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Wood, Fred

Fred Wood

Frederick Thomas Wood was born on October 26, 1921 in Rotherhithe, east London, Sussex, England, UK.
Wood was married to actress Joan Wood, they had several children including a son, Michael, and a daughter, Sandra.

Wood's career spanned 62 years with well over 1000 movies/TV under his belt.  His wife Joan was also an actress (uncredited) and had been in scenes with Fred.
Many times Wood and his wife were either credited as Woods or became known as Woods (his friends in film knew him as Woods), but his surname is Wood.
Wood's nickname was "The Face" among his colleagues.

Wood died in January of 2003 in Lewisham, London, England, UK.

The Spiritualist Train~2001 -
Plain Jane~2001 -
102 Dalmatians~2000 - (with his wife Joan)
The End of the Affair~1999 -
Odyssey~1998 -
The Fifth Element~1997 -
Fierce Creatures~1997 -
Independence Day~1996 -
Mission Impossible~1996 -
The Secret Agent~1996 - Old Man in Alley (bumped by assassin)
101 Dalmatians~1996 - (with his wife Joan)
Loch Ness~1995 -
Feast of July~1995 - uncredited Elderly Pedestrian
Restoration~1995 -
Mary Reilly~1995 -
First Knight~1995 -
Sense and Sensibility~1995 -
Judge Dredd~1994 -
Four Weddings and a Funeral~1994 -
Interview with a Vampire~1994 -
Funny Bones~1994
Son of the Pink Panther~1993 -
Hour of the Pig~1993 -
Shadowlands~1993 -
Chaplin~1992 -
Shining Through~1992 -
Gone to the Dogs~1992 -
Stanley and the Women~1991 -
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991 - uncredited Villager
Crucifer of Blood~1991 -
Russia House~1990 -
Treasure Island~1990 -
The Fool~1990 -
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl~1990 -
The Krays~1990 - uncredited Fight Spectator
Henry V~1989 - uncredited Soldier
Batman~1989 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Buster~1988 -
The Bourne Identity~1988 -
Little Dorrit~1987 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Withnail and I~1987 - uncredited Man in Cafe (reading paper)
Duet for One~1986 -
Highlander~1986 -
Dead Man's Folly~1986 -
Young Sherlock Holmes~1985 - uncredited Lower Nile Tavern Patron
Santa Claus~1985 - uncredited Ancient Elf
Plenty~1985 -
Gulag~1985 - uncredited Prisoner on Bunk on Train
Morons from Outer Space~1985 - uncredited Naked Protester
Car Trouble~1985 - uncredited Sheltered Man
1984~1984 - uncredited Prol
Ordeal By Innocence~1984 -
Superman III~1983 - Man in Unemployment Line

Lassiter~1983 -
The Meaning of Life~1983 -
Octopussy~1983 -
Death Wish II~1982 -
The Hunchback of Notre Dame~1982 -
The Hunter~1982 -
Victor/Victoria~1982 -
Britannia Hospital~1982 - uncredited Patient on Stretcher
Gandhi~1982 -
Dragonslayer~1981 - Villager (see Actor Connections - Film)
Clash of the Titans~1981 - uncredited Calibos Slave
History of the World Part 1~1981 - uncredited Revolutionary Peasant (Tri-corner hat)
The Monster Club~1981 - uncredited Angry Villager
The French Lieutenant's Woman~1981 -
Time Bandits~1981 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Ragtime~1981 -
Heaven's Gate~1981 -
Superman II~1980 - uncredited Prisoner - Laundry Worker (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu~1980 -
Flash Gordon~1980 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Elephant Man~1980 - Injured Man (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Life of Brian~1979 -
The Day the Music Died~1979 -
The Poppy Chain~1978
The Prince and the Pauper~1977 -
Man in the Iron Mask~1977 -
Star Wars~1977 - Local Ugly Man #? - Human in the Cantina
Jabberwocky~1977 - uncredited Bandit
The Cat and the Canary~1977 -
Voyage of the Damned~1976 -
One of Our Dinosaurs in Missing~1975 -
Hennessy~1975 - McGinn - IRA Terrorist
Monty Python & the Holy Grail~1975 -
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother~1975 - uncredited
Barry Lyndon~1975 -
Return of the Pink Panther~1975 -
Brannigan~1975 -
Brief Encounter~1974 - Man in Dining Car (walking)
The Mutations~1974 - uncredited Freak Show Audience Member
Murder on the Orient Express~1974 -
Soylent Green~1973 -
The Wicker Man~1973 -
Carry On Girls~1973 - uncredited Audience Member
From Beyond the Grave~1973 -
Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World~1973 - uncredited Man in Crowd
Mistress Pamela~1973 -
Theatre of Blood~1973 -
Soft Beds Hard Battles~1973 -
The Mackintosh Man~1972 - uncredited Worker in Prison Laundry
Dagger of the Mind~1972 -
Love Thy Neighbor~1972 - uncredited Grumpy Neighbor
Steptoe and Son Ride Again~1972 - uncredited Mourner
Steptoe and Son~1972 - uncredited Strip Club Patron
Travels With My Aunt~1972 -
Pope Joan~1972 -
The Offence~1972 -
Young Winston~1972 -
Lady Caroline Lamb~1972 -
Dracula A.D. 1972~1972 -
Dr. Phibes Rises Again~1972 -
The Creeping Flesh~1972 - uncredited Inmate
Tales From the Crypt~1972 - 2nd Mortician
Frenzy~1972 - uncredited Pub Patron
The Alf Garnet Saga~1972 - uncredited Pub Patron
Doomwatch~1972 - uncredited Villager
Demons of the Mind~1972 - uncredited Torch Bearing Villager
And Now for Something Completely Different~1971 - uncredited Beggar
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde~1971 -
Up the Chastity Belt~1971 - uncredited Peasant
Long Ago, Tomorrow~1971 - uncredited Convalescent Home Resident
Twins of Evil~1971 -
The Abominable Dr. Phibes~1971 -
Dad's Army~1971 - uncredited Townsperson
A Clockwork Orange~1971 -
Gumshoe~1971 -
Burke & Hare (Horrors of Burke and Hare)~1971 - uncredited Man with Top Hat at Market Stall
Quest for Love~1971 -
Carry On At Your Convenience~1971 - uncredited Striker at Factory
Get Carter~1970 -
There's a Girl in My Soup~1970 -
I, Monster~1970 - uncredited Pub Patron
One More Time~1970 - uncredited Undertaker
Lust for a Vampire~1970 - uncredited Villager
The Music Lovers~1970 -
Cry of the Banshee~1970 - uncredited Pallbearer
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes~1970 -
The House That Dripped Blood~1970 -
Cromwell~1970 - uncredited Peasant in Church
Scrooge~1970 - uncredited Human Billboard
Women in Love~1969 -
The Oblong Box~1969 -
Crossplot~1969 - uncredited Man in Black
The Battle of Britain~1969 - uncredited Rescue Worker
All Neat in Black Stockings~1969 - uncredited Pub Patron
Goodbye Mr. Chips~1969 -
Little Big Time~1968 -
Till Death Us Do Part~1968 - uncredited Neighbor
Vendetta for the Saint~1968 -
Charge of the Light Brigade~1968 -
Man in the Iron Mask~1968 -
The Vengeance of She~1968 - uncredited Cultist
Curse of the Crimson Altar~1968 - uncredited Acolyte
Witchfinder General~1968 -
The Devil Rides Out~1968 -
2001: A Space Odyssey~1968 -
Salt and Pepper~1968 -
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang~1968 -
Oliver!~1968 -
The Sitting Pigeon~1967 -
I'll Never Forget What's'isname~1967 - Undertaker in Dream Sequence
Eye of the Devil~1967 - uncredited Villager in Church
Charlie Bubbles~1967 - uncredited Pub Patron
You Only Live Twice~1967 -
Robbery~1967 - uncredited Hammer's Supporter
Theatre of Death~1967 - uncredited Theatre Patron
Herostratus~1967 - uncredited Head of Man on Bed
The Dirty Dozen~1967 -
Casino Royale~1967 -
Blood Fiend~1967 - uncredited Audience Member
Great Catherine~1967-
Cop-Out~1967 - uncredited Execution Protester
Berserk!~1967 -
A Challenge for Robin Hood~1967 - uncredited Peasant
The Anniversary~1967 - uncredited Construction Worker
The Witches~1966 -
Blow-Up~1966 - uncredited Homeless Man
Alfie~1966 -
Arabesque~1966 -
Mr. Ten Per Cent~1966 -
Press for Time~1966 - uncredited Beauty Pageant Observer
Three Hats for Lisa~1966 - uncredited Workman in Truck
Plague of the Zombies~1966 - uncredited Villager on Steps
One Million Years B.C.~1966 -
That Riviera Touch~1966 -
A Study in Terror~1966 - uncredited Bearded Beggar
The Wrong Box~1966 -
The Heroes of Telemark~1966 - uncredited Saboteur
A Man for All Seasons~1966 -
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.C.~1966 - Man Escaping Dalek Mine (see Actor Connections - Film)
Circus of Fear (Psycho Circus)~1966 - Circus Roustabout (unskilled laborer) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Worker~1965 -
Carry on Cowboy~1965 - uncredited Townsman
Lord Jim~1965 -
Repulsion~1965 -
Rotton to the Core~1965 - uncredited Railway Worker
Dracula: Prince of Darkness~1965 - uncredited Mourner
Operation Crossbow~1965 - uncredited Mess Steward
Joey Boy~1965 - uncredited Soldier at Attention
Liquidator~1965 - uncredited Commuter
Hide and Seek~1965 - uncredited Pedestrian
Thunderball~1965 -
Dr. Terrors House of Horrors~1965 -
Rasputin the Mad Monk~1965 -
Stranglers' Web~1965 - uncredited Pedestrian
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines~1965 -
The Caretaker~1964 -
A Hard Day's Night~1964 - Man in Pub (seated behind Ringo)
My Fair Lady~1964 -
The Secret of Blood Island~1964 - Soldier/P.O.W.
Becket~1964 - uncredited Monk - Bishop's Service
Goldfinger~1964 -
A Shot in the Dark~1964 -
Masque of the Red Death~1964 - Man in White
The Evil of Frankenstein~1964 - uncredited Karlstaad Pedestrian
The Tomb of Ligeia~1964 - uncredited Wedding Guest
Father Came Too!~1963 - uncredited Auction Patron
The Leather Boys~1963 - Motorcycle Rider (no helmet)
Tom Jones~1963 -
A Stitch in Time~1963 -
The Wrong Arm of the Law~1963 -
The Iron Maiden~1963 -
The Servant~1963 -
I Could Go On Singing~1963 -
The Small World of Sammy Lee~1963 - uncredited Strip Club Patron
From Russia With Love~1963 - uncredited Gypsy
Summer Holiday~1963 -
Heavens Above!~1963 - uncredited Protester
Seige of the Saxons~1963 - uncredited Nobleman - Camelot
The Saint~1962 -
Band of Thieves~1962 - uncredited Prisoner (opening credits)
The L-Shaped Room~1962 -
Kiss of the Vampire~1962 - uncredited Gravedigger
Captain Clegg~1962 - uncredited Man in Crowd
Crooks Anonymous~1962 - uncredited Wedding Guest (see Actor Connections - Film)
Day of the Triffids~1962 - uncredited Injured Passenger from Train
Lawrence of Arabia~1962 -  (see Actor Connections - Film)
Two and Two Make Six~1962 - uncredited Race Patron
Night Creatures~1962 - uncredited Parishioner
Cleopatra~1962 -
Mouse on the Moon~1962 -
I Thank a Fool~1962 - Man in Tent/Man in Crowd/Man on Roof of Car
Dr. No~1962 -
The Dock Brief~1962 - Wedding Guest
The Password is Carnage~1962 -
The Phantom of the Opera~1962 - uncredited Stagehand
The Road to Hong Kong~1962 -
The Prince and the Pauper~1962 -
Checkmate~1961 -
The Pit and the Pendulum~1961 -
Pontius Pilate~1961 -
Curse of the Werewolf~1961 - uncredited Angry Villager
The Snake Woman~1961 - uncredited Villager Carrying Injured Pub Patron
On the Fiddle~1961 - uncredited Airman
What a Whopper!~1961 - uncredited Observer at Loch
Information Received~1961 - Prisoner (see Actor Connections - Film)
Operation Snafu~1961 - uncredited R.A.F. Pilot
Konga~1961 - uncredited Observer in Crowd
Gorgo~1961 - uncredited Circus Guard
Village of the Damned~1960 -
Circus of Horrors~1960 -
The Sword of Sherwood Forest~1960 -
The Brides of Dracula~1960 -
The Mouse That Roared~1959 - uncredited Bird Seller
The Mummy~1959 -
Hound of the Baskervilles~1959 -
Grip of the Strangler~1958 -
The Horse's Mouth~1958 -
Law and Disorder~1958 -
Dunkirk~1958 -
Dracula~1958 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Tom Thumb~1958 -
Night of the Demon~1957 -
Blue Murder at St. Trinians~1957 -
Saint Joan~1957 -
The Curse of Frankenstein~1957 -
Battle Hell~1957 - uncredited Unconscious Seaman
Yangtse Incident~1957 - uncredited Injured Lieutenant
The Smallest Show on Earth~1957 -
The Green Man~1957 -
Around the World in 80 Days~1957 -
Quatermass & the Pit~1957 -
The Man Who Knew Too Much~1956 -
The Dark Stairway~1954 -
Beau Brummell~1954 - uncredited Political Rally Member
The Belles of St. Trinians~1954 -
The Black Knight~1954 -
The Good Die Young~1954 -
Grand National Night~1953 -
Derby Day~1952 -
Ivanhoe~1952 -
Pool of London~1951
Scrooge~1951 - Man in Pub
Stage Fright~1950 -
The Blue Lamp~1950 -
Passport to Pimlico~1959 -
Kind Hearts & Coronets~1949  -
Esther Waters~1948
Here Come the Huggetts~1948 -
Anna Kerenina~1948 -
The Master of Bankdam~1947 - uncredited Striker
Fame is the Spin~1947 -
Holiday Camp~1947 -
English Criminal Justice~1946 (short) - Man in Courtroom
The Piccadilly Incident~1946 - uncredited Sailor
Showtime~1946 - uncredited Tommy - Returning from War
Great Expectations~1946 -
Gaiety George~1946 - uncredited Soldier
Caesar and Cleopatra~1945 -
Waterloo Road~1944 -
The First of the Few~1942 -
?~1939 - (his first film, unknown title)

Kavanagh Q.C.~1998 - (with his wife Joan)
Eastenders~1997 -
Bramwell~1997 -
Rasputin~1996 - uncredited Siberian Villager
Cadfael~1994 -
Inspector Morse~1994 -
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman~1993 - (with his wife Joan)
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles~1993 - 
Gone to Seed~1992 - Toothy in 1.3-1.6 9 (with his wife Joan)
Ellis Island~1984 - uncredited Immigrant on Ship (top - right; bottom - left) in Part 1

Minder~1979 -
     Pub Patron in The Smaller They Are...
     Man in Cafe in The Bengal Tiger
The Professionals~1980 - uncredited Tramp in Take Away
The Man in the Iron Mask~1977 - uncredited Prisoner
The Sweeney~1977 -
Are You Being Served?~1977 -
The Sweeney~1975 - uncredited Pub Patron in Jigsaw
Brief Encounter~1974 - uncredited Station Cafe Customer
Special Branch~1974 - Pub Patron Looking at Go-Go Dancer in Jailbait
The Adventurer: Return to Sender~1973
Columbo~1972 - uncredited Pub Patron in Dagger of the Mind
Madigan~1972 - uncredited Morgue Attendant in The London Beat
My Partner the Ghost (Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)~1970 - uncredited Seance Participant in The Trouble with Women
Department S~1969 - uncredited Villager (looking through door) in The Pied Piper of Hambledown
The Champions~1969 - uncredited Vagrant - Winthrop House Mission
The Saint~1969-1968 - uncredited:
     Man Watching Parade in The Scales of Justice
     Pub Patron in The Convenient Monster
Z Cars~1969 -
Man in a Suitcase~1967 - uncredited Newspaper Seller - Knightsbridge Station in The Sitting Pigeon
The Prisoner~1967 -
The Baron ~1966 - uncredited:
     Max Adrian's Disciple in The High Terrace
     Pathologist in And Suddenly You're Dead
     Concert Audience Member in There's Someone Close Behind You
Avengers~1966 - uncredited Pallbearer in Quick-Quick Slow Death
Secret Agent~1964-1965 - uncredited:
     Gendarme in have a Glass of Wine
     Fulham Supporter in Don't Nail Him Yet
Gideon C.I.D. (Gideon's Way)~1964 - Gravedigger in To Catch a Tiger
Ghost Squad~1961-1963 - uncredited:
     ? in ?
     Curious Pedestrian in Million Dollar Ransom
Sir Francis Drake~1962 - uncredited Rogue Seaman in Drake on Trail
Danger Man~1960 -
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man~1959 - uncredited:
     Casino Worker in Odds Against Death
     Man Leaving The London Apprentice Pub/Bus Passenger? in The Decoy

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