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Walter, Jules

Jules Walter

Jules Nesley Ronald Whitfield Walter was born in July 1929, Antigua (Waladli/Wadadli), West Indies but became a British citizen.
Walter arrived in London, by ship, and pursued acting there in the mid-to-late 50s

Walter is an artist and activist and is retired from acting.

Death of a Black President~1983 - ?
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Rennek - Human - Jabba's Palace

The Wild Geese~1978 - Mboya's ADC
Can I Keep It Up for a Week~1974 - John Thomas

Bond films -

Doctor Who~1984 - Sea Devil Warrior in Warriors of the Deep: Parts One - Four
Metal Mickey~1982 - 3rd Suitor in Mickey Pops the Question
The Boy Who Never Was~1980 - Okara
Sykes~1979 -
     Six Million Dollar Sykes (1979)
     Protest (1973)
Blake's 7~1979 - Rebel in Voice from the Past

Orpheus in the Underground~1977 - performer
The Professionals~1977 - Mr. Miller in Klansmen
Forget Me Not~1975 - Nightclub Doorman in The Runner
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em~1975 - Parent at Toy Fair in Learning to Drive
The Fight Against Slavery~1975 - Soubise in One Man's Property
The Melting Pot~1975 -
     Comedy Playhouse
On the Buses~1973 - Chalkie in:
     Goodbye Stan

     The Football Match
The Onedin Line~1972 - Abdulla in Beyond the Upper Sea
Scoop~1972 - 2nd Consul in The Complete Traveller


2015 - mentioned in the book Ruth Starr Rose (1887-1965) by Barbara Paca, Nina Krushcheva

A trustee of the Pepper Pot Day Centre

Director of 55 Oxford Gardens Limited

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