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Television References

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Listings in BLUE are those we haven't yet acquired.
Listings in BROWN are Indiana Jones related.
Listings in PURPLE are Wilhelm Scream entries.
Listings in ORANGE are THX-1138 entries.

Have a Star Wars reference for TV?

Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Wilhelm Scream/THX-1138 references in TV: Series, Mini-Series, Documentaries, Live Shows, Reality Shows, Game Shows, Specials, and Movies. 

D & D (1983 US) - Also under Dungeons & Dragons
[1] Eric (Most) makes a deal with Dungeon Master (Miller) where he would take the role of Dungeon Master for a day. At one point his spells aren't going well....another character remarks, 'he's no Obi-Wan Kenobi'
[2] One of the kids says, "You didn't tell us you grew up into Wookiees!", referring to a race of humanoids who get really hairy when they get older.
[3] When Eric trips and falls, Diana says, "Obi-Wan you are not!" Then Bobby explains to their pet unicorn, "It's an Earth joke, you wouldn't understand it..."

Damon (1998 US) - Pilot (#1.1) 3/22/98 Damon (Wayons)  refers to someone being, " short as an Ewok"

Dancougar (Chôjû kishin Dancouga) (1985 JA) - Final code for robot transformation: THX-1138.

Danny Phantom (2004 US) - The Fenton Menace (#2.7) 10/7/05 It's mostly the title, but there are some TPM references in the episode.

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (1999 CA) -  Le retour du jet d'aïl (#3.12) 2001 A "Darth Maul" makes an appearance (albeit in yellow) on one of the episodes and needs to meet Jedi.  Brad (Crête) says, "I am Obi-Wan Kenobi"

Darcy's Wild Life (2004 US) - 
[1] Dog Tired (#1.13) 3/26/05 Hey, Lane. The water's that way. Yeah, whatever. Something wrong? Princess Leia might Die. Oh, Lane, I know you like those movies, but it's okay. Han Solo rescues her. No, my cat, Princess Leia. Dr. Adams says she has a thyroid tumor.
[2] Buffalo Gals (#1.5) 11/6/04 I hardly ever saw my Dad when I was a kid. When I was 4, he was supposed to take me trick-or-treating, but the Tour ran long, so he couldn't. My mom was afraid I'd be disappointed, so she hired our Gardener to walk around with us. At the end of the night, his Darth Vader mask Fell off. It was Mr. Bosnochian. Kind of freaked me out. True story.
[3] My Fair Lindsay (#1.9) 12/18/04 I'm going to be an auntie! [Laughs] [engine whirring] >> Ha Ha Ha! >> Darcy, we're giving Lindsay a makeover, we're not trying to get her to reveal what the plans for the death star are again.

Daria (1997 US Anim) - 
[1] The Misery Chick (#1.13) 7/21/97 Mr. O'Neill (Thompson): 'You probably think about the Darkside all the time'   Daria (Grandstaff): 'The Darkside? Are we talking about the Force?'
[2] Jake comes to a website with scrolling/crawling text: THX-1138

Dark Angel (2000 US) -
[1] ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole 05/22/01 Max: You're not going to tell me you're my father, are you?  Lydecker: No  Max: Good, because that would be kind of cliché.
[2] Max (Alba)  says to another character that someone was willing to pay top-dollar for Star Wars: Episode-7.  She says they shut down production when the pulse hit.
[3] Max said "if u see me go to the Dark Side give me a good slap." referring to her increased sex drive during mating season due to her genetic enhancement.  (Thanks to LORDeron_MAULer for #3!)

Dave Chappelle (US) - (#1.7) 3/5/03 sketch called Channel 3 News. Yoda and the council were accused of giving drugs to kids and behaving sexually inappropriate. Yoda held a press conference. They also showed him doing drugs with another Jedi. Later on, Mace held a press conference. The final part was a candid interview about the sexual abuse suffered by Darth Vader. Chappelle asked Vader to point on the Darth Vader doll where he was touched and Vader pointed to the rear end and cried. (Thanks to Darth Sapient for this info) From Comedy Central: Wu-Tang guest-stars as themselves in the sketch and the show is pre-empted by a news break in which Star Wars' Yoda holds a press conference about the controversial child sex scandals among the Jedi Knights.

Dawson's Creek (1998 US) - 
[1] The Valentine kid compared the Joey/Pacey/Dawson love triangle to that of Leia/Han/Luke
[2] Pacey (Jackson) wants to go to a party but Dawson (Van Der Beek) isn't sure, Pacey says to Dawson,  'Is this doubt I'm hearing young Skywalker?' Pacey: 'Your hero's journey begins now my friend.' Dawson: 'Pacey Witter, poor man's Yoda.' Pacey: 'Actually, I always considered myself more of the Han Solo type; rogue-ish good looks, devil-may-care attitude.' then Jack (Smith) enters...Pacey: 'Hey, here comes my Chewbacca!' Just before going to the party, Joey (Holmes) decides he will go and says, 'Someone's gotta keep Dawson from falling to the Dark Side.'
[3] Indian Summer (#3.5) 10/27/99  SW refs
[4] Pacey (Jackson) says, "You've finally figured it out. I'm not Luke Skywalker; I'm not even Luke Perry. There's no hero here, Andie; I am a joke."

Days of Our Lives (1965 US) - 
[1] Greta (Morris) and Sami (Sweeney) have a lightsaber duel (Greta's fantasy)
[2] Jack Deveraux (Acheson) was trying to prove a point to his ex-wife, Jennifer (Cameron), and said "May I remind you that even Luke Skywalker has his dark side."

Dead Ringers (2002 UK)
[1] Dead Ringers Christmas Special 12/26/04 The Auf Wiedersehen Pet team build Darth Vader a new Death Star (and he's none pleased)
[2] (#1.4) Obi-Wan Needs A Car
[3] (#1.6) Darth Vader pays the Queen a visit during her Christmas message to her subjects.
[4] 12/13/04 George Lucas (Culshaw) is interviewed in a skit that deals with Lucas's re-editing parts of the original trilogy and a clip of Vader and Obi-Wan fighting with a re-edited line of "Jar Jar Binks was a top bloke!"
[5] Darth Vader becomes a tea lady
[6] Obi-Wan calls for pizza
[7] Darth Vader defends the Imperial Forces
[8] Obi-Wan Books a Hotel Room
[9] Obi-Wan calls Changing Rooms

Dead Zone, The (2002 US) - Enemy Mind (#1.7) 8/23/03  
JOHNNY (Hall): Okay, one of my visions was a little off...
BRUCE (Adams): 'A little off.'  Do you understand what it means in the context of the rest of humanity for YOUR brain to be 'a little off'?  That puts you in another galaxy far, far away.

Deeper Samurai Kyo (2002 JA) - In the DVD's outtakes for Volume 3 (which are quite funny) Migiera comes to a place in the woods, Sea of Dreams I believe, where a group of beings looking exactly like Jawas are protecting one of the other characters.  It's a more serious scene (in the actual episode), but in the outtakes Migiera (voiced by Maddie Blaustein) has come to the Sea of Dreams and says, "I can't believe this.  Is this the best the writer's can do?  Jawas?"

Deep Space Nine (1993 US) - See TV SZ - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001 US) - Don't Dream It's Over (#3.17) 2/23/04 These teenage boys were buying condoms in a pharmacy and they saw that some of them were glow-in-the-dark, and for some reason this made them think SW and they began to have a lightsaber fight with umbrellas or something.  (Thanks to Roland of Gilead for this reference)

Delusions of Grandeur (1997 US College) - Title and references throughout the 60 episodes broadcast on KBVR-TV in Oregon.

Dexter's Laboratory (1996 US) - 
[1] Deedee (Cressida) tries to teach Dexter (Cavanaugh) how to have more fun in life, all the while Deedee is in a backpack on Dexter's back...and he's doing jumps and flips!
[2] Dexter needs Deedee's help so he sends an R2D2-like droid with a hologram message to her...just like ANH.
[3] Misplaced in Space (#2.96) 4/8/98 Dex is a slave on a far away planet.
[4] A fellow slave is an Ithorian Hammerhead
[5] The Muffin King (#2.50) 11/12/97 Dexter's Dad tries to get some muffins from Dexter and Deedee. He tricks Dexter by telling him to come over to him. Then he steps out of the shadows and says "Dexter, I am your father" in a Vader-ish voice. Then Dexter says "No, that's impossi- oh wait, you're right." Then Dad says "Dexter, Join me, come to the Muffin side, it is your destiny." Then Dexter goes into a trance and starts to give him the muffins. Deedee then comes in and tells Dexter to "snap out of it, he's using an old mind trick."
[6] Dexter's Laboratory gets taken over by an evil computer game and Dexter himself is digitized into the game itself. So he sends an astromech-type Droid to his sister. Deedee invites the droid in her room and notices that the droid has something on it's plating. As soon as she tries to get it off the Droid sends out a holographic message with her brother calling for help.
[7] Dexter allows aliens to kidnap his sister Deedee. Not long after that he decides to get her back and does so in a spaceship that looks a lot like an Y-wing (including astromech Droid).
[8] In another episode Dexter invented a small, open jet the size of a bumper car which looks very identical to an A-wing.
[9] In one episode Dexter finds himself overmatched by the new kid, Mandark, in the classroom. Among the structures making up the new kids lab is a Death Star.
[10] Deedee locks and the Ness monster Dexter is seen to have a blue (or pink, can't remember which) teddy bear wearing a very Chewbacca-like bandoleer.
[11] Like a documentary nature special.  The call Dexter "Blackfoot" and, at the end of the episode, they tag him, "BF 1138"
[12] The Big Cheese (#1.25) 12/4/96 Dexter's code for his Lab is "Star Wars"
[13] the one where Dexter and three of his friends were engrossed in a Role-Playing Game with Dee-Dee as the Game Master, their characters were attacked by a dragon and Dexter's Furry-Footed Burrower jumps onto the Knight covering his eyes, the knight shouts 'I can't see' and...
[14] Dex replies "Use the Force," Dexter (Thanks to LORDeron_MAULer! for #14)

Dirty Jobs (2003 US) - Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs: Bat Cave Scavenger Host Mike Rowe takes us into a bat cave where there are high levels of carbon dioxide and ammonia so he dons breathing gear, turns to the camera and says, "Do I look like Darth Vader?"

District, The (2000 US) - Chief Mannion (Nelson) wears an old helmet and rolls up old posters wielding them like a lightsaber, then breathes like Darth Vader.

Donnie and Marie Variety Show (1978 US) - Almost the entire show was devoted to Star Wars: C3PO (Daniels), R2D2 (radio controlled only), Chewbacca (Mayhew), Darth Vader (voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft -known for his voice....he did Tony the Tiger and Haunted Mansion ride -Disneyland/World the deep voice- and a lot of work for Disney). Luke (Donnie), Leia (Marie), Imperial Officer (Paul Lynne), Obi Wan, actually Okey Ben Pinocchio, (Redd Foxx). Stormtroopers sing "Get Ready" (which was also used in a Burger King/Star Wars commercial at the time) and...they DANCE!

Don't Eat the Neighbours (2001 AU) - Rabbit (Lindsay) and his friend Terrapin (McInnerny) suffering a concussion and thinking that they are in the star wars universe - from lead pipe lightsabers to a few chords off the soundtrack

Do Over (2002 US) -
[1] It's about a guy who goes back in time to the 80's when he was still a teenager. Joel (Badgley) is standing in a long line with his friends on opening night for ESB. These people dressed up as Darth Vader and Stormtroopers cut in front of them in line, and get the last tickets. The group is furious that they've been cut, Joel's friend complains, "Now we're not going to be the first to find out the big surprise!" The main character yells out that the twist is Vader is Luke's father. The "Darth Vader" in front of them turns around, angrily, and then the guy starts shouting, "And in ROTJ Luke and Leia are twins! And in The Phantom Menace ..." and then Darth Vader knocks him unconscious.  Also, when Darth Vader and the guy are fighting, his friend runs up to a guy dressed as Obi-Wan and says, "Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!"  (thanks to amien for this reference)
[2] "Alright, takin' a trip to the Dagobah system to chill with Yoda" and they just give him a blank stare. (thanks to solo_fan87 for this reference!)

Dotto! Koni-chan (2000 JA) - (Thanks to Obroa-Skai for this graphic)

Dragon Ball GT (1996 JA) - Trunks, who had been transformed into some kind of metal, was awaiting transportation to Dr Myuu. He looked very much like Han Solo when he was frozen in carbonite in ESB

Drawn Together (2004 US) -
[1] Requiem For a Reality Show  (#1.4) 11/17/04  The characters are split in two teams and compete for food: one team gets all the food they want and the other teams starves.  - In one scene, Toot (the black & white Betty Book look-alike) has gotten huge from all the food she's eaten and has Xandir (a gay reference to Link from the Zelda games) chained to her (like Leia was chained to Jabba) wearing a pink bikini.  He even had the gold armband on.  After eating a few extra items, Toot says, 'Pass me the Han Solo' and Xandir wheels in an ice cream copy of Han in Carbonite. (thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)
[2] Clara's Dirty Little Secret (#1.2) 11/3/04  Wooldoor gets trapped in a "place" (it is a family site after all) that resembles the trash compactor from the Death Star.  In a later montage that shows what is happening with everyone, he has a comlink and yells "3PO! 3PO!" (thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!) 
[3] Foxxy vs. The Board of Education (#2.1) 10/26/05 This episode contains  a rancor character. (Thanks to Justin Batt for this reference!) ...further explanation...When Spanky reveals he doesn't have health insurance, his doctor pulls a lever and drops him into a Rancor pit.
[4] When Ling-Ling is found standing in for Foxxy in class, the teacher pulls a lever and drops him in a Rancor pit, then the Rancor drops him in the Board of Education's office.
[5] After revealing his diabolical plan to Foxxy, the Board of Education pulls a lever and a Rancor drops into the office.  He then pulls another lever to drop Foxxy and the Rancor into a pit. Ling-Ling rushes in to save Foxxy from the Rancor and kills it.
[6] After Foxxy leaves the Rancor pit to stop the Board of Education, Malakili walks in and starts crying over the dead Rancor.  (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for references # 3-6!) 
[7] Captain Hero's Marriage Pact (#1.12) 11/09/05 Captain Hero's dream marriage sequence has Princess Leia giving him and Unusually Flexible Girl medals in a scene that mirrors the ceremony at the end of A New Hope (with Clara as Leia, Xandir as 3PO, Wooldoor as R2 and Toot as Chewie)
[8] Clum Babies (#1.13) 11/16/05 While Foxxy is teaching Wooldoor, she says, "And then, Foxxy brings it all home by using a little bit of Force" and uses telekinesis to pull a lightsaber toy from her closet. (And yes, that second one was very TV-MA) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for references #7 & 8!)
[9] Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree (#1.18) 02/15/06 When the roommates make their assault on the offices of Entertainment Weekly, they use a rope trap that drops two water cooler bottles together to kill an office worker like the logs that smash the AT-ST's head in ROTJ.  In the very next shot, 3 Ewoks jump out from behind a downed file cabinet to celebrate the kill.  (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for reference # 9!)
[10] Alzheimer's Well That Ends Well (#2.11) 03/08/06 After the roommates think that Toots is getting too old and has Alzheimer's they send her to an old folks home.  She then finds out that Alzheimer's isn't real and the old people just fake it so they don't have to go home.  She promises not to reveal the secret, which she breaks.  The old folks take out a bounty on her and call Boba Fett Boba Fett actually jumps out of the bushes, springs his trap, then flies away with his jetpack. (Thanks to Curtis Shaw!) AND another version When Toot escapes from the nursing home full of Alzheimer's fakers, one of the old folks calls in a hit on Boba Fett.  Later, Spanky tries to start the scooter Toot drove away from the nursing home and it blows up, sending his head rolling right to Boba Fett's feet.  Then Boba takes off with his jetpack.  (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai!) 

Drew Carey Show, The (1995 US) - Trying to figure out a way around a restraining order to stay away from each other...the friends come up with a 'Costume Party'.
[1] Lewis (Stiles) to Drew (Carey) says, 'Dibs on Jar-Jar Binks'.
[2] Later...Lewis tells Drew, 'you're my friend and I love you'  (he doesn't receive an answer from Drew)  Lewis then presses Drew for an answer, finally Drew says, 'I love you' and Lewis says, 'I know'  (very funny ref to the Leia/Solo 'exchange' in TESB)
[3] 1995 Drew, 'Violence doesn't solve anything? (rhetorical, then goes on to list...)  WWI, WWII, Star Wars, Every Super Bowl. Who says violence doesn't solve anything?'
[4] Drew and the Racial Tension Play (#5.13) 01/5/00 Lewis is playing a video game with Doreen (Carrington).  Lewis compliments Doreen, distracting her, then he happily says, "So I could blow up your Death Star! hahah"

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1995 US) - Fanny Pack (#5.2) 06/22/98 Dennis Leary guests as himself talking with Dr. Katz.  Leary explains, "Don't buy the toys that make the noise" (Darth Vader talking bank) and also talks about Vader doing laundry.

Droids (1985) -

Dungeons & Dragons (1983 US) - 
[1] Eric (Most) makes a deal with Dungeon Master (Miller) where he would take the role of Dungeon Master for a day. At one point his spells aren't going well....another character remarks, 'he's no Obi-Wan Kenobi'
[2] One of the kids says, "You didn't tell us you grew up into Wookiees!", referring to a race of humanoids who get really hairy when they get older.
[3] When Eric trips and falls, Diana says, "Obi-Wan you are not!" Then Bobby explains to their pet unicorn, "It's an Earth joke, you wouldn't understand it..."

Earthworm Jim (US Anim) - Trout! (#1.9) 11/04/95 Jim's (Castellaneta) is on the ground, he's looking for Princess What's-Her-Name (Soucie), a metal bug lands on him and a transmission comes up. The transmission is a hologram of Princess What's-Her-Name which keeps repeating, 'Help me Earthworm Jim, you're my only hope, help me Earthworm Jim, you're my only hope...' Jim, yells, 'All right all ready! I get the point!' Then the transmission ends.

Eastenders (1985) - 12/24/04 Christmas Party - Garry Hobbs (Groves) says, "Tell George Lucas it's five grand if he wants me to dress up as an Ewok"

Ellen DeGeneres Show, The (2004 US) - 9/15/04 A picture of a viewer who had written in to the show was put up on the screen, and a Star Wars poster was on display in the background:  (a round about reference, thanks to KJ from!)

Eek! the Cat (US Anim) - Paw Sores/ A Sharkdog Day Afternoon (#3.6) 10/15/94

Empire (2005 US mini) - Star Wars similarities. Octavius (Cabrera) is told, "Your path is dark and dangerous, young Caesar." Tyrannus (Cake) and Octavius are like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker..both offer training in swordplay and survival, then there's Cicero (Byrne) who's like Yoda...except not green and a bit taller.

Enterprise (2001) - 
[1]  Precious Cargo (#2.11) 12/11/02  Han/Leia dynamic between Trip (Trineer)  and Kaitaama (Padma Lakshmi - wow, that's so darn close to a Star Wars name!).  She, "on a diplomatic mission".  He was her "only hope".  The escape pod was eerily similar to the one 3P0 and R2 escaped in.  If nothing else the shot of the door was identical. (Thanks to Lord Chairman Kaga for this reference!)
[2] Broken Bow (commentary on DVD) (#1.1) Berman and Braga are conducting the commentary on this first episode.  They talked about their casting decisions and how they wanted Captain Jonathan Archer to be a "Han Solo" type character with a Harrison Ford quality.
[3] Fusion From the rear viewpoint the Vulcan ship looks a little like a TIE fighter.'

Entführung aus der Lindenstraße (GER 1995) -

ER (1994 US) - 
[1] Dr. Carter (Wylie) is called, 'Young Jedi Surgeon'
[2]  "Oh, Doug's been lost to the Darkside"
[3] The ER was swamped and understaffed and Carol Hathaway (Margulies) was trying to take care of many things and talking to a nurse that came down from the OB/GYN to help out. This nurse was also Hathaway's nurse when she gave birth.  "You're a med student?" asked Hathaway.  "What can I say, I crossed over to the Dark Side." replied the nurse.
[4] Dr. Carter called Abby (Tierny) the Obi-Wan Kenobi of nursing.  Dr. Pratt (Phifer) responded, What are you, the Yoda of doctoring? Carter replied, "Learn much you will..."  (Thanks to Darth Malt for #3 and #4) 
[5] Piece of Mind There is a piece of equipment, a surgical scope with handles, that looks an awful lot like the laser cannon controls Luke uses  in the Falcon.

Evening Class (1993) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Even Stevens (2000 US) - In the beginning thing with the opening show tune and credits, it shows the two kids fighting with TV controllers with beams shooting out of them, and they look pretty much like lightsabers.  (Thanks to Darthstothe for this reference!) ADDENDUM: The two siblings, Ren and Lewis, have a lightsaber fight and accidentally break the TV screen in their living room, just before it's broken, you can see Darth Vader on the screen (thanks to Jedi Padme 25 for this reference!)

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996) - 
[1] Ray and Robert (his brother) in a room talking. They get quiet and Ray says "I sense a disturbance in the force." right before their mother walked in.
[2] Ray of his wife: "there are two Debras. One, the good Debra that's nice to everybody. And Darth Debra, who yells at Ray when no one is watching."

Everwood (2002 US) - Ephram's (Smith) piano teacher takes out a new piece of music, tells Ephram he has ten seconds to look at it, then takes it away. He then says to play the piece.  Ephram 'I can't.'  Teacher 'Just close your eyes, and try to visualize the music.'  Ephram 'Whatever you say, Obi-Wan.'

Eve Strikes Back (1992 UK) - Title

Ewoks (US 1985) -

Excel Saga (1999 JA) - 
[1] The Woman From Mars Episode starts with the famous Star Wars 'crawl' (pictured below)
[2] The PuuChuus are clearly modeled on the Star Destroyers of Star Wars (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for the "crawl" visual!)

Extreme Celebrity Detox (2005 UK) - Dominik Diamond (news columnist, comic, presenter) had to climb a one hundred foot cliff at night, at one point his fear overcame him and he was saying, "use the Force...use the Force, you're a Jedi."  He finally made it to the top. (Thanks to JediCheri for this reference!)

Fairly OddParents, The (2001 US) -
[1] Hard Copy/Parent Hoods (#3.16) 07/12/03 Timmy (Strong) makes a life-sized copy, with a magic photo copier, of Darth Vader, Dark Laser. (played by Kevin Michael Richardson, who has done many Star Wars games and The Clone Wars animated series)
[2] Hard Copy/Parent Hoods (#3.16) 07/12/03 Timmy's ship is modeled after the Y-Wing from Star Wars. Laser's ship is modeled after the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.
[3] Hard Copy/Parent Hoods (#3.16) 07/12/03 Character called Chet Ubetcha (Chewbacca)
[4] Hard Copy/Parent Hoods (#3.16) 07/12/03 All of the booby traps are modeled after those in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
[5] Abra Catastrophe! (#3.9) 07/12/03 Timmy parodies three films: Star Wars, Spider-Man and Jurassic Park. Included in the parody are the songs
[6] 'The Saga Begins' and 'Yoda'
[7] Timmy fighting Darth Vader (played by Kevin Michael Richardson)
[8] Movie Magic 1/27/03 (#3.2) Star Wars trench run in Timmy's film.
[9] ? Timmy competes against his babysitter in a skateboarding competition, he goes through training, which is composed of several segments, one being a jungle scene.  Cosmo is riding on his back like Yoda on Luke's back in ESB.  Cosmo says, "Skate throughout the jungle you must, for I'm afraid of gorillas!"  The gorillas chasing them also resemble Wookiees a bit. (Thanks to DarthRyoohki for reference #9!)
[10]  Lights, Camera, Adam! (#4.5) 6/1/04  R2-D2 is written in concrete next to two rectangular shapes outside Dan's Chinese Theatre.
[11] A New Squid in Town (#4.12) 11/27/04 Cosmo and Wanda are frozen in carbonite by an alien princess.  Wanda is frozen like Han Solo, while Cosmo is frozen picking his nose. (Thanks to Chris Brown for #10 & #11!)

Family Guy, The (1999 US) - 
[1] Chitty Chitty Death Bang (#1.3) 4/18/99 In the episode about Stewie's birthday, the psycho baby himself pulls a weapon on an airport security guard and says he will spend the rest of his life "in frozen carbonite." (Thanks to Spacehunter24 for this reference!) 
[2] The Son Also Draws (#1.6) 5/9/99
LOIS: Peter, did you fix the sink?
PETER: Yeah, why?
LOIS: It's still not working.  
PETER: No way Lois! I will bet you all my Star Wars action figures! Except Boba Fett. No matter how sure I am, I never bet the Fett man.
[3] Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater (#2.1) 9/23/99 Peter becomes a rich snob. Brian tells him that he's forgotten who he truly is, like Lando when he turned Han Solo over to Darth Vader using one of those Burger King glasses to illustrate his example. A few minutes later, Brian tells Peter that, in a way, he is his father. Peter then starts crying and yells "That's not true, that's impossible!"
[4] Holy Crap (#2.2) 9/30/99 Peter's father has kidnapped the Pope and Peter and his family are relaxing at home when Peter's mother comes to visit.  Peter tells his family to get into the escape pod. The sequence looks just like Artoo and Threepio's escape in the pod from Tantive IV.
[5] Fifteen Minutes of Shame (##2.12) 4/25/00 Peter and Meg are on the Diane Show...
PETER to MEG: Now I won't give you the antidote

MEG: Antidote?  For what?  
PETER: For the poison you just drank" (from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.) 
[6] Let's Go to the Hop (#2.14) 6/6/00 Peter Griffin (McFarlane) goes undercover at his daughter's,  high school (to uproot the toad-licking epidemic) as Lando Griffin
[7] He's Too Sexy For His Fat (#2.17) 6/27/00 Peter is telling his son how all men in the Griffin family are large. He names several Griffins, including Jabba da Griffin:
[8] And the Weiner Is... (#3.5) 8/8/01  Peter joins a gun club. They show several members who are taking target practice...including a Stormtrooper shooting at Luke Skywalker's movie standee...and constantly missing.
[9] Emission Impossible (#3.11) 11/8/01 Stuey recalls his own conception.  In an obvious Death Star parody, he and his brother sperm swim down a long trench on the egg's surface in order to reach their target. A fellow sperm swims up on them and shoots other sperm down as Darth Vader did with the other ships in ANH.
[10] A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (#3.16) 12/21/01 When Lois is about to hit Peter, he cries, "If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
[11] A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (#3.16) 12/21/01 A Christmas episode of FAMILY GUY had a scene where Stewie pulls a blaster on Santa Claus and opens fire, Santa blocks the shots like Vader in the Cloud City dining room, then pulls the blaster from Stewie's hand into his own. (Thanks to Jobo for reference #10 and Spacehunter24 for reference #11) 
[12] Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows (#3.17) 1/17/02 Peter grows a beard that attracts an endangered species bird, who decides to nest there.   Peter could not disturb his beard because it was against the law to interfere with an endangered species.  The bird finally left his beard but left 3 chicks in the 'nest'. Peter imagines that the little chicks were just like his 3 children.  One as his son Chris, the 2nd as his son Stewie, and since he couldn't remember his 3rd child he imagined that one as Boba Fett.
[13] Road To Europe (#3.20) 2/7/02 Brian does a Han Solo/Taun Taun ala ESB by slicing open the belly of a camel to save Stewie from the freezing cold.
[14] When You Wish Upon a Weinstein (#3.22) 12/10/04 Lois has strong misgivings about Meg getting laser eye surgery and the cutaway here shows Luke Skywalker next to a surgical table (Meg is there) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (voiced by Mark Hamill) at his right side saying, "Use the Force" .  Luke forces the Lightsaber into Meg's eye and through her whole head.
[15] When You Wish Upon a Weinstein (#3.22) 12/10/04 
MAX: Sorry, but I have to go to temple.  
PETER:  Temple?  Like Indiana Jones?  (The cutaway:  Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Showing Indy taking so long to take the idol.)
[16] Blind Ambition (#4.3) 5/15/05 Peter gets an award and the ceremony mimics the Great Hall awards scene at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope:

[17] Blind Ambition (#4.3) 5/15/05 There is a fight between Peter and the Chicken and the Chicken gets chopped up by the plane's propeller in a copy of the Indy/Nazi fight in Tanis near The Wing where the Nazi gets killed by the blades of the propeller.
[18] Don't Make Me Over  (#4.4) 6/5/05 Stuey talking to Brian - Quotes Yoda's "That is why you fail" speech from Empire (Thanks to TEA for this reference!) 
[19] The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire (#4.5) 6/12/05  Emperor Palpatine pops up encouraging Cleveland to "Let the hate flow from you" speech. (Thanks to Don for this reference!)
[20] Breaking Out Is Hard To Do (#4.9) 7/17/05 Lois goes on a shoplifting spree and is sent to jail, the Griffin's break her out and hide in Asiantown away from a pursuing policeman, Joe Swanson, who is in an armed helicopter. In a scene that is reminiscent of both The Fugitive and A New Hope, the Griffin's flee to the sewers, Joe shoots the ground so that the helicopter can fly through and it looks like the Death Star trench run.  TIE fighters also appear at this point.
[21] Jungle Love (#5.3) 9/25/05 Chris (the older son) has run off and joined the Peace Corps after being beaten by seniors on his first day of high school...he is accepted by the tribe that the corps assigned him to.  The family goes to bring him home and explains to him that he is just running away from his problems and that it's not so bad being a freshman.  When the tribe hears the word "freshman" they start to chase them and it turns into the beginning of Raiders (Indy being chased by the natives) they run down to the river where a sea plane is waiting and they all pile in...with the exception of Meg who gets a back full of poison darts.  (Thanks to Don for this reference!) 
[22] The Courtship of Stewie's Father (#5.6) 11/20/05 Peter remembers the trouble he had organizing the Sand People Choir. He tries to conduct them and they make their signature howls. They run away and Old Ben appears saying how the Sand People are easily startled but they will be back in greater numbers. They imagine how much better they will sound with a larger group. (Thanks to Dustin Batt for this reference!) 
[23] The Courtship of Stewie's Father (#5.6)  11/20/05 Peter is dressed as Indiana Jones and Stewie is dressed as Short Round and they are chased by an Indian guard through a mine shaft (IJ - ToD) 
[24] Brian Sings & Swings (#5.9) 1/8/06 Meg walks in on Chris in the bathroom while his hat, hair and face being placed onto his head (Imperial March plays) ala ESB's Piett walking in on Vader having his mask and helmet lowered onto his head in his chamber.
[25] Sibling Rivalry (#5.13) 3/26/06 Stewie get Chicken Pox from Bertram (his half brother).   As he's seeking out Bertram to confront him he says, "I sense a presence...a presence I've not felt since..."
[26] Peterotica (#5.15) 4/23/06 Carter Pewterschmidt is being sued for publishing Peter's erotic novels, since a man crashed his car while listening to the audio version.  Carter doesn't want to pay so he hits a button which opens a hole in the floor, the attorney falls in and has to fight the Rancor...ala ROTJ.
[27]  PTV (#4.14) 11/06/05  Osama Bin Laden makes the video in the cave, Bin Laden gets into a sword fight with Stewie, in which Stewie uses a rubber chicken.  The battle was exactly like the fight between Count Dooku and Yoda in Episode II (after Anakin gets his arm cut off).  With Stewie jumping, flipping and spinning as Yoda did.

Fantastic World of D.C. Collins, The (1983 UK) - Collins (Coleman) lives in New York City and has an active imagination.  Collins and a female friend run away from baddies and Collins is imagining himself as Luke Skywalker and his friend as Princess Leia and the baddies are Stormtroopers.

Fantasy Island (1977 US) - Gary Coleman guests and his fantasy is to be like superheroes, one of them is Luke Skywalker.

Farscape (1999 AU/US) - 
[1] I, E.T. (#1.2) 5/8/99 
CRICHTON to AERYN: Kind of like Louisiana or Dagobah.  (Aeryn looks puzzled)
CRICHTON: Dagobah. Where Yoda lives.
AERYN: Who's Yoda?
CRICHTON: Just a little green guy. Trains warriors.
[2] Crackers Don't Matter (#2.4) 4/7/00 on trusting someone: Crichton: Have you seen him? He's blind!  He's got a big head, but he's blind.  Barring the Yoda factor, if he gives us any trouble we'll lock him up."
[3] Look at the Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think (#2.11) 7/28/00 Princess Katralla & Crichton encounter a large sphere (a larger version of the remote Luke trains with on the Falcon).
PRINCESS KATRALLA: I've never seen anything like it before.
CRICHTON: Obi-Wan had one, except his was a lot smaller.
[4] Look at the Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think (#2.11) 7/28/00 Crichton is going to be frozen: CHIARA: Hey, I love you.
CRICHTON: I know.  (Crichton is frozen: they copied the position that Han had while in the Carbonite).
[5] Losing Time (#3.9) 6/29/01 John Crichton (Browder) is trying to talk to a DRD and it only communicates with beeps and squeaks so...
CRICHTON: All right, we don't understand the R2-D2 crap. We're gonna use the Star Trek system. One blink for yes, two blinks for no.
[6] John views a transmission from earth and it's Yoda from Dagobah.
[7] Into the Lion's Den, Pt. 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (#3.22) 4/19/02 CRICHTON to SCORPIUS (I've lost this one)
[8] Unrealized Reality (#4.11) 8/23/02 John was trapped in this other dimension with this alien (as Einstein) who was teaching him about wormholes.   Crichton has an incredible amount of fear as he learns and is starting to show frustration.
CRICHTON: Can't do it.
EINSTEIN: You'd rather die?
CRICHTON: Not particularly, but I liked my childhood and I don't wanna scramble the eggs.
EINSTEIN: Should aggressive species puncture the wormhole, the consequences for both our realms would be unimaginable.  Crichton closes his eyes.
CRICHTON: Ah, screw it!  His anger covering his fear.  But I am not Kirk, Spock, Luke, Buck, Flash, or Arthur freaking Dent!  I am Dorothy Gale from Kansas, and you are going to hire more Ancients.
EINSTEIN: Then simply permit yourself to perish prior to reaching a destination.
CRICHTON: Moya...after...
EINSTEIN: Her space-time signature will be familiar.  Powerful.
CRICHTON: Moya.  Home.
EINSTEIN: Fear is your providence.
CRICHTON: Feel the Force. (thanks to LORDeron_MAULer for the initial alert for Unrealized Reality!) 
[9]  Mental as Anything (#4.15) 1/31/03 Crichton and D'Argo (Simcoe) are watching Rygel take part in a mental battle at the mental arts training camp,
CRICHTON: Excuse me Master Jedi, do you think he's lost enough brain cells yet"

Father Ted (1998 UK) -
[1] Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep (#2.3) 3/20/98 Father Dougal MaGuire (O'Hanlon) is describing "The Creature" on Craggy Island (who might be upsetting the sheep), and the description gets more and more outrageous as the episode plays on.  Father Ted (Morgan), convinces MaGuire that the creature is not real and it should be included on the "creatures that don't exist" list...which includes Darth Vader.
[2] Christmassy Ted (#2.11) 12/24/99 The priests sit down (after an award ceremony for Father Ted) to watch the Christmas film on TV (they are too late) the announcer thanks them for watching 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'.

Felicity (2001 US) - 
[1] Halloween episode.  Richard wears a homemade Vader outfit and spies a good looking 'Leia'...but, he's unable to remove his well-sealed helmet...hehe
[2] The college kids, including some of the main characters, are waiting in line for Episode I.  Noel asks for advice, and an older man dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi says, "You must do what you feel is right, of course."
[3] Richard gets a new sound system and he says, "THX, man! George Lucas!"
[4] SWAD alum Peter Dennis (Moff Jerjerrod in Star Wars - Return of the the Jedi Radio Drama) plays a Star Wars fan in the episode: The Force

Filter (US 2003) - (TechTV) Best Star Wars Games 11/20/03 The Best Star Wars Games "crawl" and  hostess Diane Mizota dressed up in Amidala's white outfit w/shawl from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. (Thanks to John from Obroa-Skai for the reference and the photos!)

Firefly (2002 US) - 
[1] Whedon has stated several times that there were elements of Star Wars influence throughout his series.  Falcon = Firefly, Han = Mal, and from
[2] Objects in Space (#1.10) 12/13/02 Boba-Fett = Jubal Early
[2] Also...Galactic Civil War (the Unification War), Black Sun - Blue Sun, the Rebels - Independent Faction, The Empire - Anglo-Sino Alliance
[3] Shindig (#1.6) 11/1/02 and War Stories (#1.9) 12/6/02 The Starlight Intruder from Dark Horse Comics' Dark Empire series:
[4] Lambda Shuttle (Return of the Jedi) makes an appearance (top left):
[5] There is a miniature Han in Carbonite in every episode.

Firesign Theatre (US) - Political satire performed on stage for TV, one bits lines:  Johnson, Johnson, Nixon, Nixon, Nixon...As Nixon: 1973 - I am a crook.  Carter, Carter, Carter...Ford! Ford! Reagan! 1986 - Mommy, run Star Wars again.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004 US) - 
[1] The House of Bloo's (pilot) 8/13/04 The view through the slats of the closet show a poster with Jedi and Wookiee caricatures as well as a Vader's TIE fighter toy.
[2] Store Wars  (#1.3) 8/20/04
[3] Berry Scary (#1.8) 9/24/04 Mac's bedroom still has Star Wars toys and "Space Wars" posters
[4] Bloooo (#1.10) 10/22/04 episode of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. "Blooooo", had a couple references in it. It's funny to see what scares some of them.  Bloo's hallucination of himself in a mirror says "Run, Bloo, run"  while the others are chasing him.  When the other friends have Bloo cornered while he's hanging from the chandelier, Wilt says "We have you now."
[5] Bloooo (#1.10) 10/22/04 As Wilt and Coco are discussing ways to get rid of the "ghost", Wilt refers to the "ghost" as a phantom menace...  Wilt: If we're going to stop this phantom menace, we've got to do it ourselves!
[6] Berry Scary (#1.12) 9/24/04 Coco (a bird/plant/airplane imaginary friend) laughs at Bloo, to which he replies, "Laugh it up, featherball"
[7] Who Let The Dogs In? (#1.13) 10/8/04 The first puppy that the imaginary friends find gets named Chewie, because he was always chewing on things.  :)
[8] The Big Lablooski (#2.2) 1/28/05 When Bowling Paul is teaching Mac how to play bowling, he has Mac in a blindfold and says: "You don't need your eyes...they will deceive you, fool you!"  later...
[9] The Big Lablooski (#2.2) 1/28/05 Bowling Paul holds up a pin and says: "This is your dark side and you must control the dark side."
[10] Bloo's Brothers (#2.4) 3/4/05 One of the Bloo clones that is dropped off at Foster's is shaped like R2-D2.
[11] Frankie My Dear  (#2.6) 3/18/05 When Bloo breaks the news to Mac that he's not the on that Frankie is in love with, he says Mac is having "delusions of grandeur"
[12] Duchess Of Wails (#3.5) 9/23/05 Mac's bedroom still has Star Wars toys and "Space Wars" posters
[13] Crime After Crime (#3.8) 11/18/05 Chewy the puppy makes another appearance with his brothers, but is not specifically mentioned.
[14] Crime After Crime (#3.8) 11/18/05 (Indy) When Mr. Herriman is trying to get the bag of "carrots" from Coco, he offers to trade them like Satipo offering to trade the
whip for the idol in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. 
[15] Land Of The Flea (#3.9) 11/25/05 Chewy the puppy makes another appearance
[16] Challenge Of The Super Friends (#4.1) 4/28/06  Nemesis says she senses much anger in Bloo before turning him into Uniscorn
[17] Challenge Of The Super Friends (#4.1) 4/28/06 The first scene with Uniscorn, Nemesis says "Lord Uniscorn, rise" accompanied with Imperial March-like music
[18] Challenge Of The Super Friends (#4.1) 4/28/06 When Imaginary Man saves Mac, Mac says "It's a trap!"
[19] Challenge Of The Super Friends (#4.1) 4/28/06 In his last line as Lord Uniscorn, Bloo says "Join me and we'll rule the galaxy as father and son!"
[20] Infernal Slumber (#4.5) 7/17/06  Mac's bedroom still has Star Wars toys and "Space Wars" posters
[21] Bus The Two Of Us (#4.7) 8/1/06 One of the imaginary friends is named George Mucus
[22] Bus The Two Of Us (#4.7) 8/1/06 The ultimate Red Leader reference!!!  When approaching the tollbooth, Bloo says "Target's coming up. Almost there....". Mac finds the change for the tollbooth and tries to throw it out the window, Bloo says "It's away!"  When the change clatters against the closed window, Bloo says "Negative. It didn't go in, it just impacted on the surface" Note: one of the hitchhikers was Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, holding a sign that says "Magrathea"
[23]  Make Believe It Or Not (#4.11) 11/7/06 When Bloo is fighting Wilt in the cloud of steam, the shot resembles Luke and Vader's duel on Bespin.
[24] Make Believe It Or Not (#4.11) 11/7/06 When Wilt disarms Bloo and backs into a corner, he says "I have you now" (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for all Foster's references!!)

Frasier (US 1993) - 
[1] Daphne's Room (#2.17) 2/28/95 Segment header...

[2] Frasier Lite (#11.12) 1/6/04 When Niles (Hyde-Pierce) is explaining how he got his wrist injury to his father, Martin, he says:  I saw it coming this time like the big rock in that Indiana Jones movie.

Freaks and Geeks (1999 US) -  
[1] Neal (Levine) to friend, 'The dance is tomorrow.  She's a cheerleader, you've seen Star Wars 47 times.  YOU do the math'
[2] 'Girlfriends & Boyfriends' Sam (Daley) gets paired with Gordon (Messing) for a science project.  When Gordon comes over to Sam's to study Gordon says, 'nice sheets,..." sitting on them, '...the Force' (they are SW bed linens)
[3] Neil talks about avoiding a bully. "Just avoid him like Han Solo did with Jabba the Hutt."
[4] The three main "geeks" on the show are all about 14-15 years old in 1981 or 1982 and are huge Star Wars fans. In one show, the main "geek" got in trouble for writing his book report on the novelization of Star Wars.   And when the three were fighting over who would get to ask out the new girl in town they decided it by drawing names out of a hat which was the same way they decided who was going to wait in line for Empire Strikes Back tickets.

Freakazoid! (1995 US) - 
[1] There is a character in Freakazoid named Fanboy (Furst). Fanboy is THE knowledge center of all things Star Wars, Disney and Star Trek...and other iconic phenomenon. He proudly wears the uniform of a superhero with Fanboy emblazoned on his chest.
[2] Freakazoid is being hounded by Fanboy, Fanboy wants to be his side-kick.  Freakazoid takes Fanboy to a comic con and meets Mark Hamill (as himself) at a convention, then starts quoting lines from The Empire Strikes Back, including, "Luke, I am your father."...Freakazoid in a sense has gotten rid of Fanboy by pawning him off on someone else.
[3] Fanboy says that the robots in 'The Black Hole' make R2D2 look like Laurence Olivier
[4] Freakazoid begins to lose his powers and a cop asks him if it's, "like that Force thing in Star Wars?"  Freakazoid agrees.  The cop says that he liked the movie and, "Carrie Fisher is a real cutie pie"

French and Saunders ( 1987 UK) - 
[1] 1999 TPM parody sketch on the Christmas Special show...very funny.
[2] 10/29/04 (#6.3) Behind the scenes in the office...Saunders has been invited to meet the Queen and Dawn is lamenting that she hasn't been invited.  Sketch: Kill Bill.   Elle (French) and The Bride (Saunders) trade blood gushing cut after blood gushing cut.  Elle is knocked to the wall (of her office) and her sword is broken, she looks over at it and suddenly (in a sort of regenerative way) it turns into a lightsaber (blue), when she returns to fighting it has turned back into the sword she was fighting with originally. (Thanks to D&T for #2!)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 US) - 
[1] Smith (Smith) in referring to his new-born cousin,  "little black Yoda"
[2] An unattractive girl is giving Will expensive gifts in hopes that he will go out with her.  But, then she gets popular and comes to get back all the things she gave him.  She has the Princess Leia buns.
[3] Bank's (Avery) friend and mentor the judge says, "Hey Princess Leia!  May the Force be with you!"

Friends (1994 US) - 
[1] The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy (#3.1) 09/16/96
[2] Monica tells Chandler that her boyfriend "has everything." Chandler then asks: "Does he have a life size Imperial Stormtrooper from The Sharper Image?" Monica replies: "Two of them." Chandler then looks at her in disbelief..."Could Joey and I put them on and fight?"  (Thanks to DarthCharlie32 for the title and punchline!) 
[3] Denise Richards visits Ross as his niece, she states the following:  The last time I saw you, you were setting up a tent in the Return of the Jedi line..."
[4] Ross is going to meet his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend (a fellow Paleontologist, Benjamin Hobart (Kinnear), whom he admires).  Ross asks his girlfriend, "Any Chance he'll bring Christie Brinkley or C3P0?"
[5] Ross loses his presentation after Chandler opens up a VIRUS (email).  Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Joey's new girlfriend are going to make a new presentation.  ROSS: Joey, I want you to help, but don't come up with your monologue on Star Wars.  (Ross explained what should have been in the presentation)  JOEY: Any chance those things could have happened in a galaxy far, far away?" (Thanks to Sander for #5)

Full House (1987 US) - 
[1] Stephanie says of Michelle "We've lost her to the Dark Side."
[2] One of the daughters wraps her hair around her ears to hide the fact that she pierced her ears. When asked why she is wearing her hair like this, she says something to the affect that she's dressing up as Princess Leia.
[3] DJ (Cameron Bure) and her boyfriend Steve (Weinger) are going to be on a radio show, Steve says-"DJ do you think my voice is deep enough? Because if it's not, I can do a Darth Vader thing, like -Luke, I am your father!" Then he breaths like Vader.

Futurama (1999 US) - 
[1] Holograms like in the Endor meeting room
[2] Millenium Falcon ref
[3] Space Pilot 3000 (1999 premier episode) the police reveal their 'lightsabers'.
[4] Zapp Brenigan (West) leads an attack on the Mothership (which turns out to be the Hubble telescope)...the space battle is almost an exact copy of the attack on the first Death Star.
[5] War is the H-word (2000) Fry (West) enlists in the Army. He receives his weapons, one of which is a lightsaber. He wears a helmet with the blast shield down and is swinging his lightsaber around at a remote. When he finally hits it, candy comes flying out, like a piñata.
[6] Fry, Bender (DiMaggio) and Leela (Sagal) go to 'Old New York Town'. A movie theater plays, 'Star Wars 9 - Yoda's Bar Mitzvah.'
[7] Fry and Bender play Holochess (Chewie/C3PO in ANH)
[8] A Star Wars parody - Leela 'Return of the One Eye', Fry 'The Ranting Menace', Professor 'Oh-I want to lie down'
[9] An old man gives a briefing about a mission (Admiral Ackbar in ROTJ) w/a green hologram planet.
[10] When Aliens Attack (1999) copies scenes from the Battle of Yavin. Flying from Yavin to the Death Star including the Death Star trench, a briefing that taken from Star Wars...Fry's helmet even looks like Luke's helmet.
[11] Bender gets eaten by a Killer Whale on Pluto, then he's spit out and lands on his head, he make's R2D2 sounds as he falls onto his back.

[12] Bender gets hit on the head, and an electric pulse flips him over.  He starts wriggling and beeps like R2.
[13] That's Lobstertainment! (2001) Jar-Jar's head is in a Jar at the Oscars
[14] Crimes of the Hot (season premier 2002) When a planet full of robots is about to be destroyed Prof. Farnsworth remarks "the Jedi are going to feel this one". Also a medal ceremony reminiscent of ANH.
[15] A Clone of my Own (2000) realizing that his end has finally come Farnsworth goes to "the near-death star". The crew goes to rescue him and re-enacts the trench run from ANH.
[16] Where No Fan Has Gone Before (2002) Not really a SW reference but it is related. The NoD look at their newest invention and Andrew remarks: "I thought it would look more ILM and less Ed Wood"  (Thanks to Weezer for the episode titles and fill-in info) 
[17] Crimes of the Hot C-3PO is getting crushed by some kind of machine and Bender says "I have a bad feeling about this..."
[18] Bender with lightsaber

[19] Killer Robot Planet a "Gonk" droid is shown.
[20] Fry and the Slurm Factory The "elusive Yak Face" [as written in alien language in the Slurm advertisement] is a Star Wars reference: Yak Face is the one action figure never sold in America, only on overseas markets.
[21] Brannigan Begin Again In the cold opening/teaser Fry and Bender are playing the same holo chess game that Chewie and C3pO play only this time Bender instructs all of the pieces to attack Fry.  (Thanks to weezer for #21!)

F/X: The Series (1996) - Rollie Tyler (Daddo) is floating around on a TV screen and says something like "Can't figure out how I did it? Use the Force." 

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