected character's devotion to the evil Empire is matched only by his love of mainstream country music.  Please, welcome Darth Brooks *applause*
Oh, I'm drinking my way to the Dark Side some day I'll even fight my own son Luke, it's hard to remember Yoda's teachings when you wake up every morning in your puke *laughter, applause* CONAN: Very nice!  I can hear his ... *Darth Vader breathing*  ...He comes from the planet... *laughter* all right.  In his latest Star Wars movie, George Lucas wanted to make a tougher, meaner version of the robot R2-D2. He wanted to toughen R2-D2 up, by combining him with a badass TV icon of the 1980s.  It didn't quite work, he cut him out of the film.  But here he is anyway, R2Mr.T2 *laughter*
[23] 1999 Now, folks, you don't have to be a science fiction fan to hate this next character. Say hello to Bar-Bar Glinks, the new Star Wars character that's even more annoying than Jar-Jar Binks.
 Bar-Bar Glinks
[24] 5/21/05
We've got a really fine show tonight. We have a lot of cool stuff we're going to do. I mentioned over there the new Star Wars film to a less than thrilled crowd, but we are -- it's hard to believe we have less than one week away from the official opening of the final Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. I have no idea what that title means. I didn't even know the Sith was angry at us. *Laughter* I don't even know what a Sith is, but the Sith, apparently, is getting its revenge in this movie so, ooh, watch out. *laughter*
But If you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, this is a huge deal, especially If you like to collect Star Wars action figures, right? These things are huge. Action figures have always meant a lot to Star Wars fans and some of the collectibles, over the years, are now worth thousands of dollars. People collect these things, they trade them and you can get, I think, some of them go for tens of thousands of dollars. For this last movie, for the very first time -- this is kind of cool -- the producers have created a whole new line of action figures.
That's right!  They're action figures of Star Wars fans themselves! *laughter* Yeah, you know the fanatics, the weirdos who camp out in front of the theatre a week before it opens?  They've made action figures of those people,  and these incredible collectibles have been kept under wraps.  You know how secretive Lucas is, and the Star Wars people.  No one gets to see these until we came along.  We managed to get a hold of these action figures.  We're gonna show them tonight.  We're gonna get in a lot of trouble, but we're going to do it.  Here they are, the new Star Wars fans action figures!  *Star Wars them music and cheers*  I hate to brag, but, that's a huge special effect. *laughter* We can make words come up and go away, but to have words go like that?
All right, let's look at some of these.  These are really good.  These are beautifully made.  Here's the first Star Wars fan action figure.  Take a look.  It's Morbly Obeseus, this is the guy waiting in line in a homemade outfit *laughter* and look at the craftsmanship.
Here's a guy right here.  This is going to be worth a lot of money, so hang on to this.  This is a character known as "Idiota" - the guy who dressed up as Jar-Jar Binks and got his ass kicked.  *laughter, applause*  complete with violent bruising.   Internal hemorrhaging is also available for extra money.  And then, finally, there's this character right here, called "Anonymous."  It's the die-hard fan who's embarrassed to be seen in line *laughter* he's got a little hood on, and look, as an added feature, you can pull the hood back and actually look at him *laughter, applause* of course, look what happens when this guy tries to go to her *another figure*...
This next one, highly collectible and rare.  This is "Lovelatch," one of the few female Star Wars fans.  *laughter* there she is.  There's not many of them.  They've only made a few of these because there really aren't that many female Star Wars fans, but look at this - this is an added feature.  Beautiful attention to detail.  Look what happens when she tries to approach this guy in line.  It's fascinating.   She's not interested. *laughter* it's all very sad.  Well, there they are - the Star Wars fans action figures.  Collect all seven! *cheers and applause* *Star Wars theme music*
[25] 05/21/05 
CONAN: That's about it? I paid you $500 and that's all you found out?
>>: Okay. Truth is I had to tail someone else around last night.
CONAN: wait a minute. Someone else hired you?
>>: Oh, yeah. I did, pal, I had him follow you and take some great pictures. As a matter of fact, here you are stealing from the tip jar at Starbucks. *laughter* Here you are pouring some whiskey on your cornflakes there. Oh, this is my favorite. You've gone to see the new Star Wars movie dressed as Princess Leia.
[26] 06/15/05 "Late night guest autographs" Twelve minutes into the show.  CONAN: George Lucas, man, George Lucas, the director, the creator of the Star Wars franchise.  He was on the show.  That was a great show.  Let's see what he wrote: 'Conan, you're the biggest nerd I've ever seen, and I'm George Lucas'  CONAN: That's not funny.
[27] 6/25/05 Guest is Ethan Hawke.
CONAN: Any Star Wars fans here? *cheers and applause* all right, then. Oh, yeah, you can tell. *Laughter...then in nerdy voice* "mmmm, hooray! Mmmm !" *laughter*
What am I doing? What am I doing? Like I'm such a jock, you know? *laughter* who am I, but yet I do.  I can't help it.
No, this week George Lucas was given the American Film Institute's "Lifetime Achievement Award."  Good.  *applause*  Thanks, good. That's very nice. Yeah. Not only that, not only that, C3PO was given a "Lifetime Achievement Award" by "Gay Robot Magazine." *laughter* Very narrow-focus magazine. And then, I think this is the strangest quote of the week but in a new interview Billy Bob Thornton said that having sex with Angelina Jolie was like having sex with a couch.
CONAN to ETHAN: now, I don't want to get in trouble with you. I was sort of making fun of Star Wars a little bit in the monologue area. But were you -- you're a big Star Wars fan, is that right?  
ETHAN: Yeah, yeah, I am. You know, I was -- I'm peak, you know. I was 7-years-old when the first one came out. And, so I've now -- have you seen the new
CONAN: No, I have not seen the new one yet.
CONAN: Thanks, buddy. Great, great . So Darth Vader's bad? *laughter*  
ETHAN: Yeah.
ETHAN: But, yeah , I've been obsessed with the whole thing. I feel there 's a certain peace in my life now that it's come to a conclusion.
CONAN: But do you, now, do you think that's really it for the Star Wars franchise, though? I think -- so much money, they're just going to say, "oh, wait, he didn't die, that guy, he's come back." You know? (laughter* he ate a come-back-to-life pill or something. *laughter*
[28] May 4, 2005 During a skit featuring Rune Haako and Nute Gunray (Conan's actors in costumes), Conan is asking questions of the audience (obvious plants), the audience guy says, "and then those two guys should have a lightsaber battle on a catwalk."
CONAN  Um, again, that would be a copyright infringement, Lucas lawyers would eat us alive.."  "...Rune Haako...let's go back to the scene and see what Rune actually did..."  "ACTION!"  
RUNE (singing): Hey, I'd rather be a chicken than a turkey like you! Now, everyone join in!   CONAN: That was a great.  Well, folks if you love that, you're gonna love the new Star Wars movie.  It's the same.

Count Duckula (US Anim 1988-1993) - "What is the date?" "May the 4th." "Then May the fourth be with you."

Coupling (UK) -
[1] Size Matters (#1.2) 5/19/00 
HOWARD (Scott-Masson): Typical lefty puritan.
SALLY (Isitt): Typical What? Come the revolution.
PATRICK (Miles): What revolution? You guys are in power, we're the revolution now.
SALLY: No, that can't be right.
PATRICK: You're..the evil Empire.
HOWARD: Yes, like Star Wars. And Patrick and me are the rebel Alliance. (Patrick and Howard start singing the main theme from Star Wars)
SALLY: No, no, we're the goodies, we're the lefties, we're always the goodies. (Patrick and Howard continue to sing)
PATRICK (speaking into his beer glass with an impression of Vader): No...Sally...YOU are the establishment! *Jeff (Coyle) gets up to use the restroom, Sally follows, stops him, tells him he's got to go with Patrick...Howard and Patrick are making lightsaber sounds and are using their bottles as lightsabers.*
[2] The Melty Man Cometh (#2.4) 9/24/01 Ha! Terrified pants. There's nothing funny about the Melty Man, Patrick. You know about the Melty Man, too? We all know the Melty Man. Who is he? The archenemy of trouser confidence. Professor Moriarty in groin form. Darth Vader... Without the helmet...
Patrick is visited by "Melty Man" :

MELTY MAN: "Join Me Patrick!"
PATRICK: "NO, you killed my erection!"
MELTY MAN: "no, Patrick, I AM your erection!"
PATRICK: "NOOOO!" (there was one more scene where Melty Man made an appearance...but I don't recall what the lines were.)
[3] The Freckle, the Key, and the Couple Who Weren't (#3.5) 10/21/02 Yes, I suggested it was time you started acting a bit more like a proper dominant male, and you did a Darth Vader impression. Darth Vader, while chiefly famous for breathing out, also... (doorbell rings..)

Craig Kilborn (Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn) (2002 US) - 
[1] Today I found out that my Jedi Stormtrooper helmet is waterproof. It wasn't raining, my head was shoved into a toilet. I drove by one theater today and "Star Wars" was playing and all the people in line were dressed up like Star Wars characters. Then I drove by another theater where Spider-Man was playing and the people were dressed up like Spider-Man. Then I drove by the theater where Unfaithful was playing and the people were dressed like Bill Clinton.
[2] In The News skit 7/28/04  He makes mention of the title of Episode III, some of the audience members chuckled and snickered and he added that the title was going to be, "...Yet Another Disappointment" *more laughing*.  At another point Kilborn is summarizing the film and at the bottom of the screen the words, "Jedi Dork Alert!" flash.
[3] In The News skit 7/28/04 The show interviews "Vader":
KILBORN: Do you like the title?
VADER: Craig, I am your father.
KILBORN: Heh heh, you're Darth Vader, now tell me what you think of the title.
VADER: But, I am your father. Your mother was really into Star Wars and we had a one night stand at a Comfort Inn *audience laughter*
KILBORN: I'm totally shocked by this, why are you telling me now? And why do you wear that mask?"
VADER: Because I'm embarrassed that you're my son. *audience laughter*

Critic, The (2000) - Jar Jar & Lucas are seen in the background of a restaurant.

Crossing Jordan (2001) - Is That Plutonium In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? (#3.4) 3/19/04. A character is trying to get information out of another character and in doing so says, "Hey, come on, look at my life! Star Wars chapter III doesn’t come out until summer 2005!"

C. S. I.: Crime Scene Investigation (US 2000) - Cross-Jurisdictions (#2.22) 5/9/02 Florida detective Horatio Crane (Caruso) says, "I had a bad feeling about this"

C. S. I.: NY (US 2010) - Tales from the Undercard (#6.20) 5/5/2010 The body of a retired boxer is found encased in concrete at a construction site:

Cybill (US 1995) - Cybill's friend Maryann (Baranski) is talking to a prisoner in Russian, about Cybill. Cybill (Shepard) gets angry and yells some gibberish to him:
MARYANN: Cybill honey, what the hell was that?
CYBILL: I don't know, it was from Star Wars. *looking confused.*

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