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Upton, Morgan

Morgan Upton

Richard Morgan Upton was born to Virgil Morgan Upton (a history teacher) and Mary N. Upton (née Mary Howe Newton - an English teacher) on August 11, 1930 in Cambridge, MA.  His parents divorced when he was a child.  

Upton married Nadia Zeiback in 1962 in San Francisco, CA

Upton died on December 22, 1991 in San Francisco, CA.

Spirit of '76, The~1990 - Teacher
Tucker: The Man and His Dream~1988 - Ingram
Peggy Sue Got Married~1986 - Mr. Gilford
No Small Affair~1984 - News Vendor
Sudden Impact~1983 - Bartender
Survivors, The~1983 - Cost-Conscious Survivalist
Hammett~1982 - Hotel Clerk
Shoot the Moon~1982 - Photographer
Chu Chu and the Philly Flash~1981 - Butts
Doctor Dracula~1981 - uncredited
Cardiac Arrest~1980 - Olderman's Doctor
Coming Attractions (Loose Shoes)~1980 - Prisoner #4
Die Laughing~1980 - Record Judge
More American Graffiti~1979 - Mr. Hunt
Nightmare in Blood~1978 - George Wilson
Corvette Summer~1978 - New Owner of Vanessa's Van (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 - uncredited KE-829 voice - Imperial Stormtrooper ("Do you know what's going on?" "Maybe it's another drill")
The Big Bus~1976 - Cemetery Man #1
Linda Lovelace for President~1976 - The 'Yeep'
Bucktown~1975 - Sam
Space Is the Place~1974 - Agent #2

Klansman, The~1974 - N.Y. Times Reporter
Steelyard Blues~1973 - Police Capt. Bill
Maxie~1973 - Alex
Candidate, The~1972 - Wally Henderson
Two is a Happy Number (One Is a Lonely Number)~1972 - Earl of Gloucester
Troika~1969 -

Long Road Home~1991 - Bull
What Where~1986 -
Whisper Kills, A~1988 -
The Blue Yonder~1985 - Police Captain
Seabert~1984-1985 - voice of Carbonne
Laverne & Shirley~1979 - Donald in Shirley and the Older Man
Ewoks~1986-1987 - voice characterizations
Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, The~1978 - Mr. Loring
ABC Afterschool Specials~1978 - Television Announcer in It Isn't Easy Being a Teenage Millionaire
Columbo~1978 - Ames in Make Me a Perfect Murder
Fernwood Tonight~1977 - Phil Maltby in Garth Gimble Memorial Tennis Classic
It Happened One Christmas~1977 - Officer Bert Andrews
Tail Gunner Joe~1977 - Clucas
Stalk the Wild Child~1976 - Hank
Streets of San Francisco, The~1975 -
     Murray in Monkey Is Back
     Druggist in Poisoned Snow
     Mayhew in Spooks for Sale
     in Harem
Apple's Way~1974 - Dr. Drummond in The Accident
Hawaii Five-0~1972 - Clem TV Repairman in Didn't We Meet at a Murder?

The Chairs~1990 -
Becket~19?? - ( )
Ohio Impromptu~19?? -  ( )
What Where~19?? - ( )
Apocalyptic Butterflies~1987 - Dick Tater - Hank Tater's Father  (Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
The Alchemist~1986 - Neighbor (Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
Angel City~1985 -
Endgame~1978 - Nagg (Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
?~1967 - (The Committee, San Francisco, CA)
Mimi in the 60's~1967 -

Was a legal minister

Member of The Committee (see Actor Connections - Theatre) in San Francisco, CA from the '60s to 1973

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