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Watson, Bob

Bob Watson

Bob Watson

Note: This is an actor that I found and connected to a previously unknown player in the deep recesses of the Mos Eisley Cantina (Chalmun's Cantina). The name Bob Watson popped up over the decades but nobody had a clue as to some of the Cantina's more elusive and literally shadowy figures...not surprising given the length of time since filming and the dearth of quality visual references before the era of DVDs and Blu-Ray.
Very early in 2017, I was looking for another extra/actor in Doctor Who and just happened to spot the name Bob Watson in the credits. I had no idea what to look for because I had no idea what Watson looked like. As I watched the episode I happened to spot a guy who looked like one of our mystery persons in the Cantina, a person with no character name and no actor name attached. So, I figured...hey, I found one of our mystery guys! After narrowing down the names it turned out that our mystery guy was Bob Watson! 

Star Wars~1977 - Cantina Patron - Human (U.K.); Tech: Briefing Room

Doctor Who~1975 - Elite Guard in Genesis of the Daleks: Part One

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