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Television References

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Listings in BLUE are those we haven't yet acquired.
Listings in BROWN are Indiana Jones related.
Listings in PURPLE are Wilhelm Scream entries.
Listings in ORANGE are THX-1138 entries.

Have a Star Wars reference for TV?

Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Wilhelm Scream/THX-1138 references in TV: Series, Mini-Series, Documentaries, Live Shows, Reality Shows, Game Shows, Specials, and Movies. 

Gargoyles (Anim 1994 U.S.) -
Ill Met By Moonlight (#55) 2/22/96:
[1] Oberon (Mann) and the XE Guardian (Graham) have a conversation that is just like Obi-Wan and the Stormtrooper in Star Wars:
OBERON: "But my pet and I have pressing business within."
XE GUARDIAN: "You have business inside."
OBERON: "And you have other matters to attend to.
XE GUARDIAN: "I have other things to do."
Star Wars: Obi-wan: "These aren't the droids you're looking for." STORMTROOPER: "These aren't the droids we're looking for." Obi-wan: "He can go about his business." STORMTROOPER: "You can go about your business." 
[2] Oberon and David (Frakes) have what can only be the Han/Darth Vader/dinner in Cloud City scene in The Empire Strikes Back (gun from hand) 
[3] Future Tense (#56) 4/25/96 Brooklyn (Bennett): 'Yeah, but...Thailog was killed in the Clone Wars.'
[4] Angela (Bako) and Elisa (Richardson) have the Yoda/Luke Vader my father?' .....'Is Demona my mother?' 
[5] BROOKLYN: 'You've got a lot of nerve coming back here.' (Lando to Han on platform/ Cloud City)
[6] Demona (Sirtis): 'I don't know who's the bigger fool -- him for leading, you for following, or me for not leaving you both!' (Kenobi: 'Who the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?')
[7] BROOKLYN: 'Use the Force, Lex' 
[8] DEMONA: 'Demona...I like the sound of that.' (Han: 'Scoundrel, I like the sound of that') 
[9] ANGELA: 'Father protect me' (Luke in Return of the Jedi: 'Father, please!')

George Lopez Show, The (US 2002) - Leave it to Lopez 10/26/04 
George (Lopez) falls asleep and dreams of classic TV shows (Halloween special) one of which is The Jetsons. George is George Jetson and Ernie (Rodriguez) is Mr. Spacely, they are speaking on a video phone.
MR. SPACELY: "I'm going to see Star Wars: Episode 26, the effects are supposed to be awesome, but the story is kind of weak."

The Get Down (US 2016 - Netflix Original) - Part 1 of this series is based in the summer of 1977 in NYC.
[1] Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope For A Treasure (#1.1) 08/12/16
Ra-Ra (Brooks): ...and tonight we all gonna see Star Wars..
Yolanda (Kipling): ...I ain't seein' no Star Wars!
[2] Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope For A Treasure (#1.1) 08/12/16
Marcus 'Dizzie' Kipling (J. Smith): We're gonna see that new meta galactic on Mars...
Boo-Boo (Brown): Mars Wars...
Ra-Ra: It's called Star Wars, fools! STAR WARS!
[3] Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames (#1.2) 08/12/16 
Ra-Ra: You know what Obi-Wan Kenobi says, he can feel the Force moving through eyes can deceive you *puts a blindfold over Shao's eyes* ...let your conscious self depart and arrive on instinct.

Gilmore Girls (US ) - 
[1] Fight Face (#6.2) 9/20/05 Luke (Patterson) argues that with all the Jedi abilities Ani has, how is it that just by standing up on a little hill, Obi-Wan has the advantage, etc. Lorelai (Graham) held firm with the whole "it was a movie we saw months ago, let it go already" stand. Later in the episode, Luke was situated at a higher elevation and he was debating with Lorelai, and he ended the debate by saying that since he had the higher ground, he had the advantage and thus won. (Thanks to Ekasra for reference #1!)
[2] Fight Face (#6.2) 9/20/05 Luke: And Jedi powers of mind control, they can move things, so they're telekinetic, and they hover their jet saucers over molten lava, and they jump and fly around like they're in Cirque du Soleil.

God & Devil Show (Anim U.S.) - God and Devil Interview George Lucas (#1.7) 2000

Goldbergs, The (2013 U.S.) - Note: just a handful...there are many more.
[1] Circle of Driving (#1.1) 09/24/13 Adam (Giambrone) is wearing a Star Wars t-shirt.
[2] Daddy Daughter Day (#1.2) 10/1/13 Adam has Empire Strikes Back bed linens

[3] Kara-Te (#1.11) Barry (Gentile) wants to do a karate demonstration for the school talent show, he encounters resistance from his school and his parents, but is allowed to proceed. His demonstration is coupled with Adam  using a lightsaber to attack.

[4] A Wrestler Named Goldberg (#1.22) 05/06/14 Adam (Giambrone) convinces Erica (Orrantia) to take him to the local premiere of Return of the Jedi.

Shawn Crosby as attendee in line. :D 
[5] I Rode a Hover Board! (#2.8) There is a Star Wars (ANH) poster and Adam has Star Wars bed sheet set.

[6]Happy Mom, Happy Life (#2.15) 03/04/15 Dana and Adam are assigned a Cabbage Patch Kid to take care of as if it were a child so they decide to name it.
ADAM: Dana Isabelle Caldwell, will you be the mother of my cabbage?
ADAM: Well, only the best for my girl, Dana, and our little girl, Ripley.
DANA: Ripley?
ADAM: It's a classic girl's name. Also happens to be Sigourney Weaver's bad-ass character in Alien.
DANA: How about one that will make us both happy? Leia?
ADAM: Leia DeLorean Goldberg. I love it!
[7] As You Wish (#2.21) 4/22/15
ADAM: This is my life-long dream.
MURRAY: I thought your life-long dream was to be cast as an Ewok.
ADAM: I'm too big now!
[8] A Christmas Story (#3.10) 12/09/15  Adam wears a Revenge of the Jedi t-shirt.
Screencap from SpoilerTV
[9] 12 Tapes for a Penny (#3.18) 03/16/16

Goodies, The (1970 U.K.) - U-Friend or UFO (#8.4) R2D2 (dubbed "EBGB") and C3P0 are on the show.

Goofy (Anim U.S.) - A bit dedicated to the 70's, and it being the decade and start of 'space age' fashions. 
Goofy goes through many 'styles' of the 70's one of which is Star Wars' Leia with a lightsaber, then he looks and sounds like Darth Vader

Grace Under Fire (1993 U.S.) - The Ghost and Mrs. Kelly (#4.6) 10/30/96  The house was dressed up in Star Wars decorations and Wade dressed up as Chewbacca.

Great Teacher Onizuka (2002 JA) - Based on the very popular anime "GTO" from 1998, this time as a live-action show. In Onizuka's apartment, on a set of shelving units are two crossed lightsabers.

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Anim 2001 U.S.) -
[1] Night of the living Grim/BrowniEvil/Brown Evil Part 2 (#2.2) 06/20/03 (BrowniEvil Pt 1)
Hoss (Bader) and Grim (Eagles) have a lightsaber fight, Hoss has a green lightsaber and Grim has a red lightsaber.

[2] Grim or Gregory/Something Stupid This Way Comes (#1.8) 07/26/02 (Something Stupid) Billy (Horvitz) is training Nergal (voiced by SWAD alum David Warner) with the 5 Cs to Friendship: Under #2 Consideration: a nod to The Empire Strikes Back:
BILLY: "FEEEL the friendship flowing through you! .... Good!" *Nergal does jumps and flips.* (Thanks to Cap'n Rackham!)
[3] Toadblatt's School of Sorcery/Educating Grim/It's Hokey Mon! (#2.1) 06/13/03  Billy and Irwin (voiced by SWAD alum Vanessa Marshall) in Educating Grim with lines from The Empire Strikes Back
IRWIN: He was our only hope.
BILLY: No...there is another.
[4] Terror of the Black Night/Battle of the Bands/The Halls of Time (#2.8)  08/01/03 Another Empire Strikes Back reference:
BILLY'S DAD (Horvitz): Join me, and we can rule the rock as father and son!
[5] Grim for a Day/ Chicken Ball Z (#2.9) 08/15/03 A nod to Star Wars (ANH):
BILLY: When I left you, I was but a nerd, now *I* am the master.
[6] Billy and Mandy's Jacked up Halloween (#2.12 Special) 10/1/03 A lightsaber duel!
[7] Bully Boogie/Here Thar Be Dwarves (#3.7) 07/23/04 (Here Thar Be DwarvesThe elves have a cookie factory which is protected by the force-field generator which is modeled after the Tractor Beam 12 on the Death Star in Star Wars. Billy deactivates it as Obi-Wan did on the Death Star...

[8] Attack of the Clowns/Complete and Utter Chaos (#3.13) 10/22/04 The title is a play on Attack of the Clones.
[9] The Secret Snake Club (#4.1) 02/21/05 Leeky Collon (voiced by SWAD alum Frank Welker) is running (via boat) from the Junior CIA in a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

[10] Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears/The Secret Decoder Ring (#4.4.2) 04/08/05 Billy is determined to eat all the boxes of Blast-O Bits cereal to get a secret decoder ring. Mandy finds it, but gives it to Billy who then decodes the secret message on the cereal box. The ring is activated and a hologram pops up:
HOLOGRAM: We need you Oki-Wan Kedoki...HEY! Who the heck are you?! What are you doing on this frequency?

[11] Wishbones (#4.14) 06/10/05 Billy makes a wish for an adventure and everyone is dressed as Jonny Quest characters. The adventure is a lot like a Raiders of the Lost Ark/Jonny Quest mashup:

They run from the tomb and are being chased by native persons and:
BILLY'S DAD (Horvitz): Gladys, start the engines! Start the engines, Gladys!

[12] Duck!/ Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me? (#4.9) 06/24/05 (Aren't You Chupacabra...) Grim uses the Force to grab the VHS tape.

[13] The Firebird Sweet/The Bubble With Billy (#4.12) 07/29/05 (The Bubble with Billy) Billy needs gum to take his test and calls upon Grim. Grim summons up a talking gumball machine with a voice going for William Shatner's acting style:
BILLY: talk?
GUMBALL MACHINE (Cox): Certainly, I speak 42 (HA!) different languages, including Dutch, French, the binary language of moisture vaporators, Klingon, Hindi..." (C3P0 in Star Wars: "I am fluent in over six million forms of communication...")
[14] My Fair Mandy (#5.1) 07/29/05
GRIM: I sense a disturbance in the Force. (Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: I sense a disturbance in the Force.)
[15] Billy and Mandy Save Christmas (#5.7) 12/02/05 
Mandy wants proof that Santa exists, Grim rips a hole into the fabric of time and he, Mandy, and Billy get sucked in. They are in the snow, Billy pushes his head through a snow bank and discovers the cave where Luke Skywalker is hanging by his feet and the Wampa is next to him. (The Empire Strikes Back)

[16] Star Wars Promo for Billy and Mandy using lines from The Empire Strikes Back and the music from The Phantom Menace...

[17] The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name/Major Cheese (#6.3) 01/20/06 Grim uses the Jedi Mind Trick to get the truck driver to walk away from his truck which is carrying Mighty Moe's Live Forever books.
GRIM: You needn't worry about my imminent electrocution..
TRUCK DRIVER: I needn't worry about your imminent electrocution...
GRIM: This isn't the truckload of books you're looking for...
TRUCK DRIVER: Actually, I own this truck!
GRIM: You'd much rather be at home watching TV
TRUCK DRIVER: TV...can I have snacks and some friends over?

[18] The Wrongest Yard (#6.5) 03/20/06 Billy and Irwin join the football team so they won't be bullied anymore.
IRWIN (as quarterback): Uumm, b-blue five, hut hut one, uhut two, red hot, Jabba the Hutt..
[19] The Wrongest Yard (#6.5) 03/20/06 Mandy has a "unique cheerleading style" and gets the team to lead in wins. At some point Mandy is in the huddle and is laying out the plan:
IRWIN: Is it possible to learn this power? (Anakin Skywalker from Revenge of the Sith: Is it possible to learn this power?)
MANDY: Not from a football coach. (Senator Palpatine from ROTS: Not from a Jedi.)
[20] Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons/Fear and Loathing in Endsville (#6.9) 05/12/06 Grim and Dracula (voiced by SWAD alum Phil LaMarr) get lost in the desert and come across something familiar:
GRIM: Uh! A Sand Bandit!
ORC - SAND BANDIT (Cummings): Uhh, actually we prefer People of Sand.

[21] Dad Day Afternoon/Scary Poppins (#6.10) 06/05/06 Mandy (voiced by SWAD alum Grey DeLisle/Griffin) uses the Jedi Mind Trick (in the same position as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars at Mos Eisley with the Sandtrooper) on her parents.
[22] Dad Day Afternoon - Scary Poppins (#6.10) 06/05/06 Billy tells Mandy and the nanny to have a fight with laser swords.
[23] The Crass Unicorn/Billy & Mandy Begins (#6.13) 08/09/06 (The Crass Unicorn)
GRIM: I'll never join you! (Luke in The Empire Strikes Back)
[24]The Crass Unicorn/Billy & Mandy Begins (#6.13) 08/09/06 (Billy & Mandy Begins) Billy and Mandy set out to retrieve Grim's head via spaceship and they head on a Raiders of the Lost Ark search.
To Rome for the Reapers' bones: 

Then to Egypt to get the Robe of Rah:

Then to the Amazon, where Billy and Mandy encounter a temple in a jungle, poison darts shooting across a passageway, swing across a pit on a vine, and to the area where Grim's skull is set upon a platform:

[25] Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure (#7.7) 03/30/07 Assassins set out to kill Billy and Mandy are roughly fashioned after C-3P0 (Mandroid) and R2-D2 (Billy Bot):

[26] Wrath of the Spider Queen (#7.10) 07/06/07 Billy has to save everyone (in the cafeteria) from the Spider Queen and in order to do that he has to get over his fear of spiders.  The cow on a milk carton (Milk Carton Cow) becomes animated and starts talking to Billy. It all goes a bit Return of the Jedi...
MILK CARTON COW: That's right, Billy...I am Arachnotaur, the spider god of anger! The Galactic Council chose to imprison me in your school chocolate milk carton! When the seal of the milk carton was broken IIIII was released from my (_____?) prison and entered into the body of Jeff where I taught him the power of ANGERRR!!!
BILLY: There IIISsss to power in anger! Arachnotaur...I will defeat you without ever raising a fist through the power of passive resistance. You can beat me up all you want, but eventually you'll just get TIRED and go away.
ARACHNOTAUR: Betcha I won't! *punches Billy several times but gets bored*
BILLY: I'm proud of you, go now, my son...leaaave meeee!
JEFF (the spider formerly possessed by Arachnotaur):'re coming with me, I'll not leave you here...I've got to save you.
BILLY: You already have, already have.
[27] Dracula Must Die/Short Tall Tales (#7.11) 09/21/07 (Dracula Must Die) Irwin's Dad finds out that Dracula is his father:
IRWIN'S DAD (to his mother Tanya): But you always told me my dad was a navigator on a spice freighter...why did you hiddity-hide the truth? (Luke to Obi-Wan: No, my father didn't fight in the Clone Wars. He was a navigator on a spice freighter.)
IRWIN'S GRANDMAMA: 'Cause it woulda broke my little baby's heart if you knew your daddy disappeared on us.
[28] Underfist: Halloween Bash (#7.15) 10/12/08
HOSS: You tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth she'll get no such pleasure from me! (Han says the same in Return of the Jedi)
[29] Underfist: Halloween Bash (#7.15) 10/12/08 Mandy and Irwin give us this Empire Strikes Back gem:
MINDY: Join us, Irwin. With your mummy cooties and my candy army, we can rule the surface world!
IRWIN: I'll never join you!

Grosse Pointe (2000) - Episode title Star Wars (#1.11) 12/17/00

Gundam0080 (US 2000 Anim) - 
lightsaber sound effects for the swords

Happy Family (2003/4 U.S.) - The One With The Friends (#1.15) 02/03/04 Peter Brennen (Larroquette) tells his three children (all over 18) to remove their old toys and books from the garage (he's gathered them all up and put them in the center of the garage). After children gather in the garage, the eldest, Todd (Davis) as he lifts a book up, asks the youngest, Tim (Francavilla), if he wants to throw out his geometry book from Jr High School. Tim jumps to attention and says that he doesn't want to get rid of if because he drew a flip book of Star Wars (a lightsaber battle) on the page corners. His Star Wars flip book is rather unusual and as his sister, Maggie (Gibney), takes a look at it with a rather disturbed look on her face (it's pornographically illustrated) and asks Tim if he knew that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were brother and sister when he drew it.

Have I Got News For You (1990 UK) - One of Angus Deytons links regarding TPM: 'and if you don't want to know what happens, you shouldn't have seen the last 3'

Heroes (2006 US) - 
[1] Hiro is having a chat with his friend, Ando, about why they were beat up. Hiro says that it was all because he and his friend used his powers for personal gain...

[2] Homecoming (#1.9) 11/21/06 What follows is a bit of dialogue that is reminiscent of C3PO and R2D2 after landing on Tatooine. Nathan Petrelli (Pasdar) says his brother suffers from "delusions of grandeur" (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!) 
Note: Anyone wonder about Hiro's love for Star Wars? The actor who plays Hiro (Masayori 'Masi' Oka) worked for Industrial Light and Magic, he is a gifted special effects computer programmer (Digital Artist). Oka also has a 180 + IQ.

Heroes (2006 U.S.) - Online supplement: Hiro's Blog:
Captain's Log: Stardate 1764.3 - Mudslide. I want to apologize to everyone. I've done something that I am very ashamed of. I've broken the cardinal rule of being a superhero. I've used my powers for personal gain. I cheated at Las Vegas. It was very unhero-like.
Now I know why I was sent to Las Vegas by the comic book. This was a test. A test to see if I can resist the temptation to be corrupted. I've failed my first test. I'm sorry to have let you down. I've been tempted to the Dark Side.
I just hope Karma strikes back at me quick, so I'll be forgiven for my sins. Then I can reset and continue with my mission to save the world....
Captain's Log: Stardate 1760.1 - Vegas!- We made it. やったー!! \(^o^)/ Hello, Las Vegas! Looks like we're going to the Montecito Hotel.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1759.9 - MPG The Nissan Versa sure has some nice MPG. Gotta love that Nissan Versa.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1759.6 - Ando-kun. Hiro hits Ando-kun for 53 damage. 19 blocked.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1759.4 - Directions?! - I think we're lost. Good at human-cyborg relations, bad at driving. Good thing the highways are free in America. He should just let me drive.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1759.3 - Hi again... Hiro crits potato chip bag for 182 damage.
Captain's Log: Stardate 1759.1 - Check in...again...So many Denny's
Captain's Log: Stardate 1758.9 - Checking in... Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?

Heroes and Villains (2007 U.S.) - 

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (1996 UK) - Hetty (Routledge) and Geoffrey (Monaghan - pictured) goes into a video shop to follow a lead. The shopkeeper she speaks to is involved in the 'crime', he is facing, and Geoffrey has his back to, a Return of the Jedi poster on the wall...there is a good 3 minutes of the shot.

Holby City (1999 UK) - A patient is coming out of pre-op and is covered in the pre-op "equipment". He looks up at Tom Campbell-Gore (the surgical consultant - played by SWAD alum Denis Lawson) and says, "I look like something out of Star Wars"

Home Improvement (1991 U.S.) - Mow Better Blues (#1.2) 9/26/91 
TIM (Allen): Oooh, yeah! (Tim takes the tool from Mark) That's my Tolan precision engineered torque wrench. See, the gauge there measures pounds per square inch. You use this for all your delicate bolts, like on the engine head, and when you bolt the engine to the chassis there.
MARK: it looks old
TIM: Oh, it's not old, it's, it's experienced! This is the Yoda of my tool bench, right here! Yeah! It's been in my family almost 20 years. My dad gave it to me, and someday, I'm gonna give it to you. (Tim puts the wrench down)
MARK: Gee, thanks, Dad.
TIM: You bet, buddy.

Home Movies (Anim 1999 U.S.) - The Party (#2.5) 02/03/02
BRENDON (Small) (to kids): I am writing a movie that is way better than Star Wars and Star Trek. It has better special effects, too." KIDS: What's it called?" 
BRENDON: Can Star Wars Do THIS?? KIDS: (Blank stares) "Can Star Wars do THIS??" BRENDON: You kids are dorks, I am going to find someone else to talk to" 
[2] Brendon has a Star Wars poster on his wall.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1997 U.S.) - 
[1] The Zelinskys are shrunk down and have been injected into the bloodstream of Mrs. Zelinsky's father. They wind up in his kidney, getting pelted by kidney stones. Dr. Zelinsky: "Do you know the chances of successfully navigating a kidney stone field?" Mrs. Zelinsky: "Never tell me the odds!"
[2] While in the bloodstream, they find the white blood cells are descending upon them in attack. Zelinsky makes his laser-powered window wipers compatible with a gaming joystick and has his daughter, who's skilled at playing her Star Wars video game, fire back at them. Zelinsky's line to his daughter: "Pretend that they're TIE Fighters!"

Hoodwinked (2005 U.S.) - 
[1] While Red and Japeth are flying in the mine cart, granny appears to Red and says, "Use the hood, Red! Use the hood!" 
[2] When Wolf and Twitchy are walking through the caves, they fall into a deep section of water and Twitchy moves the photography light around like R2's periscope on Dagobah. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai!)

House Arrest (1999 U.S.) - In a scene where the boy (Grover) and his friends are setting the table for diner, his friends are arguing over which side of the place setting the spoon goes on. Grover steps into the room from the kitchen and begins to tell them which side it goes on, but then stops himself and exclaims, "You know guys...who's gonna say anything if we change things around?". At which point another friend walks out from the kitchen (TJ), and says, "Obi-Wan has taught you well".

House M.D. (2004 U.S.) - 
[1] Que Será Será (#3.6) 11/7/06 House (Laurie) refers to a morbidly obese patient as Jabba, "Start treating Jabba for Pickwickian Syndrome. His 96ZZs are probably putting pressure on his chest, suffocating him" 
[2] Son of Coma Guy (#3.7) 11/14/06 After a patient wakes up from a ten-year coma, which prompts Dr. House to make a comment about how lucky the patient is to have missed the Prequel Trilogy. (Thanks to The Stooge for this reference!)

House of Style (1997 U.S.) - Rebecca Romijn hosts and N'Sync are guests and are encouraged to poke fun at each others' personal style. Justin on Joey, "Joey has this coat. It looks like a hydrogen-peroxide Chewbacca"

How I Met Your Mother (2005 U.S.) - 
[1] Slutty Pumpkin (#1.6) 10/24/05 During the 'Slutty Pumpkin' flashback -
TED: I just met the perfect woman. She's funny, she's beautiful, she loves Star Wars.
MARSHALL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's her take on Ewoks?
TED: Loves them.
MARSHALL: I don't know why people are so cynical about Ewoks. The Rebellion would have failed without the Ewoks.
TED: And get this...she's a marine biologist. She spent a year in Antarctica studying penguins.
MARSHALL: Oh, penguins are cool. Kinda like black and white Ewoks. I approve. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!) 
[2] Okay Awesome (#1.5) 10/16/06 Among the items in Barney's apartment was a full-sized statue of a 501st Legion Clone Trooper (its first appearance). Apparently they could only get the front armor because the back was all black Bodyglove. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this

[3] Drumroll, Please (#1.13) 01/23/06
TED'S DATE: And then, when we're old and gray, we'll look back on this night, and it'll be perfect.
TED: I guess.  What, we'll need fake names?
TED'S DATE: Um, you can call me Buttercup
TED: I'm Lando Calrissian.
[4] Game Night (#1.15) 02/27/06 Barney's transformation has a familiar Revenge of the Sith ring...
MAN to long-haired Barney: You get money, you get laid. End of discussion.
*current* BARNEY: My saga continues.
*flashback*Man: Oh, she got the tape.
*Barney's walking on the street*
*Barney picks up a flyer which reads "Suit Up!"*
*dramatic music plays as Barney looks determined*
*Barney has bought a black pinstriped suit and is laying in a black barber's chair getting his hair cut
*He's now transformed into current Barney*
[5] Mary, The Paralegal (#1.19) 04/24/06MARY: Hey you know that scene in Empire where they lower the helmet onto Darth Vader's head? Do yo uthink that's how Sandy puts his hair on in the morning?
TED: You just insulted someone I hate by referencing something I love. Damn! You just got even hotter.
[6] Milk (#1.21) 05/08/06LILY: You can never tell Marshall. Ever. Swear. Swear on the lives of your unborn boy and girl.
TED: I swear on Luke and Leia.
[7] World's Greatest Couple (#2.5) 2/16/06 Barney's Clone Trooper!
[8] Lucky Penny (#2.15) 2/12/07 Ted and Robin are walking down a street eating and they come upon a line of people camped out.
ROBIN: Hey, what's going on?
TED: I don't know. Looks like they're camping out for something.
ROBIN: Yea, but for what?
TED: I don't know, usually there's a Stormtrooper or Klingon in line to give you an indication.
[9] Stuff (#2.16) 3/19/07 During Lily's play, one of the actors walks out on stage and says, "Greed, Rage, Envy, and consumerism...I am your father...America!" (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)
[10] Arrividerci, Fiero (#2.17) 02/26/07
TED: If I die first, do whatever you need to survive. Eat my flesh. Slice me open like a Tauntaun, whatever.
MARSHALL: Thanks, Ted.
[11] Moving Day (#2.18) 3/19/07 After winning a game of Lazer Tag Barney says to Ted: I'll be at the snack shack eating our victory onion rings Han style....Solo! 
[12] Something Blue (#2.22) 5/14/07 Lily and Marshall have just married and are introduced to their reception guests by their original names.
LILY: Doesn't it make you kind of sad that we don't share the same last name?
MARSHALL: You know in a totally evolved 21st century kinda way, yeah, a little.
LILY: You know what we should do? We should come up with a whole new last name.
MARSHALL: Oh, that's easy...Lily & Marshall Skywalker.
[13] 2008 Promo photo Cast re-enacts publicity photo of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
[14] How I Met Everyone Else (#3.5) 10/22/07TED: This is Barney. I met him the other day. He's kind of a jackass.
BARNEY: I'm teaching Ted how to live. And, lucky you, I have room for one more student. Think of me as Yoda. Only instead of being little and green, I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro. I'm Broda. And tonight, you're going to use the Force to get the hottest chick in this bar into bed.
TED: He's going to use force? 'Cause that sounds wrong, Broda.
BARNEY: No, the Force. It's a Star Wars reference.
TED: So we should make lots of Star Wars references around girls, that's what you're saying
[15] Spoiler Alert (#3.8) 11/12/07TED: I mean, you got used to Lily's loud chewing, right?
MARSHALL: Lily doesn't chew loudly.
TED: Come on. This isn't news. Why do you think I call her Chewbacca?
MARSHALL: I assumed because she's loyal, wears shiny belts..and I resemble a young Harrison Ford
[16] Do I Know You? (#4.1) 09/22/08 Barney's Clone Trooper!
[17] Do I Know You? (#4.1) 09/22/08 The whole episode revolves around Stella seeing Star Wars to prove if she's a good fit for Ted.
After seeing Star Wars with Ted and Marshall:
STELLA: I loved it.
TED: Yes! Yes, I am marrying a woman who is not only hot, but loves Star Wars. That's the dream. Yes! I was high-fiving 15 year-old me through the space-time continuum. *turns to self* We did it. We did it, you masturbating little bastard.
*Ted walks away* Marshall and Stella talk:
MARSHALL: You hated it, didn't you?
STELLA: It's so stupid. I mean, first of all, how do they understand that walking bear they hang around with all the time?
STELLA: Yeah, he goes *grunts* And they're all like, 'That's a good point, Bear, let's try that.'
MARSHALL: Okay, he's a Wookiee, and his kind is actually more intelligent than they appear.
MARSHALL: Look, Stella, that is Ted's favorite movie of all time. He watches it when he's home sick with the flu. He watches it on rainy Sunday afternoons in the Fall. He watches it on Christmas Eve. Ted watches Star Wars in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. Do you really think you can pretend to like a movie that you actually hate for the rest of your life?
MARSHALL: Well, then, Ted's a lucky guy.
[18] Intervention (#4.4) 10/13/08 LILY: Okay, you guys finish unpacking. I'm gonna go bake some cookies to fill R2-Sweet Tooth.
[19] Happily Ever After (#4.6) 11/03/08 Ted about Stella:
TED: This is about Stella and I finally communicating. I mean, clearly, that was...
MARSHALL: Stella hated Star Wars. She lied to you. Search your feelings, Ted. You know it to be true.
[20] Not a Father's Day (#4.7) 11/10/08 At the bar:
BARNEY: I am not impressed with the talent here tonight. And the more I drink, the less attractive they get. I'm one Scotch and soda away from the cantina scene in Star Wars.
[21] Woooo! (#4.8) 11/17/08 Ted draws Barney a thank you.
TED: Now, go easy on me. It's a work in progress.
BARNEY: Ted, this is amazing. The detail. The shading. The playfulness of the lines. This is exactly what Princess Leia would look like topless.
TED: My way of saying thanks. So, you want to see my designs for the building?
BARNEY: No, I'm good.
[22] The Fight (#4.10) 12/08/08 Marshall envisioning Thanksgiving (and the use of lightsabers) a few years away:
MARSHALL: We're civilized guys. Civilized guys don't fight. Unless it's with lightsabers, but that's like three to five years away, so...
ROBIN: Well, that' snot true.
MARSHALL: Robin, I'm on the forums every day. Three to five Thanksgivings from now, I'm gonna be carving the turkey with Old Green...
[23] The Fight (#4.10) 12/08/08 A future Thanksgiving at the Erikson's:
MARSHALL: Okay, here we go. Goggles on! *ignites his green lightsaber* Alright, so, you guys pass the plates. Lily, you want white or dark meat?
[24] Three Days of Snow (#4.13) 01/19/09 Ted and Barney are behind the bare when two pretty women walk in from the snow outside:
WOMAN 1: Oh, thank God you're still here.
WOMAN 2: I don't know if you guys have ever seen Star Wars, but it's like Hoth out there.
TED *turning to Barney*: Dibs.
[25] Front Porch (#4.17) 03/16/09 Lily and Ted are talking about his past girlfriends:
LILY: Remember that weird sci-fi girl who wanted you to propose after like, two months? You barely even liked her, but you were still thinking about it, so  *cuts to Ted in line at Attack of the Clones where everyone, including Ted and Marshall are in costumes*
SCI-FI GIRL (dressed as Darth Vader): Listen, Ted, you're great, and this is so difficult, but I think we're looking for different things. *Ted as Luke looks shocked*
MARSHALL (dressed as Chewbacca): *Roars as Sci-Fi girl leaves*
[26] Right Place, Right Time (#4.22) 05/04/09HARLEN (Duerler): A hundred girls? Is that what this is about? Barney...I lied.
BARNEY: Sure you did.
HARLEN: I was 12. Of course I was lying. I didn't have a pet Ewok either.
BARNEY: Sure you didn't.
[28] Double Date (#5.2) 09/28/09 Ted, Marshall, and Barney in the car talking about the Origins of Chewbacca exhibit...
MARSHALL: Hey, do you think they'll have Wookiee-to-English dictionaries there? I mean, even just an everyday phrase book would be helpful.
BARNEY: We're not going to the Origins of Chewbacca exhibit, Marshall.  It's in Houston this year. Everyone knows that.
[29] Double Date (#5.2) 09/28/09BARNEY: Guess who just got four tickets to the Origins of Chewbacca Star Wars exhibit?
LILY: Why?
BARNEY: No, I said, "Guess who?"
ROBIN: Yeah, isn't it a little early in our relationship to do something that would end our relationship?
MARSHALL *excited*: It can be our first double date as couples! Is the original Chewbacca going to be there?
BARNEY: Peter Mayhew, in the fur.  Who's with me?
[30] The Rough Patch (#5.7) 11/09/09 First appearance of the classic Stormtrooper. Barney had a Clone Trooper in previous episodes.
LILY: We need to reignite the four biggest fights they've ever been in...Number three: the Star Wars altercation. *flashbacks to Robin and Barney arguing*
ROBIN: Isn't it time you got rid of your stupid doll?
BARNEY: It's not a doll. It's a Stormtrooper.
ROBIN: Uh...He's wearing a diaper.
BARNEY: It's not a diaper, Robin. It's protective armor.
ROBIN: Stormtrooper, more like Stormpooper.
BARNEY: Stop it!
ROBIN *makes farting noises*: Whoa! Oh! It sounds like your Stormtrooper here needs a changing.
[31] The Rough Patch (#5.7) 11/09/09 TED: What the hell is this?
LILY: They didn't have any Stormtroopers, so I had to get a different robot. This will still work.
TED: Different robot? Stormtroopers aren't robots.
LILY: Of course they're robots. *uses standard robot voice* 'Must. Kill. Luke. Skywalker.'
TED: Nobody says that in Star Wars.
LILY: Okay, so wait, wait, wait...When they blew up the Death Star, knowing full well there were thousands of Stormtroopers on it, those were people?
MARSHALL: Well, it was called the Death Star, baby.
[32] The Playbook (#5.8) 11/09/09 Barney's Stormtrooper!
[33] Of Course (#5.17) 03/08/10 Jennifer Lopez guest stars, she's in Barney's apartment where the Stormtrooper is shown.
[34] Of Course (#5.17) 03/08/10 Marshall, Lily, Ted, and Barney are coming into Barney's apartment.  Marshal knocks the helmet of the Stormtrooper down on the floor.
BARNEY: Dude, why would you do that?
MARSHALL: Because I'm angry at you! I'm angry at me!  I'm angry at Ted! And, frankly, I'm still angry at the Empire.
[35] Of course (#5.17) 03/08/10 Barney is upset that Robin has been upset...
*Barney throws up in his Stormtrooper bucket* O.O
BARNEY: I can't believe Robin's been so upset.
MARSHALL: I can't believe you threw up in your Stormtrooper helmet.
BARNEY: Eh. I did something worse in it after The Phantom Menace premiere.
[36] Cleaning House (#6.2) 09/27/10 Barney's childhood room has a Stormtrooper action figure on his dresser.
[37] Unfinished (#6.3) 10/04/10 NARRATOR: But then that night...
TED: I'm telling you, no architect would ever design a giant exposed vent...right over a Death Star's core reactor. That's Space Architecture 101.
[38] Unfinished (#6.3) 10/04/10 MARSHALL: Yes, GNB is, uh, the Empire from Star Wars, but the Death Star's gonna get built either way. And don't you think the architect of the Death Star is pretty psyched to have that thing on his space résumé?
[39] Architect of Destruction (#6.5) 10/18/10BARNEY: Why? Because new is always better.
TED: So...those new Star Wars movies...those are better than the old ones?
BARNEY: Yea. The first three barely mention the intricacies of intergalactic trade law.
[40] Baby Talk (#6.6) 10/25/10 Scene in Barney's apartment with the Stormtrooper.
[41] Legendaddy (#6.19) 03/21/2011 Marshall feels that his friends are treating him differently after his father passed away so he tests them then confesses.
MARSHALL: But nothing. so then I started to test you guys. *shows different times he tested them*
'The Phantom Menace is by far the best Star Wars movie.' *Barney gags on his drink*
BARNEY: It ages well. That's the thing. Mm-hmm.
[42] Landmarks (#6.23) 05/09/11 TED: Zoey might be the mother of my children. So in addition to doing this for John Clifford Larrabee, I'm also doing this for Luke and Leia.
LILY: She's gonna let you name your kids Luke and Leia?
TED: Not if I knock down her favorite building she isn't.  Barney, I'm sorry.
[43] The Stinson Missile Crisis (#7.4) 10/03/11 Shows a Halloween where Marshall and Lily are dressed as C3P0 & R2D2 and Ted is R2-D4.
[44] The Field Trip (#7.5) 10/10/11Gruber Pharmaceuticals is a company full of well-meaning people doing their jobs, just like you and me.
MARSHALL: Guys, I'm afraid that Garrison Cootes has gone soft! He's like a teddy bear!
TED: A teddy bear or an Ewok? You know, cute and cuddly around the village, but once the battle starts... He'll smash in your metal skull with giant swinging logs.
LILY: Marshall!
TED: Okay, he'll hug you until you agree to peaceably shut down the Death Star.
[45] The Field Trip (#7.5) 10/10/11 Barney is dating Nora and she makes a statement...
NORA: Ugh, I hate the Ewoks
*after Nora leaves the table*
BARNEY: Nora hates Ewoks. Well, I have to break up with her. Be Gentle when you tell her, guys.
LILY: Not liking Ewoks is no reason not to date somebody.
[46] The Field Trip (#7.5) 10/10/11 Barney gives a lesson on The Ewok Line during Ted's architecture class.
BARNEY: In 1983, George Lucas introduced the world to the Ewoks, (shows slides of Ewoks) a race of creatures indigenous to the second moon of Endor. Now, the Ewoks have a rich back-story that the movie didn't really go into. Ah, yes. *shows an Ewok Appreciation graphic* Ultimately, Ewoks split Star Wars fandom into two camps: those born before, and those born after May 25, 1973. The Ewok Line. Anyone born on this side of the Ewok Line was at least 10 years old when Jedi came out, and thus too old for something so cloying and cute. Anyone born on this side loved the Ewoks because, why? They reminded you of...

STUDENT: Our teddies?
BARNEY: They reminded you of your teddies *slide shows photo of Ewok = Teddy* And so, by the immutable laws of The Ewok Line, my 29 year-old girlfriend who hates Ewoks must in fact be no younger than...37.
[47] Field Trip (#7.5) 10/10/11 Barney and his date, Nora (Boniadi) are talking about Ewoks and her age.
BARNEY: Well, if you were really 29, then you would have been a little kid the first time you saw the Ewoks and you would have loved them.
NORA: Barney, I didn't see any of the Star Wars movies until last year.
BARNEY:'re 29!
[48] Field Trip (#7.5) 10/10/11 The music playing at the party is Victory Celebration from Return of the Jedi.
[49] The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (#7.8) 10/31/11 Barney finds out he's 1/4 Canadian.
ROBIN: Welcome to the tribe, hoser!
BARNEY:'s not true! That's impossible!
[50] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12 Barney is talking with the guys:
BARNEY: Anyway, while it's just us guys, let me ask you something. We've all dad that same fantasy about having sex with a girl in a Stormtooper costume, right?
TED: Mm, no.
BARNEY: Let's stop being polite and start gettin' real. Stormtrooper fantasy...Every guy's had that one, right?
TED: Not even once, no.
MARSHALL: No, no, no.
BARNEY: So I'm the weird one?
[51] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12MARSHALL: I was just trying to use the Force. Do you think instead of making a beer fly out of the fridge, I made that lamp break? Either that or the Stormtrooper did.
*everyone laughs*
BARNEY: Oh, the Stormtrooper would never do that. He knows that lamp costs $1200.
[52] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12 Barney is with a woman on his sofa, you don't see her at first:
BARNEY: Oh, that was awesome.
*woman pops up from sofa in Barney's Stormtrooper armor*
You were right, not weird. No
[53] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12NARRATOR: Kids, here's the deal with Trilogy Time. It all started a long time ago in a dorm room far, far away...[Star Wars-esque credits say "Wesleyan The Year 2000"]
MARSHALL: Dude, if we fail this e-con final, for the rest of are lives we're not gonna be able to...*Waves hands* We won't know how to...Do you even know what E-con is?
TED: No idea, we're screwed. Well there's only one thing left to do at a time like this: watch the entire Star Wars trilogy all the way through 'cause I haven't done that in like five years!
MARSHALL: Dude, you can't let that happen. If you're not trilling it at least once every three years, the dark side wins.
TED: Okay, let's make a pact. No matter what, every three years, we sit down and trill it up big time. Agreed?
[54] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12 TED to Marshall: You're not going anywhere. It's trilogy time.
[55] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12NARRATOR: In the summer of 2009, Barney and Robin were secretly dating.
TED: Oh, Barney said she's taking some extension class on how to decoupage and Barney's taking a different decoupage class in the same building- that's why they shared a cab that one time.
NARRATOR: We were idiots.
MARSHALL: Wait a minute. You're saying that Barney Stinson is at a decoupage class? That means we can watch Star Wars on his giant TV!
TED: Punch it, Chewy!
[56] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12 Robin and Barney are seeing each other without the others knowing, she is in his Stormtrooper armor and they are almost going to live out Barney's Stormtrooper fantasy. Ted and Marshall show up at Barney's apartment while Robin is there. Robin isn't ready to reveal their relationship to the others. Barney convinces her to stay hidden in the costume:
ROBIN *whispering*: Get me out of this thing!
BARNEY: There's no time!
ROBIN: Barney, I am not ready for them to find out about us.
BARNEY: Then you're gonna have to stay in there for the entire trilogy...Don't worry..It's only 382 minutes.
ROBIN: Nerd!
[57] Trilogy Time (#7.20) 04/09/12 Ted about to sit down with the baby and watch the trilogy:
TED: Okay, you are about to see something awesome.
BARNEY (to the baby): And just know this...Han shot first.
[58] The Magician's Code Part 1 (#7.23) 05/13/12NARRATOR: Kids, when Aunt Lily went into labor, Marshall was somewhere slightly inconvenient, in Atlantic City with Uncle Barney, and drunk to the point of talking like Yoda:
MARSHALL: Baby come... Papa gonna be am I... Hospital must we get now...
[59] The Pre-Nup (#8.2) 10/01/12 Barney's Stormtrooper
[60] Nannies (#8.3) Barney's Stormtrooper
[61] The Over-Correction (#8.10) 12/10/12 Robin is in Barney's apartment and bumps into Barney's life-sized Stormtrooper, which reveals a secret panel holding the infamous Playbook.
[62] Ring Up! (#8.14) 01/21/13 Ted is dating a 20 year old, Carly (Benson) and is looking for common ground because of the age difference. Carly's cell "rings" with a familiar beeping:
TED: Is that R2-D2? ...Do you like Star Wars?
CARLY: I love Star Wars
TED: Me, too! *they kiss*
CARLY: I mean, I've only seen the new ones.
TED: Close enough.
[63] Bad Crazy (#8.16) 02/11/13 Barney and Marshall buy things that they can't keep at their own homes (supposedly because Robin and Lily don't know they've spent money buying the items and they have to keep them in storage at Ted's place...because he's single.)
One thing that Barney had to store at Ted's was a life-sized Boba Fett.
[64] Bad Crazy (#8.16) 02/11/13 Ted dresses as Boba Fett to try to get rid of his crazy girlfriend, Jeanette.
[65] The Bro Mitzvah (#8.22) 04/29/13 BARNEY: Shut it, Ralph Macchio! Why don't you go have a party with Luke Skywalker, and Harry Potter, and War Horse, and all the other movie bad guys..and stop ruining mine!
[66] Coming Back (#9.2) 09/23/13 On Marshall getting another flight back home:
MARSHALL: I'm gonna try!
BARNEY: There is no try!
[67] Knight Vision (#9.6) 10/21/13 Ted has three possibly wedding date choices in this Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference (tinged with a smattering of The Empires Strikes Back)

"You chose...poorly."
[68] Mom and Dad (#9.10) 11/18/13 When their mom gets back together with James' father, instead of Barney's father,
BARNEY: I've been dreaming of that since I was five. Well, that, and my own operational Death Star.  But mostly them getting back together...why does James get it and I don't?
[69] Unpause (#9.15) 01/20/14 Ted had always said that he'd name his kids Luke and Leia. In a conversation with his future son in the car about the 2am rule:
TED: 2am, it's a good rule. But every rule has an exception. And for us, that exception was you, Luke.
[70] Unpause (#9.15) 01/20/14 Barney (drunk before his wedding) speaks like Jabba the Hutt.
[71] Sunrise (#9.17) 02/03/14 Ted is having a conversation with Stella, he is trying to get back a locket which belongs to Robin, he believes Stella has it.
TED: You know what's weird? Not seeing Star Wars until you're 30!
STELLA: You're trying to blow up the wedding!
TED: You called C-3P0 the Tin Man!
STELLA: He's made of Tin!
TED: Tatooine scrap metal!  This is not an argument you are going to win.

In Living Color (U.S.) - 
[1] A one-liner in the Doctor's Office Skit by Kim Wayans, 'She's got so much facial hair, she looks like Chewbacca with a wig' 
[2] Fire Marshall Bill (Carrey): You put your leg up here to get a little leverage when some wacky resident decides to play Jedi Knight with a surgical laser..."

In the Wild (1998 U.S.) - A cheetah named Chewbacca.

Inuyasha (Anim 2000 JA) - uses lightsaber sound effects.

It's a Very Muppet Christmas Movie (2002 US) -  Kermit wishes he'd never been born so the angel changes the world accordingly. They both appear in a dark place with a mist surrounding them.
DANIEL (Arquette): Welcome to the world in which you were never born...
KERMIT (Whitmire): *confused* How did you...
YODA (with Dagobah sounds in the background) (Jacobson): Not ready is he! There is no try, only do!
DANIEL: Oops! Wrong world!

Jackie Chan Adventures (2000) - Attack of the J-Clones (#3.17) 05/03/03 Title

Jamie Foxx Show (1996 U.S.) -
 I Second That Demo-tion (#4.22) 05/05/00 Jamie (Foxx) was in the recording studio when he wasn't supposed to be and is on the verge of getting fired. In a last attempt to divert the bosses attention he says, "They're not there. He never saw them here." The woman he's with asks, "What are you doing?" and Jamie says, "Jedi Mind Trick, worth a shot."

Jesse (1998 U.S.) - Jesse (Applegate), locked out of her own house, calls to see if anyone is there. The answering machine picks up, and she hears herself on the machine while leaving a message. She notices the odd way her voice sounds on the tape and says, in a Vader-like way, "Luke, I am your father."

Jetsons (Anim short on the web U.S.) - The Bad Son Elroy is acting up and falling a little into the "evil" category. Elroy's parents, George and Jane, decide to replace him with a robot and place Elroy in a Bacta Tank.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (2003 U.S.) - 10/29/04 David Alan Grier (supplied voices for various characters in the ROTJ radio drama), dresses as Lando for Jimmy's Halloween special...and has a few references on the side.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Anim 1993 U.S.) - (Also under Adventures of Jimmy Neutron) 
[1] The Egg-pire Strikes Back 1 & 2 4/25/03 (#1.15/16)

[2] Return of the Nanobots (#2.7) 11/14/03
[3] Attack of the Twonkies (#3.2) 11/11/04 (Thanks to loocie for the original alert for Egg-pire) 
[4] Lights! Camera! Danger! (#3.4) 11/24/04 Jimmy and his friends enter a script-writing competition and Jimmy is determined to win based solely on his carefully planned formula. The winner has his script turned into a movie directed by Quentin Smithee (which is obviously Quentin Tarantino. The funny thing about the name is that Smithee is a name that many people use as an alias when writing for films or even blind auditions. Matthew Wood did this for his voice demo for the part of General Grievous). Jimmy watches classic movie after classic movie and one of the sound clips is Obi-Wan Kenobi from ANH saying "May the Force..."

Joan of Arcadia (U.S.) - State of Grace Joan (Tamblyn) is told by God to join the debate team because of a team member who stutters. Joan, in order to motivate her teammate mentions famous people that stutter, she mentions James Earl Jones who played Darth Vader.

Joey (2004 U.S.) - 
[1] Joey - Pilot (#1.1) 9/09/04 Michael to Joey: Hey, they're making a new Indiana Jones movie, maybe you can turn it down. 
[2] Joey and the Party (#1.2) 09/23/04 Joey's nephew, Michael, suspects that his geeky friends' girlfriend is fake and asks this question to test her, "Which one is better Jedi or Empire?" She says, "I don't know" 
[3] Joey and the Premiere (#1.14) 1/13/05 Joey's brother Michael (Costanzo) meets Brent Spiner (played Data in Star Trek) at the premiere of Deep Powder. Spiner's agent encourages Spiner to play whatever role Michael wants him to, which goes like this: 
BOBBIE (to Michael): He didn't tell me you'd be here. If he had I wouldn't have brought Data. 
BRENT (Spiner) (to Bobbie): Bobbie, look, come on. You're my agent. You know I don't like that. I was just telling him I don't want to talk about Data. 
BOBBIE (to Brent): You listen to me, Mr. Roboto, Michael is a fan, and if he wants you to be Data, then you be Data. If he wants you to be R2D2 then I wan to hear "Blippity-blop-sqwuark!" ...I'm gonna give you boys a chance to talk. (To Michael) One day, you'll return the favor hard.
"...If he wants you to be Data then you be Data, and if he wants you to be Artoo-Detoo, then I want to hear, 'bleepy bop sqwuak'" (Thanks to Brina for the initial reference!) 
[4] Joey and the Moving In (#1.24) 5/12/05 Joey's friend dresses up as Princess Leia and he, yes he, eyes another guy dressed as Princess Leia and a fight ensues. 
[5] Joey and the High School Friend (#2.11) Joey is talking about his landlord, Alex (Anders), who dressed as C3PO for Halloween. (Thanks to TEA and Dent for reference #4)

Johnny Bravo (1997 U.S.) - Mr. Monkeyman (#1.1) 7/7/97 Bravo plays a virtual reality game with Star Wars ref's like light sabers, speeder bikes , R2D2, a few ANH lines, Darth Vader-like villain...which Mark Hamill does voice-work for. 

Justice League of America (2001 U.S. Anim) - Green Lantern tells his former instructor that she's beginning to sound like Yoda.

Just Shoot Me! (1997 U.S.) - 
[1] The List (#3.8) 11/24/98 Finch (Spade) is a huge Star Wars fan. Finch meets Mark Hamill and starts following him and asking him Star Wars related questions...on a really annoying level. Well, turn-about is fair play, so Hamill starts following Finch around doing the same thing to him.
The best part is at the end, over the credits...Spade has Vader's lightsaber, Mark comes out of the elevator with a green lightsaber and says, 'You should not have come.' and attacks Spade. Spade, knowing he will not win, says, 'Mommy!' 
[2] Toy Story (#3.17) 03/02/99
FINCH to Jack (Segal): By the way, Robert Goulet called...
JACK: What? Dennis, let me give you a piece of advice that'll help you as you travel down the long road of life...never buy a race horse with Robert Goulet
FINCH: Thanks for the tip, Yoda 
[3] The Odd Couple: Part 2 (#3.25) 05/25/99 Finch correcting Adrienne Barker:
BARKER: He is, and I'm very much in love with my little wokkie.
FINCH: Wookiee. What if it's an emergency?
[4] The Burning House (#6.20) 04/18/02 Finch makes a movie and the characters are named after Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca.
[5] The Burning House (#6.20) 04/18/02MAYA: George Lucas threw up while making this movie.
[6] Maya (SanGiacomo) is reading a resume and Finch comments, 'Sounds hairier than a Wookiee' 
[7] It's Raining Babies (#7.8) 1/7/03 Finch, of course being the fan of Star Wars had to eventually meet his idol George Lucas. After Nina (Malick) becomes the butt of yet another Finch practical joke, she enlists the help of Vicki (Sofer) to give him the ultimate payback.  Finch decides to orchestrate a brawl between Nina and new girl Vicki by telling Nina that Rena's a lesbian who's into her and Vicki should be really nice to Nina. They both catch on and decide to boomerang the prank on him; when he comes out of the boss' office, Wendie kisses Rena on the mouth - just in time as he meets the GL. (Thanks to isbagent1 for reminding me of this episode!)

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