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Wingreen, Jason

Jason Wingreen

Jason Wingreen was born on October 9, 1920 to Farnel Wingreen (né Vengeren - a Tailor) and Bella Wingreen in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, US. His parents moved from Brooklyn to Howard Beach (in the borough of Queens) and that is where he was raised.  He attended John Adams High School then went on to major in English and Speech at Brooklyn College, where he graduated (June 1941) with hopes of becoming a sportswriter.
Wingreen's first job was with a puppet company who put on shows in various cities.  He had answered an ad in The New York Times which called for a young person to puppeteer, he had no puppet experience but knew acting so he applied.  They gave him the job and taught him what he needed to know about puppet work.
As time went by and World War II was raging, he was asked to do his part for the war effort. Wingreen trained to be a clerk in Oklahoma, but ended up with the 81st Fighter Squadron, 50th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force which was stationed at Leamington, UK (RAF Southam was a Royal Air Force relief landing ground located near Leamington, Warwickshire, England).  He kept records of the flights and drove the pilots to their planes.  His military service ended in Germany and he was shipped back home to the United States on the Queen Mary with 13k other soldiers.
Once back in the U.S., Wingreen studied to be a playwright with John Glassner at The New School in New York City on the G.I. Bill.  He returned to the puppet job for a short period then started a theatre group in New York City.  That group was known as Circle in the Square which still exists today.

Wingreen retired from his work in theatre, film, and television after 50 years with more than 500 appearances/roles under his belt, including most of TV's most iconic shows.

Jason Wingreen died on December 25, 2015.  He was 95 years old.

Arthur 2: On the Rocks~1988- Board member #2
Red Fury, The~1984- Mr. Taylor
Oh, God! You Devil~1984- Hotel Manager
Airplane!~1980- Dr. Brody, Mayo Clinic
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - uncredited voice of Boba Fett (later re-recorded by actor Temeura Morrison to match continuity with the prequel trilogy)
Moving Violation~1976- Psychiatrist
Fury of the Dragon~1976 - Doctor (Archive Footage)
Hustle~1975- Jim Lang
Mr. Ricco~1975- Judge
Terminal Man, The~1974- Instructor
The Todd Killings~1972 - ? (see Actor Connections - Film)
They Only Kill Their Masters~1972- Mallory
Magnificent Seven Ride!, The~1972 - uncredited Warden
Todd Killings, The~1971
Skin Game~1971 - uncredited 2nd Speaker
Cheyenne Social Club, The~1970- Dr. Farley Carter
Dunwich Horror, The~1970- Sheriff Harrison
Marlowe~1969 - uncredited Camera Store Clerk
Guide for the Married Man, A~1967- Harry 'Big Fella' Johnson
Karate Killers, The~1967- 1st Engineer
Slender Thread, The~1965- Medical technician
Rage to Live, A~1965 - uncredited Jim
Pair of Boots, A~1962
Snow White and the Three Stooges~1961 - First Courier
Bravados, The~1958 - uncredited Hotel Clerk
True Story of Jesse James, The~1957 - uncredited Peter
Three Brave Men~1956- Perry

In the Heat of the Night: Who Was Geli Bendl?~1994- Georgie
Seinfeld~1992- Man #2 in The Opera
General Hospital~1991- Judge Matson
Freddy's Nightmares~1989 - Jack in Photo Finish
Mama's Family~1989- Fred Gebhardt in Hate Thy Neighbor
Matlock~1989-1993- Judge Arthur Beaumont (Archive Footage: The Revenge; The Vendetta)
Highway to Heaven~1987- Ben Conrad in For Keeps
Hunter~1987- in  Double Exposure
Mathnet~1987- General Scarlett in The Problem of the Missing Baseball
Hill Street Blues~1986- Druggist in Suitcase
Starman~1986- General Wade in The Return
Masterpiece of Murder, A~1986- Williams
International Airport~1985 - Mr. Dornan
Malice in Wonderland~1985- Jack Warner
Scarecrow and Mrs. King~1984- Tuck Tucker in Weekend
Quincy M.E.~1982- Dr. Albert Freeman in:
     Science for Sale
     The Two Sides of Truth
Fantasy Island~1982- Doctor in  The Angel's Triangle/Natchez Bound
Vega$~1979- Drake in  The Way to Live
Charlie's Angels~1979- Bill Storm in  Angels on Vacation
Archie Bunker's Place~1979-1983 - Harry Snowden (117 episodes)
Golden Gate Murders, The~1979- Larkin
Roots: The Next Generations~1979 (mini) - Judge Quartermain
Captain America~1979- Surgeon
Carter Country~1978 - in Roy's Separation
Vega$~1978  (uncredited) - Hank Adamek
President's Mistress, The~1978- Minor Official
Rockford Files, The~1978- Earl Stagen in Rosendahl and Gilda Stern are Dead
Lou Grant~1977 - Reporter in Cophouse
McMillan and Wife~1977 -
     Murray Minter in Affair of the Heart
     Keefer (uncredited) in Terror Times Two
Happy Days~1977 - Mr. Haley in The Graduation: Part 2
Charlie's Angels~1977 -
     Asst. Sec. of State in Angels on a String
     Bill Storm in Angels on Vacation
All in the Family~1977-1979 - Harry Snowden
Man with the Power, The~1977 - Klein
Blanskey's Beauties~1977 - Mr. Chellino in My Nephew's Debut
Kojak~1973-1977 -
     Eddie Hogan in Letters of Death
     Max Persky in  Out of the Frying Pan ...
     First Reporter in Girl in the River
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman~1976 - Sergeant Swelt in 1.31
Waltons, The~1976 - Nat Clayton in The Firestorm
The Tony Randall Show~1976 - Newley in Case: Franklin in Love
Louis Armstrong - Chicago Style~1976 - Second Detective
Quest, The~1976 - in Welcome to America, Jade Snow
Rockford Files, The~1976 - Clarence Rohrs in So Help Me God
Barbary Coast~1976 - Waiter in The Dawson Marker
Mobile One~1975 - in The Informant
Shell Game~1975 - Klein
Winner Take All~1975 - Jerry
Six Million Dollar Man, The~1975 - Logan in The Blue Flash
Barnaby Jones~1975 -
     Sewell in Fatal Witness
     Eddie in The Black Art of Dying
Ellery Queen~1975 - Roy Miller in The Adventure of the Lover's Leap
Police Woman~1975 -
     Copeman in The Melting Point of Ice
    Taxi Manager in Target Black
Switch~1975 - Alexander in The Cruise Ship Murders
Bronk~1975 - Hearing Committee Member in Pilot
Lucas Tanner~1975 - Fred Tracy in One to One
Marcus Welby, M.D.~1974 -
     Marty Ross in The Fatal Challenge
     Henry Gargan in Cynthia
     Cab Driver (uncredited) in A Matter of Humanities
Ironside~1968-1974 -
     Sam Novak in What's New with Mark?
     Sgt. Dve Myers in Gentle Oaks
     Ben in The People Against Judge McIntire
     Sam Freeman in Rundown on a Bum Rap
     Man in I, the People
     Bell Captain in Light at the End of the Journey
Police Story~1974 - Littlejohn in Robbery: 48 Hours
Death in Space~1974 - Dr. West (Psychiatrist)
Honky Tonk~1974 -
Elevator, The~1974 - Second Security Guard
Cry Panic~1974 - Woody
Hawkins~1974 - Dance Director in Murder on the Thirteenth Floor
Miracle on 34th Street~1973 - Halloran
Outrage~1973 - Mr. Bunce
New Perry Mason, The~1973 - Mr. Harmon in The Case of the Jailed Justice
Shaft~1973 - Jacquard in Hit-Run
Blue Knight, The~1973 - Niarchos in Mariachi
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law~1973 - Minister in N Is for Nightmare
Hunter~1973 - Benjamin Winfield in Double Exposure
Rookies, The~1973 -
     Station Attendant in Down Home Boy
     Lunch Room Owner in Rabbits on the Runway
Kung Fu~1973 - Mr. Kennemer in The Praying Mantis Kills
Partridge Family, The~1973 - Principal in The Selling of the Partridges
Medical Center~1969-1973 -
     Dr. Wykoff in Between 2 Fires
     Dr. Howard in Victim
     Technician in U.M.C.
Bonanza~1972 -
     Graham in The Hidden Enemy
     Luke in Enter Thomas Bowers
     Hank in The Way of Aaron
Bold Ones: The New Doctors, The~1972 - Abe Fryman in An Inalienable Right to Die
Maude~1972 - Harry Snowden (see Actor Connections - TV)
Sixth Sense, The~1972 - Dr. Morris Wilbur in I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee
Mannix~1969-1972 -
     Harry Fredericks in A Puzzle for One
     Harry Osborn in Run Till Dark
     Barry Nolan in  Figures in a Landscape
     Barney in The Solid Gold Web
Adam-12~1972 -
     Suspect in Wednesday Warrior
     Tom Beaten in Log 106: Post Time
     Mr. Kerr in Logg 122: Christmas - The Yellow Dump Truck
F.B.I., The~1967-1972 - Dentist/Detective/Morgue Attendant/Freddie the Barber/Customs Inpsector/Bartender (6 episodes)
Gunsmoke~1972 - Dr. Cleery in The Wedding
Cannon~1972 - Insurance Agent in A Flight of Hawks
Columbo~1972 - Policeman in Short Fuse
Getting Away from It All~1972 - Eben
Killer by Night~1972- Dr. Jacobs
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury~1972 - Ed Michaels in Operation: XW-1
Cade's County~1971 - Sergeant Egan in Delegate At Large
Love, American Style~1969-1972
     Mr. Beadle in Love and the Divorce Sale
     Policeman in Love and the Black Limousine
     Tom in Love and the Wishing Star
Mod Squad, The~1970-1972 -
     Hotel Manager in The Connection
     Doorman in Return to Darkness, Return to Light
Paper Man~1971 - Doctor
Last Child, The~1971 - Ticket Clerk
Night Gallery~1971 -
     Doctor in Silent Snow, Secret Snow
     Second Reporter in The Nature of the Enemy
Mission: Impossible~1971 - Hawn in Kitara
Name of the Game, The~1971 -
     Hammond in Los Angeles 2017
     Doctor in The Garden
     District Attorney in The Ordeal
Banyon~1971- Dr. Greenbaum in Pilot
Bracken's World~1970 - Lee Falco
Old Man Who Cried Wolf, The~1970 - Arthur
San Francisco International Airport~1970 - Senator in San Francisco International
CBS Playhouse~1969-1970
      Day Before Sunday, The
     Shadow Game
Night Gallery~1970 - 2nd Reporter in The Nature of the Enemy
Room 222~1970 -
     Parent in The Valediction
     Parent in Just Between Friends
Lancer~1970 -
     Wilkes in Splinter Group
     Clerk in Legacy
     Clerk in The Prodigal
Bold Ones: The Senator~1970 - Silverman in Power Play
Mayberry R.F.D.~1970 - Mr. Desmond in Emmett Takes a Fall
U.M.C.~1969- Technician
Lancer~1969 - in  Legacy
To Die in Paris~1968 - First Prisoner
Mission: Impossible~1968- Official in  The Play
Star Trek~1968- Dr. Linke in The Empath
Lancer~1968 - in The Prodigal
Felony Squad~1968 -
     Art Rice in Kiss Me, Kill You
     Collier in Hit and Run, Run, Run
     Morrie in Target!
     Joe Caslin in A Walk to Oblivion
F.B.I., The~1968 - Freddie, the Barber in The Mechanized Accomplice
Cowboy in Africa~1968 - Sid in Search and Destroy
Guns of Will Sonnett, The~1968 - Milby in Stopover in a Troubled Town
Cimarron Strip~1968 - Mr. Glass in Heller
Judd for the Defense~1967-1968 - Judge in:
     The Devil's Surrogate
     To Kill a Madman
Invaders, The~1967 -
     Court Clerk in The Trial
     New Rporter in The Experiment
F.B.I., The~1967 - Customs Inspector in Counter-Stroke
Road West, The~1967 - Norman Todd in The Agreement
Please Don't Eat the Daisies~1967 - Doctor in When I Was a Young Man
Captain Nice~1967 - Thug #1 in That Thing
F.B.I., The~1967 - Bartender in Sky on Fire
Green Hornet, The~1967 -
     Doctor in Ace in the Hole
     Doctor in Bad Bet on a 459-Silent
Johnny Belinda~1967 - Interpreter
Fugitive, The~1963-1967 -
     Accountant Nebbs in Concrete Evidence
     Donald Bassett in The 2130
     Jack - Police Officer in Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue
     Photographer in The Iron Maiden
     Joe Friar in Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 2
     Tim Cates in See Hollywood and Die
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.~1965-1967 -
     Security Guard in The Maze Affair
     First Engineer in The Five Daughters Affair: Part II
     Loser in Casino in The Birds and the Bees Affair (right)

     Torelli (Cab Driver) in The Deadly Decoy Affair
Rounders, The~1966 - Shorty Dawes
Twelve O'Clock High~1966 -
     Surgeon in Six Feet Under
     Major Rosen in:
          The Clash
          The Suspected
          Pressure Point
Run for Your Life~1966 - Harbormaster in The Man Who Had No Enemies
Shane~1966 - Ira Jackson in Day of the Hawk
Hawk~1966 -
     Murray Slatkin in Death Comes Full Circle
     Assistant DA in The Longleat Chronicles
Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The~1966 - Fahd in The Prisoner of Zalamar Affair
Man Called Shenandoah, A~1966 - in Requiem for the Second
Get Smart~1966 - KAOS Agent #2 in Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Wild Wild West, The~1966 - Policeman in The Night of the Whirring Death
Big Valley, The~1966 - Ketchie in A Time to Kill
Blue Light~1966 - Hitler in Invasion by the Stars
Long, Hot Summer, The~1965-1966 - Dr. Aaron Clark (8 episodes)
Loner, The~1965 - Lucas in Hunt the Man Down
Honey West~1965 - Bellhop in The Gray Lady
Burke's Law~1965 - Gunter Ernst in The Weapon
Kraft Suspense Theatre~1965 - Savadow in  Kill No More
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea~1965 - Mikhil in  The Exile
Rogues, The~1965 -  in The Pigeons of Paris
Dr. Kildare~1965 -
     Painter in Do You Trust Your Doctor?
     Biberman in The Sound of a Faraway Hill
     Lieutenant Jenkins in Onions, Garlic, and Flowers That Bloom in the Spring
Twelve O'Clock High~1965 - Maj. Rosen in The Clash
Man from U.N.C.L.E., The~1965 - Hackie in The Deadly Decoy Affair
Twelve O'Clock High~1964 - Maj. Rosen in The Suspected
Profiles in Courage~1964 - in  Thomas Hart Benton
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre~1964 - Birdie Marx in  Parties to the Crime
Slattery's People~1964- Mr. Samuels in Question: Where Vanished the Tragic Piper?
Twelve O'Clock High~1964- Maj. Rosen in Pressure Point
Outer Limits, The~1964-
     Coroner Leland in Expanding Human
     Turner in The Special One
     Fred Severn: OBIT Operator in O.B.I.T.
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1962 - Narrator in Hurricane Hannah
Untouchables, The~1962-
     Frank in The Torpedo
     Phil "The Bartender" Benyas in The Eddie O'Gara Story
     Second Hood in The Pea
     Captain Dorset in:
          The King of Champagne
          The Antidote
          The Masterpiece
      Turner in The Mark of Cain
Lloyd Bridges Show, The~1962- in A Pair of Boots
Margie~1962 - Wallace in THe Wolf of Wall Street
Bus Stop~1962 - Barney in I Kiss Your Shadow
Follow the Sun~1962 - The Doctor in A Ghost in Her Gazebo
The New Breed~1962 - Joe Logan in All the Dead Faces
Twilight Zone, The~1961-
     Neighbor in The Midnight Sun
     Conductor in A Stop at Willoughby
Surfside 6~1961- Simm in License to Steal
Wanted: Dead or Alive~1960- Nick Peters in Journey for Josh
Bourbon Street Beat~1960 - Ben Anderson in Swamp Fire
Johnny Staccato~1960 - Desk Sergeant in A Nice Little Town
Untouchables, The~1960-1961 - Capt. Dorsett
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis~1959-1960
     Mr. McGruder in Love is a Fallacy
     Theater Manager in Caper at the Bijou
Adventures in Paradise~1959 - Romer in The Bamboo Curtain
Five Fingers~1959 - Dentist in The Men with Triangle Heads
Playhouse 90~1956-1959 -
     Blair in The Tunnel (episode written by Rod Serling)
     Reporter with Capone in Seven Against the Wall
     The Long March
     Captain in Forbidden Area (pictured on right)
Zane Grey Theater~1959 - Galer - Gambling Proprietor in Confession
Adventures in Paradise~1959 - Romer in The Bamboo Curtain
Five Fingers~1959 - A Dentist in The Men with Triangle Heads
Man Without a Gun~1959 - in The Last Holdup
Alcoa Theatre~1959 - Hirsh in The Best Way to Go
Goodyear Theatre~1959- Gene Vermeth in Coogan's Reward
Steve Canyon~1958 - Major Siegel in Project Heartbeat
Rough Riders, The~1958- Degnan in The Duelists
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour~1957 - in The Story of a Crime
Climax!~1955-1957 -
     Associate Prosecutor in The Trial of Captain Wirtz
     Slim Paterson in Fear Strikes Out
Armstrong Circle Theatre~1955 - in Crisis
Best of Broadway~1955 -  in Arsenic and Old Lace
Appointment with Adventure~1955 -
Justice~195? -

TV Writer
The Wild Wild West~1965 (The Night of the Torture Chamber)
The Greatest Show on Earth~1964 (The Last of the Strongmen)
77 Sunset Strip~1963 (The Heartbeat Caper
The Gallant Men~1963 (The Dogs of War)
Thriller~1961 (Portrait Without a Face)

In a Fine Castle~1973 -
Summer and Smoke~1952 - Dr. Green's father, Old Dr. John
Fragile Fox~1954 - PFC Snowden (Belasco Theatre, NY)
Girl on the Via Flaminia, The~1954 - Police Inspector (48th Street Theatre, NY)
Burning Bright~19?? - Circus Clown/Ship Captain/Farmer
Alice in Wonderland~194?/195?

1951 - Wingreen was one of the original founders, others are: José Quintero; Theodore Mann; Ed Mann; Emilie Stevens; Eileen Cramer) of Circle in the Square Theatre. CitST had over 150 productions made since its inception.

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